Miss USA is an Arab!

May 17th, 2010 // 248 Comments

Donald Trump did it again.

Last year he brought us the topless bigot parade of Carrie Prejean, and now this year he’s gone ahead and pissed in the “Real America’s” face by naming Arab-American and Miss Michigan Rima Fakih Miss USA 2010. Not only that, she beat Miss Oklahoma who supported the controversial Arizona immigration law. If Texas doesn’t secede by noon, it’s the Mexican’s fault. The AP reports:

During the interview portion, Fakih was asked whether she thought birth control should be paid for by health insurance, and she said she believed it should because it’s costly.
“I believe that birth control is just like every other medication even though it’s a controlled substance,” Fakih said.
Woolard handled the night’s toughest question, about Arizona’s new immigration law. Woolard said she supports the law, which requires police enforcing another law to verify a person’s immigration status if there’s “reasonable suspicion” that the person is in the country illegally.
She said she’s against illegal immigration but is also against racial profiling.

What the-? That’s like saying you’re for the Holocaust but against genocide. Or you like to make peanut butter but only with white people instead of peanuts. Which brings me to an important point, why the hell are we even asking questions in a beauty pageant that features a swimsuit competition?

ASSISTANT: What if we asked them about politics?
TRUMP: BAHAHAHAHA! Women and politics. Hilarious! Make it happen or I’ll shoot you out of a catapult.
ASSISTANT: Yes, my liege.
TRUMP: *eats a giant turkey leg*

UPDATE: And her crown’s already in trouble.

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  1. ghostt

    Parker, if as a woman you only engage in anal sex you technically stay a virgin until marriage, if you want … so there. all these girls prefer the butt-sex…! good for you

  2. eatme

    I really don’t want to come across as racist, but I think it was highly insensitive to let Rima Farrakhan, a Hairab, win Miss USA. The Miss USA pageant is a national institution, not to be infiltrated by militant extremists with secret agendas. My god, what if she lost and blew up all the fine ass in retaliation? On second thought, good thing she won ;)

  3. I’m a girl and I’d still do her and I’m jelaous of her she’s fucking hot as hell, and any of you other bitches saying shit about her shaving are full of shit….. just wait til winter and we’ll see how smooth you are down there, I hate jealous ass bitches. I also live in Arizona and I don’t see what people want to protect, the white people here are just as nasty, trashy, lazy as the “illegals” but instead of being cheap labor they just sit on their ass collecting welfare and popping out illiterate dumb ass kids, so why don’t you gather them up while you’re at it.

  4. sarah

    She’s gorgeous. Freaking amazng. She has a perfect body and a beautiful face. Stop hating people, no one said what her religion even is, and if she’s muslim so what? She’s american. She is miss american, she wants to be the hott representative of our country. If your racist, go die somewhere, and if you’re saying she’s ugly you’re just upset bc you’d never get a girl that hott, or you’re some fat bitch who is an ugly slob.

  5. Matthew too

    1. She’s hot as shit. Miss America is supposed to be hot, and I’ll be damned she pulled that one off.

    2. Too skinny? Nah, you can definitely see she has abs…so she at least works out. I highly doubt she’s anorexic.

    3. Kim Kardashian, suck it.

    Oh, and both 103 and 104 are right on the money. Found my new background for my phone and pc, thanks, fish.



    Is this supposed to be a Miss America beauty? She is a fucking 5.5 – 6, at best. Take off the makeup and she is a 4.

    This shit is so political it is ridiculous.

  7. Anonymous

    Would totally suicide bomb her vagina with my penis.

  8. Zack

    During the interview part, she said her life goals were to “help the underprivileged, solve the problem of world hunger, and destroy this infidel infested Great Satan—err, stop global warming!”

  9. @ 106 yeah she looks fresh faced and young in that picture, sorry she hasn’t had all the plastic surgery and lipo that everyone uses as a basis for beauty now a days , and what’s your rating ? Let’s all see your picture so we can say how nasty you are !

  10. rachel

    You know you’re a narrow minded fuck when you judge a person on her ethnicity.

    For all the fat ass americans being racist, you’re all foreigners! Only true americans are the native americans, so kinda stupid you judge other people when your grand grand parents came from a different country ain’t it? Maybe your momma shouldn’t have fucked her brother and you wouldn’t be born so stupid :)

    It’s just a beauty pageant, not politics or secret agenda. Stop being paranoid, get your FATASS up from your chair, stop blogging and trolling, go into real life and get a life while you’re at it. It is just a stupid beauty competition, who cares about the dumbass superficial whore that wins?

  11. just enough!

