Carrie Prejean found out she was fired from the media

June 11th, 2009 // 72 Comments

Carrie Prejean apparently learned she was stripped of her crown through the media and immediately went on the offensive. She claims the Miss California Organization wanted her to pose in Playboy and appear on I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! TMZ reports:

Prejean claims pageant honcho Keith Lewis actually asked her last month if she would take two gigs — appearing on “I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!” and Playboy. Prejean says Lewis told her Playboy offered $140,000 for her to pose semi-nude. She rejected both offers.
A few minutes ago we talked to Lewis who said he was not pushing her to take either gig — but merely passing the offers along. Lewis said Prejean had insisted they not turn anything down without running it by her.

In the meantime, she’s surprisingly not pissed at Donald Trump who made the decision and claimed she treated people like shit, according to Access Hollywood:

When asked if she planned to contact Trump following the news, Prejean answered by saying she believes he is acting with her best interest in mind.
“I think that he definitely is a businessman and I know that he’s looking out for my best interest and right now, I think that that maybe he [thinks this decision is in the] best interest for me,” she said.

OR maybe Donald’s a smart businessman because he saved your ass in May preventing a martyr situation while giving you enough rope to inevitably hang yourself with once the media shitstorm died down. But that’s just me. For all we know, you looked at his toupee wrong.

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  1. Parker

    Crown or no crown, I’d still be willing to buttfuck her.

  2. anonemoose

    Donald Trump is a dickhead!
    He should have revoked her title way back when and then he wouldn’t look like such a schmuck now!
    Her 15 minutes of fame is now up!

  3. Potty train

    If the crown fits, you must acquit! The gay real Ms USA is still out there on the loose!

  4. What took him so long. They should make Kristen Stewart from the Twilight movie the new queen.

  5. Hopefully the publicity buck stops here for this prejean,,,or should i label her Postjean…Dont worry the topic will still lingers on, we know how America is obsessed with anything Gay, race, lard-ness should i go on?

  6. Parker, remind me to never leave my dog in your care…

  7. confused

    Is anyone else bothered by her enormous chin/jaw? Woof!

  8. Larry

    She turned down $140,000 from Playboy.

    Now, she’s be lucky to get $10,000 from Playboy.

    Smoking hot body.
    Tiny mind.
    Poor business judgment.
    But, she looks great in lingerie – fake boobs and all…

  9. Zanna

    When Parker goes to the aquarium, the fish stop swimming.

  10. Max Planck

    Perez Hilton was just jealous of how much better she looked in lingerie than he did.

  11. Funeral Guy

    I knew this would bring the libs and the homos out of the woodwork.

  12. e-rock

    She should have had her title revoked to begin with. What a stupid vapid self centered vain slut. Trump should have made the right decision in the first place. I can’t believe she was trying to take a political stand about gays, WHO THE FUCK DOES SHE THINK SHE IS?? GOD? If two people want to be happy together, who the hell is anyone else to deny that right? Some ass hat bimbo that just wants attention and fame? PLEASE. She needs to go back to her cookie cutter house in Cali where everything is ponies and rainbows, and Jesus loves her sooo much because she is perfect, and has never done anything wrong…. wait… I think Jesus just changed his mind! He doesn’t want this bitch up in heaven either! ahahahahhahaha

  13. AtomicMug

    Well, she has a habit of telling the truth regardless of the trouble it causes her, so I have no reason to believe she’s lying when she says they tried to force her into Playboy and on “I’m a Celebrity…”

    If refusing both those gigs violates the dignity of the Miss California title and is cause for losing her crown, well, then she’s probably better off without the crown.

    Hey, Carrie! Katie Couric is repellent, and CBS News is hemorrhaging viewers – call your agent! (But please, I beg you, don’t join the slags’ nest on “The View”! The ladies room backstage at “The View” must reek.)

  14. Max Planck

    She’s better off than she would ever have been.

    Name one other winner, any state, any year?

  15. Zanna

    Vanessa Willliams, 1983. Who was also fired and look at her now!

