Mitt Romney Cancelled Campaign Staff’s Credit Cards During His Concession Speech

November 9th, 2012 // 210 Comments
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The election is over, Barack Obama won, we’re in the middle of a goddamn bikini photo tsunami, so there’s absolutely no need for another politics post for a long ass time. Except Mitt Romney pulled such an incredibly impressive dick move Tuesday night, that I couldn’t live with myself if we didn’t take a moment to bask in its dickishness. I’m genuinely not even trying to make fun of the guy, that’s how awestruck I am by the epic lack of fuck he managed to give. It’s practically biblical. Via NBC News thanks to Todd who I feel like I owe a firstborn to for this:

From the moment Mitt Romney stepped off stage Tuesday night, having just delivered a brief concession speech he wrote only that evening, the massive infrastructure surrounding his campaign quickly began to disassemble itself.
Aides taking cabs home late that night got rude awakenings when they found the credit cards linked to the campaign no longer worked.
“Fiscally conservative,” sighed one aide the next day.

To put how badassly cold this move was in perspective, somewhere Derek Jeter‘s finding out how to give the chicks he bangs credit cards just so he can cancel them on their cab ride home because this is way better than going, “Uh, here, have a bobblehead. Get out.” It’s all about panache.

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  1. Well, at the risk of sounding like a dick, is anyone surprised?

    Rich people are cheap. That’s how they got rich.

    • Inner Retard

      Don’t forget many having absolutely no sense of decency, moral integrity or the general lack of care or empathy for anyone else.

      • Probably the case here, but I’m not going to say “many”, because that makes me a little uncomfortable. While I’m pretty average middle-class, I do come from buttloads of money, and my dad gave all his money to charity and left nothign to us (he wanted us to learn to work for it). People like Bill Gates and other rich people do A LOT to help people. But yes, there are a lot of assholes. But if someone works their ass off and gets rewarded for it, I don’t want to generalize them into that category only because they are successful. *Steps sheepishly off my soapbox*

      • rican

        So your rich daddy gave all the money to charity. Now I see why you have contempt for the rich.

      • That makes zero sense, when I was defending the rich.

      • rican

        It’s a lame generalization, specially when you follow up with a story about a rich person giving it all away to charity.

      • This is a story about mittens not spending excess money. It isn’t about him not giving money to charity. So when I say he’s cheap, I mean in a business sense. Which again, not a bad thing. You come here and assume you know what is exactly in my head when really I’m not liberal. Socially liberal yes but pretty fiscally conservative. But you jump on every word because you want to be argumentitive. I bet if you asked some rich people if they were cheap, they’d say yes. I know a few right now that would say yes, that’s why they are rich.

      • And I would’ve done the same thing if I was my dad. If I’m ever rich, I won’t give any money to my son. But it’s typical Republican behavior to read something and take an idea away from it that has nothing to do with anything just so you can say “LIBERALS ARE STUPID!”

      • rican

        You did say rich people are cheap, in the context of the story criticizing rich people, and I never said Liberals are stupid (but now that you mention it…)

      • rican, it’s a pity that all your limited intelligence allows you to grasp from MegP’s comment is “blah blah my dad gave all his money to charity and left nothign to us blah blah blah”. Translating that into “contempt for the rich” because it then allows you to play your favorite “liberals hate rich people” card is more than pathetic.

        Actually, no – “more than pathetic” is your trying to argue your way out of it by accusing MegP of “lame generalities” when she called you on your moronic statement. There’s a difference between being fiscally conservative, and having the decency to let the people who worked hard to get you elected get home without having to get one last little petulant fuck-over in there.

        You can tell a lot about a person in the way they lose – Romney is mean-spirited to the bone. MegP’s point is very valid – and it’s also my personal experience that people who inherit their wealth tend to be overly entitled dicksmacks.

      • dol dei

        Fair enough, but ol’ mittens can’t be considered as the classic entrepreneur who started from nothing. His father was governor of Michigan. He’s connected – a beneficiary of crony capitalism. Hell, he bragged about being ‘friends with Bibi Netenyahu’ for thirty years! How many people do you know that have rubbed elbows with a PM of Israel and refer to them by nickname?
        I can’t feel bad for his staffers. They were part of a dirty campaign that stole the nomination from Ron Paul, for starters. Now their gravy train comes to a grinding halt. Piss on ‘em.

      • In this extremely limited defense of Romney, everybody calls Benjamin Netanyahu “Bibi.” It’s like how William Jefferson Clinton is “Bill” or Marion G. Robertson is “Pat” or…um…Willard Romney is “Mitt.” (I know, it’s his middle name. But I couldn’t resist.)

        Also, LOL: “stole the nomination from Ron Paul.” When was the nomination EVER possibly going to Ron Paul? EVER.

      • dol dei

        TF: your angle is a red herring. Read what I wrote’s not just that he called him ‘Bibi.’ My point was that he has connections in high places, and has for decades.
        And Paul could have won the nomination, if it wasn’t for the rigged primaries. Stuffing the ballot boxes in Iowa, closing precincts that were heavily for Paul in Maine – almost every state had anomalies that always favored Romney. Look it up – it happened, despite the deafening silence in the media. Then the ‘rule change’ to start the convention. Look that up too. The establishment of both parties steers their nominations, so we’ll never get a Paul or Kusinich, or anyone of the sort, on the ballot nationally.

      • Right, right, Ron Paul could’ve won had it not been for “shenanigans!” Pass whatever you’ve been smoking because I think you’ve had enough.

        As for the other thing, I just wrote to point out that calling Netanyahu by his nickname is not a buddy-buddy thing. That’s all. I was not commenting on your larger point. And I think everyone understood that except you.

      • Also, I’m not sure how you “stuff the ballot box” in Iowa when they consist of caucuses—people actually showing up and stating their preference publicly and sticking around for an hour or so and not complaining about how long it’s taking them to vote—but whatever. Ron Paul 2016, right?

      • dol dei

        That’s the way it used to be done in Iowa. This time, the ballots were taken off-site, and the announcement made *two weeks later* that Romney had won. Some of the numbers showed more votes for Romney in precincts than the total of people who showed up. And that’s just Iowa. You can laugh all you want, like the good little minion you are. It doesn’t take away from the fact that the primaries and national convention were crooked, start to finish.

