Miss California lying about topless photos

May 11th, 2009 // 146 Comments

A series of topless photos featuring Miss California Carrie Prejean, including the one above, were leaked to several gossip websites, and even more damaging, Carrie had failed to inform pageant officials of their existence. Her people quickly told everyone she was “naive” and only 17 at the time of the photos thus preventing their publication, but TMZ has learned she was of legal age during the photos, and even took them as recently as this year:

We obtained an email sent by the sponsor (we were asked not to use his name) and he says Carrie sent him one of the topless photos after January 6, 2009, asking “if she was in good enough shape for the Miss USA Pageant.” The date is significant, because that’s the day Carrie got a boob job. The former sponsor says the pic was post boob job and she was well over 18.

In the meantime, Donald Trump will announce tomorrow whether Carrie will be stripped of her crown for not disclosing the photos to pageant officials and using her title to campaign against gay marriage. Okay, I’m going to be honest, I basically zoned out after typing “stripped” and imagined Carrie and I making dull, boring missionary style love solely for reproduction while Jesus gives us the thumbs up.

How hot is hell? Seriously, level with me here.

NOTE: Second photo links to full-length version. (Read: Butt shot.)


  1. Erina

    Ummm who cares?

  2. Joe Mamma

    So F-ing what? This is character assasination not pornography. Homos should learn to feel shame about this as well as their day-to-day behavior.

  3. Rick

    As with all women, what matters is not what comes out of her mouth, but whether or not she’s hot enough to make you spurt into her mouth. I mean, honestly, who listens?

  4. Cuntychops

    The smartest thing to come out of a woman’s mouth is Einstein’s cock.

  5. DUBBA



  6. whatever

    Carrie, thats gods answer.

  7. Harry Doyle

    I agree, who cares? She’s hot.

  8. Ang

    In these pictures she kinda resembles a female Hilary Swank.

  9. captainotv

    Shes hot

  10. captainotv

    Shes hot

  11. captainotv

    Shes hot

  12. Armando

    Perez is a ugly fag, who is pissed because Cali voters TWICE have voted no to queers marrying. Others who vote no against queers marrying- President Obama, VP Biden and MUSLIMS – wonder when will fag Hilton will go protest Obaqma or at a mosque.

  13. captainotv

    Shes hot

  14. The 2 Watchers

    this is what happens when you have an opinion of your own…

  15. The most important part of this pic is missing! one of the sweetest looking heinie from the pageant!

  16. Yoda

    Yeah, the inarticulate cunt is entitled to her opinion, but when her opinion is based on bigotry disguised in hypocritical religious rhetoric, she shouldn’t be surprised when she’s called out.

    The pics just prove that she’s a hypocritical whore.

  17. JD

    So to recap:

    1) She’s hot.
    2) Who cares what she thinks about gay marriage?
    3) Perez is a butt pirate.
    4) They aren’t really topless photos if you don’t see nip.
    5) She’s hot.

    Oh, and Perez is a butt pirate.

    Carry on.

  18. Susie

    She looks gorgeous in these pictures.. so much better all natural then done up like a barbie. props to her

  19. Well what do you know, I forgot to double clicked!

  20. WhatHappendToThisSite?

    This used to be a funny, titty filled site. Now it’s another left-wing political site, where liberals can opine how tolerant they are while crucifying anyone that disagrees with them. FUCK OFF! She’s hot!

  21. Deacon Jones


    It’s like Palin preaching abstinence only programs work and then her fucking daughter gets knocked up.

  22. mbg41

    “campaign against gay marriage”? since when is answering a question a campaign. since when is Perez Hilton relevant. how is he qualified to judge a beauty pageant when he’s not qualified to judge his own taint. since when is posing for a modeling photo with your back turned a nude photo. you can see more skin in a victoria’s secret catalog.

  23. brooklyn

    Isn’t sort of odd, to see some vilify this Beauty Pageant Winner, who shares the same views on Marriage as the new President?

    It seems some are stuck on a form of political bigotry…

    If you are a Democratic Partisan, no problem, but if you are someone who isn’t on the fashion train, you become a target.

