Miss California lying about topless photos

May 11th, 2009 // 146 Comments

A series of topless photos featuring Miss California Carrie Prejean, including the one above, were leaked to several gossip websites, and even more damaging, Carrie had failed to inform pageant officials of their existence. Her people quickly told everyone she was “naive” and only 17 at the time of the photos thus preventing their publication, but TMZ has learned she was of legal age during the photos, and even took them as recently as this year:

We obtained an email sent by the sponsor (we were asked not to use his name) and he says Carrie sent him one of the topless photos after January 6, 2009, asking “if she was in good enough shape for the Miss USA Pageant.” The date is significant, because that’s the day Carrie got a boob job. The former sponsor says the pic was post boob job and she was well over 18.

In the meantime, Donald Trump will announce tomorrow whether Carrie will be stripped of her crown for not disclosing the photos to pageant officials and using her title to campaign against gay marriage. Okay, I’m going to be honest, I basically zoned out after typing “stripped” and imagined Carrie and I making dull, boring missionary style love solely for reproduction while Jesus gives us the thumbs up.

How hot is hell? Seriously, level with me here.

NOTE: Second photo links to full-length version. (Read: Butt shot.)


  1. Tom

    #50 –

    You are not the stdent of history, apparently. Russia (during the Gulag period) and China (Under Mao) were communists, not socialists.

    You want a soclialist model? Look at the Europoean models – you know, the countries with the lowest infant mortality rates, higher life span, and free healthcare and college. The countries were the populace scoe a much higher “are you satisfied with your life” poll numbers than in the us.

    Having said this, noting against the bird-brained Carrie – she should stick around until her nude shots come out.

  2. Anonymous

    Yes on 8, you whining clowns.

  3. Jackie Chan

    50:US save Europe’s ass. All Italy, France, England, etc. should be speaking German now cept for GIs come to Europe & chop suey Nazis. Most Brits with $ pay twice for good hospital stay now. Frenchys taxed much on everything. Also all Europe getting invaded by N Africa & other illegals now, much problems all over. go Chuck norris!

  4. “lowest infant mortality rates, higher life span, and free healthcare and college”

    This is proof that the marxist liberals have no clue.
    Stupidity run am muck.

  5. Mark Düsseldorf

    No one makes a fuss when someone promotes gay marriage stridently, but when one pretty woman agrees with what the majority of the country (and the VAST majority of the world) thinks is right, suddenly its Armageddon. She is a beautiful woman whose opinion is just as valid as everyone else’s. Since when did speaking your mind (and agreeing with the law) become so taboo?

  6. Not a student of history

    The rich do not pay their fair share jackfuck. That’s why they have been given every tax break possible under the Dubya Adm. I say tax ‘em to death. Let them know what it is like living paycheck to paycheck. If they say it is not fair for the services they perform (which is what most of us say anyway) we will tell em to dig ditches instead. All these greedy pigs who just didn’t have enough money trusted their famous thief Bernie Madoff and Co. to make ‘em more money. just by moving phony money around. Money for nothing while the rest of us work.
    And then we deindustrialise. How can that work for the good of the nation. It can’t. When a country turns to a service economy that demonstrates that it’s concern are for the rich, not the poor.

    Look. all I am saying is we should just take all the money away from the rich and redistribute it to the rest of us. That’s all.
    Once upon a time a person could have health ins., a permanent job, retirement, a home, and a country that invested in itself. Not anymore. Not when the bankers who funded communism and fascism have looted and plundered everything in sight have had their little feast.

    Let’s take it all back. Let the rich have nothing. Most of them have inherited their starting finances anyway so it was never really their money.

  7. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.. got to love the opinions of ‘tards who frequent blog sites. **sniffs** smell that? Smells like stupidity run amok.

  8. Great news!

    TheDirty.com says they are releasing *sexually explicit* photos of this chick on Wednesday. Can’t wait!

  9. Porky Chavez

    # 56 : You’ve got a nice cot waiting for you in sunny Venezuela! Idiota!

  10. What a thought

    Your poor soul has been compartmentalized with fascism.

    Government your savior will soon slap your face with reality, and it looks nothing like the picture you attempted to paint.

    If the rich become poorer, your broke ass WILL become poorer also.

    That hot air between your ears distorts all truth.

  11. Jennyjenjen

    @12 Careful treading with your hate spewing there Armondo… California voters may have something up their sleeves for you as well.. Armondo.

  12. Harry

    She’s a butterface. Too bad she got the boob job. Naturals are always better.

  13. Jennyjenjen

    Armando, Armondo whatever.

  14. Charles Few

    Any guy who finds this prepubescant little boy body sexy is either repressing teh gayz or just a pedophile.

    And if you’re a girl who’s into this body, you’re either straight or experimenting with anorexia.

  15. Farles Chew


    The Rich take in 75%+ of the money, and are the ones who MOST benefit from society’s benefits, therefore they should owe more. Their taxes were 90% after WWII, and were higher under Reagan than now.

