Miss USA pretended to strip. BURN HER!

May 17th, 2010 // 171 Comments

That didn’t take long.

Rima Fakih, the Miss USA 2010 winner who’s “flushing our society down the toilet” by winning a beauty pageant according to white people with the Internet, apparently competed in a pole-dancing contest for Detroit’s Mojo in the Morning radio show in 2007 which is now being investigated by pageant officials. RadarOnline reports:

Mojo said that when the pageant spokesperson called his station, “They were not happy about the photos. They don’t want this out there. I asked if something was wrong and they told me they couldn’t comment on that and just needed to make a determination.
“Rima’s a good girl. She was so incredible at the event and we don’t think it should be a reflection of her Miss USA title,” Mojo continued. “There are doctors and lawyers that are a part of those events we do, so we don’t think the pageant should look at this in a negative way.”

Of course, performing in a pole-dancing contest with your clothes on will soon be equated with claiming you were underage when a breeze blew your shirt open in front of a professional photographer, except just kidding, you really made 800 videos of yourself masturbating. I mean, the two are practically identical once you stop employing logic and recognize this woman is Obama’s sleeper agent sent to murder us in the shower with affordable health care. DON’T TOUCH THAT SHAMPOO!

Photos: Splash News, WENN

  1. Weed

    F1RST !!!


  2. jim eh

    GO back to your country you disgusting paki slut.

  3. clo

    ARAB IS NOT PAKI YOU FUCKING IDIOT JIM EH!!…UR SO fking racist shes beautiful!!!…

  4. D

    When her Muslim relatives find out about this, keeping her crown will be the least of her problems. It will be more about keeping her head.

    Lots of nice Muslim girls have been “honor killed” for far less than this.

  5. Dr. Ju

    are there no decent women left? at all???

  6. Scott

    “flushing our society down the toilet”

    That’s so wrong! She’s not flushing our society down the toilet – she IS the toilet.

  7. Len

    Look at that poster behind her! That says it all.

  8. She’ll be dead for showing that much skin. Usama and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will send Scud missles up her ass…

  9. Rick James

    Can I tap it then send it back??

  10. Wendy

    Maybe it’s something innocent, not really a pole dancing contest but a competition to see how well she could wriggle out of a vest loaded with explosives.

  11. mike

    As a white american. my day is a tad brighter since she will be losing the crown. However, nothing will bring back Ronnie James Dio /sob

  12. Tony

    Her dad is still confident he can sell her at a good price, but it’s gonna be a goat or two less than before this news hit.

  13. Confused

    Um, how is one of these competitions any different from the other? They both did about the same thing, and came to the same conclusion, for the same reasons.

  14. kate

    She’s wearing less clothes in the pageant swimsuit round than in the “dance contest” pictures… why is this even an issue?

  15. Andrea

    It’s not her fault. The top prize in the pole dancing contest was a “Triple Turbo Lady Schick Electric Razor 3000″. Let’s just say she was highly motivated.

  16. Parker

    You’ve got to be kidding. If this is the best they can do to get her disqualified then those retard griping about her ethnicity are grasping at straws. She is Miss USA. Just get used to it and get over it. She’s every bit as american as any other american. Plus she’s got a hot ass and because she’s a brunette, I imagine it means she prefers anal sex which are two qualities that should never be overlooked in any woman.

  17. Ted

    Meh. In the Arab world, a woman is supposed to work the pole on command, if she doesn’t want to lose body parts.

  18. eliotspitzer

    I’d like to to issue a fatwa on her pussy!

  19. McHuge

    @#11 – easy there Joseph Goebbels – this is the 2010′s not the 1940′s. She’s better than Bible thumping Carrie Prejean….

  20. Mahmoooooooooooooood

    I would wage some serious jihad on that tight little ass.

  21. Does anyone mind if I issue a fatwa on her pussy? A sticky one?

    Just asking …

  22. Janey

    The Arabs don’t think this is sinful, they think it’s bad business. Here’s this girl pole dancing and she hasn’t even been sold into the sex trade yet. Lazy Americans.