    Even the way these “others” are handled, implies they are stupid, ignorant, closed, etc.

    But actually, it looks like the judgmental nature of the Fashion, is the hypocritical and contradictory.

    Should they take Obama’s Presidency away for being opposed to Gay Marriage?

  24. pole

    I guess Jesus loves fake boobs.

  25. Jillie

    #18, you realize the whole point is that these pics were taken AFTER her boob job – she was flat chested before…

  26. Sid

    So what part of this, exactly, conflicts with her views on gay marriage? She said it’s God’s will that a man marries a woman, and here she gives more visual evidence why, in some cases, a guy would be happy to do that. It would be a different story if they unearthed girl-girl nude pics, like with Vanessa Williams. Of course, even in that case, everybody realized that God made an exception for two hot women licking each other (“Jesus! Jesus! Get over here, check this out! I swear to Me, one of them looks EXACTLY like your Mom!”).

  27. Republicans are dead

    Sorry #20 but you right wing retards just don’t really matter anymore. Losers.

  28. Bruce

    If I did her, could I still marry Perez?

  29. Jethro

    Funny how liberals can slander and smear all they want. But when someone gives an articulate and respectful answer that may disagree with them they show their ‘true’ colors on how intolerant they are.

    Liberals wanna kill babies, but don’t want to kill a cow for hamburgers. Geeze!

    Note to libs. The silent majority is starting to wake up, do you really want that?

  30. #29 might just be a retard

    Ya poor dumb childhood molestation victim! Fetuses aren’t babies stupid. Abortion is logical considering the Earth is overcrowded and doesn’t require any more humans. There are almost 7 billon now and the carrying capacity has been long exceeded. Repubicans sure don’t have any troulbe sending our children overseas for the slaugters though, do they?
    Cows are tremendous contributors to global warming – methane, CO2. You know, chemical disaster. oh yeah right wingers don’t believe in science they believe in Jesus. Sorry, my bad.

    Silent majority? Dems and liberals are running the show now fag. Back to your basement!

  31. I guess its ok if you live in Rhode Island:

    All she needed was to pose with a street ape or some ass raper and it would have all been just fine.

  32. Jeff

    Yeah I like how the Dems win a majority in the general election for only the second time in 28 years and suddenly it’s, “The Republican Party is for losers” and “The GOP is dead.” All you unemployed dems with your liberal arts degrees, sleeping in your parents’ basements enjoy it. You were briefly relevant for 1 day last November.

  33. clareargent

    Fuck this bitch. Can we stop talking about her? Any opinion she has, liberal or conservative, is meaningless due to the fact that she’s a beauty pageant contestant. Fake tits, fake hair, fake smile, FAKE. If she wants to objectify herself like that then I don’t have to respect anything she says. Since when is the opinion of Miss California relevant in any way?

  34. AGD

    How can we have the word “fake” used so many times and not have Daisy from the Geekology board present? Obviously, the shadows are all wrong in these picts ;^P

  35. Somebody

    how is this any worse than an AX or A&F photo?

  36. Hope her 15 minutes end tomorrow.

  37. “You were briefly relevant for 1 day last November.”

    The truth speaks volumes.

  38. I love how pics she willingly took get released and everyone calls it character assassination. Here’s a thought- if you don’t want topless photos of yourself released, don’t take topless photos.

  39. dirk

    Why the EXTREME heart-on for this girl? Who cares if she’s not a perfect christian? People fuck up. I didn’t hear the christians calling for throwing out that coke snorting whore from Kentucky after she won a couple years ago. The libs LOVE to jump on people who have religion in their lives. Bunch of freaks.

  40. Democracy is for real Americans

    Perhaps you right wing wackos could please move somewhere else if you don’t like freedom? Your ideas are all stale and your leaders (rofl) are mostly very pathetic – Limbaugh, Palin, Thievin’ McCain,etc.
    Hey nutjobs. where are the WMD in Iraq? Sure has been costly looin’ for ‘em hasn’t it been?

    “Briefly relevent”? We won the election and will be in power for at least another 8 years. Long enough to not only reverse most of the stupidity of you capitalist pigs, but prepare for the rich to pay their fair share of taxes. I say tax the fuck out of the rich. Oh, like 75% should do.