      • I don’t know what the Paul people would have to do to feed their persecution complex if the country ever lost its mind and nominated him. Turn to self-flagellation, I guess.

      • Mama Pinkus

        Mitt Romney didn’t “work his ass off”; he is a corporate raiding, vulture-capitalistic, offshoring righwing HACK who got rich off the backs of real workers. He can ROT IN HELL.

      • Yes, I agree. But, I was saying that some rich people do work their asses off and I don’t feel comfortable generalizing all rich people. Romney, yes. But I refuse to ever generalize. Seriously, EVER.

    • Buck

      So i guess the only solution is we should all be poor. And guess what, obama is helping us get there.

      • Where in anything I said did I say that? Your reply was to me, and nothing I said was at all similar to what you just said.

      • Buck

        Nobody wants to be cheap therefore we should all be poor. Great liberal logic

      • Buck

        And don’t forget another great liberal thinker INNER RETARD who says ” many rich people have no sense of decency, moral intergrity or general lack of care or empathy” Way to stereotype and cast judgement! In the liberal word the best way to not become that type of person is to stay poor — and as a country we are well on our way.

      • I never said “nobody wanted to be cheap”. I’m cheap, and I save my money. I’m not understanding. Plenty of rich people will tell you they are rich because they don’t spend a lot.

      • Meg—Buck and rican are longtime borderline trolls when it comes to politics here, who will never back down from their “liberals are all retards who are destroying the country,” and will just clap their hands over their ears and go “LALALALALASocialismLALALALATyrannyLALALALALA” in the face of facts and reasoned arguments to which they have no rebuttal. So it’s just not worth engaging them in this sort of pissing match.

      • Yes, that’s true. I was beginning to realize there was no point in using words when they are just going to be twisted into something I didn’t say. I mean, why use common sense when you can just make shit up?

      • Meg, I’m not suggesting that you click on my name to go to my Profile page, click on the Find Me on Facebook link to go to my Facebook page, and then message me so we could hook up or something, but…uh…yeah. I’m suggesting you do that.

      • Tempting, but here at work Facebook is a big no-no. I don’t even think I could if I tried. But, maybe someday!

      • I understand they make computers now that you can keep at home. ; )

      • Haha WHAT?!?!?! I’m a poor liberal, I can’t afford a computer. I also lied, I don’t really have a job. I jsut sit at home and collect unemployment checks with my 6 kids running around under my feet. But I could take my coach purse and cadillac and go to the local best buy and buy one!!

        (i was making fun of the conservatives on here’s generalizations about liberals. I don’t feel that way.)

        (And yes, I do have a computer! Hence the “someday…”
        And yes, Buck, in case you were doubting it, you are in fact a moron.

      • Six kids? Uh…forget I said anything. (“Typical liberal, TomFrank! Loves kids in theory but hates them in real life!”)

      • Buck

        TomFrank, I take it you’re a liberal.

      • Buck, I take it that you’re a moron.

      • Kim

        Any grown man who calls another human a moron simply because he has different views is definitely a moron.

      • USDA Prime McBeef

        It’s not about having different views as much as it’s about being a moron.

      • Aww boohoo, Buck! It is such a surprise to see you here sobbing and bitching because your side LOST.
        On topic here, how would YOU feel if you had worked hard for that douche Romney, and he pulled the plug on you so you couldn’t even get HOME at the end of the job? Tell us how special that must have felt. And also justify his actions.

      • Cran, don’t forget the part where he conceded at 1 AM, about an hour later than he had to because he kept refusing to acknowledge math and statistics and facts and stuff. (Just like the rest of the campaign!) So people were going home in the wee hours.

        Question: Had he won, would he still have cut off his campaign staff that very night, or would they still be on the company account as transition-team staff? (If no, you’re basically saying, they got cut off because he lost.)

      • Whoa, Teabillies know how to use context clues? There goes that theory.

      • USDA Prime McBeef

        Rican is also a closted homosexual. I’m not sure about Buck, but probably.

      • rican

        Hey Prime, your mother begs to differ.

      • USDA Prime McBeef

        bang my mom all you want, it’s not gonna make you any more comfortable with your sexuality ;o)

      • rican

        Well Prime, I’m pretty comfortable about it, its your father that worries me, as he’s always asking me to finish on him.

      • USDA Prime McBeef

        Ohhhh, a little finish on dudes fantasy there… maybe if you better define marriage those thoughts will go away.

      • USDA Prime McBeef

        Just the fact you come running to defend yourself against my trolling combined with your litany of homo fright posts over the years is confirmation enough for me ;o)

      • rican

        Oh hell Prime, now I’m not gonna sleep for days worried about your opinion of me.

      • rican

        Tom, you’re as bad as I am criticizing “the other” political ideology, insults and all, so, you know, fuck off on that one.
        And, my bad for not checking your link on the previous post. But here’s the answer, right back atcha:

        It is explained in terms even justifiable and other retards who read this site to learn current events will understand.

    • Kim

      Alot of rich people got rich working their butts off! Not all rich people are bad, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet & many other rich people are extremely charitable. Money itself isnt evil – greed is. And who is reporting this story? How do we even know its true? Because 1 person said it doesnt make it true. Gossip is evil.

    • EricLr

      I’m not surprised. Only closers get credit cards.

  2. Inner Retard

    I bet the most relieved people about him not winning were his own staff. After all they knew him the best.

  3. That Bastard Tony

    So basically, he did what Jay-Z used to do to women to his aides. The only difference; Mitt didn’t orgasm. He just put his hoes out on the street penniless the next morning.

    Actually, I take that back. Jigga did put up cab fare.

  4. Kodos

    And this is wrong how?

    Plane tickets and hotels on company $$ are one thing, running up your tab at the strip club on that same CC is something else.

    This is just good business smarts.

    Shut the fuck up, Fish.

    • Yeah, because leaving your staff stranded with cab fare due is totally kosher.

    • Visible Ink

      Interesting dilemma. Maybe people willing to work hard for a campaign deserve a free trip home after months of work and losing. Financed by money given to them by voters, which is not Romney’s own money and they don’t have to give it back to the voters! In which case Romney is a dick. Or the people working for him and potentially becoming public servants in his cabinet (!) are so untrustworthy that he has to take their cards away right after losing or they spend it on strip clubs.

      I don’t know about you but it seems maybe it’s better they didn’t win.

