Monica Bellucci Shuns Hollywood

monica_bellucci_thumb2.jpgItalian goddess Monica Bellucci has refused to move to Hollywood to further her acting career, because she hates how women are treated by the American film industry.

I could never live there. They are obsessed with youth and beauty even more than us. There is this thing in America where actresses reach 40 and go mad. The film industry wants all these young people. They also like a different sort of woman (to me). I will never be skinny. I love to eat. Who cares? I am natural.”

There are a lot of actresses who should worry about getting old and fat (Ashley Olsen, I’m looking in your direction), but Monica Bellucci is not one of them. Like I was telling her in bed just the other day, “Babe, you know I think you’re beautiful, but if you gain any more weight I’ll have to staple your stomach. Now go make me a sandwich.” I don’t know what any of this has to do with the story, but she can really make a mean tuna-on-rye.

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