Miss Nevada vs. Miss California: To the ThunderDome! (Bring pudding.)

May 13th, 2009 // 81 Comments

Former Miss Nevada Katie Rees is effin’ pissed that Carrie Prejean was allowed to keep her crown as Miss California even after it was revealed she lied to pageant organizers about posing topless. Katie was in a similar situation in 2006, but Donald Trump wasn’t so benevolent and stripped her of the Miss Nevada title. Now she’s calling the current situation with Prejean a “huge double standard.” E! News reports:

Rees said today that she and Prejean both signed contracts swearing that there were no nude or semi-nude photographs of them in existence.
And they both broke the contract, Rees added, but she is the only one who had to pay so harshly for her mistake. She asked for a chance to reclaim her title, but was denied.
“I don’t know why I am the only one who was punished for their behavior,” she said. “I was only 19 when those photos were taken of me, and it was me in my personal life, far before I was crowned Miss Nevada. Carrie actually posed for these professional semi-nude photos.
“I think that’s worse.”

Dear Katie,

Hopefully, I can provide a satisfactory answer to your dilemma. You see, Carrie Prejean attached herself to a controversial topic making it virtually impossible to strip her of her crown without turning her into a martyr for religious nutjobs everywhere. Clearly, this is something you forgot to do, so I’ve gotta ask, was this your first pageant or something? I mean, Jesus, lady.

Best Wishes,

The Superficial Writer

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  1. justifiable

    #16 Sure she did. She claimed she lost the pageant because of her answer and she’s strapped herself to that little cross ever since. Perez is just one judge and he’s annoying as shit , but he wasn’t the only judge. Prejean came in SECOND in points for evening gown competition, and THIRD in swimsuit. – NC had more points than anyone in those categories There’s no way Prejean could have won unless she unveiled a viable plan for peace in the Middle East and a cure for cancer right there. She’s a sore loser and a prime opportunist.

    As for her keeping her crown, Trump claimed that since we’re living in the 21st century nudity is no big deal and it shouldn’t be the basis for yanking it. The fact that just 3 years ago, when he kicked Miss Nevada to the curb, we were also living in that same century seems to have completely escaped him. She violated the contract, and if Trump were on the losing end of that violation he’d be the first to be screaming unfair business practices and bad business. He’s a panderer and always has been.

  2. Ralph

    She got her ugly free boob job from the pagent. She should just go away happy.

  3. Pretty Einstein

    All these bimbo bitches pose topless and nude because they have no brains!

  4. Joel


    I’m so sick and tired of hearing about this entire thing.

    Its just a stupid friggin’ beauty pageant. There is no, and should have never been, any controversy and the only reason its still going on is because of idiots like Perez Hilton with a dumb ass agenda to shove down everyone’s throats.

    If you ask me that question should have never even come up, and she certainly should not have been penalized for expressing her opinion, it’s basic first amendment stuff, she is entitled to her opinion, just as much as anyone else, pro or con.
    The question and answer portion is supposed to graded more on the presentation rather than the content anyways.

    Besides that, like I said…its a stupid Miss America pageant, how much real impact in this world does she have anyway, NONE! The worlds problem are not going to be solved just because some chick looks good in a bikini. Sure she might bring a tiny bit of awareness to some cause, but the amount of change that truly occurs is like using a little kiddie bucket and shovel to get all the sand out of the desert.

    It’s just an excuse for The Donald to show off his money by parading a bunch of girls in bikinis in front of a bunch of horny idiots…just because he can

    C’mon people just give it a rest.

  5. justifiable

    #50 Cheri, you and Prejean and anyone else is entitled to speak whatever opinion occurs to you in public. No government agency has censored her – or you – in the media or elsewhere. Politics is politics everywhere, but she had a choice not to softpedal her opinion. But if you think you, or she, or ANYONE, should somehow have special protection from namecalling or be immune from any criticism or attack because you speak what you see as “the truth”, you’ve got a big fucking screw loose.

    You don’t like her catching flak and being unpopular? Tough shit. Neither did George Wallace.

  6. Trump couldnt keep her, those party pics she took looked like another episode of Girls Greasin Girls! while prejean’s looks jussssst a tad tasteful….Id like me some rees’s pieces though, right up my alley.

  7. Airmail

    “religious nutjobs?” Come on fish; there are alot of plain regular folks that like what she said. Don’t be like that sad old Hefner who attacks religion out of habit.

  8. Daniella

    Double standard? Normally I don’t comment, but honestly… double standard??? Carrie’s shots were during a photo shoot, and maybe she didn’t fully disclose her photographic history as the rules require. But Katie Rees – double standard?!! Her pictures were drunken, drug-ridden messes! She was being a complete pig. It’s not the fact that Carrie was half-nude, and so was Katie. It’s the fact that Carrie was half-nude like a model, and Katie was half-nude like a coked-up stripper. Nudity isn’t the problem… it’s the environment in which the nudity presents itself. Google Carrie Prejean, and then Google Katie Rees. You’ll see what I mean.

    Thank you and good night.

  9. Mark

    Beauty pageant contestants are worthless. As are religous people. Please could they all just fuck off?

  10. Jeff

    Yeah, some slut with a tramp stamp from Nevada who won a pageant coz she sucked enough dick is complaining about double standards because her risque photos are so comparable to Miss California’s. Let’s compare:

    -flashed her tits at the camera next to other topless girls? nope
    -did a mock oral to the crotch of another girl? nope?
    -had alcohol in her hand? nope
    -mooned the camera? close, but not really
    -overall skanked it up in party photos? nope
    -has a fucking tramp stamp? nope

    Nice try, Miss Nevada.