      • El Jefe

        Wanna bet the leftover campaign money has mysteriously disappeared to multiple accounts in The Cayman Islands and other places?

      • Kodos

        they didn’t borrow it from China like Obama did for his campaign… oh, you didn’t know that?

      • Stop getting your news from Infowars, Kodos.

      • El Jefe

        Kodos, you know what the common trait is with you Republitards, you always make bullshit, baseless claims but never have shit to back it up.

        Your President, again, is black. Eat a dick.

      • Kodos

        Who said I was a “Republican”, you senseless fuckwit?

        I would tell you about BofA lending Obama for America money, but I’m wasting my time.

        I don’t even know what Infowars is, nor care.

        Enjoy your ObamaPhone and platinum EBT card; they won’t be around forever.

      • porn star

        they ‘worked’ on his campaign.
        for the time that they worked, they got paid. work is over, you don’t get paid.

        game over. next please, can I take your order?

    • @Kodos
      Yes, they are the same thing: Cab fair back to your house, and slapping dollars on a sticky glitter-covered ass.
      Hang on, did you just say the Romney staffers were all strip-club afficionados?! Does Romney know about this?! Escandalo!!

  5. Smapdi

    The election was long, boring, and hostile, so can we skip the boogeyman Romney stuff for a while? Although, it would be hilarious if Obama made some “Mack North/Fred Peete” style press releases:

  6. So, all the people who worked on his campaign, who were now basically out of a job, were surprised that he credit cards that they only had by merit of having that job were surprised that they didn’t work anymore?

    When I no longer work for a company, I expect them to shut that shit down right away as well.

    • I guess you’ve never worked for a company that actually sends you places, eh? See, when a company sends you someplace, like Boston, for the purposes of work, the company also pays to bring you back to where you came from. Most of the jobs I’ve had involve travel, and that’s how it works. Maybe you’re just not used to how these things operate, but this is a COLOSSAL dick move.

    • El Jefe

      Yep, it is totally acceptable to expect to be left stranded while you are still in the employ of someone and on the road with them. You would think that someone who is running for President and claims that he cares about the people would at least want to make sure the people that were busting their ass for him could at least buy some dinner and you know, get home.

      He is a lying, soulless, cold blooded piece of shit dickhead and that is why he will never ever be President of the United States of America.

      • Cock Dr

        Repeated tax evasion also disqualifies a person from higher office. So remember folks…if you’re gonna run for president you’re gonna have to pay all your taxes.
        Cheating on your taxes is cheating your country.

      • rican

        Dr. we do not agree on politics, but I figured you as one of the more level headed posters. The tax evasion accusation was dirty politics, allegations with no basis in fact.

      • @rican
        It’s absolutely the truth, which is why he refused to show the tax records. If he can prove his innocence then why didn’t he? Justify his actions there.

      • rican

        Come on Cran, really? By your logic then Obama is a moron because he refused to release his college transcripts. And he also was born in Kenya because you know, that birth certificate was not the original. And before certified morons like justifiable chime in, I feel the need to clarify that I am stating this about Obama to show your flawed logic, NOT because I believe Obama is a Kenyan moron.

      • You didn’t justify Romney, you just added fairytales about Obama.

      • rican

        No Cran, just like asking Obama to release birth certificate, college transcripts for political fodder and deviate from real issues, asking for tax returns because some hack, without any evidence, alleged he evaded, is the same thing.

      • No, rican, it’s not the same thing. Like college transcripts, income tax records are private – which is why exactly why Obama doesn’t have to show his Columbia records any more than Bush had to release his grades from Yale.

        But you obviously aren’t aware that ever since the mid- 1960′s presidential (and later, vice-presidential) candidates have publically released their tax records, even though it’s not a requirement. Historically, several Republicans have skimped on full disclosure: Gerald Ford only reported a “summary” of 10 years’ worth, Bush only released his 1040 for 2000 while Cheney provided a summary, no forms, and both only released partial returns for 2001. So Romney’s releasing one year’s worth and refusing to show the rest, is not exactly in reponse to a demand made by “some hack, without any evidence”.

        I’m sure you also don’t know that no presidential candidate has to prove his citizenship unless it is formally challenged. Obama did have the Health Dept in Hawaii release his long-form birth certificate anyway, even though there was no legitimate challenge – and legal documentation of it had been accessible online for over 3 years.

        Naturally, you don’t like the fact that it means he wasn’t born in Kenya so therefore “because you know, that birth certificate was not the original”. Great logic. Outstanding. Go call up Donald Trump and ask him if you can lick off the egg he still has on his face, and when you;re done, ask him what “some hack, without any evidence” really means. Then you and Joe Arpaio can get together and cry on each other’s shoulders when you both finally figure out what the answer really is.

      • rican

        Justi, you’re so laughably and incredibly stupid that even after I put the disclaimer (specifically mentioning YOU) in my post you go ahead and blabber about me being a truther etc. I’m only responding to you here because I am amazed your moronic ways know no bounds. read the post again. BTW, Romney showed two years, and a letter from Pricewaterhouse Coopers detailing the tax rate he paid for 20 years back. But that isn’t enough for an idiot savant like you. Where is YOUR evidence he evaded taxes?

      • rican, try to read with comprehension. When every presidential candidate for the past half-century, regardless of their party, has voluntarily released some sort of tax information, then asking to see Romney’s tax records is NOT an outrageous request. Nor is it the same thing as demanding birth certificates or transcripts, which no candidate is expected to produce as a matter of course. Sorry you can’t see the difference.

        FYI, I never claimed Mittens evaded taxes – that’s Cranapple’s assumption, due to the fact that he didn’t disclose more than one year. (FYI, a letter attesting to his tax rate is not the same thing as seeing his actual return.) Since a large number of Republicans also thought that, given the public demand for disclosure, that his refusal was a major mistake, it looks like you’re the one with the “flawed logic” here. Only a dolt like you could make the leap from Cran’s logical assumption to the conclusion that therefore Obama is a “moron” for not releasing his college transcripts.

        Since you can’t actually reason for shit, regardless of your half-assed non-disclaimer, I do assume you’re on the birther wagon, because given your limited powers of raciocination, that’s your home crowd right there.

        BTW, “idiot savant” doesn’t mean what you obviously think it does, not unless you’re actually trying to compliment me on being highly knowledgeable about politics. Given your track record, I’m honestly not too surprised you’re incapable of grasping the concept behind that term, either.

