Mitch Winehouse: ‘I’ll catch whoever slipped Ecstacy in Amy’s drink!’

July 29th, 2008 // 42 Comments

Turns out Amy Winehouse’s trip to the ER Monday night wasn’t because of a reaction her medication. Her father Mitch is pretty adamant that someone slipped Ecstasy in Amy’s drink and has even contacted the fuzz, according to The Sun:

A source said after Rehab star Amy was discharged yesterday: “Mitch is furious. He’s certain someone put E in Amy’s drink — and he’s determined to get to the bottom of it. He is convinced that one of her hangers-on was responsible and he’s waiting for a toxicology report to show what caused her to fit.

Jesus. I mean, who would slip E into Amy Winehouse’s drink? I just couldn’t fathom what sort of individual would do such a thing. If only we knew of a suspect with a long history of drug abuse that would love to see Amy trip her face off for a couple of hours while getting shitfaced drunk at the same time. Hmm. Curiouser and curiouser…


  1. bootlips

    Is he in the Sopranos?

  2. Drunkman

    lol Denial is a funny thing.

  3. Drunkman

    Denial is a funny thing.

  4. Shelby

    So lets get this straight they said it was because of medication and yet she was drinking which your not suppose to do while takin meds… and as for ecstacy….its in the lining of her purse just cut it open at the seams and you will find it…

  5. dude_on

    I’m no detective but if they could reduce the suspect list down to who was in the house at the time that would be a good start. This is riveting.

  6. RJ

    Dad looks like he’s dressing somewhat “spiffy” and being the blue collar chap he is alleged to be, methinks the old boy is rather enjoying this game of watching his daughter forfeit her life while the spot light offers him some attention. The man is stupid to the evils that lurk all around him and his talented, soon to be dead, daughter. Tragic, but predictable.

  7. RJ

    One of my second thoughts while staring at this pic of dear old daddy, seeing the jewelry on his left arm, the key fob in his right hand, his darkened eyebrows…could he be the man who sexually enjoyed his daughter years ago? Is there a dark family secret? I wonder….could be the underlying reason for Miss Amy’s wild and destructive behaviors: wouldn’t be the first time either!

  8. Nitn

    Tyrone doesn’t look too happy… He’s probably the leading suspect

  9. sb

    Seriously, I’m starting to think she’s part of some British experiment to see just how much you can fuck up a person before they expire. The E was just another drop in the can, so to speak.

  10. JJ

    Now I see where she gets her good looks.

  11. metalman

    i did it. trying to get her into bed. was feeling suicidal…..shoulda ate a bullet..think i will now

  12. kait

    You can’t possibly slip X into a drink. It tastes like shit.

  13. rough daddy

    i can give a brief description on who slip the x into her drink…the person has a great voice, bad skin, horse face, and more hair than lili munster… more thing!!! now i know whos been ransacking amy’s refrigirator….

  14. cy

    #12 has a point.

  15. Mark

    Nice work slipping in the Alice in Wonderland reference.

  16. … in other words who new smack and methedone don’t mix?

  17. Cattyluo

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  18. TaiTai

    If you want to know what Amy will look like in a few years, just add a brunette bouffant to dad’s head. Welcome to the future Amy, if you live that long.

  19. Uncle Eccoli

    @12 & 14

    So does the inside of Amy’s mouth, I’ll bet.

  20. #17

    quit advertising!!

  21. Jammy


  22. Lola

    i’m tired of hearing about this useless waste of human space… she needs to die already… enough is enough… she’s ugly as hell… she’s disgusting and nasty looking and needs to die…
    the father is just as worse… i think he’s the reason amy is so sick…. i’m sure he’s the one slipping her roofies and eating up all her food and shyt…. look at how fat he is… why is he alerting the media about everything? selling stories to make money off that worthless waste of human…. fucking useless brits

  23. Jacqueline W. Silberman

    I would lick his balls for $5.

  24. jMo

    The term ‘trip’ describes a totally different experience than what you feel on extacy.

  25. Mal Gusto

    I think I know who might have done it. She is this skinny bitch…her name rhymes with gamey. As in what is that gamey smell? Did something die?

  26. Mal Gusto

    Oh and jMo….Shut the fuck up.

    (think about thatone, will ya?)
    WHERE IS SMOKE there is fire!!

  28. Bender

    E. You drop it and you rave.
    Seriously, though, she sounds like shit and lacks basic hygeine. Why is it that we care again?
    (I only clicked on the link so I could bitch about her, too, so don’t start your “why are YOU reading it then?” bullshit or I’ll crush your skulls.

  29. Wow. Could her father be any dumber? If he was truly concerned, he would actually be trying to help his daughter rather then watching her die and plotting how to spend her money when she does.

  30. mimi

    Believe it or not I am still praying for Amy. I hope God realizes that her talent rivals his own and I know he may be busy and all but surely the time spent on her is a great investment in the universe!!! :)

  31. Oivay please help

    Please define for regular Americans the following:
    1) Borjhamoy
    2) Fehjshivem
    3) glockenschwanz

  32. NY Ted

    Holy Fuck…Pop’s one arm weighs more then his fucked up crack-head daughter does..!!! You sure she wasn’t found lying in some trash can and these people adopted her…??? That is your next mission to find out Fish…!!!

  33. rawk

    E…you drop it and you ROLL.

    What a waste of a good pill. There is no way any one would have to “slip” her anything! She huffs, drinks, snorts, drops, shoots and sucks voluntarily. Plus she impales herself on objects every chance she gets and doesn’t appear to bathe properly. Such a nasty piece of trash, like her fat slob father figure in these pictures.

    “…or I’ll crush your skulls…” LMAO so sez the grasshopper to the approaching lawnmower. I bet you intimidate small insects daily, princess.

  34. jakebarnes

    He looks like a gray Bobby Baccala

  35. pffft


    Praying? For divine intervention?

    So, if enough people pray maybe your lazy g0d will take time out his busy schedule and do something to change her life? Instead of her having to put in the effort? Is that how it works?

    See, religion makes people stupid if they aren’t already that way.

    BTW The guy in the picture, her sugar daddy, is an average sized guy who has gained about 200 pounds around the belly. That’s all. He probablyturns to food to soothe his anxieties, cravings, perversions and other mental problems.

  36. mimi

    For #35
    Maybe we do not have the same status in the eyes of God? Your kind are mere chattel. Off with you now.

  37. Truth doctor

    her dad looks like he should be making pizzas

  38. Frank

    It’s always somebody else’s fault with the Jews.

  39. Kims BIG BUTT

    What planet is Mitch living on seriously?? I have no words if he genuinely means that!

  40. Ren

    Mimi: God can’t help her anymore b/c this emaciated, toxic, ugly twig is in hell already, at least her soul. The only thing she’s still good for is a starring role in “Dawn of the Dead”. She’s a Zombie.

  41. stacey

    I wonder if she will ever get better.

  42. SUSY


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