Miss California defends herself on Today Show

April 21st, 2009 // 433 Comments

Miss California Carrie Prejain who claimed marriage should only be between a man and a woman during the Miss USA pageant – with Perez Hilton as one of the judges – stopped by The Today Show where Matt Lauer gave her a chance to revise her answer. Here’s what she said:

“The way that I answered might have been offensive … but for me, it was being biblically correct.”

Unfortunately for Miss Prejean, mixing various fabrics together is forbidden in the book of Leviticus which means her entire pageant gown is biblically incorrect. Sorry, but Jesus says I have to stone you. Now, smile!

Video: MSNBC

  1. AGD

    @98 – I agree.

    I may disagree with her views, but give her props for sticking to her guns and exercising the 1st. It is the Miss *USA* pageant after all.

  2. tired

    Apparently, freedom of speech only applies to those who tow the liberal agenda line.

    It’s okay to bash a Christian, but don’t speak ill of the gay. What a sad world we live in.

  3. My original post was #39, please read, all.

    To #69 – yes, you may interpret the Bible as you wish, however, it is NOT meant to be taken out of context. Taking something out of context is NOT interpretation, it is stupidity.

    And even so, accepting others despite their lifestyle or beliefs is a much bigger part to they bible than is anything that may be seen as being against homosexuality. So, how’s that to be misinterpreted? “Oh, I’ll just pick and choose from the bible that which is barely mentioned and taken out of context, rather than things that have more part in the bible, I’m sure God will just love that.”

    Everyone should be free to live their lives as they please, so long as it does not interfere with the quality of another person’s life.

  4. Jrz

    Why do you guys give a fuck anyhow? Seriously.

  5. PunkA

    All I know is that I will never got to a Perez Hilton site or support any of his businesses. Can’t stand him personally. I find him abrasive, arrogant and full of shit. And guess what, I have zero issues with same sex marriage and I am a person of faith. I just have issues with him personally. Fuck him and the horse he rode in on. I;d love to see that look smacked off his face an see him knocked down several pegs. He is the scum of the earth.



  7. mitosis

    the government should be concerned with political and religious views.
    beauty queens should be concerned with looking pretty and keeping their opinions on maps, baking, and world peace.

    simple as that.
    you dont represent the united states by alienating one of its larger minority groups by saying its a choice and you dont believe in it.

    Bitch didn’t even deserve runner up.

  8. justifiable

    #98 Go right ahead and voice your opinion, it is your right. Btw, freedom of speech means under the 1st Amendment the government can’t tell you to STFU. I’d never say horrible things about you because you believe in the Bible, I’d say horrible things about people who actively use it to create a second class of citizens in this country — where we’re all supposed to be equal under the law.
    Claiming the right to free speech – and then using that right to call for a curtailment of the rights of others is really sheer douchebaggery, but WTF, right?
    Sort of like wanting to be Miss USA – but only representing those US citizens who think like you do.

  9. The Listener

    Strange world. There was a time when a person who believed according to the Bible was admired for his/her high moral standards. Today, if you state your belief in a Bible principle, you’re boo’d and criticized, and put in the category of a racist.

    It just goes to show you. If personal freedom is limited by Bible principle, people are willing to ignore the Bible so they can do what they want when they want without feeling any guilt.

  10. PH Sucks, or is it blows. Wait, bends?

    #104, why do you come here? I don’t care really. I just want to rip PH just as a want to rip other dumbass celebs. He fits that category nicely. Perez needs a good public scourging. Would serve him right to give him a dose of his own medicine.

  11. Heidi French

    She missed the point. No one is saying that she can’t have her opinion. She could have said for me personally I feel blah blah blah but I do believe that the each state should be allowed to choose for themselves. The rest is rhetoric. No says you can’t stand by you and you ‘god’, just give every one the same opportunity.

    Hell I’m not even gay and I was offended. Yet another reason I’m proud to be Canadian.