      • KC

        justifiable- Thank you for calling him out on horribly misusing the term idiot savant.

      • rican

        Justi, you truly baffle me as you dig yourself deeper into your hole of debate idiocy. I could get into the details of why but it is pointless because obviously you will never comprehend. I’ll nevertheless part with these comments: 1) Calling me a birther when I categorically state I am not shows your severely limited ability to counter with an intelligent response. 2) My comment on idiot savant is related to another term called sarcasm, something that hilariously flew way, way, way over your head (and KC’s too). I’ll baby-spoon feed it to you – yes, you are an idiot in everything else, but a genius in politics, however, your inane statements on birther, Romney taxes, etc., really don’t make you a genius in politics after all, hence you are a complete idiot. Get it now? But listen, whatever, I wont comment on your idiotic political posts anymore, since you can’t hold your own. From now on I’ll keep laughing at your sporadic funny comments and appreciate you as another poster sharing his humor. Peace.

      • “I could get into the details of why but it is pointless because obviously you will never comprehend.”
        “I have absolutely no rebuttal but I’ll pretend that I have in a vain attempt to convince people that I could respond intelligently if I wanted to, but…um… I just don’t feel like it right now.”

        “My comment on idiot savant is related to another term called sarcasm, something that hilariously flew way, way, way over your head (and KC’s too). I’ll baby-spoon feed it to you – yes, you are an idiot in everything else, but a genius in politics, however, your inane statements on birther, Romney taxes, etc., really don’t make you a genius in politics after all, hence you are a complete idiot. ”
        “I clearly have no idea what idiot savant means, any more than I know how to use sarcasm effectively, but by hammering on the “idiot” portion of the phrase, maybe everyone will forget that I’m clueless about the “savant” part. So even though I immediately step in it and negate the “savant” aspect of my comment, I’ll just pass it off as more of my hilarious high-flying sarcasm. Yeah, they’ll buy it, since no one but me really knows what that is, anyway.”

        “But listen, whatever, I wont comment on your idiotic political posts anymore, since you can’t hold your own.”
        I haven’t won an argument all week between TomFrank, CranApple and you soundly kicking my sorry, cognatively-challenged ass, so I’ll pretend that I’m just bemused by everyone and weary of “debate idiocy” and that I could actually defeat all of you with my deathless rebuttals and blinding command of logic, but…um…I just don’t feel like it right now.

        Anyway, I need to stop holding my own long enough to dial the FoxNews hotline to find out exactly what I’m doing wrong here.
        Whaddaya mean, “your own” doesn’t refer to “your dick”?”.

      • rican

        LOL justi, no need to translate your stupidity, everybody gets it.

      • KC

        Sarcasm is actually my first language so it didn’t fly over my head that you were *trying* to be sarcastic and that you thought that you were really clever that you figured out a way to work the word idiot into it too. “Idiot savant” was really awkwardly placed in the sentence so you clearly tried to cram it in there just for that reason. And just because people tell you that your joke sucked doesn’t mean that they didn’t get it. The joke didn’t work, it happens to everyone, just let it go.

      • Calling someone an “idiot savant” because you think it means they’re an idiot is like calling someone an “oxymoron” because you think it means they’re a moron.

      • rican

        TomFrank, whatever, apparent humor fail on my part. Did you click the link on my previous post to you?

      • You’re baffled? Kinda like Sarah Palin said she is perplexed?

      • *Hearts Justi all up*

      • Deacon Jones

        Well said, El Jefe.

        As other have said, yeah, just about any company that hires temporary positions or hourly employees has the decency to let the peasants return to their dwellings before shitcanning them.

        If I was finished at a job site in Arizona and called my manager and said “Alright, we’re finished here” he wouldnt start frantically canceling my corporate card before I got on the plane ride home.

      • dol dei

        Jefe: So is our current prez. He will answer to Goldman Sachs, AIG, Morgan, the CFR, UN, and NATO as he has since day one.
        Oh sure, he *sounds* like he is fighting for the people…it’s all bullshit. Enjoy your free phone, while soft tyranny gets harder and harder.

  7. That’s what was taken him so long to give his concession speech.

  8. Buck

    I think we have a lot bigger thing to worry about over the next 4 years…we are all screwed and yet we blindly give our man obama the reins. This isn’t going to be pretty America.

    • Cher X

      Buck, you can still keep American pretty.

      Start by putting this bag over your head….

    • Arlene

      Buck, the solution is easy. You can either stop fucking whining, put on your big boy pants, and suck it up for the next four years, or you can get the fuck out. Mexico has a very low cost of living, and although Canada has that “socialist” medicine, the conservatives are currently in charge. Does that give you a boner, needle dick?

      Face it, you lost. I know you fucking assholes love to whine, piss, moan and complain, but you LOST. You have a shitty message and even shittier policies and the majority (us reasonable Americans) said “no thanks”.

      Personally, I think you should just get your bitchy, pansy ass out of this country, so the rest of us can move on. Oh, and please take Nugent, Limbaugh, and Coulter with you. Don’t forget that fat, hagged out ding bat with the annoying voice that used to be on SNL.

  9. Tyrone

    Imma still watin’ on my phree Obamaphone.

  10. Joe

    I bet he leaves his campaign owing a lot of bills, including payroll to lower level staffers, which might total a measly million or two (remember- he’s personally sitting on at least $250 million!). But he won’t chip in to cover the last few expenses for those who supported him through all his stupid moves and superhuman flip-flopping.

    Because that’s the kind of asshole he is.

  11. alex

    Really stupid post. I’m sure Mitt Romney PERSONALLY pulled the plug on some staffers credit cards. Right after he made an appointment with the maid service to come clean up his house and right before he took out some bags of garbage to the dumpster. You people are hilarious.

    • jac0b22

      “you people” — god i hate people like you. at least you’re adequately miserable, but keep it to yourself dickless.

      • jac0b22

        great, battling hypocrites with hypocrite logic. thumbs down. nothing new to see here, moving on to bikini shots

      • alex

        Calling me out for using the phrase, “You people” and in the same breath you declare that you hate people “like me.” You fucking idiot.

        If I were referring to a group of African Americans or Jews or Muslims or any other ethnic group as “you people” I’d be a fucking asshole, worthy of the derision. However, I wasn’t and YOU are the fucking asshole.

    • At least you admit he was only a puppet.

