Miss California defends herself on Today Show

April 21st, 2009 // 433 Comments

Miss California Carrie Prejain who claimed marriage should only be between a man and a woman during the Miss USA pageant – with Perez Hilton as one of the judges – stopped by The Today Show where Matt Lauer gave her a chance to revise her answer. Here’s what she said:

“The way that I answered might have been offensive … but for me, it was being biblically correct.”

Unfortunately for Miss Prejean, mixing various fabrics together is forbidden in the book of Leviticus which means her entire pageant gown is biblically incorrect. Sorry, but Jesus says I have to stone you. Now, smile!

Video: MSNBC

  1. Why not.

    #399 Dude, that’s like hating all blonde Christians because of Heidi Montag. Hate Perez because he’s a jerk and a fat loud narrowminded attentionwhore douchebag. Because he’d be all of those things even if he wasn’t gay.

  2. Kiddo

    Why is it that two straight people who hate each other have more rights to get married than two gay people who love each other?
    I respect her for staying true to her opinions, but Americans should be open minded enough to imagine how these fellow citizens feel. Are their rights any less than ours?

  3. Silly Ignorant Christian



  4. seymour butts

    perez hilton is a complete idiot…he asked her what was basically a yes or no question. she gave her opinion, and he condemned her because it was “wrong”, it “offended” people. if she answered that she supported it, it would have offended people too! what a stupid question.

    despite all the beauty queen stereotypes, i applaud her for standing up for her herself, despite the fact that her opinion has been deemed “politically incorrect” by the thought police

  5. Doug Morrison

    Good for her. Liberals also talk about free speech, guess it only matters if that speech agrees with theirs. Such hypocritics. All liberals must die.

  6. As much as I’m for gay marriage and all that, he did ask her opinion and she gave it. He was supposed to be an impartial judge and he let his personal beliefs interfere with his decision.

    Is it just me, or does Miss California sound like she’s blazed?

  7. Fati

    Religious people are just stupid cowards. You have no idea how to lead your lives, so you turn to religion for guidance in hopes that it’s a safe bet. Why don’t you get some balls and do what YOU think is right instead of following what some morons wrote? There’s GOD and there’s religion, the latter is completely made up – rules that smarter humans made for dumber humans, knowing they’d be scared out of their minds. GOD has absolutely nothing to do with religion. NOTHING. My God didn’t write the Bible, some dudes did. And you are all pathetic for buying that bull. But then again.. whatever makes you happy. But don’t freaking try to force your beliefs on the rest of us that prefer to think with our own heads!

  8. Fati

    I totally respect her for saying what she said. This democracy and freedom of speach is so bogus! You have got the right to say something as long as it is what everybody wants to hear. Fuck that! No one can force anyone to think something that they don’t believe in. I remember in high school a guy from my class wrote an essay on a sensitive topic that he felt strongly about, and on the cover page of his essay he typed – “This is what you want me to think, NOT what I actually think.” Maybe Miss California should have said – “I believe in gay marriage because you want me to”. That would have been a kick in the crotch.

  9. el ces

    Why is this allowed?

    An openly gay judge cannot ask a contestant their views on Gay Rights.

    This is conflict of interest!

  10. DarcyGrace


    If there is a God, I do NOT want to be stuck in heaven with most of you who posted.

    You are close-minded, selfish, horrible people.

    I may sound utopic, but honestly, WHERE IS THE LOVE?

    For those who said that ‘everyone is entitled to their own opinion’ – I think that phrase is plausible until it hurts other people. Quite frankly, being a homophobe certainly enfringes and alienates a group of our population.

    The bible is dated … some of you need to change with the times. If all of us were still following that old book, we would still be performing ‘trial by ordeal’ as an adequate justice system. Oh Lordy!

  11. Yank and wank they rhyme for a reason

    God these fucking evil Bible nutcases. I hate these narrow minded bigots like yep, you are not allowed to be happy and committed NOPE fags and lezzers can’t get married. Makes me SICK and glad to live in a country full of narrow minded ignorant mother fuckers racists, paedophiles, and murderers.

  12. It's only gay if you make eye contact while he is sucking your dick


    Here, try this:


    I cannot believe the fucking evil nutcases who believe in a twisted version of the bible. I hate the narrow-minded bigots like “yep”. You are a sick fuck. I have a very dim view of the country I currently live in, and an extremely distorted version of America. I realize a small minority of very loud people get on the news way to often, and that the vast majority of people in this great republic are quite rational. Please strike me dead at your earliest convenience, preferably with a jack-hammer to the anus. And make it last, beotch.


    Y & W, your devoted Butt-Slave and all around Pizza-Face.

