Miss USA is an Arab!

May 17th, 2010 // 248 Comments

Donald Trump did it again.

Last year he brought us the topless bigot parade of Carrie Prejean, and now this year he’s gone ahead and pissed in the “Real America’s” face by naming Arab-American and Miss Michigan Rima Fakih Miss USA 2010. Not only that, she beat Miss Oklahoma who supported the controversial Arizona immigration law. If Texas doesn’t secede by noon, it’s the Mexican’s fault. The AP reports:

During the interview portion, Fakih was asked whether she thought birth control should be paid for by health insurance, and she said she believed it should because it’s costly.
“I believe that birth control is just like every other medication even though it’s a controlled substance,” Fakih said.
Woolard handled the night’s toughest question, about Arizona’s new immigration law. Woolard said she supports the law, which requires police enforcing another law to verify a person’s immigration status if there’s “reasonable suspicion” that the person is in the country illegally.
She said she’s against illegal immigration but is also against racial profiling.

What the-? That’s like saying you’re for the Holocaust but against genocide. Or you like to make peanut butter but only with white people instead of peanuts. Which brings me to an important point, why the hell are we even asking questions in a beauty pageant that features a swimsuit competition?

ASSISTANT: What if we asked them about politics?
TRUMP: BAHAHAHAHA! Women and politics. Hilarious! Make it happen or I’ll shoot you out of a catapult.
ASSISTANT: Yes, my liege.
TRUMP: *eats a giant turkey leg*

UPDATE: And her crown’s already in trouble.

Photos: WireImage

  1. Nice!
    she is gorgeous! she totally deserved to win, you ignorant douche bags who cant get past her ethnicity need shut yer mouths..

  2. she is gorgeous! she totally deserved to win, you ignorant douche bags who cant get past her ethnicity need shut yer mouths..

  3. How about they just ask everyone in AZ for their proof of citizenship for no reason at all. Ask everyone automatically.

    There. Now nobody feels bad that the legal Mexicans look sort of like the 500,000 illegal Mexicans that are not supposed to be in AZ. Everybody is happy.

  4. oh, wow

    I just have to say that I log onto this website every now and then for its truly superficial entertainment, which is what it is meant for–no secret there. I’m not sure what made me want to read through the hundreds of comments on this article, but it was probably the combination of perverted statements, heated politics, and extreme ignorance that was displayed.

    I am a 1st generation American. My parents immigrated here with nothing, acquired legal citizenship, put themselves through school, and have raised a beautiful family without a dime of government money or an ounce of the feeling of “entitlement.” I am educated. (And FYI: I exercise, eat well, and am not a typical “fat American,” which I’m sure someone would unnecessarily like to assume.) I truly love the USA and what it was founded upon. However, these times in the world today are so sick and twisted, and some of the comments written are truly embarrassing.

    To those that are from other countries on this truly small planet of ours: please know that not all of us Americans are lazy, close-minded, and uninformed individuals. Some of us are actually aware of the nature of the global environment and of the (sometimes rightfully) negative view other countries have on ours. I cringe when reading some of these comments.

    At any rate, beauty pageants have a reputation of being pretty shallow, and, in the grand scheme of things, pointless….kind of like this website. I wish everyone would realize that this is just celebrity gossip and should be used just as a temporary 5-minute escape on our lunch break from the real world and real-life problems we are all actually facing. So everyone turning this into a political argument or disgusting racial battlefield, just stop. You’re really wasting your breath on a lowlife (and occasionally entertaining and funny) website such as this one.

    Phew…..I think I should really just stop reading the comments. They get me all fired up and posting this crap, when all I’m trying to do is have the Superficial writer make me laugh with stupid comments about Spencer Pratt!

  5. George

    I think she looks ok. Didn’t really watch the pageant this year. She looks like a tranny in picture 5, though.