  11. Mark

    Beauty pageant contestants are worthless. As are religous people. Please could they all just fuck off?

  12. Mark

    Beauty pageant contestants are worthless. As are religous people. Please could they all just fuck off?

  13. k

    omg that chick/man/it is soooooooooooooooo ugly.

  14. dirk

    Porky called. He wants his nose back.

  15. justifiable

    #60 Funny, I didn’t see “only tasteful Glamour Shot” nudity allowed in that “no nude photos” clause in the contract. Both Prejean and Rees lied when they signed that contract, and only Rees was penalized for the lie. And that’s because Trump gets to decide whether or not he wants to enforce a violation of a his contract. Whether she’s ‘entitled’ to her crown or not, the upshot is that Prejean is proved to be a liar. I’d normally say “so what?” — except that if you take a position where you claim you’re upholding religious or Biblical principles. it’s sort of embarassing if you’re found to be deficit in the morality department.

    Now you and #58 can go right back to splitting more hairs before you both tuck youself in for the night.

  16. DCMikeRotch

    Wasn’t Miss Nevada the one who was photographed with her shit hanging out and making out with other skanks in crappy college bars?

    Yeah, I thought so. Until Carrie Prejean does that, fuck off.

  17. mi #

    #58, 60… AGREE.

  18. PostmortemG

    #58, i agree with you.

    “Google Carrie Prejean, and then Google Katie Rees. You’ll see what I mean.”

    I did just that; despite the fact that both girls violated their contracts or whatever, Ms. Nevada’s pictures aren’t anything to be proud of. I’m sure just about everyone agrees that they make her argument look pathetic. What a skank! =D

  19. @66: Word.

    Prejean has been under the microscope for sticking by her (admittedly augmented) guns and not caving to political correctness. She posed for some (my opinion) reasonably tasteful pics, not showing more than the odd bit of side-boob SFish deals out all the time, and then unfortunately lied about them.

    On the other hand Rees went on a full-tilt lesbianic bender, got photographed doing what would likely qualify as porn (soft-core, perhaps) and then unfortunately lied about the photos.

    I don’t think the issue here is the lying; I think it’s the photos themselves and their relative merit as “glamor shots” versus “drunken sorority idiocy”.

    It’s unfortunate that Prejean is having a hard time maintaining her faith and principles as she steps fully into the public eye; but then I think most Christians will stumble to some extent when confronted by the challenges of being watched, examined, psychoanalyzed, hated, loved, discussed endlessly, etc. Most non-Christians seem to think that Christians should automatically lead blameless lives, not realizing that just because a Christian is *saved* doesn’t mean they’re *safe*.

    In the Book of John Jesus is quoted as saying “If the world hates you, remember that it hated Me first.” It’s been said that Satan doesn’t pay any attention to you until you become a Christian; because before that point he already owns your soul. When Prejean made her declaration of faith to Perez Hilton for all to see she painted a target on herself, and now she’ll be tested. I pray she’s up to the task.

  20. LMS

    I dont even understand why we still have these stupid useless pagents anymore anyway. Theyre all a bunch of bleach blonde, inarticulate airheads who paid for their looks to begin with. Im so sick of hearing about the drama year after fucking year. If it werent for the drama afterward, no one would give a shit in the first place. This whole organization is based on hypocracy. So they strip a girl of her crown because they found photos of her being a drunk jackass when she WAS of legal drinking age, but they allow a fucking junkie COKEHEAD to keep her crown? Its all a joke!

    And Donald Trump is a cunt!

  21. I’m happy the prudish times are changing for america, folks!!

  22. 1moreidiotintheworld

    shit like this is precisely why I don’t watch beauty pageants. There are far more attractive girls in the world than the dolled up bitches paraded in front of the cameras. Seriously, when the contestants are presented as physical paradigms of their gender – who gives a fuck how eloquently their brain can manufacture a contrived answer to an assinine, loaded question??????

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  24. oddity

    How is it that year after year, these beauty queens are hit by scandal after scandal? Drinking, drugs, lewd behavior, and yet, held up as paragons of female perfection.

    ps. Katie looks like the female version of Jared Padalecki.

  25. answer to all

    hmmm Katie, maybe the answer is simply Carrie is prettier than you! You have a big ugly wart on your face. You must have accidently been given the wrong title when you should have been given the miss pig USA – blaming the nudey pics was a great way to strip you of your crown without hurting your feelings. oink oink

  26. Katie looks like pornstar Julie Meadow’s younger sister! lol

    But who really gives a crap what these girls say? They’re beauty queens, not mensa members. And I would tell Perex Hilton to blow me but I’m afraid he might try to track me down to actually do it. So…Hey Perez…why don’t you go down on a babe for a change you loser!

  27. Tha fact that the former Ms. Nevada was willing to get her panties licked on film, while among a club full of people, automatically makes her prettier than Ms. Cali. Hey, that’s not me talking, that’s science.

  28. Megatron

    The truth: Plastic boobs Prejean knows how to suck The Donald’s wrinkled old dick and you don’t Katie.

  29. billabong021

    God what a horrible smile, its like there’s no life behind those eyes when she smiles…

  30. Amy

    To those people complaing that Fish is calling people who disagree with gay marriage “religious nutjobs”: you’re making a bit of a leap there. Are you also saying that if this girl got stripped of her crown for breaking the rules of her contract you would see her as a matyr for the anti-gay marriage cause? I’d hope you were rational enough not to do that! (and I’m 99.9 percent sure that Obama would not think that, btw).

  31. pssssh

    Thunderdome? Don’t have any original ideas left for your posts?

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