  13. Katherine

    Poor girl…she will think about that moment for the rest of her life. She is totally bullshitting when she claims she wouldn’t change her answer, if she had another opportunity. She knows she can’t, no matter how much she wants to, so of course she’s going to say “I was true to myself.” But you can totally tell she wanted that crown so bad. She should look on the bright side– now she can go back to the suburbs of Republican California and run to be the Queen of Good Christians. Good luck getting anymore good gown made, considering all people in fashion are gay or love gays. For all of us straight people…we must accept that gays are the new jews…and they will take over the world. lol

  14. Tdizzle

    Everybody has the freedom of speech otherwise she would be in jail or stoned to death already for her comments. The thing is, if you want to win a pageant then you have to be diplomatic and say what they want to hear. In her interview with Matt Lauer, she said that her opinion is more valuable than a possible win in the pageant.
    Does it make her a bad person? Absolutely not. She used her freedom to speak out loud what she thought about Perez’ question. Do I personally agree with what she said? That is a completely different subject.

  15. Laura

    As a fellow Christian I thought Carrie was very brave to stand up for her beliefs and also being true to herself, I applaud her for that. When it comes to gay rights/marriage etc you’re treading on very thin ice…and you have to be very careful. It’s good to see that she didn’t buckle under the pressure and give Mario (and the other judges) the answer they wanted to hear.

  16. doug

    That’s right, in a beauty contest, half naked, degrading to all women and she has the balls to speak for Jesus. Bitch, Jesus does not need a whore, bitch to speak for him. If you believe in the Bible, then live it truthfully you _ucking _unt whore.

  17. doug

    That’s right, in a beauty contest, half naked, degrading to all women and she has the balls to speak for Jesus. Bitch, Jesus does not need a whore, bitch to speak for him. If you believe in the Bible, then live it truthfully you _ucking _unt whore.

  18. doug

    That’s right, in a beauty contest, half naked, degrading to all women and she has the balls to speak for Jesus. Bitch, Jesus does not need a whore, bitch to speak for him. If you believe in the Bible, then live it truthfully you _ucking _unt whore.

  19. Bosman

    Why are there so many gays in the pagent and fashion scene.
    I started thinking thats whats so stuffed about modern fashion when both men and women are saying the models are too thin and boylike and not like regular women at all. Its because the guys have taken control of the scene and are turning out gay-friendly ie boy-like women as role models when both hetero men and women know that these kind or models are not appealing but no one can work out why the fashion industry keeps doing it. Its really warped.
    Let this be the end of gay judges at hetero flesh fests like miss world.

  20. JIM


  21. Jennifer

    I’m going to lay it down plain and simple

    the bitch did not answer the question that was asked..what she did..was ramble incoherently…and thats why she gets compared to the “such as” chick..cuz they both basically did the same thing…made fools of them selves on TV..BECAUSE they couldnt answer a fuckin question not only correctly but as an educated person

    the fact that she “expressed her views” is the only reason why this is still being talked about and not just laughed off because of the nature of the question and her answer even doe it was clearly pulled out the fuckin sky her brain seems to be wandering in

    everybody who agrees with her “opinion” is defending her
    and everybody who doesnt is bashing her

    IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE GIRL HERSELF..face it..all u ppl could care less about the chick you are just happy somebody said on TV what you’ve been sayin to your buddies every night at the pub

    and thats exactly what it is…

    the girl is stupid, she should of answered the question she was asked and maybe she would of won

    instead she answered what her biased homophobe ears probably heard instead of the real question and thats what made her unattractive to the judges

  22. Walker

    perez is a moron.

  23. Jabronie

    Comment number one you make no sense, you are an idiot.

  24. handyman

    She has got my vote. @39 and 63 first off Christians do not live by the old testament. We would not be Christians if we did. We would be Jews. The new testament does say 1Co 6:9 Do you not know that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor abusers, nor homosexuals,
    1Co 6:10 nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.
    the new testament says Mat 15:11 Not that which goes into the mouth defiles a man; but that which comes out of the mouth, this defiles a man.

    So don’t be bible bashing christens unless u know what you are talking about.

  25. Jason

    Go Miss California! Glad to see there’s still some good people in California. What a load of crap, about Jesus throwing the first stone. Know your bible idiot before your speak. Jesus said, “you who are without sin cast the first stone”. He taught us not to judge, but we are still suppose to stand up for what is right. It has nothing to do with hate? Nothing! I no more hate a gay person then I do a drunk or even a pedifile. However, wrong is wrong and perversion is perversion! Do I “hate” when I disagree with murder or the actions of a pedifile? America, stop this crap before we de-evolve into mud and anarchy. That’s what happens when society can not, or is unwilling to, stand by a moral compass.

