Miss England’s official 2008 bikini: Britishy!

April 4th, 2008 // 164 Comments

Current Miss England Georgia Horsley launched the new Aquaclara Official Miss England bikini today. (Hint: you put your boobs in it.) Much like her British ancestor’s before her, Georgia is causing a revolution in my pants. *looks down* What the- is that a powdered wig? Take that shit off before someone sees it. I don’t need word getting around that I’m an albino sac. And put down the bayonet before you puncture a nut. Seriously, no more John Adams episodes for you. I mean it.

NOTE: Since I seem to be obsessed with asses lately, here’s a close-up of Miss England’s bikini that proves butts are the international language of AWW YEAH!

Photos: Getty Images, Splash News

  1. Randal

    I don’t know… she looks nice and all but I think that English accent would do me in. I’d just end up picturing an old fart of an English man.

    Sorry, does not pass the Randal test.


  2. KYgentleman

    She’s hot!

  3. Rick

    mmmm…pasty generic white chick…yummy

  4. BunnyButt

    She has surprisingly nice teeth. Are you sure she’s British?

  5. Randal

    She’s only got four minutes to save the world!


  6. Joe

    Take a close look at her competition in the last few pics where they lined up these man-servicers. I’m guessing they didn’t have to win a qualifier to get into this contest.

  7. NY Ted

    Miss England…with a full head of nice white teeth…??? Who would have thunk it!

    Nice bum though…and even a nicer pitchers mound…!!!

  8. Racer X

    I love HOT chicks with British accents.

    //and Captin’ Crunch too

  9. Sambo the Ass Pirate

    i particularly like the crosshairs telling me where to aim the shot.

  10. Sambo the Ass Pirate

    i’m guessing she barely squeaked out the win over the mannequins in the singing contest.

  11. Tim

    She’s very similar to Marla Maples, except she’s not old and used-up.

  12. jesse

    I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating crackers.

    Shit I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating the skin off my face.

  13. ph7

    #11 is correct. Marla Maples has hit the 100,000 mile mark. Trade her in for this nice new current model.

  14. Bubba Zanetti

    WOW she is hot and is a Brit with nice teeth !

  15. nipolian


    Great news dude………The New Kids on the Block are back together and are planning a summer tour. This is no shit, they were on the Today Show this morning. Go ahead and Goggle them if you don’t believe me.

    Your pal,

  16. Funny you mentioned that – click my name to see a pic of her last boyfriend…

  17. Jari Litamen

    I’m sure Randal that this women is pleased that a fat ugly American like yourself fails to find her attractive a true blessing if ever their was one. But how you can say that she’s not attractive well that’s pretty weird. Randal. If American’s are called that don’t they have hunched backs and generally uncared for by their peers.

  18. Ted Mosby

    I’d love to enter her Tower of London.

    She’d keep my crown jewels safe and warm.

    She looks to give good be head.

  19. My Girlfriend is a Sock and So is Yours


  20. havoc

    I have nothing to add except to say that I’d plow that ass like a Nebraska cornfield…..


  21. Randal

    I’m not an American Jari Litamen and from your description of those who live as they do in such a country, I am thankful.


  22. tanya


  23. Guy


    You Americans with your silly stereotypes of British people having bad teeth.

  24. g.o.d.

    Eh. I’ve been with better-looking women.

  25. gosh, your standards are so low you're getting realy annoying

    Okay Superfish, I’m sick of you, your standards with women are so FUCKING LOW you must find a stinky turd fucking hot as long as it’s in a bikini.
    STOP IT! Just because a chick is in a bikini it doesn’t mean she’s hot at all.
    Look at her pig, unpretty face, look at her flat ass, look at her total lack of curves, look at her square, uncurvy, stick-like shape. You are pathetic saying chicks like this who if you saw clothed you wouldn’t glance twice at are hot just because they’re wearing a bikini. You are pathetic and I’m getting sick of your terribly low standards and I am considering not visiting your site anymore because lately all you post about is about chicks who aren’t all that at all but you just claim they’re hot because they’re in a bikini. NOT FUNNY, STOP IT.
    Like all British women who have never been famous for their beauty -more like for their lack of it- this chick is no exception.
    If you wanna post about someone hot, post about someone who is actually hot, like Kim Kardashian, but not about chicks who aren’t very good looking really only because they’re wearing a bikini.

  26. Min

    Hot body, but something about her face looks scary. Too much plastic surgery?

  27. Arioch

    I lived in London for two years and the English have good teeth. That stereotype is played out and boring, get a new one.

    Oh and she’s forgettable.

  28. Usbek de Perse

    Hmmmm….St. George’s Cross…. I bet St. George would slay any number of dragons for that girl.

