Miss Nevada turns down Girls Gone Wild for Playboy

January 12th, 2007 // 55 Comments

Miss Nevada Katie Rees is in talks to do a Playboy spread after losing her crown and turning down a $25,000 offer to host a Girls Gone Wild special. A friend of Rees defended her by saying:

“Donald Trump is a hypocrite. He lets one girl keep her crown who is a drug addict, but the girl who is a hot, fun party girl who enjoys other women has to be dethroned? I think her lifestyle is fun and amazing. Donald should really stop being so prejudiced against gay and lesbian people, like his fight with Rosie [O'Donnell.]“

Is Katie Rees actually a lesbian? I just thought she was making out with chicks because she was drunk. But if she’s a lesbian that’s a completely different story. That makes those leaked photos of her a beautiful expression of love. She’s not a whore, she’s a hero. Some might even say a super hero.


  1. danielle


  2. danielle

    oh yeah,

    the second lip-locking chick seems to have a bad case of facial herpes.

  3. gatorbates

    She’s my hero, and can leave her DNA sample on my face.

  4. …Or perhaps it’s just the lighting and the fact she’s kissing another lady. Frequent occurrence when kissing, sadly.

  5. Gaby

    FOURTH. whores.

  6. Gaby

    ugh. nevermind. TOP TEN?!

  7. melady2952

    Wow, girls will find any excuse to justify their idiotic actions. To Rees’ friend- honey, you just end up looking like a stupid whore. There’s party girl and then there’s drunken slut. Guess which category Rees and her friends fall into?

  8. Truthseeker013

    Poor Donnie. He’s not getting to watch, that’s why he’s so upset.

  9. bush twins

    before rosie’s world gets too excited over that picture (piscesesque?), they’re actually snowballing. It was a diabetic guy and both girls said it tasted really sweet. True story.

  10. tits_on_snack

    Shit like girls kissing eachother used to be erotic and taboo.
    Then again, tattoos used to be cool.

  11. BigJim

    Fish dude:

    Lesbians = bad

    Bisexual chicks = good

    Are we learning yet?

  12. BarbadoSlim

    $25,000? they are willing to pay this slut for, WHAT, exactly? Hosting a fucking tease video. Honey, if I paid you 25k I’d have you doin’ hardcore anal, oral, midgets, cows, goats elephants, gorillas and Pink.

    Then I’d have you do it again.

  13. stevob2006

    14th WOOO!

  14. schack

    hey big jim. ooh ooh, ahh ahh… ever heard that sound before? i don’t imagine you would have, since that would mean either that you actually listen to yourself when you speak, or that you’ve succeeded in pleasing a woman, depending on how you read it.

  15. CCClub

    Trump maybe two faced but Rosie is double chinned. Why that fat dyke has any celebrity is beyond me. I can’t imagine anyone actually listening when that walking bucket of chicken flaps her wing/lips. Am I the only one who thinks she has neither the face or voice for radio/TV? If people wanted obnoxious fat women screaming at them we’d all spend more time with our in-laws.

  16. Please, I’ve seen more exciting kisses at a family reunion!
    What a sham.

  17. young boy

    “ooh ooh, ahh ahh” they actually sound like monkeys when you’re doing right??? The more I find out, the weirder it gets. I’m getting very frightened.

  18. schack

    i agree with trump. rosie is ugly, inside and out

  19. s0fa

    haha “and Pink” great.
    I agree with melady2952, the girl is just lowering herself. partying doesn’t mean u gotta be a slut to enjoy it. she has no integrity whatsoever

  20. schack

    hey young boy. i’ll respond when your syntax actually constitutes a coherent question. no wonder you’re frightened when your thoughts are such a jumble!

  21. MrSemprini

    Ain’t no hero, just a ho

  22. whitegold

    #16 – agreed! Cheers to that. And what’s with people these days trying to use being a lesbian as an excuse to do stupid things and then get angry at other people for the stupid things they do and call those people homophobic?! Maybe Trump just thinks this girl is a ho and doesn’t want anything to do with her? Doesn’t that seem like a reasonable answer also?

  23. RussianMafia

    Like she doesn’t do blow. Please. Trump didn’t like her because she is oddly average-looking to be a Miss-Anything. Her elimination was an effort to maintain the pageant standard.

  24. Pointandlaugh

    she IS a superhero. MEGA-hot. If I was trump, I would have had to meet with her in private, to discuss whether she had a future in the pageant (heh,heh……).

  25. Maybe her special power is “hypnoestrogenocity”. I don’t really know what that means.

  26. mikeski

    “Honey, if I paid you 25k I’d have you doin’ hardcore anal, oral, midgets, cows, goats elephants, gorillas and Pink.”

    Rees’ Agent/Pimp: “My client agrees to everything on that list…except Pink, of course. I mean, really, she’d like to retain her dignity, after all.”

  27. mikeski

    “Honey, if I paid you 25k I’d have you doin’ hardcore anal, oral, midgets, cows, goats elephants, gorillas and Pink.”