  23. Parker

    I never knew there were so many racist douchebags around. She’s a hot chick who also happens to be american so just find a way to deal with it cause there isn’t one thing you can do about it. Your parents or grandparents got to stay when they showed up here from whatever backwoods country your family came from and her family got the same deal so suck on that.

    Also @ 11, et al., she will, much to your dismay, remain our Miss USA.

  24. Deacon Jones

    Wait a minute…there’s dirty laundry on a chick in a beauty contest???

    Everyone of these girls is more fucked in the head than the next one. Guarantee it. My buddy was at the Miss Hawaiian Tropic competition a couple years ago and said they were literally snorting coke and gangbanging the judges the night (and morning) before the competition. This is G rated shit.

    I like how we crowned an Arab in a bikini though. That’s basically a double-fisted middle finger to the entire Middle East.

    But I wonder if she wipes her ass with her bare left hand like all those dirty fucks in the desert do. That would make for awkward dinner conversation.

    (comes back from using restroom as check is dropped off)
    “Oh, what happened to your hand? You’ve got a bunch of dirt under your fingernails.”

  25. Rudy Giuliani

    She’s really working it there – like she’s a plane and the pole is a skyscraper.


    In Reply to Dr. Ju

    Are there no decent women left? at all???
    Ummm—That would be a negative on that old pal……Artofwar

  27. SO RIGHT

    The pole dancing thing isn’t half as bad as those shorts! WTH? Seriously, those are some short shorts leaving little to the imagination.

  28. Your all forgetting what makes and “American” American. She was probably born here, eats KFC like most of us, and tears up every time she hears our Beautiful Natl Anthem. Is it her fault she was born into an Arab Family?! She was one of the best looking in that Pageant Hands down. Plus all you ugly fucks posting should understand that most girls when they are young and good looking (like Ms. Fakih) Can be easily manipulated, and i think as long as shes not in a porno being Urinated on she’s alright. Most of you people are very ignorant and don’t know anything about Arabs besides what you see on SNL and possibly yahoo news. In fact most of you probably only get your news through this site, which is awesome but come on get real. Some of you should trace your family trees back through a blood test and see how many of you Originated from Arab soil. Does that make you Arab? Its one of the oldest Ethnicity’s ever. Plus there are many Arab countries in which none of the people are similar. Black Brown green Yellow white and Blue, no matter what the color of your skin one thing matters that we all have in common. Red (blood) when we loose too much of that, we’re all dead mo fo’s. Be happy for this chick, we’ll all forget her name in 3-4 months. happy posting…hate hate hate hate hate :)

    Remember: Most of our families, came here poor looking for peace refuge and new opportunities. We all came as LOW ASS poor immigrants. Its what makes our country so Unique

  29. Tek

    Wow, when did this blog become KKK central?

  30. phil

    Yup, with those short shorts, you can almost see where her brothers bit her after they were done.

  31. SO RIGHT

    Oh & # 5 I agree with you. There aren’t many good women left. WHY? Because men have made it soooo incredibly clear that sex and being sexy means everything to them. So women are selling their souls to be attractive to men. So the question should be changed to “are there no decent men left in the world”.

  32. Jake

    “She was probably born here, eats KFC like most of us, and tears up every time she hears our Beautiful Natl Anthem.”

    Nah. Her body proves that she doesn’t eat KFC and she teared up when she heard the Times Square car bomb failed to explode.

  33. Men

    “There aren’t many good women left. WHY? Because men have made it soooo incredibly clear that sex and being sexy means everything to them. So women are selling their souls to be attractive to men. So the question should be changed to “are there no decent men left in the world”.”

    Yes, it’s our fault. We forgot that women have no minds of their own.

  34. Damn the trolls are really out in force for this one. Makes Fark.com look restrained.

  35. Parker

    @28 your opening line is a good example of damning with faint praise but maybe you were in a hurry and didn’t have a chance to edit. Based on what you said, I think you didn’t intend to suggest there’s anything wrong with being born into an arab family other than having to deal with people who hate arabs.

