Miss Teen USA

Say hello to Shelley Hennig of Destrehan, Louisiana, the new Miss Teen USA. She was crowned two weeks ago, but you don’t really care about that. The only thing you care about is whether or not Miss Hennig is legal yet, so you can determine if you should feel guilty about wanting to have sex with her. Well the answer is yes, you should feel guilty. Shelley is only 17 years old, so you’re officially a pedophile for thinking those horrible things I know you were thinking. You might as well just turn yourself into the police right now, because society doesn’t have any use for sick bastards like you. Unless, of course, there was a ‘have sex with underaged girls’ job that needed filling.

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*UPDATE: It’s shocking how many people wrote in with this age of consent page. I guess if you’re from one of these lucky states or countries, than you’re not such a sick bastard after all.