  12. Uncle Andy

    Is this really a big deal? As of the concession speech, their jobs were done. I don’t recall any of my employers paying for my expenses after I stopped working for them.

    • Wow, I hope no employer sends you to India for a project, and then when it’s done calls you to say, “Okay. You’re fired now. Find your own way back home.”

      • Beatriz

        Except they weren’t sent to India. They were in the city. They were not stranded. Their job was done. He had no responsibility over how they paid for their ride back home/hotel room.

      • Well, we were talking about general principle, not the election-night specifics. But you know what? One last cab ride after midnight because your boss wouldn’t concede until the wee hours? Not too much to ask.

      • They were probably from all over the country! Or did he only hire immediate family members?

      • Some were on loan from DC, but they still had to find their own way back to wherever they were staying – after 1AM because he wouldn’t concede earlier.

        I hear that the alternative was to have him give them all a ride, but since they would have been strapped to the car roof they passed.

  13. Cher X

    I was reading that this is normal protocol so yes it IS a dick move.

    These people worked hard for your campaign and a nice thank you, or not say, leaving them stranded would have been nice. Heck, even teliing them the cards wouldn’t work at the VERY least.

  14. O.o

    like i said a guy that just sticks you with the bill in the end…

  15. Cock Dr

    I’m just wondering exactly where all those hundreds of millions of dollars that the RNC squeezed out of their fat cat donors went to. They gave it to Karl Rove aka “Turd Blossom” and he supposedly spent it on ads and internal pollsters…pollsters who can’t do basic math.

    • Deacon Jones


      The well known fact around DC is Karl Rove is a cock gobbler. Yet the very party that despises him is the one he fervently works for. What the fuck does that say about someone?

  16. chicka

    if he’d won, he’d still cut those credit cards. no free rides for anyone! bastard

  17. What? No Derek-Jeter style fruit baskets?

  18. Buck

    After reading these comments it sounds like the liberals want the rich to become poor and the poor to become poorer. And with obama leading the way that is exactly what we are going to get, with liberals being happy and smug about it. Liberals are very strange people.

    • Mama Pinkus

      your kind of ignorance and stupidity is EXACTLY why you’re losing….you JUST DON’T GET IT

    • mismy

      Ok I was trying to stay out of this, but just what the FUCK is FOX news teaching you people?!? I’m independent all the way, but I have a much much easier time relating to Dems. Republicans have honestly been acting sooo nuts lately that my head spins. All I ever hear is propaganda with absolutely no meaning behind anything you people say, what IS that man?? There are plenty of legit things to bitch about Obama for, try the internet for examples (not please). This partisan nonsense is totally out of hand at this point, you guys want a civil war or something? The right vs the left just wtf. You assholes complain soooo much about ‘socialism’ and ‘free cell phones’ but GUESS WHAT BRO?? Nobody in this fucking country wanted to spend trillions of our tax dollars on these bullshit wars in the Middle East because the corrupt fucking Bush Administration is evil. We are a nation that doesn’t let our fucking citizens starve in the street because the corrupt fucking Bush Administration ruined the economy in the first place. So deal with it, YES people take advantage, yes it sucks, but deal with that shit man and use your brain (you know that gray matter in between your ears). dammit now I’m pissed, shoulda stayed out of it!

  19. AndyDufresne

    I run a business and I would have done exactly the same thing.

    • it had to be said

      You also would have lost the election. Check out the gap among voters on the question “Which candidate cares about me?”

    • You would probably also buy companies to strip their workforces and/or send those jobs overseas—and then run for president on a platform of creating American jobs. Or maybe you’d leave your business but still take a share of its profits as it transferred the operations of one of the companies it owned to China—while you were running ads attacking the present administration for letting a car company it bailed out ship jobs to China even though it wasn’t and you were lying and you knew you were lying and everyone saw you were lying but you kept running those ads anyway. So classy.

      • dol dei

        GM has moved many thousands of manufacturing jobs to China recently. Cars and parts. It’s happened on Obama’s watch.
        We now have 12 million manufacturing jobs left in this country, and the number continues to decline, and our trade deficit continues to grow.

      • Sure, there’s been jobs lost overseas under Obama’s watch. And under Bush’s watch. And under Clinton’s watch. And under Bush the Elder’s watch. And under Reagan’s watch—when Michael Moore was making “Roger & Me” and discovered that GM was closing plants in Michigan and opening them in Mexico even while it was making record profits. (Note: The fact that this started before NAFTA and the WTO indicates that this trend predates those trade agreements and is about more than them.)

        As for the growing trade deficit, I remember that becoming a cause for concern during the Reagan years. But apparently stuff like the trade deficit and the national debt isn’t a problem when a Republican is in the White House; it’s only a national crisis when a Democrat is in office—and then it’s always his fault.

      • Beatriz

        It’s going to be hilarious when idiots realize that re electing Obama wasn’t the best idea for the economy. Companies are already firing people because of the taxes that they will have to pay for Obamacare. And those who aren’t firing yet, are getting ready to decrease hours to the minimum so that they don’t have to pay too much for their employees. Wait until you see the rise on food prices and then you will be wanting a time machine so you can go back in time and vote for Stein.

      • dol dei

        TF: Agreed. Both sides are guilty of what you cite. Just like defense spending and overseas entanglements. We just invaded Libya, but it’s alright with Obama voters, cos it’s their guy. The drone strikes? You must be racist if you bring it up. The wars and deficits have spiraled out of control, and it doesn’t matter which puppet occupies the oval office – it would’ve happened had Kerry or Gore been there vs. Bush. And here we have Obama furthering the “Bush Doctrine” of “you’re either with us, or you’re with the terrorists,” and bombing on a whim.
        You’re right about these problems going on for decades. Since JFK was offed, to be specific.

  20. Jfc

    Meanwhile, Stevens and 3 others are still dead, and we’re heading towards financial ruin. Glad you bring such hard-hitting news to us serfs.

  21. it had to be said

    Oh, I’ll pay for you to come to the party, but if we don’t leave for the White House, I don’t even know you bitches. Better get your T cards ready.

  22. Yeah, I would try and save money too. Everyone forgets ( read liberals) that this country is broke. The deficit is astounding and we have no money. I know, I know, let rich people take care of it, right? Good luck with that, Obama. Enjoy higher taxes for everyone by the end of this term, and congratulations to everyone who continues to suck the money from this economy without contributing. You get another four years of free-ridin’.

