Miss California defends herself on Today Show

April 21st, 2009 // 433 Comments

Miss California Carrie Prejain who claimed marriage should only be between a man and a woman during the Miss USA pageant – with Perez Hilton as one of the judges – stopped by The Today Show where Matt Lauer gave her a chance to revise her answer. Here’s what she said:

“The way that I answered might have been offensive … but for me, it was being biblically correct.”

Unfortunately for Miss Prejean, mixing various fabrics together is forbidden in the book of Leviticus which means her entire pageant gown is biblically incorrect. Sorry, but Jesus says I have to stone you. Now, smile!

Video: MSNBC

  1. Jrz


  2. #50 – Seriously, what do you people have against the word “ass”?

  3. Jrz

    The only church I belong to is the Church of Fabio Cannavarro….man….could you imagine….”The body of Fab…..” “A-fucking-men. Padre!”

  4. missywissy

    Miss Prejean for Governor of California! Be true, not politically correct. That’s awesome.

  5. Nugaloopagus

    OMGTISFF! You are such a clever writer! Leviticus! Ha ha ha ha. Oh that’s rich! Are you still getting most of your content from Fox News?
    Oh God how I love Liberals! With their “Free speech as long as I agree with it,” mantra. It gets even better when some of them even admit to wanting to physically abuse a woman for what she says and how she sounds! Such compassion.
    Ass clowns…

  6. KittenPuncher

    @52. Much like the Indians and their devotion to the cow, the UK used to view donkeys in much the same fashion. So to this day they still do not like referencing the word “ass” as it is disrepectful to the donkey. Hence why the word evloved into “arse”.
    True story.

  7. Don

    @48. What was disrespectful? She didn’t say fag or queer or fudgepacker or carpet muncher or lesbo. She believes in the Bible. She’s not the first & she won’t be the last. Politically incorrect? Yes. Offensive? Hardly. I don’t like women with visible ribcages. Politically incorrect? Maybe. Do I give a rat’s ass? No. Would it cost me in a beauty pagent? I wouldn’t make it past my front door. La de da. She thinks marriage is for men & women only. What’s the problem? It’s her right as a hot American to feel how she wants.

  8. Jrz!!! Rich!!!

    Fuck me running, I miss youse guys.

  9. Mr. Obvious

    Serves Perez right for asking a question with a political agenda. Usually, those questions for beauty pageants are open-ended with no-right or wrong answer. Obvious in the mind of Perez there was a right answer and he wanted her to give that answer.

    Guess what, opinions are like assholes, everyone’s got one and you probably don’t want to go anywhere near it.

    If you’re going to use the pageant for as a political soap box, don’t be upset that someone else has a different opinion.

  10. Kal

    Perez Hilton is a fucking douchbag. Bottom Line.

  11. thining it through

    I think they should absolutely be allowed to get married, why shouldn’t they be as miserable as the rest of us?

  12. thining it through

    I think they should absolutely be allowed to get married, why shouldn’t they be as miserable as the rest of us?

  13. Gordon Sumner

    Biblically correct? She, like almost all Americans, has obviously not actually read the Bible. (Nice passages and easy-to-read pamphlets don’t count.)
    Yes, according to Leviticus homosexuality is an “abomination” in the eyes of God.
    Unfortunately, so is shellfish and pig. Hopefully, poor Miss California doesn’t eat shrimp cocktails or bacon; otherwise she’s going to hell!

    Poor thing…

  14. J-Heezy

    Prop 8 would have passed in California if gays had the right to vote!

  15. Monkey But

    Like most hot bitches, she’s got the smile and the cute ass. I just wish they knew when to shut up.
    Like my good friend used to say, “You have to talk to them eventually”.

  16. andy7171

    How did this get to be a question? Whatever her answer was going to piss off one group of people. This girl had the courage to tell the truth.

  17. Pooterific

    Who gives us fV(k!? I would so bang that pu$$y until either it her choochy started bleeding or the skin on my c0ck rubbed off. Then I would jam my digits in her brown eye and have her lick the sh|t off with the tip of her tongue. After that, I would spunk in her hair and give her a noogie with her own fist… well all that or I would just beat off to all the Google Images of her.

