Miss California defends herself on Today Show

April 21st, 2009 // 433 Comments

Miss California Carrie Prejain who claimed marriage should only be between a man and a woman during the Miss USA pageant – with Perez Hilton as one of the judges – stopped by The Today Show where Matt Lauer gave her a chance to revise her answer. Here’s what she said:

“The way that I answered might have been offensive … but for me, it was being biblically correct.”

Unfortunately for Miss Prejean, mixing various fabrics together is forbidden in the book of Leviticus which means her entire pageant gown is biblically incorrect. Sorry, but Jesus says I have to stone you. Now, smile!

Video: MSNBC

  1. I feel that such as many Americans are like, such as the gays and for example, the map of the world and such as the bible says so.

    I’ll bet you a hundred bucks her lil man in the canoe was rocked by Miss New York. She’s too embarrassed to admit it.

  2. Miss California

    I want world peace,too. But only for everyone who believes in the Bible.

  3. You don’t get an opinion until you are forty.

  4. dirk

    California voters voted against gay marriage. Sorry. Why are the libs so intent on demonizing her? It’s her opinion. NBC now has a political test as part of winning? You have to agree with the libs or you can’t win. FU.

  5. thats right people “the gays” are the new blacks

    wait for the vote in on gay and straight water fountains

  6. Objection sustained


  7. The Baconator

    Sigh. Another beauty contestant bimbo desperate to appear more intelligent than she can ever hope to be…

  8. Funny. I am watching it right now. Wow. She is pretty.
    Wait…she didn’t win???? What the fuck!

  9. Donkey Dongey Dong

    Ugh…the liberals and that stupid Mexican fruit, Perez Hilton, were ripping her on TV. Please…she was asked a question and she answered it honestly unlike most of the bimbos on that show. Kudos to her for having the balls to say what she means.

    The fruitcakes are really getting out of hand lately…


    First off, who cares what she thinks…but its unfair to throw shit at her because she stated her opinion. So she thinks its wrong, who cares. I dont care…she doesn’t matter in the long run… would it have been better that she lied? The beauty is that you can say your opinion in this country, even if it makes you look like a ignorant bitch.

  11. Isn’t vanity a sin? Fucking fake ass Christians…

    JANEY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy belated 420!!!

  12. Thinking it through

    The point of the Q&A is to answer a question in an intellegent manner, and be clear and concise in your response. She sounded like an idiot. She didn’t need to be politically correct, jsut coherent. She can whine all she wants now that she lost for expressing her christian beliefs, but she lost because her public speaking skills suck. She could have said: “I understand that America is very divided on this subject. Each person has to reconcile their own opinion with their beliefs and values. I personally do not support same sex marriage, it is not something that my Christian beliefs can support.” She could have even said that the role of Miss USA should not be politicized and abstained from asking the question. But she bumbled around too much “SUCH AS…”

  13. norton

    Statistics vary widely, but Census information states that 1.5% of the US population is gay/lesbian/bi.

    Even if you use the gay derived 10% they are still a minority.

    Regardless, this was her opinion and nothing else. She’s entitled to that opinion, folks, just like gays are entitled to their opinions.

    Don’t beat this girl up for her beliefs, and nobody will beat you up for yours.

  14. havoc

    What genius made Perez Hilton a judge?


  15. dubba

    @11 pride is a sin

    …but that doesnt stop them from putting jesus fish bumper stickers on their cars

  16. jearr

    lol leviticus. Clown shoes.

  17. Sadie Ann

    She makes my heart rate go up, as in i would like to knock her stupid face in. I mean, this girl even looks stupid. She is pretty in that dead-in-the-eyes kind of way, retarted men like that look. Its not her views that get me going, its how horrifically unintelligently she expressed them. These poor women don’t even know how to be articulate on the spot! What an ignoramus!

  18. TheBarnaby

    Jeez. You should see her on http://www.everyflight.com

  19. #14 I was wondering the same thing. That’s like having Fish here be a judge.

  20. missywissy

    “matt louer gave her a chance to revise her answer”….

    Why should she have to? It’s her opinion. Should she have lied and came up with something politically correct to say so she could be cozy with PEREZ HILTON????? Although I don’t agree with her, kudos for being honest and sticking to her beliefs.

  21. Humpin frog

    Perez Hilton is an asshat of biblical proportion. I wish she had just kicked his teeth in and said, “I think that answers your question”.

  22. Now Perez Hilton can make or break you? what is superfish doing this year?

  23. kyo

    Regardless if you agree with her or not, she did not state her answer properly or clearly. What the fuck is opposite marriage?
    She failed.

  24. Justin

    #1…..is that english????

  25. #19 – At least Fish would have asked to see her tits…

  26. sokka

    i agree she should have her opinion

    but i do not agree that winning a popularity contest by directly offending tthe judges is a good tatic

    would you tell a black judge that you believe in white supermacy?

    would you tell a jewish judge that hitler was spot on?

    theres a time and place for the soapbox and she only hurt her cause

  27. lina

    i think he want the answer the way he wants,that is stupid. i hope the teacher are not teaching our kid this way. someone should answer any question the way he/she thinks not the other people may think.America is for everybody not only for gays or straights.