  29. combustion8

    Here she is!!!…. Miss Saddlebags!!

  30. lil ol me

    Hey guys how is everyone’s day going? Can anyone help me figure out how do shortcut commands on a PC?? I’m used to macs, and i can’t figure out how to press ‘quit’ and stuff with just the keyboard.

  31. Joe C

    She’s got some flabby thighs with some cellulite showing.

    My wife will be 32 this year and looks way better than this sack. Of course, she is from South America were the average woman isn’t a pasty fat sack.

  32. teddy

    true joe c, in south america they are mainly dark short fat sacks.

  33. Sambo the Ass Pirate

    @26 about her face, perhaps her name would explain her face – Horsley.

  34. grover

    # 25 I would totally agree with you except Kim Kardashian is a S.K.A.N.K. I hate skanks.

  35. kelly

    you’re complaining about cellulite? sorry, but most women have it, it’s quite unavoidable. especially if they’re not anorexic. or bulimic. i’d get used to it if i were you. or you can always just go out with paris hilton, you’re choice

  36. Little McBeaner

    #36 bitch ass negroes!

  37. MassGrrl

    Nice ass, but tell me I’m not the first one to say she’s got thick thighs!

    Come on, you guys. Brit’s got better legs than this Brit.

  38. jesse

    Sweet jesus. You give people the power of opinion without consequence through anonymity and all of a sudden everyone is an expert.

    This girl is fucking beautiful. I’d put my right nut on the fact that 3/4 of the people that rag on girls like this would shit themselves if she even THOUGHT about laying a finger on them. And not the bad kind of shitting of one’s self. She has a fucking AMAZING ass, a great smile, great thighs(thick? what the fuck?), and great eyes. She’s a little lacking in the boobage, but sometimes, you know what? That’s okay.

    Fish, I commend you on serving me random news on celebrities I tell my friends I don’t care about but really do. But most of all, I commend you on bringing me pictures of girls like these that I can view at work because thank god your site’s not blocked by the net nanny yet.

    I don’t care what any of you say(as you can tell by my rant that shows that I obviously do care), this chick is hot. End of story.

  39. KillMONTAG

    She’s not an obese fat fuck, or a skinny twig with fake tits and fake everything so we can safely assume shes not a fucking ugly American.
    Thanks fuck for that. The ugliest nationality on the planet.

  40. monkeyfightclub

    Benny Hill would approve.

  41. fuck you

    Stereotypical flat white girl asses.

  42. sdrio

    Fact: If you wouldn’t hit that, you’re simply GAY.

    Did you see that big fat chick in the same contest though? British humour at its finest.

  43. dude_on_a_wire

    I hope the crown is optional – a little pauper and the queen anyone?

    And she’s an inny – good job Brits.

  44. just a thought

    She’s pretty, and clearly doable, but I just have to say that she has the body of a 14 year old boy, smallish breasts and there’s something about her face that just isn’t friendly. I hate to say it, but the girl in the black bikini trailing behind her is much better looking…

  45. sameshitdifferentyear

    She’s basically perfect.

    You can tell she needs to get the right kind of exercise, the shots where she is turned and looking back, the lower-back fat is visible. What she needs is a good ol’ American, Yankee military-style aerobics workout.

    Cut out the sugars in drinks, and no breads. Yeah, that’s right, hop onto that squat-rack, you porcelain-faced whore!! The lines in her upper-legs and ass would vanish right-away too, I’ve seen it before that’s the only reason I say.

    If you’ve ever seen a chick go through that transformation eating and exercise, the tone in the back and lower body is a wonder to behold. In 3 months she could look 100% better down there, but I’m not so sure chicks in her situation (Euro-princess) give a shit about that sort of thing, and all those fucking plus-signs all over her probably mean she’s only on her way to getting ready to settle in and just pump out a couple of kids.

    Her skin tone is just fine, really really white girls shouldn’t pretend they aren’t and start using tan-sprays and other fake and dangerous crap. J. Alba is tan, and that’s cool, this Horsey chick is white, that’s good too.

  46. Kimberly

    Wow, showing early onset of CELLULITE! I tell ya, she won’t look like that for long.

  47. Peace And Love


  48. fuckit

    She can fuck the fuck off for what I fucking care

  49. # 5.
    Your clock isn’t far off. But over here in Hong Kong ,#5, (Chung King Mansions) we calenderize year 2008 – Year of the Rat.
    Year we turn them to chop suey !
    (Frank from 16th floor, always say add a bit of rice vinegar.)

  50. Ted from LA

    I think she is cute and all, but I’m not surprised she beat the decapitated chicks in the background and won this beauty contest.

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