  18. Veggi!!!
    Hemlock Queen!!!

    See? I know people too…….

  19. justifiable

    #39 You’re sort of missing the point. Miss CA can interpret it however she wishes, because thankfully the Bible isn’t the source of our laws (we’re not burning witches, sacrificing animals and putting adulterers to death). Good thing, too, because within its covers you will find a supporting and a contractory argument for just about every modern law on the books, so it’s not exactly helpful as a legislative roadmap. Use it a personal code of conduct and a guide to your faith as much you wish, I personally hope it brings you great joy, inspiration and solace.

    But when you use it to try to prevent anyone in this country from having the same civil rights and due process you do because they don’t look, believe, think or fuck just like you do, I’ll make you eat it.

  20. you guys are a hoot!!

  21. Buzz

    Perez Hilton is a worthless faggot! Who sucks the shit out of liberal assholes!

  22. KittenPuncher

    I always thought the Bible was kind of like an Archie comic. Just something you leave on the back of the toliet for people so they can have a good laugh when they are eliminating.
    Jughead wore a crown. Just like that Jesus fella.
    The parallels are endless.

  23. #56 – Thanks KP… I’d like to kick all of the UK in the dinkey after learning that.


  24. Jrz

    Then say hi to them and shut the fuck up then, Frist. You want a fucking cookie or some shit? Shit-startin motherfucker…..

  25. Trent

    The pro-gay movement is about as tolerant of opposing views and opinions as the terrorists

  26. Martin

    “she was asked a question and she answered it honestly ”

    Yeah, I don’t know how to break this to you, but “being honest about your bigotry”, while admirable, is not really a quality one looks for in anyone in an ambassadorial role.

    Her opinion is that gays shouldn’t be allowed to marry. Our opinion, and apparenlty the judges opinion is that opinion makes her a filthy f*ckstain. We’re both entitled to our opinions, what’s the problem?

    You think she’s entitled to win or something? Despite any opinion she might have? Honesty is the only criterion? So if she honestly answered “I plan to make a porn movie with midgets as soon as I’m crowned” that wouldn’t be grounds for docking her points?

    Don’t be stupid

    It’s just that she was docked points for holding the same opinion as you, and you don’t like the fact that people dislike you for your opinions.

    Get over it you baby.

  27. Barney Frank

    70% 0f gays were born that way.

    The other 30% got sucked into it.

    Until Barry Obama finishes his prophecy and turns the USA into a marxist state, the will of the people in CA voted no to same sex marriage. Live with it or move someplace else.

  28. Vivian

    Perez is such a pussy. Boohoo you didn’t get the answer that you wanted to hear. Burn in hell fag.

  29. azalea

    Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes straight to the core. So does stupidity.

  30. Jrz

    For everyone who’s getting their undies in a bunch about Miss California’s answer……she’s a bubble head, beauty pagent contestant….anything she says that is actually coherent should be taken with a grain of salt.

  31. John

    Good for her!

    Maybe people will start pulling their heads out of their asses and realize that homosexuality is a sin and disgusting.
    I am proud to say I tell fags to get the fuck away from me and my family when they come near. Perverts!

  32. Jrz

    For everyone getting their undies in a bunch about Miss California’s answer….she’s a bubble headed beauty pagent contestant….anything she says that’s actually coherent should be taken with a grain of salt.

  33. KittenPuncher

    @82. You believe in Santa and the Easter Bunny still, dont ya sunshine?

  34. Buzz


    Good for you!

  35. Kathryn Spellman

    Biblically correct? Not only does this woman need to be schooled on the separation of church and state, she obviously doesn’t read her Bible. If she did, she’d know that it’s full of all sorts of marital arrangements that are illegal in the US, most notably polygamy.

  36. ...Dreamin'

    I immediately liked her after she stood up for what she believed in. That’s rare these days.

  37. @84 of course not santa and the easter bunny are anti christian and take away the true meaning of the holliday… halloween too….

    click my name to sign the petition to make homosexuality illegal

  38. Jennifer

    There are alot of idiots on here that fail to see the point of all this. That girl got up on stage and said she believes that marriage should be between a man and woman, but that wasnt the question. She was asked if all states should follow in the steps of Vermont making same sex marriages legal.