    That better not happen to Carrie. I want her to get pregnant and give birth to ‘FABULOUS’ little gay boys.

  16. Carrie was fired for telling the truth and homonazis didnt like it.

    All she did was say that sexual relations between two men or two women is unnatural and disgusting. The science is settled on this issue. Homosexuality is a choice, not a genetic attribute.

    I wish the gays would just admit that they are sexual deviants.

    I’m not even sure why they get to vote.

  17. irony

    Awesome. She found out she was fired just like back in 5th grade, probably the only way she’d understand anyway. Now she can just go fade into obscurity and be forgotten for the rest of her life.

    Maybe when her perfect world implodes, her only source of potential income will be posing in some pics with other chicks thus violating her entire belief system so she could make $20.

  18. juniper

    erock she merely stated her opinion and since it did not mirror yours she is a stupid slut? that says alot more about you than her, and for that matter the state of this rapidly declining country. you better learn islam buddy and quick.

  19. #11 – Put the mirror down, ya polesmokin’ lib…

  20. chupacabra

    Listen, @16, Anexio, don’t know if you are just trying to rile people up, but there is NOTHING disgusting or unnatural about two hot chicks getting it on.

    Are you even of the human race? Seriously…

  21. AtomicCoffee

    @ 12

    Wow, e-rock, hate much?

    I don’t know what the Christian version of the Holocaust museum is, but keep this guy away from it.

    (Too soon? N’yeah, I thought so too… oh, well.)

  22. dude

    $5 says she banged Trump within the last 2 months.

  23. John

    “I think that he definitely is a businessman”

    Really? I could have sworn he was an archaeologist.

  24. obannion

    wow. seriously homos and fishwriters, stop your hatespeech. I think you just need to get some pussy.

  25. Prettybaby

    $5 says she’s had a few sweaty lez out sessions. Unnatural you say?

  26. ....

    that is one hell of a chin on her…

  27. California is not a state anymore, therefore ,no need for her or that title.
    Everybody knows that their state charter is soon to be pulled by the Fed.

    The new name will be Banana Fairy Republic of the West Coast.

    Democrats took the 8th largest economy in the world and turned it to absolute shit. The liberal fascists broke your state and you are done.

  28. Mr. Jones

    The picture reminds me of my meeting a horse recently. I came up to the fence and it trotted up to me. Apparently it wanted an apple because it curled its lips back and gnashed its huge teeth.

    What I’m saying is that Donald better pull his hands back away from her mouth or she is about to bite him.

  29. Stop it

    She’s so close to Heidi/Spencer on my list of people I never want to read/see/hear of ever again and people i could care less about. Now that she has nothing going for her…..time to look into porn ex miss california.

  30. Ted Kennedy's Tumor

    #27, I couldn’t have said it better. After living the first 40 years of my life there I couldn’t get the hell out fast enough. The Democrats and lib’s ruined that place.

    Carrie only said what the majority of CA voters think anyway.

    The “Gay lifestyle” is un-natural anyway. Science has proven it and the Bible says it also. So you have to pick one: Science or Religion. Both say it is wrong.

    Except those 3 HOT Polish chicks we used to live next to in Tustin. They used to hit on my wife all the time.

  31. AW75

    same old, same old..
    @18: the opinion of miss sunny bikini (= underaged, uneducated & unprofessional bimbo, who got herself fired from bikini pageant in no time) is about as good as yours = about as good as Obama’s hypoallergenic dog.
    It is funny how mindless trolls still don’t get the difference between freedom of speech and relevance (or even impact for that matter).
    The right to open your uneducated month doesnt make your month worth shit, you see?
    No, people in this world are NOT equal, agreed! Especially when it comes to (educated?) opinions. In a freaking bikini pageant :-)

  32. Barney Frank

    Why must everyone think that just because she is hot, that she must go into porn now to make money?

    She is just as qualified to run GM as obama is now.