  28. SIJ

    How come everyone is encouraged to share their opinion, unless it’s this one? This is a difficult stance to take, and I may not agree, but I respect her opinion and her ability to stick by what she said.

  29. #27 – Or people with grammatical expertise, apparently…

  30. stevo

    Pretty in a plastic kind of way.

    Needs bigger fake boobs.

  31. Jen

    Why was this even a question in a Miss America contest? Her job is to look pretty in a dress, and maybe juggle things or something, not be a politician.

  32. missywissy

    FYI SUPERFICIAL writer: Jesus said “let he who has not sinned cast the first stone”.

    That is so stupid for you to talk about a religion when you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. With all the Jesus remarks you make, it’s so obvious you not only believe in Christ, you feel it is your DUTY to mock him. Why?

  33. jrc1179

    Good for her!!! I wish more people in this country had the guts that she has. This country is becoming a bunch of PC everybody has to feel good PUSSIES!!!! In life there are winners and losers. Not everyone is going to “feel good” all the time!!!! People need to learn that and get back to the real good old USA where we had a spine!!!

  34. joe

    #27 and #28

  35. KittenPuncher

    Who gives a flying F what this cunny thinks?
    We as Americans know how intolerant we are to anything outside of the Christian belief system. Should we have expected anything else from a vapid “beauty pageant” contestent like her?
    Baby steps America. An African American President is enough for one year. We can’t be expected to have two open minded people running our country, can we? And yes, besides the Commander-in-Chief, Ms USA is our greatest export to the rest of the world.

  36. Where's Darkwing Duck?

    If you’re going to insult her intelligence, please proofread your post.
    You just proved how horrifically unintelligent you are. Don’t judge others!

  37. Libtastic

    People have the right to be ignorant if they want. That’s why ALL marriages should be

  38. This site is ravaged by ugly women

    hahahahahahah you pig-whores here sure sound jealous! This girl is 10 times prettier than any hags on this site. Kill yourselves and at least hold the magazine up for your man while he is trying to hold his supper while kindly fucking you.

  39. It is in fact wrong to go out and say you are against gays.

    The bible tells to be accepting of all people, regardless of their beliefs or who they are.

    It is okay to think it is wrong, and not partake in being gay yourself, but it is wrong to actively go out and put it down and or avoid, or not accept the gay community.
    Talking to a gay will not make you gay, nor will it make God feel less of you, rather, God will be more accepting of you, for accepting his creations, regardless of how they turned out.

    Another point is, is that there is hardly anything against gays in the bible, like, maybe two things, as a matter of fact. And anything that may sound like it is, is taken out of context, referring to father and son or pedophilia, not being gay.

    A final point is that, this day in age, gay marriage is not merely about religion. It has become a social custom and has far too many laws involved in it for it to be a religious thing. Atheists and people of religions that don’t define a marriage get married every day.
    Also, according to the bible, marriage, not only between man and woman, is about raising a child. Many people who are not able to have children, or don’t plan to have or even adopt get married every day. Why? Because it’s against religion? No. Because it’s a social custom and because of the hundreds of laws involved are to their benefit.

    Gay marriage is not a problem, it’s that people do not understand their religion or the world.
    Not accepting the gay community, or any community for that matter is only going to bring you down in the end.

  40. Jrz

    Isn’t there a biblical rule about airheads proselytizing about social issues? Please?

  41. Warren Piece

    #24 – Janey was joking you beauty contestant. Janey was making fun of last year’s.

  42. Jrz, I’d go look to see, but I used all the paper up in my bible. Right Rich? RIGHT???????
    Oh yeaaaaaaaaaaaah.

  43. libtastic

    People have the right to be ignorant if they want. That’s why ALL marriages should be deemed civil unions in the eyes of government, with no distinction between who enters into the civil union. Let the individual churches decide who gets to call their union a marriage and let individuals decide which churches they want to support. The government should stay out of the marriage business altogether. End of story.

  44. Joey

    soooooo…we’re supposed to shun people who believe marriage should be between a man and woman. Yeah, how awful. Thanks for clearing your answer up to please liberals.

  45. #41 – (pssssst) Don’t try to bestow a sense of humor of the idiots of the world… we need people to laugh and point at…

  46. timmy the dying boy

    @39: I’m not a Christian, not much of anything really, but if that community had a few more people in it with your sense, the world would be a whole lot less screwed up. Thanks for the sensible take on this.

  47. KittenPuncher

    Gosh. Its bad enough trying to seperate Church & State.
    Now we have to add Beauty Contests into the mix?
    Tommy Jefferson is spinning in his grave.

  48. yan

    miss usa is supposed to be a role model and answering a question in such a disrespectful way is not what makes a good role model.

    the way she answered the question shows that she does not respect others beliefs that do not meet her own and is not a tolerant person

    it is ok to disagree it is ok to not believe that gays should be married. but it is not ok to display intolerance in such a disrespectful manor

    that is why she lost

  49. Charles Few

    Dammit! I thought “Defends Herself” meant she’d be fighting Meredith V. in a steel-cage death match!


  50. Solo

    Americans are funny..who the fuck cares about gay ppl? if they want to be gay that’s their choice ..it’s not like you are getting fcked in the arse. If she feels that way then good for her, at least she has an opinion!

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