  36. SO RIGHT

    Yes, women have minds of their own, but most want to be attractive to men and they want to be successful. The male market out there says “have a perfect body, be super sexy, and turn us on”. There! This is what you get!

  37. Goddamn, how times have changed.

    Just a year ago you were ripping a new asshole in a beauty pageant contestant for answering a question honestly and having had a few racy photos taken yet now you’ve got the pageant taking racy photos themselves and contestants competing in stripper contests and you’ve got no problem with it. This is even worse flip flopping than that old fuck Arlen Specter.

    Stick with the frat boy style comments on the bikini shots and keep your flawed politics out of it.

    Now, it’s time to find a little gayness.



  38. dobbs

    Wow, what an embarrassment the comments are.

    Superficial Writer, you should nuke this page and ban those users. Unbelievable. No wonder America is so fucked.

  39. james

    She’s wearing a beautiful bracelet that doubles as a detonator. Although when she takes her panties off that Middle Eastern stank alone would kill plenty of innocent Americans.


    I think that everyone is really missing the real issue here.

    It states in the article, that she actually won the pole dancing competition.

    Which means that she must have had plenty of pole practice.

    Which of course leads to other much more penetrating questions and issues.

    I think at the very least, that this matter calls for a deep plunging investigation to be done to, I mean done on this woman.

    Preferably by our best National Security experts, with long fingers, I mean long extensive skills, in the arts of interrogation……Artofwar

  41. amel

    fuck all of you Americans and christians, you guys are just fucking jealous an arab women won and all those american girls lost and u guys can shove your precious cross up your asses bitches, and americans girls are like twice the fucking size of her. and all of u guys can fuck yourselfs dont be mad we knocked down the fucking twin towers the middle east is way better then america and more expensive so suck on that you fucking low lives

  42. Dirk Diggler

    The race baiting is getting old Fish.

  43. Anonymous

    How nasty. Get her out of here.

  44. Sarah

    I wonder how many people will be dumb enough not to recognize @41 as a race-baiting redneck in disguise trying to provoke other bigoted idiots into spewing more hatred. This is so dumb.

  45. domeone

    @ amel

    if you think that “you”/”muslims” is responsible of twin towers you are either a provoking jerk off or real stupis who refuses to keep up with the news!

    either way FUCK OFF

  46. #41 your an idiot and the reason half these people are racist. Someone should deport you to a gay African tribe which is aids infected and use your mouth as a toilet. If you truly think that way, i hope you are profiled and arrested. words can’t express how stupid you are.

    Idiot took it to the next level, “go git him boys”


    In Reply to SO RIGHT #13
    You Stated:

    Oh & # 5 I agree with you. There aren’t many good women left. WHY? Because men have made it soooo incredibly clear that sex and being sexy means everything to them. So women are selling their souls to be attractive to men. So the question should be changed to “are there no decent men left in the world”.

    Women blame all of women’s failure on men without hesitation.
    However, won’t hesitate on taking all of the credit, for the successes of women.

    Typical female, or gay man response.

    To (SO RIGHT)– You are SO WRONG……Artofwar

  48. Sardonic

    I’d eat the peanuts out of her Baba Ghanoush.

  49. lulu

    I don’t understand why you all act like moron. Our ancestors were immigrant too. no big deal. you can’t find right or wrong in a beauty contest.

    you are talking about loads of shit but aren’t we responsible for iraq. if they are terrorists, what iraq invasion makes us? Now people are using dollars in everyday life, they abandoned dinar so where is the democracy?

    We all humans are selfish bastards. we all kill despite our nationality and try to justify our mistakes by pointing others. Just drop it will you. if you talk shit about a nation knowing that you hurt someone then you are not different than the subject of your jokes whatsoever…

  50. Ernst

    Pinches gringos, chinguen a su madre!!!!!!!

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