  6. lol

    lol politics

  7. Sera

    Hahahaha, Im really getting a laugh out of reading these comments.. just because the idiot superficial writer points out she is of middle eastern decent all the jim bobs and tom boys come out with their best Arab jokes (hardy har har! god bless ameriku)

    yettttt drool over Kim Kardashian like a fatboy about to eat a cheesburger … Helloo, what do you think her ethnic backround is? Mexican? *laughs*

    so to all the white guys making weak arab jokes;
    don’t act like you would even have the luxury of rejecting her…..
    stick to fucking your sister in your mommas trailor ;) (see? i can be racist too :))

    saying all Islamic people do honor killings and blow up buildings is like saying all Christians are a bunch of hysterical, obnoxiously brainwashed jesus freaks whos intelligence does not surpass insulting anyone and anything different…… :)

    and as for all the woman hating… booooooooring, you hating on every female on this site makes you automatically pathetic so your comment is pretty much worthless to society.

    anyways, i think shes beautiful.

  8. I can’t believe you care what ANY beauty pageant contestant has to say about anything political. You should care more what Elena Kegan has to say. Idiot.

  9. NICE! They don’t call it, “Bam, Iran” for nothing.

  10. Lebanese Dude

    This is the most absurd load of racism i’ve ever seen…

    if this is a sample of american society… than dang… you guys are in trouble….

    It’s like USA isn’t the fucking cesspool of ever different kind of ethnicity of the world…. any most of you have the god damned conscious of a rabid dog… WTF?

    she’s a girl that has grown up in the US society… she is a product of that society… even if she is Arab which she is not…

    what a load of dumb-asses you lot are

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  12. she is looking good. i dont see 1 ounce of fat on her, she looks toned as hell.

  13. In summer tank top/shorts, Lebanese-American Rima Fakih wins a radio Channel 99.5 Detroit-sponsored promotional pole-dancing contest one morning in 2007. Swimsuit bikini-clad, she wins the Miss U.S.A. title another day in 2010. Diamond tiara-crowned, she wakes up the next morn publicly stoned by false accusations of being a pole-dancing strip teaser somewhere in her past. In the land of the free where the nation of immigrants are rooted to “In God, We Trust” and society idolizes showy “sexiness,” the “scandalized uproar” sadly smacks of hypocrisy, jealousy, misguided sensationalism, desperate marketing,and cheap advertising! O, America — what is wrong with you? Here’s a few good things to know about this beauty-with-brains winner: 1)She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics minor in Business Administration at the University of Michigan-Dearborn.[The Detroit Blog] 2)She was a volunteer social worker during her college years.[My Fox New York] 3)Rima is the ambassador of The Pink Fund, an organization that provides financial aid to women and men afflicted with breast cancer.[The Pink Fund] 4)She has also worked to raise awareness of breast and ovarian cancer for women’s self-defense.[The Detroit Blog]

  14. jAchmmed

    I agree with post 106- totally political. Typical lefty tuck-tail politics. We keep trying to impress the world’s bully that we like them. Kinda like that little dog in the Bugs Bunny cartoons that was always trying to get the attention of his big tough bulldog friend. Islam would rather slit our throats. They laugh at the weakness in your multi-culturalism and wimpy admiration. When are you pussies gonna wake up and smell the burqa. You liberal women keep up the Arab love and you’ll be wearing one soon. Hope you like black?

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  18. G.D

    Jihads, beheading, bombing and blowing everything up? really? Then why didn’t Muslims bombed and killed everyone before you realized there is actually an islamic nation out there (before 9/11)?
    There are more than 1 BILLION muslims out there, and not even 10% of them are extremists, you just want to believe what you want to believe.

    You think because she’s wearing a bathing suit she’s going to be killed? typical americans! i.e. stupid & ignorant (hell yeah am racist, just like most of you) except for Saudi Arabia, women do wear bikinis in all the Arab countries, you just chose to believe otherwise.

    Bushy? us? and we only shave when we get married? ugh … am not going there .. you have so many false assumptions about every other nationality .. am not wasting my time on you

    and she’s not even that pretty! she has a very nice body and i love her hair but she’s not that pretty .. we have better!

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  20. Tiger

    This article is as racist as it gets!! Shame you idiot author of this piece of crap!

  21. Guest

    It’s not racial profiling, the superifical. People from Mexico are Mexicans. Do we all understand that? Okay, Mexicans speak Spanish. Mexicans have the ethnic appearance of Latin Americans. Everybody with me so far?

    Illegal immigrants, from Mexico, have a similar ethnic profile to each other – they look the same – they are all Spanish – they have naturally tanned skin, and black or very dark brown hair, usually with brown eyes and speak Spanish. That is not being ‘racist’ it is stating a fact. Let me help you all understand that further, if you don’t get it.