    • “If I were Romney, I would try and save money, too. Because I only have $250 million, and I really need that few thousand that staffers were going to fritter away on cab fare home after midnight from my campaign—the one I convinced them I was absolutely going to win.”

      • Beatriz

        Except that those $250 million are his to spend. Do you give to the poor when you have a few extra bucks? Do you give it to the homeless person down the street instead of buying a new x box? No? Well then you are no better than Romney.

      • Funny how you ask me if I’m a charitable man, then assume with no basis whatsoever that I’m not, and draw your negative conclusion. Why did you even bother to ask when you already have the answer? (Or think you do, at any rate.)

        But I was only responding to Jake’s “Yeah, I would try and save money too…this country is broke.” Because Romney is not broke and does not need to “save” that few thousand—if indeed it’s his money that he’s saving in the first place. And whether the campaign pays for one last night of cab fare or whatever has nothing to do with the country’s debt.

      • Right, TomFrank. That is the issue. You are comparing what Romney is worth and based on that feel that he is required to distribute his money in a certain fashion. If it was his doing to cancel the cards (which it wasn’t), it’s part of the process. You are simply attacking his wealth, and relating to the guy that isn’t wealthy. It is easy to do, and I understand. Just realize, that this mentallity will adversly affect our economy. Just research the basics of economics a little before you decide to spend someone elses money. A lot of us feel strongly that this path we are going down is awful, and this last election has most of us feeling that it is coming sooner than later. Convince me I’m wrong. Tell us how we can continue spending like this and not send this country into an economic downfall. Mathematically, it can’t happen.

      • I like how my saying he has $250 million and can afford to let a few thousand dollars slide is “attacking his wealth.”

        As for “tell us how we can continue spending like this and not send this country into an economic downfall”—when I cited in Wednesday’s Obama Won! post that spending increases over the last four years has been the lowest since at least Eisenhower—why don’t you tell me how the guy you voted for could actually manage to “cut taxes, increase defense spending, and still balance the budget,” when that is EXACTLY what Reagan promised and he ended up tripling our national debt and starting us down this road.


    Another douche bag rich guy right? Oh wait ..CEO of Buzzmedia whom this site is a part of. You lefties all love your own rich guys!

    Just stick to bikini photos and making fun of celebrities. Makes the site so much better.

  24. People filed that so much hatred that they even imbue meaning into some internal administrative nonsense. Like Romney was on his phone just handling business while giving a speech. It was probably;y some intern working through his to-do list faster than his boss thought he/she would. But no it’s really it’s evidence of “evil” if you are a rabid ideologue. This constant labeling of your opposition as “evil” is exactly what they see in the other side. Look like we have the birth of a new fundamentalism and it wears skinny jeans and a Che Guevara T-shirt.

    • I need to hire a personal internet editor to clean my posts up for me. Since we use illegal immigration to have affordable lawn care and cheap construction costs, maybe we should add “English” support as exceptional reasons for undocumented entry.

      “Hector, you hit the lawn and then re-roof my house. Jinghua, my math homework is ready for you. Sinhg, please edit all of my internet internet posts and then hit send. Malcolm and I are going to smoke weed and play Frisbee golf. Yes, I understand he’s black but I cant exploit his labor anymore. It’s the law.”

    • “This constant labeling of your opposition as ‘evil’ is exactly what they see in the other side.”

      Please re-visit the oeuvre of Sean Hannity for the last four years and his equating the Obama administration with tyranny because a democratically elected president was proposing things he didn’t agree with—and then tell me how it’s the left who’s overdemonizing the right.

      • rican

        MSNBC comes to mind.

      • The old two wrongs make a right argument. If he is so judiciously bombastic then why would anyone want to simply be a left wing version. Arrogant and demonizing is divisive and it doesn’t matter weather it comes from Fox on the right, or ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, or Hollywood on the left. Either way, for an ideology that just won an election there sure seem to be some angry ideologues trolling around.

  25. What he did to his staffers is what he was going to America. Run up more debt and leave you stranded with the bill, just like every Republican president in the last 30 years.

  26. JezuitX

    How is this even news? Your job is to get Mitt Romney elected, he loses, you’re out of a job, because there’s no more campaign. Why would you assume that your “company card” would work? Also, I’m sure soon somewhere there will be a story retracting this as false or someone will come out to say that it was known the cards were canceled .

    This is why problems don’t get solved in this country. Both of the parties spend almost all of their time trying to make the other party look like s***. Wake up Republicans and Democrats…they’re using you to stay in power. You want some real change vote 3rd party for a change.


    Mitt Romney or Obama…it doesn’t matter as they are both Mormons working for the Mormon Tabernacle. And Mitt has a more important job to do according to these guys:

    This explains so MUCH. I’m going to be looking for the DARL-1 in my telescope all weekend.

  28. Retiring campaign debt : stiffing your aides a cab ride :: reducing the federal deficit : canceling Big Bird.

  29. ObamiTheCommie

    Typical occupy wallstreet bullshti mentality. everybody owes me somthing. like those fucks werent abusing the credit cards anyways.

    • Mama Pinkus

      people don’t want handouts, they want a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD – not one that tipped so all the profits go to offshoring bastards like Mittwitt Romney

    • The Garbage Man

      Let me get this straight. All of the Republicans who were so dedicated to electing Mitt Romney that they were working in his campaign office until 1 A.M. are just credit card-abusing fucks? Is that what you’re trying to say?

  30. Jim

    Sigh. Fact checking is worth the time. Although I guess I should be glad both parties admit that Obama’s victory is likely due to smear campaign ( Mostly lies.) from the dems. Aparrently still going?

    First, I don’t know why but most of the money isn’t from tax payers but from investors and donors. It is them that stand to lose even more money by not having money spending suspended.

    Second, Romney didn’t have the cards cancelled. The staff aides did. That’s right. The staff themselves. Way to go reporting half truths.

    Perhaps in the next fews months we can sift out all the lies now that it won’t stop Obama re-election. You don’t need to believe anyone, including me, though. However, in a few years when again nothing improves ( and the time delayed policies kick in to further hurt the economy) I don’t want to hear a word from Dems. Go lie in your bed.

    • (1) Even if it was his staffers who were responsible for this, the buck stops with Romney. You hold President Obama to the same standard when someone in his Administration screws up.

