Miss Universe is a Mexican. OH NOES, WHITE PEOPLE!

August 24th, 2010 // 425 Comments

Miss Mexico Jimena Navarrete was officially named the hottest chick on the planet, or just Miss Universe 2010, in Vegas last night effectively continuing Donald Trump‘s silent campaign to make white people’s heads explode into a boner stew of xenophobia. — I don’t even know what that means. Granted, this was a competition between countries from around the world, a Mexican took the top honor on American soil essentially proving those Minutemen citizen border patrols are nothing but drunken Nazis who suck at life. No, really, she was wearing a bikini and sparkling. That’s like catching a five foot lightning bug. C’mon.

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  1. Miss Universe 2010 Jimena Navarrete
    Commented on this photo:

    she’s got TERRIBLE legs–i hate those non-calf-leg-types….i don’t get it.


    All haters must be Fags or Red necks
    she respresents a minory in mexico like in all races
    theres is ugly an gorgeous girls not all witties are beautiful
    must of whites now days are FAT because all u do is hate and EAT
    mexico wining this contest does mean something just for the uper class in mexico for the regular mexican in mexico is nothing
    for all the ungly mexicans living in usa same shit

  3. jc944

    The prettiest ones of the finalists were Ireland, Puerto Rico and Guatemala.

  4. Miss Universe 2010 Jimena Navarrete
    Yoda Mann
    Commented on this photo:

    Definitely wearing a cup

  5. Marcus

    Will she be doing guest appearances at Taco Bell?

    • Amy

      God, that is such a stupid comment!! Just another white American hating the other people who occupy this Earth!!! White-Americans are their own worst enemies, what idiots!! lol

  6. RoCer

    In your face, motherfuckers. In your face.
    Burns, doesn’t it? It buuuurns!

    And all of you rednecks should go fuck your mother’s pasty white ass.

    A los Mexicanos: ¿Qué putas les explican a los gringos? Ganó una mexicana. Punto. Que si es pinches Otomí o nel, es otro pedo. Es una vieja de lana, obviamente, pero ahí acaba. Si son morenos o no nada tiene que ver con su estrato social y los gringos no van a comprenderlo jamás. La sirvienta en mi casa tiene los ojos azules, así que no me vengan con mamadas, pinches chilangos acomplejados.

  7. Board her buttroll

    Just more forced latino wins. They’ve been the retarded child of North America for so long that people are finally catching up to clapping when they cross the finish line with their pants peed. Rigged.

  8. Ray Sist

    Send more of her to America. We’ll send the 5′ 2″ white tanktop greaseballs back. I can cut my own damn lawn.

  9. Miss Universe 2010 Jimena Navarrete
    Commented on this photo:

    My oh my! What’s with all the hate! F*ckin KKK!

  10. Miss Universe 2010 Jimena Navarrete
    Commented on this photo:

    i’m chick and all you bitches be hatin’ cuz i can honestly say this is one spicey taquito. *sizzles*

  11. Demi Moore

    this bikini looks like it’s made of 8 layers of kevlar. i can’t see any cameltoe :/

  12. Miss Universe 2010 Jimena Navarrete
    Commented on this photo:

    Wouldn’t it be neat if Jimena married a Korean named, Jim Kim. Her name would be Jimena Kim and she would wake up to her husband every morning and say “Good morning Jim” and he would say to her, “Good morning Jim” :)

  13. All this race baiting is ignoring something outlandish.

    Somebody took a smear tool and wiped out the cameltoe in #4 and #6.

    That’s a *real* problem, yo.

  14. ARIANA

    look for “miss mexico world 2009″ her name is Perla Beltran, she was second in miss world and “miss international 2009″ is a mexican Anagaby Espinoza or just type in youtube “nuestra belleza Mexico” the pageant they elecct the misses Mexico, we are beautiful, you most travel one time to mexico to see it!!

  15. Bored with life

    I’d like to stick my dick in her concha and then eat out her culo….

  16. Malewhore

    Cute girl, but most likely she won because Donald wanted to teach America a lesson.

  17. Miss Universe 2010 Jimena Navarrete
    Commented on this photo:

    that’s a plastic patch they put in underwear and bikinis to keep it clean when you try it in a store, they borrow those bikinis that why!!

  18. Cleave

    Maybe she’ll be willing to have an ‘anchor baby’ with me.

    Really though, gorgeous girl.

    She looks like a soap opera/news mexican, not the mexicans I see pushing strollers next to their daughters who are pregnant.

    Though what Mrs. Universe is a typical representation of their home country?
    [The answer is none.]

  19. Miss Universe 2010 Jimena Navarrete
    captain america
    Commented on this photo:

    let’s hope the DRUG-CARTELS are out of business now.