  26. Strega

    I am not religious by any means and if asked I would tell you I think two men together is sick…kinda why men and women are built different. If you don’t want to hear my opinion, don’t ask. I won’t force it on you. In the same sense, being a former US Marine, if you want to have a future in the military, DON’T TELL. Believe me, the last thing a guy (normal guy) wants, is to be in the shower and have another guy looking at him…keep it to yourself and hide somewhere. Yuk

  27. Andy

    Liberals seem to constantly preach acceptance, but when someone does not agree with them they are the most unaccepting group of jerks I have ever heard.

    Who cares what Perez Hilton thinks????????? He said he would have taken her crown if she won…I would have loved to see Miss Califorinia punch him in the face for ruining her night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As for the Christian aspect…as far as I have seen in my 38 years of life almost all are what I call “line item veto Christians”…they read the Bible and follow what they agree with and veto the rest out. Probably why 99.99999999999999% of us, including most people in church, are going to hell. So her being somewhat hypocritical only makes her MORE Christian! I will say THANK GOD she is straight…she’s going to make some guy one lucky MFer!

  28. john

    “proffessing to be wise they became fools”— “there is a way that seems right unto a man, but the end there of is death ‘

  29. john

    “proffessing to be wise they became fools”— “there is a way that seems right unto a man, but the end there of is death ‘

  30. derek

    The gays are out of control–beginning 40 years ago they were given the freedom to openly practice their unnatural lifestyle (as all Americans should have) and what do they do? They openly flaunt it and rub our faces in it. They take over fashion, entertainment and popular culture and push their morals and antics all over our tv, culture and even our schools. In their growing arrogance, they think they can do anything without consequence. A few months ago, they dare to riot and beat up old ladies, christians and mormons who dared exercise their constitutional american right to vote for prop 8 in california. Now this worthless disgusting shit perez hilton (which queer hugging einstein made him a judge?) and all his friends viciously slander, and tar and feather all over the media and blogosphere a nice girl who dares to give an honest answer, thinking they can intimidate the rest of us into silence by making examples of her and helpless old ladies–let them f*** themselves! The arrogant and disgusting antics of militant gays are waking up the silent 95% of America and we’re getting angry! Our backlash will be severe!

  31. derek

    The gays are out of control–beginning 40 years ago they were given the freedom to openly practice their deviant lifestyle and what do they do? They openly flaunt it and rub everyone’s faces in it. They’ve grown very arrogant, even beginning to believe they can do anything with impunity. They pretty much take over fashion, the arts, entertainment and popular culture, pushing their morality and lifestyle all over our tv, culture and now even our schools. Over the years they molested thousands of little boys (it was gay pedophiles, not heterosexuals who were the molesters) in catholic churchs all over America and deftly had the blame fall on the catholic church, which condemns underage sex, sex outside of marriage and homosexuality. A few months ago, they rioted and dared to beat up law-abiding old ladies, christians and mormons who dutifully exercised their constitutional american right to vote for prop 8 in california. Now this slimy piece of rat shit perez hilton and his self-important gliterati friends viciously slander, and try to ruin a nice girl who dared to give an honest, traditional answer, just because they could. These militant gays obviously believe that they can intimidate the rest of us to acquiesce to their deviant social agenda by making examples of miss california and helpless old ladies and mormons–let them f*** themselves! In their arrogance, they made some big, big mistakes! The arrogant and disgusting antics of militant gays are waking up the silent 95% of Americans who all along either stupidly sympathized with them or just tolerated them holding our noses. And we’re starting to get angry! The backlash will be severe!

  32. Rachel

    Ok. Did anyone ever stop to think that the only reason she got runner up was to spark this controversy, “oh she could have won”? If anything, her comment got her more attention and made her memorable. If she had said something “middle of the road” they would have forgotten about her and she would have drowned in the sea of beautiful women. But no. She said something about how she was raised blah blah blah and everyone bugged out because she said it to a gay guy and whatever. She’s obviously a Jesus person, but this country is not about Jesus. Prop 8 is very relevant today.

    A more legitimate answer would have been, “It goes against my religious beliefs, that a marriage should be between a man and a woman, however other human beings should have the right to choose how to live their lives.” How about that for an opinion? She could have stayed true to her own upbringing and feelings without taking away other people’s rights. THAT’S what a good Miss America would have said.

  33. So he thinks its wrong who cares. I dont care … It does not matter in the long run … It is better that he has lied? Beauty is that you can say your opinion in this country, even if it look like you’re an ignorant bitch.

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