Miss California keeps her crown

May 12th, 2009 // 134 Comments

Donald Trump held a news conference today to announce Carrie Prejean will retain her title of Miss California. In a response to The Donald, she claims the topless photos leaked online, which he found “beautiful and lovely,” were taken on a windy day causing her breasts to be exposed. …. Excuse me, folks, I need to strap a giant wind machine to my back because, apparently, I’ve been going about this all wrong. See, kids, lying can make a difference. Thanks, Miss California!

Photos: Splash News, Video: MSNBC

  1. Vince Lombardi

    Bullshit. And first.

  2. Zanna

    Joan Rivers wins celebrity apprentice and now this. I wish a gust of wind would blow his fucking toup off.

  3. Yank and wank they rhyme for a reason

    hypocritical nasty slut, she wants to not allow gay people to be allowed committed relationships BUT getting your slutty tits out is christian like behaviour is it? FUCKING NASTY EVIL MINDED WHORE.

  4. Asian Sensation

    I wonder how hard she sucked Donald’s dick to convince him to let her keep the crown.

  5. Cuno

    She Rocks!!!!!! Go hide Gays stop your spooning and stop your humping. “”"God Strikes Back”"”

  6. truth

    She’s beautiful and homosexuality is ugly.

  7. Banester

    Ha-Ha Fuck you faggots! Even the president backs her.

  8. hey libs talking shit about carrie prejean: president barack obama holds the EXACT same viewpoint in regards to gay marriage. i support gay marriage, but you have to let other people have their own viewpoints and unfortunately, most of america isn’t ready for it yet.


    LMAO ! Great news that she will be around to burn there asses up for the rest of the year and their ass munches will taste like shit every time they hear her or Donald’s name. GREAT NEWS. THANK YOU MISS CALIFORNIA AND DONALD TRUMP !

  10. Sid

    #3 – calm down, poof.

  11. Zed

    Meatloaf, I suppose, but I think Belly Clarkson looks more like Sam Kinison in that picture….Oh ooooooooooohhhhhh!!!!

  12. @#11: she looks like the michelin man with long hair.

  13. ds

    @ #4 – Hard, and she had to let him call her Ivanka.

  14. Anonymous

    Fantastic. I hope Perez Hilton chokes on his Cheerios. The homosexual agenda has gotten way out of hand. They are intolerant haters and they harm their cause more each time they open their mouths, which is a good thing.

    Yes on 8.

  15. Joe Melnick

    Geniuses, explain to me how opposing gay marriage and posing nude are related concepts, such that it is hypocritical to do both. She would be a hypocrite if she were married to a woman, or if she campaigned against nude photography. Otherwise she’s a normal person entitled to her own opinion.

    You tolerate anything as long as it corresponds exactly to your opinions.

  16. Perez Hilton

    Well I suppose SOME may call her “pretty” (*tosses head*), but she doesn’t realize that nothing is hotter than a man slurping up his own semen out of the hairy red asshole of the man he just sodomized. And just imagine doing that type of thing while being MARRIED! (*shivers, bats eyes*)

  17. Juan Motime

    She looks hotter in these pix, more natural. I’d like to get into her prejeans. Kudos to the Trumpster, doesn’t take no crap off nobody. Opposers to free speech, please call 1-800 BIG WAAH.

  18. Fat Chicks Suck

    I’m confused – where are these nude pictures? If we’re talking about the ones I’ve seen where she’s just topless and you can’t even see her nipples I really don’t get what the big deal is. It definitely shouldn’t be any type of violation since technically the pictures don’t even contain nudity.

    Why is this gay marriage thing such a big deal? People disagree on it and that’s just the way it is. Who gives a shit?

    When asked about her opinion on a topic she gave a straight-forward and honest response. Whether you agree with her or disagree with her doesn’t matter. This whole thing got blown out of proportion. She’s a hot chick who took some photos and was in a beauty pageant. She’s probably dumb but I would enjoy having sex with her. This country is ridiculous.


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  20. #15 should be President.

    “Fantastic. I hope Perez Hilton chokes on his Cheerios. The homosexual agenda has gotten way out of hand. They are intolerant haters and they harm their cause more each time they open their mouths, which is a good thing.

    Yes on 8.”

    Luv it.

  21. Buttylll

    She’s no doubt beautiful; but I gotta say, hot and sensual models on
    ___T a l l l o v i n g . c o m___ are more attractive to me! Man, tell ya what? If you dig hot Milfs, that’s the place!! LOL

  22. festus

    Who gives a shit what she says? Put a dick in her mouth and that will take care of that. All that really matters is that she’s smokin’ hot! I’d let her pee on my face just so I could see her piss flaps open.

  23. Just Me

    All who oppose the liberal agenda will be destroyed. If she doesn’t agree she must be crushed. Deviation within the Obamanation will not be tolerated. Time for re-education camp.


    THIS JUST IN : Perez Hilton Attempts Suicide following Trumps Miss California Decision.
    Superhollywoodfag Perez Hilton attempted to hang himself by his inverted penis following the the Trump’s decision to clear Carrie Prejean’s good name. Rosie O found him hanging from his pink chandelier and gave him mouth to ass reSUCKitation to save the distraught supergay Hollywood blogger.

  25. Kelley

    What a tradgedy … a chick with fake tits and against gay marriage … look at her face in photos … her eyes do not smile when she does … maybe it’s Botox or whatever, I don’t know, but her fake smile does not match her eyes, which never smile. I despair for California; a lifetime commitment to another person, whether gay, black, disabled, purple or striped, is a wonderful thing, gay OR straight. It is a sex CHANGE that’s against nature. There should NOT be laws against gay marriage. We in Canada are so much more open-minded.

  26. ph7

    Of course she’s a dumb, uneducated redneck type – all beauty paegent girls are — it’s a hillbilly fest.

