Miss Jones and the Tsunami Song

January 25th, 2005 // 5 Comments

20050125jones.jpgIf you haven’t already heard about Miss Jones and the infamous Tsunami Song I’ll try to get you updated. So Miss Jones runs a popular morning show in New York on Hot 97 and for the past week has been playing a parody song poking fun at the Tsunami disaster which uses such wonderfully fun words as “chink” and “Chinamen.” While the song is bad enough, it’s really the pre-song argument between her and her Asian co-host Miss Info that reveals the extent of Miss Jones’ ugliness. I wasn’t even going to post this at first but after seeing Miss Jones and hearing the audio, I’ve decided I wouldn’t feel right with myself unless I helped try to get her fired.

Download Tsunami Song (mp3)
Read Miss Jones and the Tsunami Song [Hiphopmusic.com - thanks everybody]
Read Hot 97′s Very Weak Apology [Official Site]


  1. Joshua

    We cannot make fun of people’s miseries. I had recently attended an event called BEYOND TSUNAMI, hosted by Vikas Khanna, who is the founder of “Cooking for Life” and many foundations. His project was to set up Emergency call centers in villages of South Asia who would work on early Tsunami Warnings. This is just one of the great things he does, besides being a chef. When I had asked him about Jones song, he did not even comment. I am sure he did not want to react to this song, which was written without any sensitive vision.

  2. its better than bad its good

    is that true about new orleans? thats disgusting

  3. If you say that the cracks, I can say nigger all I care if you like. Seriously. How the heck did a song like that comes on the radio? Oh. You want to know a fun fact? 8 people have died in Africa's why the tsunami too. So fuck Miss Jones. She does not know shit, and she jumped on the fact that black people die for it to attract the attention of the controversy.

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  5. Janus

    I was doing abit of reading when I came across this. And most articles only mention how african-americans and asian-americans are offended by this song. This is humaninty! And Asian or not, one should feel offended by the song alone. And what some people can do for the ‘shock’ factor alone.

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