  12. Deva

    This is pretty frustrating. So she comes out and says marriage should be for a man and a woman; so what? That is her opinion and she’s entitled to it. But what could you expect seeing she’s from California. All too often you can hear the fegs saying how marriage should be equal, blah blah blah. And that’s ok. But then a hetero comes out and says their feelings on marriage and they are racists, heathens, homophobes, whatever.
    Last time I checked we were still a free country.

  13. KittenPuncher

    George Michael had “faith” too.
    Uh oh…yup..he is gay.
    Throw out all your Wham! cassettes Christians!

  14. duh

    She’s “Miss California.” She represents California. Prop 8 went 52% to 48% for a state constitutional amendment to restrict legal marriage to opposite-sex couples, with an 80% voter turnout. She should have said her answer was correct from the perspective of American democracy. The losers in any election or referendum are free to whine all they want afterward, but by definition we don’t need to “respect” their opinions by agreeing with them.

  15. rocket2

    DEVA — you don’t live in a free country, your previous government took that away from you or have you conveniently forgotten the Patriot Act. Opinions are great and having one is important. It’s equally important to recognize that there is room for everyone — think inclusive instead of exclusive.

  16. mitosis

    #109 its because the people who founded this country left europe to escape religious persecution.

    Now in this country founded on the belief that you should practice what you believe and still be seen equal as your American neighbor, People are speaking out against the god given rights of human equality in the name of their religion. its a cluster fuck of contradiction.

  17. PunkA

    I had no idea that Miss USA represented me, a dude who can not gain entry into a beauty pageant, now would want to. I thought she represented the pageant system. Seriously, you are trying to say Miss USA, someone chosen by a few jaded voters represents the nation? That is hilarious. Of course, I do understand that many gay men live vicariously through the pageant “princess” dream, but they need to get a grip. We just want her to look hot, not be completely stupid, and then entertain us. Dancing monkeys, that is all they are. But with more silicone.

  18. Jrz

    Why do I come here? What kind of stupid fucking question is that?

  19. Matrim

    Ok, I have no problem with people speaking their minds, but they also have to understand that if I find their opinion to be incorrect (or, worse, repugnant), I will voice MY opinions in turn. Just because someone is allowed to say what they want doesn’t give them a pass for reactions to that opinion. You are welcome to express any sort of view (sexist, racist, etc), but you’ll have to deal with the repercussions of your opinions. Consequently, when someone publicly states that they are opposed to loving people being recognized by the state because their Bronze Age book of myths tells them it’s wrong (with no never-mind to some of the less convenient rules like eating shellfish, shaving, or blending fibers), I’m going point out that they are fucked up. Sorry, that’s how it goes.

  20. Obama Khan

    Why are some people so afraid of her opinion? If more young woman followed the faith of their mothers and fathers, instead of mocking it 24/7, would this really be a worse-off world? Good for her, she’s brave, considering the same attack machine that savaged Sarah P. is still out there…waiting…

  21. Fat Chicks Suck

    This chick is super hot and it’s ridiculous she lost simply for honestly answering a question. It’s an issue the country is divided on and it probably shouldn’t have been asked in the first place. Sure I disagree with her opinion but that doesn’t make her wrong in this instance. It’s so ridiculous how stuff like this gets blown out of proportion. You have to tippy toe around every controversial topic to avoid having half of the country hate you – it’s beyond stupid.

    Lucky for her she’s hot as fuck and this will provide her with her 15 minutes. She’ll probably end up more famous than if she would have won.

    Man are beauty pageants dumb. I love the hot, young, skinny girls…but the whole concept is hilarious. They don’t even air Miss Teen USA on TV anymore and with stupidity like this it won’t be long before they all completely fade away. The last “event” is asking confident, naive girls with little common sense stupid, pointless questions that they are expected to dance around and not give a straight answer.

    I’d say it’s about time we just draw a black line through that “freedom of speech” nonsense.

  22. KittenPuncher

    Sarah who?

  23. Misanthrope

    Is this idiot wants to be “biblically correct” then she should probably start stoning people to death.