  20. ilikesake

    Wow. I’m just laughing at all these comments. They’re friggin funny as hell. We got all these angry Americans talking about Welfare and Illegal Mexicans etc etc who act like white people don’t abuse the system too. And then we got these other ppl, I’m assuming are Mexicans, commenting out of nowhere, calling this person “racist” and that person “stupid gringo” or whatever. If you guys were frequent readers of the comments, you would know ppl on here say things like this all the time. What’s the point of calling them out? You guys look more stupid.
    BTW- I’m from CAN and we have immigrants from China and India all the time. The difference is, compared to Mexicans, most Chinese immigrants invest. If I were American and had to see tons of illegal immigrants (and a lot of them are illegal, don’t lie!) in an already over populated country like they do every day, I’d be pissed too.

  21. Blowme

    She can blow me in TJ any day of the week. I wonder what brothel she works in?

  22. Sharleyne

    From the start of this competition I knew that Miss Mexico was going to win. She won because I think she answered the best when she was asked her question. Moreover, she’s confident in herself, very smart , prepared, not to mention stunningly beautiful!! All those people out there who are talking crap about her are just Jelous and have no life and have no better arguments and just stereotype Mexicans and people in general. People have to just realize that Hispanic women are One of Gods most beautiful creatures ; most of them are motherly, beautiful, exotic looking , have nice bodies , very smart and dedicated human beings. All of this surpasses racism .. And this is what happens when one is in a racist country.. God decides to lower the arrogance of these people. Overall, humans shouldn’t always find themselves in awe with women or men who apparently look beautiful on the exterior because only God and the people who they are intimate with ( and not nessesarily sexually.. People!) know how these people really are in the inside…but of course there are some who are both beautiful inside and out :) However, have always wondered why humans do these kinds of pagents … About being the most beautiful in the whole wide world.. I mean comon there are more beautiful things in the world than mere human beings .. What about the flowers, animals , the stars, moon and sun … Of this universe.. Don’t they deserve the title of being the most beautiful as well?

  23. Brooke

    I think most winners are non-Caucasian… the recent winners have been Japan and Venezuela, who I think won it twice in a row. Or maybe it was Argentina… well, either way, not white girls. Maybe it’s because the only white girls who ever come to my country are anime fangirls or Eurasian whores, but I don’t think I’ve considered white women to be hot in recent years. Then again, white chicks in the public eye all look the same now– bleach blond, fake tits, tan in a bottle… most of the girls in the Miss Universe pageant look like they’ve had some work on their faces and tits done. Main reason I stopped watching.

  24. adolfo hithler usa

    fuck mexicans fuck judish people viva arpio viva germany all americans hate mexicans

  25. Acapulco Joe

    I live in Acapulco.. there are 15 girls in my gym hotter than this girl and on any given day i see dozens of girls hotter than her… she’s not bad… but there are WAYYYYYY hotter girls in mexico… WAYYYYYY hotter

  26. Acapulco Joe

    btw, if u ever come to Acapulco, stay at Las Torres Gemelas Private Suites (http://LTGPS.com)… tons of hot girls

  27. Bosco

    I’d go south of the border on her. Wonder what the next career step is for former Miss Mexico’s, donkey show?

  28. XYZ

    Plastic/rubber face. Common/ugly. Is it clear for all that she was chosen on political criteria – Mexico, illegal scums etc. etc.? Miss Russia should have won. Even is she hadnt been chosen this way, still she’s a plain Jane. Period.

  29. Distiller

    Veeery average collection! And 50% are immigrants. Are those people more drawn to such contests??

    In any case, ym vote would go to India here.

  30. META

    Love the way her arm hair glistens in the light

  31. Miss Universe 2010 Jimena Navarrete
    Commented on this photo:

    If you took away the 10 pounds of makeup, this could very well be a Mexican boy with implants. Very unimpressed. That said, she/he still looks better than any of the Mexicans I have seen.

  32. bo

    is “she” a Man??

  33. Jeff

    Christ, the Superficial has really gone downhill in terms of writing. Seriously, this is just lazy, race-bating bullshit.

  34. BayAreaHorndog

    To celebrate the crowning of Miss Universe I will be jacking off to this Mexican babe all this week! I once had a Mexican girlfriend. She was hot but her pussy was so hairy that it was like working your way through the Amazon jungle trying to find what I was looking for. Then there were all of those Mexican babes I used to fuck while stationed down near the border while I was in the service! All I can say for those days is “Thank God I never caught the clap!” Adios amigos!

  35. KELLY


  36. John McCain

    Americans are a joke, they elect a black president, but they are by far the most ignorant Racists people on this earth!!! Pathetic Losers-and to think they are all from immigrants themselves, lol

    • Main Drain

      We are the new American Indians watching our country being invaded by the new settlers. How do you think the Indians feel. Everyone else seems to sympathize with them. Most feel whitey invaded and took over their country. But it’s ok to watch whitey lose their country to the “New Settlers”. Besides this country is far from white. If your other countries were something great to live in you would have the mix we have.

