Mischa Barton’s 5150 saved her job

July 31st, 2009 // 39 Comments

Mischa Barton’s 5150 hold was reportedly the result of a suicide attempt after being told she was fired from the upcoming CW drama The Beautiful Life, according to E! News:

Also, the insider asserts, the attempt may have coincided with Mischa’s bosses at the CW’s The Beautiful Life deciding they no longer desired her services.
“Absolutely false,” insists Barton’s rep, “your source is far from knowledgeable, as nothing they’ve told you is true, inclusive of the suicide attempt.”
When I pressed for what did put Barton in the hospital, he replied…
With nothing. There is no comment from Barton’s rep, at all–after repeated attempts–on what was ailing his client.
Hope it stays that way, to tell ya the truth, ’cause we’re hearing some inside Barton’s camp are spinning tales of Mischa being all downtrodden from a tooth ailment. For a psych stay?
Yeah, that’ll go over real well. Silence is, by far, the classier way to go here.
Dead air, by the way, is also the way the CW’s chosen to go, as they had zilch to say when I asked if they’d fired and asked Mischa back around the time of her stay at Cedars.

Of course, I don’t believe any of this. Mostly because Mischa’s real suicide attempt will come when she finds out Lindsay Lohan is telling people she counseled her on the dangers of substance abuse. That’d be enough to make the Pope put a gun in his mouth. “I’m-a the Pope. They’sa gotta let me in. KAPOW!”

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  1. havoc

    Who is this chick again?


  2. rufus

    first bitches jajaja

  3. Toolboy

    My tooth hurts…where’s the cocaine?

  4. rufus

    dammit! :-)

  5. One of the first few!

    One of the first few!

  6. noonch

    she’s kinda cute without all her usual whore makeup on.

  7. Adam Grenier

    If Mischa had cleaned the smegma from my unwashed dick with her tongue none of this would have happened.

  8. Max Planck

    Smokers suck. They smell bad too.

  9. I’ve talked with one of my friends who is a doctor, and the only reason that a person is placed, involuntarily, under watch at the psyschiatric ward is for attempted suicide, or for expressing a desire to commit suicide. Hope she’s doing better.

  10. Hank

    I’m confused. Why does the Pope have an Italian accent when he’s German?

  11. Jesus Juice

    Pic #5…time to get a day job.

  12. fearsarewishes

    So glad to hear that she has a job.

  13. paul

    Tuesday, March 06, 2007

    Mischa Barton Picks Her Dog Over Partying

    Mischa Barton has ditched partying for dog walking.
    The former ‘O.C.’ star – who is famed for partying with Nicole Richie -
    insists she prefers to stay out of the limelight and entertain friends at
    Mischa told Weekend magazine: “I know I look the part, and people used to
    come up to me in the street and talk to me as if I was a crazy party girl.
    But I don’t go out clubbing because that whole thing is too claustrophobic.
    As for shopping, I’d rather walk my dogs, Ziggy Stardust and Charlie Barton.
    “I cook a mean lasagne, and some people say my potatoes au gratin are pretty
    on fire.”
    The 21-year-old admits her simple lifestyle disappoints many of her fans,
    but she insists she is nothing like other young female stars who are
    renowned for their partying.
    She said: “I guess some people are disappointed. I’m always being associated
    with other girls, but we’re not in the same crowd. I have only met Paris
    Hilton once and that was in passing. I am friendly with Nicole Richie, but
    people see us at parties and assume we all know each other.
    “I actually spend my evenings curled up with a good book. Dostoevsky and
    John Steinbeck are my favorites.”

  14. pasteve

    Didn’t she leave TV to focus on movies? Now she’s upset because she can’t do a TV show?

    Honestly I cannot understand why these worthless fame whores don’t bank some of their mega bucks and spend a few years in college, maybe grow up a bit outside of the limelight and learn how to discipline themselves enough to be responsible adults. I’m looking at you Mischa, but I’m thinking Lindsay Lohan here.

    Oh that’s right – they’re worthless fame whores. Why learn how to do complex math or write a coherent thesis or computer programs when you can slob coke off some producer’s cock and get a fat paycheck job pretending to be somebody you’re almost not.

  15. rufus

    first now jajajaja

  16. you're an idiot

    you’re an idiot. the pope is german.

  17. fearsarewishes


    Gisele, your Doc friend is wrong or you just heard what you wanted to hear.

    A person can be involuntarily hospitalized for a short period for expressing a desire to harm themselves OR SOMEONE ELSE.

    That is a big distinction. Has this doctor explained to you that he can cure your swine flu by sliding his blood engorged johnson in your asshole and then ejaculating in your mouth, too?

    He did? I thought so.

  18. lauri

    I liked her in sixth sense. christianmarriageusa.com

  19. Ty Dye

    Time to get on the Patridge Family hippie dippie bus

  20. audrey

    Why am I supposed to care about this chick?

  21. Too bad they couldn’t kill her character on her show via suicide and then have the real life version happen as well the next day. Now that would’ve been a good fucking episode to FAP to.

  22. Sean Bateman

    Another day, another article written by the Superficial writer that is better suited for Family Guy.. or has already been on Family Guy? I don’t know.

  23. Dread not

    Oh, man. Are the writers going to turn Mischa’s character into a kidnap victim on the show? Just every once in a while, give her some screen time from the dungeon she’s being held in, or the trunk of the car where she’s being kept. Show her struggling against her restraints and sobbing. Just keep her character gagged and that solves having to give her speaking lines. Just a thought.

  24. Ozol

    Man the harpoons?
    She almost looks normal, hope she gets back to her 20kg fighting weight.

  25. Notfunny

    so they put her back in cause of a suicide attempt ? Seriously ? Time to cut the niceness and just get rid of idiots like this in the world, depression is real but if you can’t control yourself then you deserve to go.

  26. I know what she can do, hit the gym! it will reduce stress, cut back on the smoking most of all tone up the fattest knees in hollywood for a supposed skinny chick”

  27. Lawn Gnome Council

    The pope is German, not Italian.

  28. Skiddles

    Possibly too many drugs daily, done when she is alone, then long times in the public eye.. she must remain sober.. so that when she does have pain and needs pain killers it tipped the scale of tolerance in her abused body.. and she went zonkers.

  29. Nature

    Isn’t she dead yet?

  30. Nature


  31. ceren

    all of you those who comment like “isnt she dead yet”
    we r talking about a human being you dumbass sociopats.

  32. Mischa Barton looks good, i guess she should wear a dress, little more tight. :)

  33. Good for her. I like her a lot as an actress and I felt sorry for her when she was forced to such a long break.

  34. The girls seem to be more interested in the Dog. Jon looks good too. I wonder whose pic were they clicking.

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  36. good article,thank you

  37. I have friends who talked with a doctor, and the only reason that a person is placed, spontaneously, psyschiatric ward under the watch of suicide attempt, a suicide or the desire to express is. Hope he is doing better.

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