Miss Nevada vs. Miss California: To the ThunderDome! (Bring pudding.)

May 13th, 2009 // 81 Comments

Former Miss Nevada Katie Rees is effin’ pissed that Carrie Prejean was allowed to keep her crown as Miss California even after it was revealed she lied to pageant organizers about posing topless. Katie was in a similar situation in 2006, but Donald Trump wasn’t so benevolent and stripped her of the Miss Nevada title. Now she’s calling the current situation with Prejean a “huge double standard.” E! News reports:

Rees said today that she and Prejean both signed contracts swearing that there were no nude or semi-nude photographs of them in existence.
And they both broke the contract, Rees added, but she is the only one who had to pay so harshly for her mistake. She asked for a chance to reclaim her title, but was denied.
“I don’t know why I am the only one who was punished for their behavior,” she said. “I was only 19 when those photos were taken of me, and it was me in my personal life, far before I was crowned Miss Nevada. Carrie actually posed for these professional semi-nude photos.
“I think that’s worse.”

Dear Katie,

Hopefully, I can provide a satisfactory answer to your dilemma. You see, Carrie Prejean attached herself to a controversial topic making it virtually impossible to strip her of her crown without turning her into a martyr for religious nutjobs everywhere. Clearly, this is something you forgot to do, so I’ve gotta ask, was this your first pageant or something? I mean, Jesus, lady.

Best Wishes,

The Superficial Writer

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  1. debagger

    Dumb bitch

  2. Blayes

    Ugh that girl is fug. No wonder they made her give up her crown.

  3. g_girl

    miss nevada- not that hot.

  4. me

    Can someone shut these women up? Why are they even allowed to talk? I just wanna see hot T and A and these sluts are ruining it for me.

  5. g_girl

    #4 shut the fuck up, you moron

  6. fact

    Miss Nevada is a rat face.

  7. no no no

    that is one ugly miss

    gosh, who gets to pick those things?

  8. Jeezy

    Lots of sluts in the news these days…

  9. moley

    nose like a boxer…

  10. Zanna

    I thought what happened in Vegas stayed in Vegas.

  11. p0nk

    Miss Katie, did you blow ‘the Donald’ seven ways to Sunday? No? case closed.

  12. Zanna

    “without turning her into a martyr for religious nutjobs everywhere. Clearly, this is something you forgot to do, and I’ve gotta ask, was this your first pageant or something? I mean, Jesus, lady.”

    Look who put “religious nutjob” and “Jesus” in the same paragraph….

  13. KC

    She obviously forgot to bang The Donald.

  14. Ooga.Booga

    Katie Rees, you’re a trailer park whore. Maybe that’s why.

  15. JD

    We still haven’t seen any Prejean tits. Until there are tits, I’d really rather not fucking hear about this again.

    Thanks in advance, Superficial writer.

  16. M

    In all fairness Miss Topless California didn’t exactly attach herself to this issue. Blame that homo Perez for her tranny face being shoved down our throats day in and day out.

  17. Lat time I was in Vegas, they had literally a whole book full of way better looking chicks willing to massage me for $25.

  18. Anna

    Wow, kudos to the Superficial writer. Well put sir.

  19. Deacon Jones

    Dont forget the Mexicans on the sidewalk that snap their fingers, and discretely hand you the escort baseball cards.

    the feminist activists from the 60s must be rolling in their graves right about now

  20. mel

    two go in; one comes out

  21. LInda

    A real Christian would never pose nude semi node or topless and lie about it on top of that.

  22. LInda

    A real Christian would never pose nude semi node or topless and lie about it on top of that.

  23. JJ Daddy-O

    Miss California knew the ice cube trick, whereas Miss Nevada did not. The Donald is all about talent.

