Mischa Barton’s 5150 saved her job

Mischa Barton’s 5150 hold was reportedly the result of a suicide attempt after being told she was fired from the upcoming CW drama The Beautiful Life, according to E! News:

Also, the insider asserts, the attempt may have coincided with Mischa’s bosses at the CW’s The Beautiful Life deciding they no longer desired her services.
“Absolutely false,” insists Barton’s rep, “your source is far from knowledgeable, as nothing they’ve told you is true, inclusive of the suicide attempt.”
When I pressed for what did put Barton in the hospital, he replied…
With nothing. There is no comment from Barton’s rep, at all–after repeated attempts–on what was ailing his client.
Hope it stays that way, to tell ya the truth, ’cause we’re hearing some inside Barton’s camp are spinning tales of Mischa being all downtrodden from a tooth ailment. For a psych stay?
Yeah, that’ll go over real well. Silence is, by far, the classier way to go here.
Dead air, by the way, is also the way the CW’s chosen to go, as they had zilch to say when I asked if they’d fired and asked Mischa back around the time of her stay at Cedars.

Of course, I don’t believe any of this. Mostly because Mischa’s real suicide attempt will come when she finds out Lindsay Lohan is telling people she counseled her on the dangers of substance abuse. That’d be enough to make the Pope put a gun in his mouth. “I’m-a the Pope. They’sa gotta let me in. KAPOW!”

Photos: WENN