      (2) Who hired those top aides? Whose mentality do they represent? Because ultimately…see (1).

      • Jim

        I hold everyone to the same standards but how exactly do you know what I think? You don’t. I don’t hold Obama when someone else screws up. I do however hold him accountable if he fails to address a screw up. My customers don’t blame me personally when one or my employees screw up. But they do when I don’t do anything about it.

        There is no fault. The staff aides are doing their job by cancelling the cards. Notice the lack of full story. Is it not possible the were told ahead of time? Is it conceivable to cancel cards ( to prevent fraud) and issue travel vouchers after everyone is home? That is how we operate. That is how a lot of companies and even the military handles it. If this story had as much truth as everyone seems to think I’d think you would see lots of staffers complaining. Seems like nohing more than some quality propaganda trying to ensure everyone made the right choice of presidency.

      • Beatriz

        Bravo Jim. Well stated.

      • “If this story had as much truth as everyone seems to think I’d think you would see lots of staffers complaining.” Pretty sure that’s where this story came from. If they didn’t complain, who would know?

      • Jim, a campaign operation is not handled the same way as a company or the military, so quit trying to be an apologist about this – your reach ain’t that long.

        Even though Romney lost, there are still bills to be paid and Federal records filed, so it’s not usual for cards to be cancelled so abruptly that same night. Campaign staffers are given phones and some have credit cards, but they don’t exactly have an unlimited ceiling. Staffers were surprised that they couldn’t use the cards to get home late at night – they weren’t told that the “thanks for your hard work” signoff only went so far. True believers tend not to complain, but all it takes is one disillusioned staffer to speak up – which is where the story you deem “propaganda” came from.

        FYI, since many campaign operatives were on loan from other Republican congressional staffs, if they want to continue to be employed next week, you can be sure that group won’t have a lot to say about it.

    • Uh, a few things…

      Apparently still going? Just when did it ever start? Exactly what “smear campaign” do “both parties” admit is likely behind Obama’s victory? Better check your facts, because “lie” is all you seem to be doing in your bed.

      The past four years have been nothing but a smear campaign, from the birth certificate to accusations of crypto-Muslim terrorist membership. Romney’s offshore holdings, his record with Bain, and his not disclosing more than a year of his taxes hurt him, as did his inconsistencies. Did it ever occur to you that the fact that the 47% of the country that he accused of having an unwillingness to “take personal responsibility and care for their lives” actually paid a higher tax rate than he did, on what is an indisputably extraordinary income, is a major factor in his loss?

      Since the money was already donated to Romney’s campaign, the investors and donors “don’t stand to lose any more money” by not cancelling the cards. They’re pretty steamed because their boy didn’t fulfill his promises, but I have news for you – whatever wasn’t spent on the campaign doesn’t get returned to them to assuage their wrath. And since the cards aren’t in their name, it didn’t actually cost an of Romney’s backers a single dime more to ensure his staff got back to wherever they happened to live.

      Secondly, “half truths” my ass. “The staff themselves” did it – which is why they were teh last to knwo about the card being invalid? FYI, no lowly “staff aides” make a key decision like that – although some of ‘em probably were the ones to get AmEx on the phone. Like most big financial campaign decisions, that one comes from very high up, if not the actual head. So nice attempt to distance Mitt from it, but if his backers are disgusted with his campaign and hold him personally responsible for how it was run, I’m sure as hell not writing him a note now excusing him for not knowing what was done in his name.

  31. zomgbie

    lol @ the walk of shame.
    its not so funny if its a cab ride.

  32. DaKine

    you are all such idiots. God forbid someone doesn’t spend money they aren’t supposed to. Go take your Obama phone and call someone who cares…..

  33. Since cab fare for staffers doesn’t sound like a legitimate campaign expense, this story sounds like some people tried to have one last run at the expense account and got cut off at the knees.

  34. Will

    That’s what ALL businesses do, that’s what Obama would have done. Once your job is over, you no longer have access to the job, the job credit cards, etc.

    I voted for obama for his first term, and I have to say, it was the democratic supporters and biased media that lost my vote the second time around.

    I have come to see that democrats lack integrity and class and are just ignorant fucks in general. I think republicans are about the same, but at least they pretty much know where they stand, democrats live in a fantasy world in which they do no wrong.

  35. Joanne

    wow what a dick move…I thought he was all for “the people”. Guess not and now he’s created more unemployment that he expects government to handle.

    • oisjafsdk

      He created employment for at least a year for people. I got a job working on a campaign right after college. If it hadn’t been for a campaign I would have been unemployed. And campaigns provide young people the opportunity to network! He created good opportunities for many people (especially youth!) for at least a year. I am an Obama fan, but I can see that Romney’s run, though a losing one, was beneficial to those who took it- even if they are now looking for employment- at least they were able to get some experience for the future!

  36. fuck liberals

    Surprising, liberals making comments on shit they don’t fully comprehend. How can you honestly call Mitt Romeny a cheap ass when he paid his staffers 2x what Obama did (~75 vs 35Kyr). Supporting Obama is a sign of not comprehending anything. Fucking retards, kill yourselves before you fuck up my country any more.

    • Somewhere in here there is a valid point: Republican campaigns do tend to be more free-spending than Democratic ones. But historically, Republican campaigns tend to have more money to spend in the first place. So yeah, if what you say is true, those staffers with the campaign credit cards could probably afford to shell out for the cab fare. But it still doesn’t change that final fuck-youness of it all.

      Also, I guess it says something about the commitment and sacrifice of Democratic staffers that they did the same job as their Republican counterparts for a lot less—and did it better, at least for these last two go-rounds.

  37. I don’t see what the problem. Campaign is over, they’re just trying to keep the staff from using the credit cards to drink away the loss.

  38. Mitch

    You think Barack Obama didn’t do the same thing as soon as he won?

    Why the fuck would you keep the cards active once the campaign is over? When your company goes out of business they shut down the computers, change the passwords and close expense and credit card accounts.

    Want to see what happens when campaign war chests go unchecked, just look to Jesse Jackson, Jr..

  39. Lissa

    This doesn’t make him a dick. He basically ran and got fired by America, and so the minute you get fired so does your staff. Not unexpected in any way. The better question is why do they think it’s ok to use donor support money from reps and companies that are donated from American dollars to supply their transportation to and from work? Unless you have a company vehicle or are the owner-or possibly carpooling with co-workers, I don’t see people around me getting money to get back and forth to work and work events. Sounds like a bunch of whiny, self-righteous little pricks to me.