    # 102

    Stop watching detective, cia series. God why we are so stupid. She is an american, she was born in State and is a tax payer. just like you. only difference is she is originally arab. No big deal really. besides who are you afraid of, arabs? our country basically runs every country in the world and we have CIA headquarters in every country.do you honestly believe they’d let an skinny ass miss agent with “secret agendas” in “institution”. I’m sorry to say that but you are stupid as fuck, the only secret agenda she has is vomiting between meals….

    On days like these I always remember the moive Idiocracy

  12. Mo

    Miss Death to America lawl.

    In the future, stick with trashing celebs, leave the political commentary to the adults.

  13. pete

    Sure, she looks good in pictures, but the problem is the smell. It’s like they only use perfume and never bathe. Besides, it gets tedious to bring an animal sacrifice to her dad at the beginning of every date.

  14. Aunt Jemima

    Do you think she has the face of the prophet Mohammed shaved into her pubes? He had a beard and a big nose (clit) so it just might work…

  15. Uncle Sam

    They’re monkeys. There’s no reason to treat them as equals.

  16. Vitali

    I would bang her… BUT… Is That All You’ve Got USA ??? LMAO !!!

  17. Vitali

    She’s ok, I would bang her… BUT Is this all you got, USA ??? LMAO !!!

  18. killerabbit

    Haha, Miss Michigan. Like masturbation.

  19. Stupid Americans

    You Americans are so ignorant and uneducated you can’t tell appart ethinicity from nationality. This girl is a VERY beautiful American woman, and her having dark hari and skin doesn’t make her foreign, immigrant, illegal alien, muslim (apparently she is NOT), taliban, terrorist or belly dancer. Fucktards.

  20. raging boner

    She is totally beautiful and more importantly, I can guarantee you her pussy is shaved and works well. I would love to have a go with her and make a sweet romance in her vagine.

  21. Eric

    She was overjoyed at winning because it means her dad has to wait a year to sell her.

  22. duh

    She’s beautiful, but she was a little obnoxious, and she sounded like a tard during her interview. For one, birth control is not a “controlled substance”, haha! Not surprising that the really smart panel of judges chose her regardless of the fact that she sounded like she had the intelligence of a 7th grader. She was the hottest one, after all

  23. controlled substance

    “a drug or chemical substance whose possession and use are controlled by law”

    maybe because you can’t just got to Wal Mart and buy it over the counter…dunno, but last time I checked you needed a prescription for birth control…can’t write a script unless you are allowed by the gov’t…just sayin.

  24. fred

    funny how some of us americans clown on immigrants forgetting that that’s what we are. i’m of irish descent. rima is of lebanese descent. she’s as much an immigrant as we all are.

  25. eatme

    only thing worse than the arabs is the irish

  26. zzzzz

    did you know the big majority of american ancestors are whores and criminals kicked out of Great Britain to explore new world. If something bad happens during exploration who cares they are low class human beings anyway, no loss no harm! We should learn our history with victorious and degrading facts…

  27. stup

    @ eatme

    you are really stupid, I believe you think all Irish people are agents with secret agenda too. could you please go somewhere and die! or just go outside I’m sure something will happen to you anyway considering your stupidity and illiteracy you haven’t been out for a longtime…sigh

  28. Tim

    I thought I saw a thick black pube sticking out of her swimsuit. But then again, it might have been a wire to an explosive. Anyway, congratulations to the cute and carefully shaved monkeygirl. It’ll be a shame when she lights her panties on fire during her next flight.

  29. fuckface eatme

    Irish descent or any other descent is better than your redneck hillbilly descent you stupid cow. at least other descents have history goes back thousand of years. what do you have you fuck face fucktard

  30. grobpilot

    Seeing as she’s one o’ them fuck-up muslims, mostly likely she’s disgraced her family. So, I won’t be surprised to hear of an “honor killing” in 3…2…1…..

  31. Rachell

    Ok can we get one thing straight?? Iran = Persian country, NOT arab. Jaysus.

    Also, I agree that insurance companies should pay for birthcontrol. Some girls like myself, have to take it to have a normal period and keep our cycles normal. I mean, they fekking cover viagra so shriveled old fucks can get it on, why can we have a normal cycle?

    Also, I think our new Ms. Usa is lovely. Her waist is a bit weird though…I can’t figure out if she just has broader hips by comparison or what, but it looks like there’s some weird dimpling in her flesh around her waist? (Plastics maybe?? oh noes!!)

    Finally, fish, I lol’d at your take on the illegal immigration question. I was thinking the same thing….what a fucking spineless, vapid answer. The point of the interview is to clearly convey your viewpoint, not to PLEASE everyone. She’s not running for the senate FFS.

