Miss California keeps her crown

May 12th, 2009 // 134 Comments

Donald Trump held a news conference today to announce Carrie Prejean will retain her title of Miss California. In a response to The Donald, she claims the topless photos leaked online, which he found “beautiful and lovely,” were taken on a windy day causing her breasts to be exposed. …. Excuse me, folks, I need to strap a giant wind machine to my back because, apparently, I’ve been going about this all wrong. See, kids, lying can make a difference. Thanks, Miss California!

Photos: Splash News, Video: MSNBC

  1. Ugh

    Also, people who claim obama holds the same views should get their facts straight. Obama believe as a personal and religious belief marriage is between man and woman, but he does not fully believe it should be ruled as law, and especially not on a national level. He has already discussed how he opposed prop 8.

  2. jebus H.

    odds are this reichwing hypocrite munches carpet at the Y

  3. Eric

    #101 Obama is trying to have his cake and eat it too. He is trying to appease both sides of the argument without actually having to take a definitive position one way or the other. In a way he is voting present on the issue of gay marriage.

    Barack Obama, “I believe that marriage is the union between a man and a woman. Now, for me as a Christian — for me — for me as a Christian, it is also a sacred union. God’s in the mix.”

    Barack Obama, “I am not somebody who promotes same-sex marriage, but I do believe in civil unions.”

    Obama, “we have not defined marriage in our constitution. It’s been a matter of state law. That has been our tradition.”

    In this last statement he does believe it should be rules as law. He leaves it up to the states to decide, which is what Prop 8 was about. But then he opposed Prop 8. Again, he is playing both sides, without really taking a definitive position.

    Shouldn’t it tell you something that both supporters and non-supporters of gay marriage think the President of the United States agrees with their respective positions?

  4. Jane

    You missed the most important part of the story.

    Trump said to stop ragging on her about her gay marriage beliefs because they are the same as Obama’s.

    OH SNAP!

  5. LMS

    I agree completely #3!

    My Size Barbie didnt get called out because she simply voiced her opinion or stood up for her beliefs; she got called out because she’s a fucking hypocrite who cant formulate her own opinions and hides behind religion to back her viewpoints. So then according to her, its OK to surgically alter the body God gave you and to pose topless, but legitimate love and commitment between 2 men or 2 women makes Jesus cry? Sit down, shut up, and PLEASE go away you stupid skank!

    The issue of gay marriage seems to be about ones religious and personal beliefs when it comes time to pass a bill, and this should not be a factor. Our forefathers stated that there is a separation of church and state in which government and religious institutions are to be kept separate and independent from each other. Gays are not asking to be united in the eyes of God, they are asking to be united in the eyes of the law. And to say that America is the “land of the free” and “equal rights for everyone”, but then deny gays to have their full rights is hypocritical, just like that skank!

  6. clooneytunes

    #104 Trump also said he never filed for bankruptcy and he was gonna sue the LA Times for printing that. And that wasn’t true either. I’d expect nothing less from a man with an eyebrow combover.

    Trump also said it’s the 21st century and it’s no big deal if Prejean went topless. This will be big news to Prejean who is obviously still in the Dark Ages.

  7. DCMikeRotch


    Smearing Carrie Prejean by trying to stoke overdramatic outrage over her modeling photos–>FAIL

    Smearing Christians by trying to appoint her as their spokesperson–>FAIL

    Litigating their way into rewriting social convention spanning thousands of years and cultures around the world–>FAIL

    Claiming her opinion is somehow different from the President’s–> FAIL

    Claiming that your bitchy campaign to be fabulous is even remotely related to the civil rights struggle in this country–>FAIL

    Trying to get special treatment for a lifestyle –> FAIL

    Trying to peg ‘hypocracy’ and ‘bitterness’ on those disagreeing with you when you exhibit the same among these comments –> FAIL

    Now wallow in your bitterness, loathing & empty life.

  8. Brooke

    What a whore. She thinks she’s a great rolemodel… I’m surprised she didn’t thank her breast implants, her plastic surgeon, and Donald’s great love of having his dick sucked.

    I do agree with one thing– she was punished for freedom of speech, oops. That’s true.

    But she’s still a whore– and I can say that because that is also freedom of speech ;D

  9. live and let live

    100. mikeock

    You don’t have to be gay to be emotional about this subject. I’m straight but I think this is a very important topic. If you’re HUMAN you should feel some compassion towards the gay community. Well, unless your Religion and/or belief system believes in excluding and condemning others…..this is why I stay out of organized Religion. It’s one thing to have faith in a higher power, but it’s entirely another thing to hate people based on their lifestyle – I find that completely ridiculous.

    So yeah, you don’t HAVE to be gay to have a heart.

  10. Andy

    She’s naturally beautiful, heterosexual, and religious.

    No wonder the bitter degenerates who inhabit this place hate her.

    But – she wins. Thank God for democracy. Kinda burns, doesn’t it, “liberals” (you deserve the sneer-quotes because true liberals wouldn’t try to silence the opposition).

  11. Donald Trump

    Ha ha homos! I think its time we come up with a cure or inoculation for gay. That’ll end this whole debate.

  12. Tammy

    “true liberals wouldn’t try to silence the opposition”


    I don’t even recognize the people who call themselves “liberals” these days. Back when liberals were truly liberal, everybody was encouraged to speak up. Sure, there’d be spirited disagreements, but the enemy was silence and the people who tried to enforce it. Now, before all the right wing psychos go off on this, let me just say: you’re all insane and you’ve got no soul and you’ve done your best to destroy the country. But the real problem is that there are no true liberal anymore to oppose the right, only a bunch of special-issue, special-protection, language-focused fanatics who jump on people who don’t use the right words to express a personal political belief. We used to call them fascists, and we used to be completely aware that they could be right-wing OR left-wing.