  24. I don’t know what to say about this one though I sort of agree with this Katie.

  25. Mr Jones, I have an entire puta “beisbol” team, but oddly, the cards say “Tapps” It’s amazing what those chicks will do with a bat for $10 and a promise of a steady housekeeping job. And a supply of disposable razors, of course…

  26. I think Katie is hotter than Carrie.

  27. jbiggs

    WOOT WOOT Miss NEVADA For the win

  28. BEAM

    “martyr for religious nutjobs everywhere.”

    Does that mean Obama is a religious nutjob? Wow, you learn so much from The Fish.

  29. el ces

    You know what?

    Fuck these two morons.

  30. p0nk

    #25, Just a warning Rich, stay away from the one lists “Pitcher” as the position.

  31. FromOutofFrakkinNoWhere

    damn Katie is hot, check out that azz.

  32. Harry

    I only have one word for these two girls: Threesome.

  33. #30 – HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    That’s great advice… I hear they carry bats of their own. No peechers for me, thanks…

  34. Phred Felps

    Katie honey come on over to Uncle Phred, sit right there, oops hang on manual adjustment. Ahhhhhhhh now where was I oh yes that right … life isnt fair, there always was and always will be double standards, hypocrisy, comb overs and stuff that makes you wanna smash someones head into a brick wall. You just gotta say fuck you and move on cause nobody really gives a shit anyway

  35. jellopuddin

    If (former) Ms. Nevada shoots some topless, I’m willing to give her back her crown…

  36. WTF

    Facts are:

    Trump does whatever he thinks provide the most return on his investment.
    Miss CA was dragged into this by Mario Lavandeira.
    Stating an opinion that is opposite of the pop/media culture earns you crucifixion.
    Marriage should not be recognized by local, state, or federal government agencies.

  37. FromOutofFrakkinNoWhere

    @29 I totally hope to.

  38. PunkA

    MIss Nevada was hammered and doing sluty stuff with friends. Miss Cali was doing glamour shots. So lets see, which is worse? Professional modeling pics, or slutty behavior with racist drawings on dudes?

    THE Donald knows Miss Cali sells and he ain’t no fool. Former Miss Nevada, however, is.

  39. Fritz

    Miss California = side boob shot by a professional.

    Miss Nevada = amateur drunken porn shot by Ashton Kutcher wannabe with his Nikon COOLPIX camera.

    If I never hear about these two again, that’d be awesome.

  40. kels


  41. Seanzy

    The Superficial writer turns into a complete idiot once he starts talking about politics. Stick to the celebrity bashing…

  42. Anonymous

    The Gay Mafia sucks. Yes on 8.

  43. Ted

    “turning her into a martyr for religious nutjobs everywhere”

    otherwise known as the majority of Americans (on this issue)

  44. Ted Danson

    I’d fuck both their asses so hard they’d be sponsoring gay marriage bills when we were done.

  45. PunkA

    And now Shanna Moakler has resigned her position with the state of California pageant. HAHAHAHA. Shanna has whored herself out way more at this point than Miss Cali ever will, and she is taking a moral stand? That is rich. Seriously, just model when Miss Cali, but do Playboy AFTER and it is A-OK. Also, sleep around, make an ass of yourself on a bad reality show, then take a stand. Shanna is dumber than a bag of hammers.

  46. Harry Doyle

    The sets of pics are completely differ…………… ahh who cares anymore….. on to the next distraction so we are oblivious to the crap that HObama is sneaking through the Congress…….. man, is he fucking up this country.

  47. Jackson

    She definitely does not have a girdle butt like Kim Kardaskank!

  48. Chelle

    “Religious nutjobs”?!?!

    STFU, Superfish. There are plenty of people who AREN’T “religious nutjobs” who were pretty effing pissed off that Carrie Prejean was attacked all over the media for expressing her opinion.

    What? She was supposed to spout some politically correct bullshit that she didn’t even believe just to make sure Perez Hilton approved of her? Fuck that.

    FUCK THAT with the Statue of Liberty’s torch, you dimwit.

    GEEZ. Political correctness ought to make every person with a brain as pissed as hell, and instead we get this stupidity about “religious nutjobs.”

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