    So STFU already, you don’t know sh9t you teabagging douchebag.

  16. lieinveigleobfuscate

    I’ve heard of war crimes more entertaining than most of these comments. Jebus KKKrist on a sidecar eating Ben & Jerry’s folks, try to be funny, try to be CLEVER. Just this once. For the children.

  17. WTF

    Sorry, my bad ’51′ I made the mistake of lumping socialism with communism because one NEVER leads to the other.. Yes, the European system works SOO much better where the standard of living is lower for everyone. Except that you get ‘free’ health care where people dropp like flies during heat waves and the government agencies all blame the other agency for the budget cut-backs and complacency in the system.

    Why don’t we try fixing the corruption in the system and enable capitalism to work correctly before we model the system like a different broken system. Or perhaps we can just ask the old to not take health care and simply die out so we don’t have to pay for them.

    And 56, great ideas.. I mean really. Because once your idealism comes true we will all live in perfect harmony; and greed, pride, ambition and everything else will simply go away. No one will want for more than what they need and we will all live in the forests and caves of the world peacefully and happy. Never will a person, group, or government harass or attempt to impose their will on some other person again.

  18. Today's Lesson

    Fake Tits.
    Capped Teeth.
    Bleached Hair.

    =Perfect Spokewoman for the Religious Right!

  19. joe

    “topless” usually implies being able to see ones rack. stop with the false advertising, these photos are PG-13 at the most…i see more in the Sears ad on Sunday morning

  20. Jessie

    Reminds me of Joe the Pumber – conservatives pick some random idiot as their spokesperson, only to discover that they are a random idiot, who embarrasses the very cause they were propped up to support.

  21. Farles Chew


    Just a reminderl, you lost. 2006 and 2008. You have no NE Senators, and are reduced pretty much to a regional (Southern) rump party of White Male Christians. Your party identification is at an all-time low, your previous administration may be tried for war crimes, and every demographic that isn’t White Male Christians is growing, and growing Democratic.

    In other words, STFU, it’s going to be 20 years before anyone cares what you have to say, and that’s assuming your party doesn’t go completely cannibal.

  22. Okay so according to the bible:

    Gay marriage is no bueno. Topless photos are a-okay. Boob jobs are a go because Jesus loves big tits. Lieing is fine if your trying to save the crown you won in a vanity contest. Killing people is fine if you do it because people don’t agree with you about God.

    Religion is sooooo awesome!

  23. R Plant

    Hear that….it’s the whirr of the dollar bill printing press. We are so circlin’ the drain on hyp-hyper-inflation. Buckle up for Nigerian-style dollars & economy. I’m guessing 4 and out for the Oboe main man and his NOT change Demo- limpy-domesto-bomber, tax-cheatin’ posse. I’d put Vanilla flooded Iowa up against Chocolate New Orleens anyday.

  24. @73 What?……….try learning english before typing. Sense you no make dumbass.

  25. chupacabra

    I smell something fishy: I think she’s a closet lesbo. Both divorced parents accused each other of being gay, and it does run in the genes…

    She’ll come out a lesbo soon enough, and do a big public apology.

  26. Joe Mamma

    #38 Jackie – If this isn’t an attempt at character assassination and to get her de-throned then why hasn’t MIss Rhode Island been dethroned for her Maxim shoot where she was topless?


    Because it is character assassination and a lame attempt at that.

  27. Sheva

    Feel the tolerance? All a beauty queen has to do is agree with the opinion of her state’s voters and she is declared a bigot.

    That’s the gay mafia in action.

    And the gay writer of this blog sucks.

  28. Amanda

    #56, are you a fucking commie? If you want money, go out there and earn it. Don’t try to take it away from people who DID work for it to support your lazy ass. God I hate people like you. I’m not rich, not even close, but I sure as hell don’t think I deserve the fruits of someone else’s labour.

  29. Jim Newelll

    Why do we pester beauty pageant contestants with questions? Do we yell “Show us your titts!” during the Nobel awards ceremony? Evening gown, swimsuit and then have them fire ping pong balls from their vags for distance, extra points if you can drop one in a fish bowl.
    THAT’S America, Baby.

  30. #44 – Hey, whacking off on a chick’s face is completely unnatural too, as is doing it after you got her and her best friend drunk enough to go down on each other and massage your nuts simultaneously, since that too produces no kids and… wait… what were we talking about?

  31. No GayTards

    Seriously, faggots should not be allowed to comment on pictures of tits and ass.

    Religious people don’t hate faggots, they just want to convert them.

    As for me….I HATE FAGGOTS!!!!

  32. The Observer

    The temperature in hell? According to weather.com, it’s currently 82 degrees in Mexico.

  33. Dennis

    Barack Obama has the same opinion on gay marriage as Ms. Prejean and he appeared fully topless. Perez Hilton has no comment on that.

  34. 79?

    Yeah I am a commy. I am not you and scare you THEREFORE I am a commy. Or is that an extremist. Yeah that’s what I am.

