Miss USA eats it

May 29th, 2007 // 108 Comments


  1. captain obvious

    ouch! too funny

  2. captain obvious

    oh yeah, and FRIST! frist, for the person who asked, is spelled that way deliberately. I think someone in the past got all excited that they were first to post and spelled frist by mistake instead…and I believe someone on this site uses that as their user name and is a regular.

  3. Suzy

    lol…. maybe she should have practiced walking in that dress.. lol

  4. jus'stupid

    WHO THE F^%$ Cares

  5. GobiLux


  6. Jimbo ∞

    “Miss USA eats it”

    I was hoping for an ATM clip. First runnerup would have been bukkake, second runnerup maybe mascara-smearing teary-eyed deepthroat.

  7. daphne

    hahaha this is so funny! the audience even “OH!!” when she fell… lol.

  8. Jimbo ?

    @2 – Yes FRIST is a regular here. She is a very sweet girl. However, her new job will not let her out here

  9. I haven’t seen anything that funny since the second season, third show, of “F” Troop. You know the one where Corporal Agarn got this thingee stuck in his zipper?

  10. Adri

    Since when is THAT considered pretty? Let alone beautifull? *Gag*

  11. BMan

    With that dress, how does she keep her boobs covered in that fall? There’s got to be something showing in slow-motion.

  12. Adri

    I meant her face.

  13. Josh_Lavarn

    Too bad her jugs didn’t pop out when she fell. She probalby would have won if that happened.

  14. WallyBungHoLE

    American Idol in her future.

  15. sasha

    Aw she had style and she was gorgeous. If she hadn’t fallen she so woulda won.

  16. havoc

    That would have been ten times better in a bikini….

  17. that’s kind of a big deal when you’re in a competition where the only judging criteria are how you look in a bikini and your ability to walk.

    HAHAAH I love that!


  18. nicole

    That just sucks.

  19. I think anyone that has won this ‘contest’ has had to ‘eat it’ a number of times already.

    And by ‘eat it’ I mean gobble the grunion.

    And by ‘grunion’ I mean love stick.

    And by ‘love stick’ I mean…well, you know.

  20. bungoone

    all those women looked very similar. i wonder what they judge on…best facelift, best boobjob or who weighs less? other than different skin colors, they looked the same & were all frightening with their perma-grins & huge hair.

  21. getyourhandoutofmycat

    She got booed when she made it to the final 5 it was pretty funny…not that i watched it or anything…

  22. Jimbo (and other horndogs) – check this one out. A million times hotter than Miss USA. Still in high school, and the best part: a pole vaulter. For real.

  23. MISS USA is a cunt.

  24. My girlfriend insisted that we watch this last night and I will be forever grateful to her for it, because I ended up rewinding this awesome spill like 8 times. All the bitch has to do in that situation is not fall and she fell. Amazing.

  25. titsonsnack

    #23 that’s only hot if you’re into sportsaholic lesbos with tree trunk thighs. But I do agree. Way hotter than ratface miss USA.

  26. #23 – Nice find. That is a piece of ass grande’.

  27. her freakin tailbone probably cut into her back/shez so skinny…funny shit watchin her fall over*over!

    sheva is the new dickhead on here,,read that bullshit she wrote on Rosie/Eliz. thread.

  28. Laina

    it takes balls to just get right back up and keep doing her thing. i say kudos to her :)

  29. jimmycroni

    What race is she? I first thought Asian but I’m not sure.

  30. GrandeBalls

    @25 Excellent breasts today Bern. Those massive mounds look like they are going to pop.

    p.s. I’m sure your girlfriend “insisted” that you watch a bunch of hot foreign chicks prance around half naked for two hours.

  31. here’s the real miss usa

  32. Jimbo ?

    @25 Bern – that is a great DMBS. You need to make those a link to a full size picute so we can get a better look at those bad boys.

  33. Jimbo ?

    @25 Bern – that is a great DMBS. You need to make those a link to a full size picute so we can get a better look at those bad boys.

  34. Wicked Wendy

    HA! Newt good one!!! Gotta show the hubby that one……

  35. Jimbo ?

    @32 – thanks I am now cleaning half digested oatmeal off my monitor

  36. bungoone

    26, how does that chick have “tree trunk” thighs? they’re called muscles which are much better than the knocked kneed types.

  37. whitegold

    That wipe out was so friggin awesome. It was classic. I don’t even know how she did it. It was the type of fall that happens when you go to sit on a chair and someone pulls it out from under you. But the amazing part is that she wasn’t trying to sit, she was walking upright, and still fell like that.

    The fact that she finished fourth runner up was a joke. Shows the total American bias for things like this. When she fell, that should have been the end of the night for her.

    In her defense, she did recover nicely. But you’ve gotta wonder what’s going through her head, in that first close up they show of her face after she fell, while she looks out at the thousands of people in the audience and the millions watching around the world who all saw her fell. She had to fell pretty stupid.

    However, she was damn hot! Shocked that people on her are actually saying she wasn’t?! The girl was friggin smokin!

  38. mosesletterman

    She looks like a stick of beef jerky in a dress. Somehow I just don’t find that attractive, but then I am a vegetarian.

  39. YouRang

    158 hours and 45 minutes (corrected for California time) till Paris goes to jail. We should be celebrating. This could start a new celebrity trend. Next Nicole, then Lindsay. Stupid has been actors will (ha ha) try to get themselves arrested.

  40. #33 – I might add a Disturbingly Massive Breast Shot Thread, Jimbo. Keep an eye out.

  41. jus'stupid

    @23 Yeah baby, yeah…Shagadelic.

  42. Sheva

    Pole vault girl is smashing.

    Krazifatrollsjelly, you are so page 2. Why would you direct people to see a thread of how stupid you are? Now that’s really dumb.

  43. asdf

    that was classic. i hope she bruised her coccyx.

  44. Sierra

    The music says “oh no!” whenever she falls :P

  45. deb

    oh man i cannot watch that enough. sorry but its funny. beauty pageants are a joke

  46. 43==ShevaDiare=hah
    yea, U freakin hate
    it,coz now everyone
    seez that U R not so
    smart, asshole!

    glad I made your
    day, bitch….

    p.s. I am not fat
    and I am a virgin
    and fucking proud
    of it…

    oh yea, on post #97 on Lohan’s cocaine
    wreck thread…its nice how you explained
    the smell between your legs, while pretending to be me….U wish U were a virgin..God,,I can smell her from here/

  47. noangel


    Greatest talent: applying self tanner and vomiting to starvation status.

    How the sticky tape kept her boobies safe for prime-time status is my real question.

  48. teetee

    What a stupid cunt. See her go “hi” to the camera like nothing even happened. What a moron! I wish her dink had flipped out when she fell.

  49. Sheva

    Kraz, happy for you for your oral and anal only rulez. But no, I did not and would not pose as you. Maybe someone is having some fun with you. They added a t to your name. That is not my style. I go mano a mano in ideas, humor, sarcasm and facts not that bullshit. You should be able to tell the difference just by the posting.

    Trust me, I don’t wish I was a virgin. But perhaps if you get me in the mood, I will deflower you.

    But not before I do Pole Vault Girl University and Miss America.

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