  24. Jrz

    Why don’t they start asking beauty pagent contestants the questions people really want to know their opinion on?
    Who is prettier, Barbie Doll or Jazmine the Brat?
    If you were a lip gloss flavor, what flavor would it be? (and you know half would say, “Um…pink!”

  25. mike

    Because it’s a retarded pageant, the criticism was that she was spouting her personal religious beliefs instead of being a proper “representative” of California. Unfortunately she compound that by her religious reference on the Today Show. But, in reality, the flamers who run and judge the pageant should be required to provide evidence that her viewpoint was not representative. Good luck – not just in California, but in other states gay marriage has been voted down repeatedly and routinely fails to get a majority in opinion polls. There’s never been a majority that wants gay marriage legalized. The protesters don’t want democracy, obviously. They want a victory regardless of how the majority of citizens feel. That ‘s why they’re going to the courts now. But it all boils down to this: do you, as a state citizen, want your state tax money and property rights to be distributed in a way that does not distinguish between heterosexual and gay marriage? The majority answer is no in California. State rights, baby, if you don’t like ‘em, move to another state. Nobody’s stopping you.

  26. Rick

    The questions the male viewers want to ask are: 1. spit or swallow? 2. anal-willing?

    Perez Hilton would have much more personal credibility if he were evaluating those answers.

  27. Fat Chicks Suck

    Also: I want to touch her boobies

  28. Jeff W.

    “Biblically correct” = “I am a stupid person who believes in 2000 year old fairy tales and I base my decisions on magic and superstition.”

  29. Bill

    “Liberal” = freedom-loving, pro-inclusive-democracy person…who rejects the voters’ clear intentions when they are “incorrect”.

  30. Eddy

    This makes me really thankful that most hot female celebrities seem moderately intelligent (I mean, most actresses seem able to rub a few brain cells together, and this makes pretty much everyone else seem like a rocket scientist and a brain surgeon) and for some of the witty, smart bloggers we do have in the world. I’m talking to you, Mr. Superficial.

  31. Matrim

    “if more young woman followed the faith of their mothers and fathers, instead of mocking it 24/7, would this really be a worse-off world?”

    Um . . . yes, because we’d have no modern science, medicine, or progress.

  32. J

    although, I am for Gay Marriage, I am ok with her remarks about Gay marriages, for one sole reason, freedom of speech!! Hello people get with it she is intitled to her opinion regardless about wheter she is right or wrong.

  33. AnalPatrol

    Somewhere, deep in the buttcrack of LA and NYC, gays and lesbians are actually meeting now and discussing how to publically deal with the Miss California answer. And they are developing a strategy. Seriously. Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it.

  34. Dan

    Ridiculous = a person who gets worked up over a bimbo stating her personal views on a personal issue in a beauty pagent.

  35. Megan

    #39 -

    I hate religions in general, but thanks for that. If more religious people were like you, maybe religions in general would be more tolerable.

    Anyway, whoever is saying “it’s her opinion – she shouldn’t have lost for it!”, you’re all idiots. If she were to say “I don’t think blacks and whites should marry,” you’d have a field day with it. Because that’s wrong. And you know it is. The issue of gay marriage will hopefully be settled soon just like the issue of interracial marriage was. It’s just a shame that it’s 2009. For fuck’s sake. But that’s the power of religion, isn’t it?

    I don’t care if your opinion is that gays shouldn’t marry. The FACT is that you’re an ignorant bigot who is possibly annoyed that someone else may actually be happy in their relationship. As #39 said, atheists and people of every religion are allowed to marry, it’s not just for Christians. That goes for people of all races, and people of any sexual persuasion. Get your heads out of your asses.

  36. Dar

    “Liberal” also means being open-minded and tolerant of all views and opinions, unless they differ with your group-think. In that case, liberals turn into such close-minded bigots even the Klan must be impressed.

  37. smarg

    Homosexuality is a filthy, disease-ridden practice explicitly condemned by God.