    Oh, and Bill, fuck you, you most certainly inhaled. And after, for a brief time, you weren’t a bright redneck with an inferiority complex. Too bad you stopped inhaling.

  13. Frybread

    The only real winner to come out of this is Donald Trump, since the Miss USA pageant will get more publicity than it would have beforehand.

    Miss California really didn’t win since she pretty much has been told to keep her opinion on gay marriage to herself from now on.

  14. PostmortemG

    “She’s naturally beautiful, heterosexual, and religious.”

    Yes, she is.

    “No wonder the bitter degenerates who inhabit this place hate her.”

    I agree.

    “Ha ha homos! I think its time we come up with a cure or inoculation for gay. That’ll end this whole debate.”

    You’re funny. =D

  15. Truth Doctor

    “How many of you people supporting Prejean or are anti-gay have advanced degrees?… Yaaa, I thought SO!!”

    Doesn’t sound like you have an advanced degree.

    btw, I fit your description. Congrats on proving nothing.

  16. Glenda Beck

    Hey there’s a real future on Faux News for this chick. She can put on the knee pads & take the place of that blonde haired guy with the Adam’s apple ….whaaat’ s his name? aa,,,ummm …….yeah…Anne Coulter

  17. FAGGOTS are ollowed to mary these days?
    …………and people like the sickmaking donald were argued about he crown?
    this is: ……………………AND JUSTICE FOR ALL!!

  18. begeezus

    bullshit @ 115

    HA! “advanced degree”

    Doesn’t mean you are better than any of us… jackass

    pffft if you even have one. If you do, roll it up real tight and stick it up your homo ass

  19. RedFantaGirl

    Wow, I did not know this site drew-in so many homophobes. Good Jesus, maybe it is true…the more you hate gays, the more you want a big man piesch up your ass, so you hate on the queens to make yourself feel better. I personally like men who are sure enough of their sexuality to not talk shit. Either way, if it weren’t for gay men, we would not have many pretty celebrities.

  20. Stephanie

    Being gay does not mean being more sexual or deviant than any straight person. It’s simply a preference on who you want to be sexual WITH. So all you straight people out there who think gay people want to bang you, check your egos. I agree with 45. Get yourselves out from behind your religions and THINK.

  21. Heartiest Congrats to miss

    for more fun click on name

  22. Chelle

    Perez Hilton is a dumb bitch.

  23. Tatiana

    Why is everyone so obsessed with Carrie Prejean’s title being revoked when Obama believes in the exact same thing? Shouldn’t we be calling for his impeachment then?

  24. Seriously, this just gives Perez Hilton unneeded press… this ignorant bitch stated her opinion and now we’re castigating her for it? It was a stupid question from a stupid person, to a stupid person… therefore, stupid is what we get.

  25. googler


    2:34 … separate but equal

    not for or against …

    but then that’s how he got elected … by not taking a stand and just saying that things are going to change …

  26. just sayin

    @ 72

    “Is thinking for yourself really that scary of a notion that you have to label anyone who dares to?”

    given the number of times people who are anti gay marriage have been flamed as fucking stupid rednecks on this blog

    it seems that having the opinion that gay marriage is just and good … however if you disagree that means you have mental issues …

    Why is getting married a big deal? I swear the gay community is just like spoiled kids in the cereal isle. If you can’t get the box of cereal you want you throw a hissy fit about it loud enough for everybody to hear in hopes that mom and dad will just give in and put the cereal in the shopping cart so you get your way.

    But once you get your way you’re just the sweetest little thing … aww …

  27. Eric

    #105 “Our forefathers stated that there is a separation of church and state in which government and religious institutions are to be kept separate and independent from each other. Gays are not asking to be united in the eyes of God, they are asking to be united in the eyes of the law. And to say that America is the “land of the free” and “equal rights for everyone”, but then deny gays to have their full rights is hypocritical, just like that skank! ”

    You say you want the to keep church and state separate. Suppose gay marriage is legalized, and a Church decides that it is morally opposed to gay marriage and is not going to perform gay weddings. Does the State then get involved?

    If there is supposed to be a separation of Church and State, does the State have the right to force Churches to perform gay marriages?

  28. Bigheadmike

    Our President backs EXACTLY what she said. Who in this Country is more liberal that him.

  29. More like marxist liberal socialist to be exact, for the current clown chief in charge, that is.

  30. marit

    I cant even imagine living in a place like the US. You have taken so many steps back, it’s a shame…and really sad to watch. I feel sorry for the educated, open minded, cultivated people who have to be surrounded by cavemen/women (like those commenting on here).
    I dont know where you people went wrong in your lifes. WTF did they do to you in school? or at home? or at sunday school?? You need help to get de-brainwashed.

  31. dee

    Asian Sensation go fuck urself bitch go suck some urself

  32. DD

    Was it right to deny black people’s rights? Why is it okay to deny homosexual people’s rights. They don’t harm anyone. Two consenting homosexual adults pose no threats on anyone else, so no-one else has the right to deny them their rights. Discriminating against homosexuals is just as ugly as discrimation against minorities. End of story.

  33. b

    The only good homo was Matthew Sheppard. I hope someone drags perez hilton from a chain on the back of a truck.

  34. AMO

    What’s up with those ho ass dresses they’re wearing? These ladies are supposed to be role models for young girls?

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