    Rees’ Agent/Pimp: “My client agrees to everything on that list…except Pink, of course. I mean, really, she’d like to retain her dignity, after all.”

  28. They were drunk. Nothing special :)

  29. mikeski

    Stupid stupid double double.

  30. ResidentX

    This is an amazing story. The papers report she inked a 2m deal with some entertainment org. today. Wow. I didn’t realized just walking around drunk and showing off your goodies can be so profitable. If I could do it all over again, I’d be a girl and do “girls gone wild” videos every chance I could get. 22 with 2m, nice! The people in Nevada sure take care of each other. Go here for more details.


  31. dreamhypnotique

    Have you ever been in a club and there’s ALWAYS this pair of fat girls wearing hoochie clothes thinking that if they make out in the middle of the dance floor, all the men in the club will forget that they’re repulsive to look at? And then at the end of the night they’re probably sitting in their Toyota Corolla driving back to Whittier knowing they have to clock in to their job at burger king at 9am, and while at the drive thru at Del Taco they’re jabbering between themselves about how hot they thought they looked that night and how all the guys were staring at them.

    But yeah the pic of the skinny girls above is hot.

  32. funkygoldmedallions

    For the love of God, people, do not fuck up my skin flute session with talk of that wretched pig-dyke Rosie. Some people are trying to get off on lesbian soft-porn here, Damnit! This girl is dumb. If she’s going to get paid to be naked then Penthouse is the way to go. That way I can see her bumping meat curtains with her friend while making proper use of her tiara and scepter.

  33. omelette ze roar

    We’re glorifying Girls Gone Wild, now?

    I’ve lost faith in humanity. D:

  34. ResidentX

    NO, we’re glorifying Girls Gone Wild that got PAID! I didn’t realize that humanity is now a religion.

    I’m sorry but I have to say this. I’m tired of seeing all of these stupid people screwing up getting paid. It’s an insult.
    If you show your tits at my job you will be fired Period. No B.S. that this isn’t the real you, your a nice girl and here’s 2 million for your troubles. You will be called a slut and scorned. You will be forced to show your tits even more just to make a living as punishment for your taking the easy route. When are we going to rein in these people and build some backbone in the country. Is everyone successful a liar, promiscious and irresponsible? Are we imprisoning the wrong people?

  35. Bell91501198

    I’d hit it. And if she is indeed a lesbian I’ll put a wig on and lick it.

    I actually want to spend a little bit more time on this then my standard “I’d hit it” or not posts. I honestly believe that every single woman out there has a little bit of lesbian in them. That’s from years of observations of and studies in the opposite sex. I think it’s like a dormant virus (I don’t mean that in a bad way, it’s just an analogy) that takes the right set of circumstances to awaken, whether it’s alcohol, an abusive boyfriend, or a number of other things. That’s my two cents.

  36. Team OJ

    Les be fucking superhoes !!!

  37. Lowlands

    I guess Hugh wanted to do her a favor after he saw some of her former pics.Or maybe Trump whispered her something in her ear..?I’m getting better recovered from this jet lag.I like to come fit.Still as you can you see at the time i post it could be a little better.How about scheduling your next trip better?I know you bitches.

  38. Lowlands

    Is the one still not sleeping?Or does he ever sleep?

  39. Lowlands

    In the meantime the one did also a great amount of work.For keeping me buying duck-tape.What i do here,it’s my spare-time.

  40. techclerk

    “Donald should really stop being so prejudiced against gay and lesbian people, like his fight with Rosie [O'Donnell.]”

    This ignorant statement perfectly explains what makes me prejudiced against gay and lesbian people. What makes Katie think we care what she thinks? We just turn down the volume until we see her break out the double dong strap on.

  41. woodhorse

    this photo and the reaction to it is LAME. Think of all the people you have kissed in your life. Kissing is friendly. Kissing is fun. They could be total hetero and still kiss for the giggle. Big Deal. NOW, Jessica Biel coming out of her apartment with her live-in and laying one on her – that was hot AND newsworthy. I think Fish is on vacation and has his little sister filling in for him.

  42. James

    #12 WRONG

    Lesbians = Bad
    Bisexual = Bad
    Heterosexual = Good

  43. BarbadoSlim

    @44…you forgot

    Nazis = wrong

    we fought a war and stomped on your sorry ass ideology so take your song and dance act on the road Adolf.

  44. oh my god.


    She turned down 25k? I mean, she’s a drunken slut already; she might as well be paid.

    - Lua

  45. Lesbian = Who cares
    Bisexual = Bad
    Heterosexual = Bad
    Homosexual = Daily

    That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it, …

  46. I’m in love with this chick.

  47. Mr.Eps

    dumb whore

  48. Beyond the lesbian label, Katie’s world of social and tactile oxytocin enhancements to ‘trim the sails’ of her hormonal balance is a goddess thing. Trump hasn’t a clue…..it’s homeostasis not homosexuality.

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