  38. PunkA

    #125 & 127–

    You mean like–favorite sexual position? Craziest place you ever did? How old were you your first time? How long til you do a Playboy shoot? Did you and Trump hit it yet? How many times do you have to bang Trump if you win the pageant?

  39. sam

    She sounded like a moron. I think the clip above left off the first part where she said something like how it’s “great that in our country people can choose either gay marriage or opposite marriage.” If you can only choose it in what, four states, that leaves a big part of the country with no choice.

    And “opposite marriage?” Please.

    Her makeup was fabulous, her teeth are perfect (probably veneers), but she is a bimbonic idiot.

  40. Jakey

    The paranoia here is either hilarious or depressing. Nobody advocated removing freedom of speech, censoring her, whatever the fuck you’re thinking. You have no idea why she lost, you’re just assuming a cause and effect because then it can be the liberals’ fault and she can be, like, a martyr for free speech or something. (You do know nobody stopped her from saying this on national television, and that she was invited to elaborate on it a couple days later on national television, right? You know, the video up there? She can say whatever she wants.)

    Anyway, seriously, did you see what she said? I wouldn’t be surprised if her opinion had nothing to do with her losing. The way she said it was outrageously inarticulate and ungrammatical; you couldn’t even tell what she was trying to say until she finally leaned back on “between a man and a woman.” If anyone could misspell a word by saying it out loud, she could.

  41. Bob

    She is right, that simple.

  42. newdawn

    Miss California needs no apology. Faggots and queers shouldn’t marry each other. God said a MAN and A WOMAN, period.

  43. justifiable

    #126 “State’s rights” was the argument the South used to justify slavery and was their rationale for seceeding for the Union, so congratulations on having a 19th century mindset. You must be so proud. Since the federal government is involved in marriage – it issues green cards, you get federal tax breaks through the IRS – it’s not a “state’s rights” issue.

    Now let me bring you up to date – the electorate doesn’t interpret the Constitution, that’s the role of Supreme Court. Which is also why the country didn’t vote on the Civil Rights Act – the people don’t vote to interpret legislative issues unless Congress, by a 2/3 majority, decides they can.

    BTW, unconstitional issues get put on the ballot and voted on all the time. CA Prop 187 famously passed with an overwhelming majority and was signed into law. And then was overturned by in federal court. CA Prop 14 overturned the Fair Housing Act and allowed sellers to discriminate – and Reagan supported it and became governor on that stand. The Supreme Court overturned it under the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment. So enjoy Prop 8 while it lasts – then move when it gets overturned, no one will stop you. I hear Uzbekistan’s nice this time of year.

  44. ph7

    Did anyone actually listen to the answer she gave? She was a rambling idiot. If she made an intelligent explanation of her position on homosexuality, she’d have been fine. But she couldn’t even string a coherent sentence together, so she came across exactly as she is: a reactionary bibie thumping hillbilliy with no ability to construct a rational argument.

  45. Rick

    People like Perez Hilton want legal recognition of the achievement of having one guy (for the most part, at least some of the time) tear up his anus. Guess what? Not. Gonna. Happen.

  46. liz4sale

    i dont get why everyone is calling her stupid. just because shes beautiful and was in a miss usa pageant that makes her stupid? i think she stumbled a little on that question because it was loaded and those girls are under a lot of pressure to be perfect up there. cut her a break.

  47. Roxi

    Perez Hilton is an IDIOT, he expected to hear what? every person has the right to express themselves, we may agree or not, hes gay and for him gay marriage would be the ideal but just because hes Ok with it that doesnt mean that the entire Population has to think alike, well done Miss California!

  48. Danklin24

    Umm who cares about the pageant? They kinda lost all credibility when they made Perez Hilton a judge. I actually think its funny that she told Perez she doesnt think he should be allowed to marry, not that anyone wants to marry that fat flaming fuck.

  49. Chris

    I have no problem with gays receiving the same rights and benefits through a civil union, but do we need to start rewriting the dictionary?

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