  40. Joe Blow

    Mitt lost, because he sucks, and everyone with a brain is glad. So suck it.

    • kaycee

      you’re not a mindless naysayer at all by such comments and by such a username. go study the fiscal and safety standpoints of our nation presently and come back with a more explicit, relevant answer. douche.

  41. Athr

    Who cares if this is right or wrong. No one ever seriously thought this used car salesman was going to become president, and the evidence is already overwhelming that he’s a robotic lying zero-IQ moron anyway–a sarah palin with a different skin, if you will.

  42. oisjafsdk

    I have worked on both Republican and Democrat campaigns. This is normal protocol. Cards are turned off immediately following the election. Computers/phones are turned in the next day in the am. People who have worked on campaigns for years would not be surprised by this. Also, he would not be in charge of this. His campaign treasurer would.

  43. mittens '16

    dear morons: campaign contribution monies are not a personal slush fund, rather they’re manner of keeping and expense is governed by federal, and in some instances state law. thus, it’s entirely appropriate, and even utterly informed and compliant, to cease they’re expenditure contemporaneous with the conclusion/suspension of one’s campaign.

    the magnitude of your idiocy makes me even prouder i voted for mittens. enjoy your santa claus the next four years though – you deserve him (and all that comes with him, not that you’ll be paying any meaningful attention to what that entails).

    • kaycee

      love you mittens ’16…thank you for a voice of sensibility among the hollywood/liberal muck! so tired of it at this point…. :(

    • Your doublespeak-misdirections sucks:
      “they’re manner of keeping and expense” = their accounting
      “utterly informed and compliant” = allowed
      “they’re expenditure contemporaneous with the conclusion/suspension” = their validity in accordance with the campaign’s conclusion

      Congratulations, you have all the hallmarks of incoherency, ignorance and preening stupidity that I’ve come to expect from a rabid Romney supporter. The fact that you can make so many colossal gaffes while calling “morons” on “the magnitude of [their] idiocy” just makes your post that more enjoyable.

      Listen up, numbskull – it is NOT normal protocol to cancel credit cards immediately when the candidate loses, since Romney’s defeat did NOT mean his campaign was automatically concluded. There are still bills to be paid and Federal filings to be completed, and in case you weren’t aware, these can take years to conclude. In fact, Romney/Ryan 2012 will probably be an active business for the next few years – if the campaign accrued any actual debt, donations will be still solicited to cover as much of it as possible, the same way that Hilary Clinton’s 2008 campaign did. Although she lost, as of two years later her campaign was still an extant business.

      A little advice – perhaps you might want to educate yourself on some economic basics – campaign and otherwise – as well as acquiring some grammar fundamentals, before you start taking “morons” to task. Also, try eschewing words that sound great, but aren’t actually appropriate in whatever the lame-ass argument you’re trying to make.

      All you’ve done here is reveal (in words of six syllables) that that you really don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.

      • mittens '16

        geez, can’t a guy get little buzzed and make a few grammatical errors whilst zip trolling on a gossip blog? this is NOT the america i grew up in.

        anyhow, since you’ve taken considerable time and effort in (plagiarizing) a multi-paragraph (and, still substantively bankrupt) response ON A CELEB GOSSIP BLOG, permit me to validate your below average “ability” to synthesize someone else’s study and scholarship and pass it off as your own (biden would be super proud – you should check out his law school record some time):

        (*clears throat*) . . . you’re a rank plagiarist:

        and “eschewing words that sound great?” . . . you plagiarized “extant” for pete’s sake.

        (*sigh*) . . . classic.

        safe journeys in the echo chamber, friend.

  44. LinzSix

    I don’t know why this is that big of a deal. This has nothing to do with Romney. I personally don’t understand why anyone on his campaign staff would be trying to use the CAMPAIGN credit cards AFTER the campaign is OVER. The people who were using the cards might need to be audited to make sure they were not using those card inappropriately.

  45. kaycee

    oh yesss, let’s make sure we frame the rich guy/republican as being greedy by any means necessary. where are credible sources for this article?? more so, why is the media (including this site), so incredibly intent on bashing the successful?? makes me second guess trying my hardest as a 20 something because i will just be taxed up the arse and profiled as greedy if i do meet my goals. it’s pretty shameful but the reality! the lazy and entitled are ruining this great nation of ours….

    • pavement_smear

      1) If you are 2nd guessing working hard because of what others may think, you have already failed. Similarly, if you refuse to make a dollar because you only get to keep $.60 of it, you have already failed. Somebody out there wants it more than you do, and you will lose. That is the nature of competition.
      2) Most folks don’t dislike rich people – they dislike rich people that they believe are disingenuous. Certainly, there is nothing wrong with stating that government can not create jobs and then promising as President you will create 12M new jobs, but don’t be surprised if voters find it a tad disingenuous. And the list of disingenuous comments is long with this one…

  46. Kira

    Um…this is not true at all. One of my friends worked on Romney’s campaign and he had no problem using the credit card.

  47. VK Kristoffersen

    In one fell swoop, he reduced his staff to the 47% he ragged on. HOW’S IT FEEL, YOU POOR SAPS??

  48. Ann

    “It’s practically biblical.” LOL.

  49. I read that Taggart drove Mom & Dad home in the family car. They could have at least offered some staffers a ride on the roof or warned them to borrow money from their parents to get home.

    Little did his campaign staffers know they were about to become part of the 47% who just want free stuff. If they had listened to Ann when she was asked by Leno whether her husband was “frugal” or “cheap,” Mrs. Romney said, “Cheap” — almost without hesitation.

    “Do you want to know what he does when we leave the house?” she said. “He turns off the hot water heater. Do you know what he does when he comes back [to] the house? He forgets to turn the hot water heater back on. He says, ‘Cold showers — they’re not that bad.’ Really.”

  50. job creator

    tip for those who have never run a business and like to scream bloody murder at the mention of taxing “job creators”: you dont pay taxes on money you pay your employees. crazy, isnt it? you can hire as many people as you want, and whatever money you use to compensate them is tax deductible. so go on and create jobs without fear. the more jobs you create, the less you will be taxed. thats how its always worked.

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