    The SEC needs to be subject to congressional oversight as well. Too much Wall Street crookedness (CDOing our mortgages put us in this mess for one) went on with your hero the dementedly stupid “Dubya”.

    We got us a leader now that won’t hide with children when we are under attack like your poster boy did. You should be very proud.

  41. Deacon Jones

    Good point Jackie. I could give two shits about what rattles in her hollow head, but when someone pulls the “holier than thou” card, fuck ‘em. I’ll call them on it every time.

    I mean, what was better than Larry Craig getting busted for trying to blow a dude in an airport bathroom?

    Same with this bitch citing her religion, when she gets a tit job and poses in her little panties. Fuck her too. And for the record, I could care less about gay rights, but nothing’s worse than a fucking hypocrit.

  42. dandoso

    @16 & 21

    This would be a hypocritical move on her part if she said that she firmly believed that NO woman should be photographed naked.

    She would be a hypocrite if she ran off to Iowa and married a woman.

    This isn’t hypocritical. In fact, she never claimed to be perfect – she just said that for her and her family, she believed marriage was between a man and a woman.

    F*** her for having an opinion.

  43. Wallow gloriously in your dreams of trickle up poverty.

    When BO is finished using you for jock strap jam, cry loudly for nobody will be listening.

    Embrace the doom that you have guaranteed your offspring, indeed.

  44. WTF

    Can we get a homosexual to comment on why they want participation in a bond set in religion, adopted into the tax code, and sanctioned by God?

    Let’s state the facts:

    1) Homosexuality is a sin in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.
    2) Marriage has always been between a Man and a Woman.
    3) Homosexuality goes against nature… no matter what you say or make yourself believe, it does. It doesn’t produce offspring which is the cycle of life.

    I’ve a few gay friends and I’ve told them what I believe…. do what you like, but your argument is incorrect. You should be arguing to remove marriage as something that the government recognizes at all.

    In addition, Polygamy should be fully legal as well if we are going down this path.

    Civil Unions is all there should be IMO.

  45. Celeste

    She’s such a hypocrite! Pretending to have Christian morals and values.
    Girls with morals and values conduct themselves with respect and dignity. They don’t take semi nude photos, get plastic boobs and other cosmetic surgery.
    But her parents are divorced so that explains her lack of morals.

  46. Lock

    I’ll stop laughing at her rambling, non-sensical defense of “opposite marriage” (LOL) , if she’d agree to take another round of photos with full body nudity. She may be dumb as a rock, and have a confused moral code (Jesus hates gays, but loves fake tits!) , but she sure does have a smoking hot body I approve of.

  47. Rob Lowe

    I call it a draw. Religous hypocrite vs. Hollywood standards. Skin gets you noticed in Lalaland. So using the hypocritcal standard, are all gay celebrities hypocritcal since they only went “out” after the dollars were made? Elton John, Martina Navartilova, Clay Aiken, George Michael, Rosie, Ellen Degeneres, Portia d Rossi? Shouldn’t they give back the money & try and make it honestly while clearly being out?

  48. grobpilot

    These photos aren’t anything you wouldn’t see in a fucking JC Penney ad in the newspaper. The dick-licking homos and their supporters are just using this shit as an excuse to get rid of someone who spoke out against a deviant lifestyle that they want us to accept. If you want to see intolerance in its purest form, just look at the fags. You don’t dare say anything they don’t like or you’re labeled a bigot, you’re discriminatory and…….what else? Oh yeah, intolerant.

  49. WTF


    You are an idiot. The Rich already pay their fair share of taxes and more. A large percentage of people don’t even pay taxes at all, yet they still get the benefit of federal money for schools, roads, defense, welfare, health care (medicare, medicaid, prescription drugs), etc.. etc…

    Do you care to explain how else the ‘Rich’ should be forced to pay more for those that can’t help themselves?

    The path we are are on with these socialist bastards is a sinking ship. These people have no idea because they are not students of history. Take a look and read up about the Russian Gulags or the millions killed by Chairman Mao.

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