  33. AW75

    (@18 and other mindless trolls: You better start learning the difference between church and state in the Constitution, buddy. = The difference betweeen religious and constitutional rights. Get yourself a lawyer if you can’t read it. You’ll need it: It is the chore foundation of this country.
    Then you can move on to Islam.:-)) they don’t make any difference between state and church either. So, Christian freaks and Islamic fundamentalists are pretty much the same, you see? ;-) Exact same breed. Thank God for the US Constitution! lol

  34. 4 Skin

    @33: I hear the burqua fashions will look quite nice on your wifey or momma! You know why they wear them anyway, to hide the acid scars on their ladie’s faces…Doosh.

  35. Kelley

    Too many teeth and such a phony smile with mean eyes … plastic besides, and besides that, bleached blonde. As phony as a $3 bill … Yuck.

  36. AW75

    #34 Between acid scars on the ladies and the genetically impaired / three-legged 4-eyed monster babies that anti-abortion Christian freaks have brought to life, guess who I’d much rather pick .. Dooosh ;-)
    THINK before you write. That is.. If you can. lol?

  37. AW75

    Ps: Dont forget to bomb the abortion clinic two blocks down. The Jewish Memorial Museum. The gay bar(s). The interracial couples. The black President. And of course, Afghanistan, Irak, Egypt, Iran, Saudia Arabia, Indonesia (why not??), while you r at it. Then come back to us to discuss religious terrorism , U FREAK. Acid scars.. lol

  38. Zanna

    You spelled Iraq wrong.

  39. 4 Skin

    @37 Wah wah, we-re so freakin’ bad right… guess you love Oboe’s apology tour. guess you want to circ your little girls against their will, stone em for getting raped, what a loser! Go move over there Moh, you sound like you’d be a good mooslam fit! Delta’s waiting. goomba…

  40. #37 – (clapclapclapclap) and there goes AW75 ladies and gents! Isn’t he great? Next, he’ll show us how he can stick this entire keilbasa in his ass (oooooooooooo)… all while wrestling a dancing bear balancing itself on a ball (clapclapclapclapclap) … no… unfortunately, he still can’t spell…

  41. duh patrol roundup

    #16 Ah the martyrdom starts early. No she wasn’t fired for telling the “truth”. Which isn’t even the “truth” – it’s opinion, it’s only what you believe. Not even close to being the same fucking thing. Science is NOT settled on the genetic issue, and your saying it is doesn’t make that true either. BTW, if she told the “truth” about the wind blowing her top open so the sneaky mean photog could snap her topless, why is her hair perfectly arranged in the same photo? Oh yeah the “truth” must be that Jesus is her hair stylist because otherwise she’d be lying. Explains it all.
    And “they” get to vote for the same reason you do but if I were you I’d pray really hard IQ never becomes an issue.

  42. e-rock

    @ Atomic Coffe- Yo dude, Im a straight young female over here (who has actually won a few beauty pagents myself a few years ago), and lived abroad most of my life where homosexuality is not even a topic in advanced socieity’s because it is soooo last millenia. What I HATE is when uncultured bimbo’s like Miss Carrie go and bash millions of people for who they choose to love. Who is she to judge? I have relatives, friends, etc that are gay, and Im happy for them! They chose a hard life being critisized by assholes like these people on this site saying they are disgusting and shouldn’t be allowed to vote? WHAT CENTURY ARE WE IN?
    And Im Buddhist, not Christian or Muslim, ASS WIPE.
    GO OBAMA!!!!!!!! THANK GOD FOR A NON-DOUCHE in office.

  43. e-rock

    One more thing, she is a slut and a liar because of the pictures that she took a few months ago, that she said were taken when she was 17. The bitch didn’t have implants back then, which you can clearly see in the photo’s, which were done in January. So yes, that does make her a slut. And no, Im not jealous, I’ve looked better then her with the flu and snot running down my face.
    So bugger off ass muncher.

