Miss America

The new Miss America pageant is featuring some controversial “two-piece Speedo swimsuits” which are more revealing than the pageant is used to, but far less revealing that what America is used to. Some contestants/officials are horrified and embarrassed by the whole thing, but that’s because they’re living in the 1950’s when people were killed for showing off their ankles. We live in a society where Britney Spears is God to teenage girls, so big deal if the Miss America pagent features a two piece. Just be thankful that we’re not forcing them to wear g-strings and see through tops which, if I was Emperor of the Universe, would be the first thing to be changed.

Read Article [Skimpy bikinis raise eyebrows at Miss America] — thanks Chas

And here’s the winner of the swimsuit competition, Miss Utah Amy Davis. Why can’t the rest of the contestants be more like Amy and just slut it up? I think that’d be nice.