    I say make the rich give back all the money they stole. That’s all. And we all know they stole it and their musclemen in the world government let them.
    I work hard you freaks, why can’t I own my own planes and several homes and mistresses, etc. Oh so acting and singing and marrying perverted old men entitles a whore to million, right?
    You really think it is fair that imbeciles like Tyson and Holyfield were worth 100s of millions for fighting? Really?
    You think it’s fair that there are about 1000 or more BILLIONaires now?

    Go fuck yourself stooge.

  35. el politico

    @78 So if someone else “earns” millions by stealing and cheating, is that considered hardwork?

  36. Jill

    She comes from a nice family…of skinhead supremacists!!! (LOL) – her brother is a mohawk wearing, tattoed Aryan skinhead..


  37. Jennyjenjen

    @81… Nancy? Is that you?

  38. Jim Shorts

    Couldn’t her tatted brother join the NBA & just fit right in? Booyah!

  39. b

    Hey 86. Look at just one of the bastard half brothers of your black hero. It’s ok that you are jealous becuause you’re a fat pig.

  40. WTF

    The people that are stealing the most money are your elected officials in league with the ultra elite that continue to allow the federal reserve (a private entity) print money without any approval from the people at all. Doing this is the same as stealing because it reduces the value of your money every day. Both parties allow it to happen (thanks 71 for lumping me in with a group that I don’t vote for) because they want to retain power… and the people keep voting for them because they want to retain the favors that are provided to them. Small groups of wealthy want to keep them in office in order to maintain their own wealth since they are protected via special favors (i.e. Speaker Pelosi’s Minimum Wage deal for American Samoa). You folks keep on voting the way you do and eventually you will destroy the people you love to hate.. unfortunately you will find yourself controlled by the people you can never bring down. Those that drive in the special lanes with the armed escorts while you yourself have no real freedom, only the freedom you are permitted to have as long as you behave and recite the party line….. otherwise you will get the treat Miss California treatment.

    Useful idiots.

  41. Joe Mlenick

    Wow, the hate against women who don’t follow the leftist orthodox continues.

    Nancy Pelosi lied about not being briefed on waterboarding = no issue

    Miss Ca took some risque photos = end of western civilization

  42. Her face seems a b it harsh.

  43. grr

    Who gives a shit. Get off this girl’s case. The intolerance of liberals, who are constantly preaching tolerance, is just too much. The girl is entitled to her opinion. Just because you don’t like it you have to rip her to shreds? Guess what – the silent majority of Americans agree with her. Get over it.

  44. prop8mynuts

    Wonder if they develop a DNA gene test for fags if their parents would have aborted them. I say there is a 99% chance they would have before they bonded with them on earth. Now I like lipstick lesbians , so there stick that in your ass and smoke it!

  45. Tom K

    So what? Some beauty queen doesn’t believe that fags and lesbians should get married who cares?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I don’t believe they should be allowed to be adopt children either. if she shares that view also maybe I’ll take her out to dinner! lol

  46. Topless? You can see more in sears underwear ads.

  47. Mama Pinkus

    she’s a typical conservative hypocrite

  48. justifiable

    #44 WTF, how about if we get YOU to look at the Constitution instead of your little “facts”? Guess what? BIG shock, but we aren’t living in a theocracy or a fundamentalist religious country like Saudi Arabia – we live in a democratic republic and we don’t get our laws from the Bible or any other holy writ. The government doesn’t “sanctify” your marriage any more than it makes your gun purchase or your 1040 form sacred. The government deals with LAW – your religion and its leaders deal with sin and sanctity. So I don’t care if Jesus or God does – or doesn’t – like women voting, blacks not being slaves, gays having sex or my eating shellfish and pork on a Sunday. WE DON’T GET OUR LAWS FROM THE BIBLE OR ANY OTHER RELIGIOUS BOOKS, WE WILL NOT START NOW. GET IT?

    Nowehere in the civil codes does it say you have to produce children for a marriage to be valid, and nowhere in law is fertility guaranteed. We will not soon be marrying dogs, our minor cousins or multiple wives if gay people can marry because it’s against our CIVIL code of laws NOW to marry anyone but humans, humans who aren’t minors, and humans who have a pre-existing marriage contract. Bigamy is a crime, as is child molestation and incest – marriage is NOT. No one wants to overthrow those laws, on the contrary. They want the existing law to benefit everyone, not have a “separate” and inferior law be enacted instead. GET IT NOW?

    You don’t approve? You have that right. You can move to Iraq or the Vatican and live under God’s law there. Or stay here, where, under CIVIL law you can complain and protest and voice your “beliefs” all you want without being censored, stoned or burned at the stake. Just expect no protection from criticism just because you wave a religious book. And be VERY clear in future what authority gives you the right to do all of this – it’s the Constitution, not Leviticus.

  49. Bruce

    Her position on gay marriage is precisely the same as Barack Obama’s. Odd difference in the reception it gets, isn’t it?

  50. AirMail56

    Hey Hilton! She is more man than you will ever be and more woman than you could ever get!

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