Miss USA pretended to strip. BURN HER!

That didn’t take long.

Rima Fakih, the Miss USA 2010 winner who’s “flushing our society down the toilet” by winning a beauty pageant according to white people with the Internet, apparently competed in a pole-dancing contest for Detroit’s Mojo in the Morning radio show in 2007 which is now being investigated by pageant officials. RadarOnline reports:

Mojo said that when the pageant spokesperson called his station, “They were not happy about the photos. They don’t want this out there. I asked if something was wrong and they told me they couldn’t comment on that and just needed to make a determination.
“Rima’s a good girl. She was so incredible at the event and we don’t think it should be a reflection of her Miss USA title,” Mojo continued. “There are doctors and lawyers that are a part of those events we do, so we don’t think the pageant should look at this in a negative way.”

Of course, performing in a pole-dancing contest with your clothes on will soon be equated with claiming you were underage when a breeze blew your shirt open in front of a professional photographer, except just kidding, you really made 800 videos of yourself masturbating. I mean, the two are practically identical once you stop employing logic and recognize this woman is Obama’s sleeper agent sent to murder us in the shower with affordable health care. DON’T TOUCH THAT SHAMPOO!

Photos: Splash News, WENN