    The States that have chosen this did this for political reasons and to improve the quality of life for same sex couples in this country not because the liberals are trying to slap all Bible believers in the face!

    This wasnt the place for her to spout her beliefs, but to say what she felt about the politics of this country which is based on the separation of church and state, and obiviously she and her “this is what I belive” statement failed to do the job.

    Some of you dummies need to get some edjumacation before you go opening your mouths.

  39. KittenPuncher

    Nice. Halloween is a “holliday” now??
    USA!! USA!!!

  40. mikeock

    Geez, what happened to living in a country where we could be polite and honest? Perez Hilton is a flaming asshole. His response to Miss California only proved that. Blog this, moron: The majority of the country is tolerant of gays but opposed to gay marriage. Deal with it. if you want it changed, advocate for a vote. Let the majority decide.


  41. m

    Matt Lauer is a fucking assclown

  42. click my name to sign the petition to make homosexuality illegal

  43. Drunkman

    Definitely don’t agree with her views but you gotta respect that she has the guts to stand by her conviction despite the controversy it’s going to cause.

  44. BIll

    Spelled her name wrong.

  45. Cooookkkiiiieeessss………almost as good as booooobbbbbiiiiiieeeesss.

  46. PunkA

    I am trying to figure out why Perez Hilton is not taking more heat for asking such a divisive and politically charged question. Clearly, he had an agenda. In my book, that was totally unfair to the one contestant asked that question. Perez needs to apologize to her for that alone, regardless of what her answer was. She did not deserve to be put on the spot in that way, in that forum. IT is a beauty and scholarship pageant for hell’s sakes. PH needs to apologize to her, but he won’t. He’s way too arrogant and full of himself. And no, I am not talking about the fact he swallows his own jizz.

  47. Alex

    Why is it OK for some people to speak their mind, ie gays, but when someone feels differently, there is an uproar? She can think whatever she likes, freedom of speech. If I agree with her or not, she can say what she wants. What the fuck is this, Nazi Germany? I mean, look at this board? Saying horrible things about those who believe the Bible. That is OK but saying what she thinks is somehow a different story? Our country is headed for ruin, for those who think they are so open minded are only so when the mind suits them and their way of life.

  48. missywissy

    I’m lost. I thought this was America and EVERYONE had a right to their own way of thinking. Something I have noticed is the folks in here that are anti-religion seem so upset and uneasy. Why would you be if you are comfortable with your beliefs? Christianity is here to stay in every form it comes in. Just because one believes in the Bible or the teachings of Christ doesn’t make them perfect, nor should they have to strive for that. You nonbelievers like to force that thought on the ones who do believe. Believers of Christ tend to go with what’s in their heart, sometimes even if it seems “against” the Bible. The only thing wrong with that are these athiests holding every Christian to every standard in the Bible. Do you atheists live your life in a black and white view? Do you all stick to your principles no matter who or what? Our core beliefs are based on the Bible and God tells us his will by giving us that gut feeling, natural instinct, heavy heart, a “little birdie” whispering in our ear, whatever you want to call it. You all are the only ones talking about people going to hell because we didn’t follow something from the Bible that YOU are holding us to. Personally, I think a lot of what it talks about is impossilbe to hold true to this day (i.e. how to treat your slaves). However, a lot can be applied to today. Maybe this is picking and choosing, but if we all were born with the exact same brain and spiritual needs, we could all just be the same and follow the exact same beliefs. He didn’t want us all to be the same. Most dads create their children for their pleasure and to keep family going. Each child in a person’s family is unique and different. We are expected to follow our parent’s rules and do what’s right. God wants us to talk to him and communicate to him just as our parents want to hear from us and we want to hear from our own kids. It’s nobody’s business how well you all get along with your parents and it’s nobody’s business our relationship with our father. I wouldn’t tell you ” your dad told you not to say this or do that” and that’s exactly what you tell Christians when you say “you’re going to hell for that”. If that were true, everyone would go to hell because nobody is perfect and we all have different sides to us. Hey athiests: quit holding us to higher standards than we hold ourselves. Trying to win people away from Christ isn’t the way to go.

  49. Kimberwolf

    Apparently, the only time you can truly express your opinion, even when asked, is in the voting booth.

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