    Most American’s are caucasian – before you start objecting saying that *immigrants to Canada and the US are not white, you are right. I am saying most – look up some statistica.
    But I mean this in the way that, if you saw a white person near the border in Mexico, you would assume they are American, because the USA is on the other side of the border. Okay? Are you following?

    This is the same as if you saw a Mexican (or “Spanish looking” person) near the Mexican border, it is safe to assume they are Mexican. And due to the large number of illegal immigrants sneaking through that border, it is not racial profiling to ask for their citizenship. It’s not racist if it’s a fact.

    Did I make that simple enough for some of you absolutely idiotic readers? Or did I use too many big words?

  22. Guest

    I am talking about the comment in the post about another contestant who was asked about the new law in Arizona – just so you idiots you didn’t read any of the post don’t think I think the girl in the pictures is Mexican. Oh, and by the way I am Canadian. I know more about the US than most Americans. How sad is that? Does that mean Canadians are smart or Americans are stupid?

    Ooh, that’s a tough one. Except it’s not.

  23. Guest


    Yes, but those Muslims who are not extremists are not doing anything to stop, or object to the ones who are. Which makes them just as bad.

    In THEORY, the Islamic religion is a semi-peaceful one, in the history and actual beliefs of the religion. But there is one part which feels like an insolent child’s way of thinking. It basically says that

    “If anybody attacks you physically, you can attack them right back with equal force.”

    Right so, since violence only equals more violence, shouldn’t anybody who knows anything about Muslim people not use physical force to try and get their point/idea/message across to an Islamic country? Be the “bigger man” and talk it out, because the Muslims who are bombing and attacking believe it is their fundamental right to do it, because the people of that country attacked their country.

    There are so many moral things wrong (and right) with that, but it would take me a long time to write it out. The things WRONG with that are that the people who are hurt by these bombs and attacks by extremists are innocent, but the same can be said for SOME of the people in the opposide way (US bombing an Islamic country) Then this whole thing leads to why the Iraq war started in the first place – George W. Bush – and that is basically when the whole world turned against the US. But the Iraw war is not the only war going on in the middle east. If you didn’t know that, you should really, REALLY start to learn more about what is going on on the earth.

    But I’m getting off topic. Re-read paragraphs 1 – 4.

  24. Mano

    A candidate for my harem. That out of place businessman mummy trying to put his paws on her kind of spoils the thought..

  25. What does he nationality have to do with anything?

  26. David Stone

    I wasn’t aware that illegal was a race. Last I heard there are illegal immigrants of every race, and when you check everyone’s ID when they are pulled over there is nothing racist about that. Breaking our laws has nothing to do with race. But I know pulling the race card makes for a nice tool to get leverage with, even if it is disingenuous.

  27. What does he nationality have to do with anything?

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  29. Arab girl just nice& sexy so much, Tempting ah…

  30. Arab girls are very beautiful

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  32. Arabic women come in all colors and shades and exemplify the epitome of beauty Rima was the most beautiful of the bunch. Ya’ll can just take your boring blonde barbies and go because like it or not, she’s miss USA. Go Rima!

  33. nina

    she is sooo hot!!!!! fabulous figure!!!
    i think i will hit a gym tomorrow…

  34. Commented on this photo:

    Arab so what…

  35. :D
    Commented on this photo:


  36. Serah

    being against illegal immigration is NOT contradictory to being against racial profiling. illegal immigration is a crime…hence the word ILLEGAL. Debating Arizonas law is one thing but…

    illegal immigration is an issue of law and law alone.
    and racial profiling based in racism, which is based in hate and ignorance.

    You can be against both, actually, i think MOST people are.

  37. miguelito
    Commented on this photo:

    that’s not Miss Universe

  38. Queenie

    Considering that Americans are the biggest bunch of dumb border-raping genocide-delivering anti-christs that ever did plague the earth (manifest).. its not surprising that Fish here can’t even get his metaphors right. Racial profiling is not the Ritalin to your ADD. Idiot.

  39. pump shoes

    I hate all races except the hot one and she is definitely part of the hot one

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    She probably has to shave three times a day.

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