      • Steve

        Your statement made me laugh, it was the white man who took the Indians land!!! White people have abused every minority that have tried to live in this country!!! What makes you think this land belongs to only Whites? Last I heard there are many kinds of Americans with different cultures, not just WHITES!!!!

  37. Snoo

    Why is it all the RACE COMMENTS are initiated by the RACIAL CRUSADERS, such as the author of this article? Nobody but nobody expressed a sentiment about her race until this dooshbag brought it up. Author, I’m sick of you and your type now. Care to meet me somewhere?

  38. David

    she is white idiot!!!!!

  39. Joe

    Angry white American men whose women want black men now!!!! They are hating on evryone because they can’t get laid by anyone but family members or have to pay for it, LOL

  40. Miss Universe 2010 Jimena Navarrete
    Jose Cuervo
    Commented on this photo:

    I’m 6′, Not a bad IQ – about 140. MA degree. And frankly, I’ll compare my intellect to Erin anyday. And I can probably do just about anything better than Erin with about half the training and in half the time. Sounds to me like Erin is a misinformed child who has picked up incorrect information along life’s path. Probably from listening to her father. Sort of sounds like a blue-collar father mentality doesn’t it? Advice – Travel a little more. read a lot more. learn along the way. You’ll be a better person for it.

    • Blech

      Thank you.

      It’s pathetic that people like erin exist, but I guess she represents the reason this country is crumbling…

  41. olivia

    i’m half mexican, and then a mix of irish and italian. i actually look like a brunette white girl; not all “mexicans” look like they just hopped the border. geez.

  42. Kayla

    Please stop with the political shit. People are fucking sick of it. If this dumbass writer didn’t bring the girl’s nationality into the post and bring race into it at all I doubt people would be posting as many racist comments and arguing over stupid race bullshit right now. Is this how you liberal morons try to eliminate the racism you claim you so much despise? By bring race, ethnicity, and nationality into things where it doesn’t even matter?

  43. Miss Universe 2010 Jimena Navarrete
    Commented on this photo:

    Luis Miramontes discovered and wrote a procedure that later was patent as the Modern Birth Control Pill in 1951! I’ve meet plenty of Drs, Dentists, Engineers, etc who are of Mexican decent. One of the most memorable college professors I had was a Mexican Man!

    If you actually were to pick up some books and look at History you’d learn that minorities have been discriminated throughout History. Socio-Economic Status and IQ or intelligence do not always go hand in hand. I feel sorry for you Erin and one day I hope a Mexican person saves your life, or your child falls in love with one; someone needs to dis-conform your hateful stereotypes and Ignorance!

    • Beanerssuck

      LOL it figures that a fucking beaner made the birth controll pill, they saw how ugly all the mexican kids are and needed a way to stop the fat bitches from having any more of the shit-brown and retarted people.

      • tupapa

        Beanerssuck, I’m sure the pill worked for your mother, the problem was your were born from her asshole, so surely when she sits down she swallows the chair. Maybe you are sending your messages just right from there.

  44. Miss Universe 2010 Jimena Navarrete
    Commented on this photo:

    Oh and Yes Im Mexican American and 5’6 in Height; And Miss Universe is beautiful and I dont see a Fat Back, flat butt, shapeless legs, nor a hairy body like You invision all Mexican Woman; Shame on You!

  45. Ronen

    She’s ok, I’ve fucked plenty of hotter girls in Acapulco and Tiujana, mexican girls are just built for fucking and sucking…

  46. jazzboo

    What did she win? A job on a lawn mower? A shower? A green card? A towel from the swim over? I’ll bet her crotch smells like refried beans

  47. Tasha

    Nah….she’s not even hot at all. Her body looks alright, cuz she takes good care of her body everyday and that’s good, but she may be alot smarter.
    Smarter girls can take good care of themselves and don’t rely on their mates to support them. That’s why she’s MISS Universe of 2010. Every woman in the world are all equal. We are all beautiful. Even when we age old. It’s just how smart we are that would make us Miss Universe. Any woman can become Miss Universe.

  48. Miss Universe 2010 Jimena Navarrete
    Commented on this photo:

    whatever!!! she’s hot and she WON!!!

  49. Miss Universe 2010 Jimena Navarrete
    Commented on this photo:

    Creo que hay mucha ignorancia de mucha gente, con respecto a lo qu hoy es Mexico invito a que lean y conozcan mas del Mexico Actual

    I think there is much ignorance of many people, with respect to what is now Mexico invite you to read and know more of Mexico today

  50. Loberto

    Creo que hay mucha ignorancia de mucha gente, con respecto a lo que hoy es Mexico invito a que lean y conozcan mas del Mexico Actual

    I think there is much ignorance of many people, with respect to what is now Mexico invite you to read and know more of Mexico today

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