  32. Shannon

    She looks like Mario Lopez!!!

  33. joe blow

    To the stupid motherfucker who wrote this article:

    She’s not an Arab, you fucking stupid cock-sucking, motherfucking piece of race-baiting shit.

    She is an American.

    How about you show just us celebrity skin, and shut the fuck up about politics, Arabs, or anything other than nearly nekkid celebrities.

  34. raging boner

    @ 126. zzzzz – May 17, 2010 4:10 PM

    did you know the big majority of american ancestors are whores and criminals kicked out of Great Britain to explore new world. If something bad happens during exploration who cares they are low class human beings anyway, no loss no harm! We should learn our history with victorious and degrading facts…
    LOL that’s the Australians old boy. Stay in school ;)

  35. Breeder

    Her crown will be replaced with Explosives stuffed in the metal, Oh can’t profile let her on the plane… THEN BOOM!!

  36. RacistFails

    Racism = FAIL

    Fish you should keep politics out of here, we dont give a Rat’s A$$ except those 5 people who still live in their mother’s basement and are scared to accept that the world has moved on.

  37. Evil

    That’s ok, I can see her belly, she’s one of us… or should I say them as I’m ugly.

  38. zzzzz

    @ raging boner

    I’m actually! I just finished my PhD at London School of Economics thank you very much. And everyone knows what I’ve written is true, you might choose to disagree but it doesn’t change the fact that your ancestors were my ancestors’ jerk off load.

  39. lulu

    @ tim

    your intelligence makes my brain hurt

  40. eatme

    PhD from the London School of Economics but can barely construct coherent English sentences? I smell a rat.

  41. zzzzz

    @ eatme

    Awww that’s so cute, in your little world everyone is native english speaker.

    FYI: I’m Swedish you jackass and trust me my sentences are coherent enough to conduct my studies.

  42. lulu

    @ eatme

    I’ve read you previous post dude if there were a fishy smell it’d be coming from your brain.

  43. eatme


    “did you know the big majority of american ancestors are whores and criminals kicked out of Great Britain”

    “your ancestors were my ancestors’ jerk off load.”

    So, your English ancestors got kicked out of Britain and moved to Sweden? LMFAO you fucking Mösspräst.

  44. zzzzz

    @ eatme


    during industrial revolution they had move to Sweden if you must know. and yeah my ancestors are brittish and I was born in Sweden so were my parents. Just because you are not smart enough to comprehend doesn’t make it wrong you fucktard. Life is way too complicated than your mom’s basement.

  45. eatme


    …right, so the truth is revealed…

    “during industrial revolution they had move to Sweden”.

    Ummmm, what was that you were saying? something about
    “did you know the big majority of american ancestors are whores and criminals kicked out of Great Britain to explore new world. If something bad happens during exploration who cares they are low class human beings anyway, no loss no harm!”

    …and something about…

    “(my) ancestors were (your) ancestors’ jerk off load”?

    Wheel your Ikea cart back into the store you cunt.

  46. zzzzz

    @ eatme

    please stop being so stupid. I’m of Brittish descent but Swede, my parents are of brittish descent as well. So yeah my ancestors are Brittish eventhough I was born in different country.

    god, your stupidity actually hurts my brain. please understand this time because your are killing my teaching enthusiasm.

  47. Trex

    @ zzzzz u were pwned by eatme now hang ur wasa head in shame and go away. dweeb.

  48. eatme

    I guess you have spent too many in the Ikea Ballroom, with lack of oxygen to your brain because you keep getting pushed to the bottom by the “bigger kids” to make the connection so I will spell it out for you:

    It is more than a little ironic that you accuse Americans of being the offspring of ousted lower class Britains when your own family had to emigrate.

    Just breathe deep. It’s all over (for today). I know it can get rough in there.

  49. Lisa

    She is an American not Arab and she is beautiful girl.
    She is raised in Catholic-Muslim family. She is good.So stop your racism. We are American T.

  50. zzzzz

    @ tex

    An ancestor is a parent or the parent of an ancestor retard when you feel like lost just think about a grandparent, great-grandparent, great-great-grandparent.

    @ eatme

    are you seriously fucking with 2000years old country by calling low class. now that’s funny. about emigration you fucktard my ancestors immigrated because of “their personel reasons” industrial revolution period was the wealthiest period in history.

    ok redneck, my mistake I actually gave you a free history lesson but it’s all over now. I know truth hurts. it’ll go away I promise. Only genes stay forever and you can always recognize fucked up genes by looking at descendents, like you. No one knows for sure but obviously you have some incest history which really affected your brain.

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