    But bottom line – she’s one smoking hot hillbilly. She sad nutty, ignorant thing about gays, and got Trump more publicity than money can buy…and she didn’t even win the national contest. LOL – the poor girl who won Miss USA is nowhere to be seen.

    Trump wins, Carrie wins, the Jesus freaks get to claim victory, and the rest of us can laugh at the spectale while waiting for sex tape she’s hiding to come out.

    Bring it on!!!

  27. huh?

    Good for her! Now STFU faggots!

  28. Kelley

    And by “We in Canada are so much more open-minded” of course I meant “fat and pasty white”.

  29. jimmy

    Adam & Eve….not Adam & Steve, got it Perez???

  30. Ted

    They held a “Lesbian Miss America” once but apparently there was a problem with melted retinas.

  31. Objection Sustained


    The homosexual agenda? What’s that exactly, to have the same rights as straight people? Or to destroy all sacred institutions? Get over yourself, there is no agenda other that that put forward by people who would rather pretend that homosexuality doesn’t exist.

  32. rod mi

    So she’s a redneck type? Brilliant you fucking inbred! Did you come up with that yourself faggot? More power to her!

  33. MassGrrl

    Hey, at least she wasn’t licking her wife’s pussy. Because, well, that would be an abomination against God.

  34. Homosexual Agenda

    1. Make everyone pretend that abnormal is normal.
    2. Make everyone pretend ugly is beautiful.
    3. Abolish religion.
    4. Require the police to arrest anybody who disagrees with #1-3 or exercises their right to vote the wrong way.

  35. Baby Jesus

    As long as her wife looked like her, licking her pussy would be more than acceptable.

    However, in most cases we’re talking about women who look like Rosie O’Donnell, so yeah, that’s an abomination.

  36. jonjon

    What would Jesus do? Do her raw and give her a pearl necklace, then throw her stupid ass out on the street? NO

    Jesus was gay!, why else did he remain “celibate” and hang out with 12 men, then they would eat his “body”… DUH!

  37. Donald Trump is a publicity whore, and Miss Caifornia is just a whore.

  38. rien

    gee, I wonder who wrote that speech for her. She certainly had never read it before.

  39. Yank and wank they rhyme for a reason

    Yeah people used to think it liberal to allow Black people equal rights to allow them to sit in the front of a bus, it was liberals who backed that asswipe Obama, Obama is going to be so hated by the end of his reign, he already is in some parts of the world, the only thing Obama has is that he is an improvement on his predecessor, even more of a narrow minded ignorant piece of shit.
    I am just thankful I live in a part of the world not ruled by narrow minded ignorant fucks.

  40. max

    How many of you people supporting Prejean or are anti-gay have advanced degrees?… Yaaa, I thought SO!!

  41. may

    The PREZ only said that because it is “politically correct” to be for “opposite marriage”…the vast majority of Harvard Law School graduates would obviously support gay marriage!

    Obama is going to reverse Don’t Ask Don’t Tell….what would listen Miss Prejean, think about that?… OH YEAH, she can’t think she only know what her mommy and daddy told her. The inability of the Right to actually think is astounding!

  42. Yank and wank they rhyme for a reason

    What’s interesting as a femme lesbian is the NUMBER of twattish men who ask if they can watch, and the number of so called “straight” women who hit on me when they find out I am not straight, also the number of couples who think I might be interested in a threesome with them. I am not interested in men but interesting is how many men and women (straight) become interested in being involved in this unnatural act! YOU are all fucking perverts.

  43. oldies

    No on 8! People over 60 overwhelmingly vote Yes on 8, as soon as they die, No on 8 will win by a significant margin. Its only a matter of time you IDIOTS!!

  44. Vince Lombardi

    Not that I don’t love watching fights over religious dogma, but if you could put your bibles, torahs, and qurans down for a second and think about this.

    You cannot argue that gay people exist, for if they didn’t, all this yelling is over nothing. Yet, due to the very nature of gay sex, they cannot reproduce. So by natural law, they are doomed to die out. Yet, they don’t. Generation after generation, they continue to exist. So **how is that happening?**

    Could it be that your God is actually allowing gay people to exist? And if there’s even the *slightest* chance that your God DOES allow gay people to exist, then doesn’t it follow that your religious teachings that say homosexuality is wrong are in conflict with the wishes of your God?

    And if your religious teachings against homosexuality are in conflict with what your God has created, then could it be that your God doesn’t care if they get married? Could it be that your God actually loves ALL His children and therefore wants them to be happy?

    I am not gay. I don’t oppose anyone who is gay. Nor am I a believer in anyone’s God. I don’t oppose anyone who wants to believe in God. But I am strongly opposed to people who hide behind dogma without looking at truths and facts and logic.

  45. Deacon Jones

    So when’s the GOP nominating her for a 2012 run?

  46. James

    Nothing’s inevitable unless you think history is linear, which it clearly isn’t. Gay marriage could be approved in every state within 5 years and then banned again within 20. If we had another conservative elected president this time, we would have seen Roe v. Wade overturned. The people of this country are allowed to reach majority decisions and then reconsider them and possible change them later. So for now California has a decision and it was consistent with Miss California’s views. If you don’t like it, you’re perfectly free to move someplace else.

  47. pete

    Wow, homos are so grouchy! But what do you expect, with all the itchy leg and armpit (and facial) hair on the lesbians and the infected anal fissures on the gays…

  48. you're a bunch of dumb fucks

    all of you closet homos screeching against gay marriage probably have a collection of gay porn up to your red ass necks

  49. M.D.

    A lot of noise about nothing at all. AIDS will get ‘em all, in time, since the gays themselves refuse to do what they need to do to reduce HIV transmission. Like a self-cleaning oven.

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