  44. Rachell

    Whomever said the Bible and science both said that homosexuality is wrong is an idiot. The book of Leviticus also say eating shellfish and seafood is an abomination. Are you going to start firebombing red lobsters in addition to abortion clinics? Also, science (I didn’t know it was a person?) doesn’t say things are “right” or “wrong”. Science makes observations and doesn’t pass judgement, but I’m sure a piece of trailer trash like you wouldn’t know the difference…oh and guess what science has observed?

    ZOMG teh gay is NATURAL:

    I agree with AW75, the radical Christianist freaks are the same as radical Islamist freaks. We’ve had 3 right wing nuts shoot cops, gaurds and doctors in the past 2 months. Nothing like a bunch of mouth breathing, knuckle dragging neo tards coming out and preaching to us about the sins of being gay or liberal whilst they plan their next murder in the name of Christianity.

  45. juniper

    hey sick, sad erock i will address your pitiful agendum one last time. she DID NOT BASH anyone, she was asked her opinion and STATED IT the bashing came from your ugly movement that supposedly preaches tolerance. is she not as entitled to her opnion as you are to yours? dont bother answering, you are sick lost cause, this is for your followers.

  46. justifiable

    #44 It doesn’t matter if Leviticus did a chorus of “gays are abominable” with Jesus as lead vocals, God on drums, the Holy Ghost on bass with Mohammed doing distribution and it went gold.
    The Bible isn’t the basis for our laws, nor is any other holy writ, end of motherfucking story. We don’t live in a theocracy and our founding fathers made damn sure to avoid that, no matter what Rush tells “the right” to believe. And if anyone tries to make everyone else obey their personal moral code or religion because it’s the “truth” their intolerant ass deserves all the ridicule they get.

    I’m with you and AW75, gunning down anyone who you ‘know’ is sinning or breaking “God’s law” means you haven’t even a basic grasp of the religion you profess to follow so zealously.

  47. The Listener

    Here’s a perfect example of hypocrisy. Homosexuals and those who agree that their lifestyle is perfectly acceptable feel that others who disagree with them are intolerant and closed-minded, but aren’t homosexuals and their supporters showing the SAME intolerance and closed-mindedness when THEY don’t accept others disagree with their lifestyle.

    It’s like a person saying I don’t like Chinese people because Chinese people are racist. It’s racist to dislike a race of people because you think THEY are the ones who are racist.

  48. e-rock

    Yo juniper, really? REALLY? Im the sick sad one here? Really think about that statement. She is not only voicing her opinion, she WAS FUCKING CAMPAIGNING AGAINST GAY RIGHTS! The dipshit was trying enter into policts by actually campaigning against them. One day this old biblical school of thinking won’t be so prejudice. I thought our socieity has come further than this? We need to open our eyes and hearts, and stop discriminating against any group, be it race, religion, gender, or sexual preference. America sady obviously still has a long way to go to catch up with other countries. Im born and bread American, by a single father in the military. Im lucky to have been raised all over this world, and have learned the value of diversity. Little Miss Cookie Cutter from the same old mold of hypocritcal America needs to be a thing of the past, and soon. Have some class. Really. You are the one I feel sorry for, along with anyone that connot love people as equals, because you and I are no better than any human, or animal (YES IM AN ANIMAL RIGHTS ADVOCATE). This is the true meaning of spirituality.
    peace out, I got better things to do than try and educate uncultured assholes.

  49. e-rock

    Please excuse the grammatical errors, Im in a hurry, and after getting my heart rate up so much from hearing all of this sad crap, I need a damn glass of vino. ASAP haha

  50. 4 Skin

    @46, Sorry to break it to you- you are constrained by our US laws no matter how angry you get, there is a public moral code & you have to obey, sorry. Otherwise, anarchy. We just tweak the code by law now and again. Indirect religious influence has happened thru out the years here, it’s a fact. Get over it. Sure, you can point out the extremes on the right, one of the extremes on the left is the sad Welfare state a good number of our citizen’s choose to participate in, no plan in life, just human veggies. Just as dishonest and should disgust you just as much in my opinion…

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