Miss Nevada turns down Girls Gone Wild for Playboy


Miss Nevada Katie Rees is in talks to do a Playboy spread after losing her crown and turning down a $25,000 offer to host a Girls Gone Wild special. A friend of Rees defended her by saying:

“Donald Trump is a hypocrite. He lets one girl keep her crown who is a drug addict, but the girl who is a hot, fun party girl who enjoys other women has to be dethroned? I think her lifestyle is fun and amazing. Donald should really stop being so prejudiced against gay and lesbian people, like his fight with Rosie [O’Donnell.]”

Is Katie Rees actually a lesbian? I just thought she was making out with chicks because she was drunk. But if she’s a lesbian that’s a completely different story. That makes those leaked photos of her a beautiful expression of love. She’s not a whore, she’s a hero. Some might even say a super hero.

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