Mischa Barton understands fashion

April 5th, 2010 // 244 Comments

Here’s Mischa Barton defying the laws of physics with her pastel yellow pants yesterday because somehow her ass is literally four feet long. To put things in perspective, if I saw her legs hanging in a meat locker while Rocky punched them, I’d think I’m having that dream where I’m Burgess Meredith again. True story.

NOTE: I’m 90% positive Mischa Barton’s navel is the secret, doughy entrance to Narnia, so you might not want to stare into it unless you’ve got some time to kill.

Photos: INFdaily

  1. sarah

    Do they not realize that these frappucino’s that they drink everyday are just as bad as downing a large milkshake from mcdonalds?…geez…

    Order a plain coffee with fat free half & half and splenda…damn!

    Her ass alone that hangs down to her ankles is as tall as me and I’m 5’2…

  2. Natalie

    She’s really not fat at all, that outfit is just terribly unflattering. With all that money, you’d think she could buy better clothes. It looks like she found these clothing items and goodwill and threw this together.

  3. Sigfa

    I love Mischa because she is a pothead like I am, so I’ll support her. Even with those ugly yellow pants and an obvious lack of a g-string…

  4. Reg Dunlop

    Holy shit, did she steal those clothes from Jessica Simpson?

  5. black jesus

    junk in the trunk

  6. whatever happened to her cute little figure and um her sense of taste?

  7. justifiable

    She’s built like Beyonce in the thighs, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But trends like skinny jeans and other fashions that make her look like an ice cream cone are disastrous. She needs to find a line of jeans that actually fit and stick with it, rather than vacuum-packing herself into a badly-fitting pair of pants just because they’re in “her size”.

  8. HackSaw

    Birthing hips baby!

  9. SATAN

    these pictures are SHOCKING! she looks fuckin horrible!

  10. die4V

    wow, times must be tough… she’s getting into a nissan rogue??

  11. abby

    The strangest thing is that these clothes are from the early 90′s. She needs to send this outfit to the Goodwill. It is such an unflattering look, I really hope no one is trying to bring this back.

  12. TekMoney

    LMFAO!!! This is EPIC!!!

  13. british padmasambhava

    the waistline on these pants should be about half an inch above the top of her panties

    not 4 inches above it

    you cant even see her belly button

    anyways – its all pink on the inside

  14. Frankie

    Well for heaven’s sake, she’s asking for it! She is larger (holy saddlebags!) and it’s a little unattractive, but why in the world would she wear the most hideous outfit ever that does nothing to hide her frame? Her yellow, see-through skinny jeans are far too tight, I don’t know why larger women (like Jessica Simpson) try to rock high-waist pants, it doesn’t even look good on thinner women, her love handles are spilling over the top, and her pudgy stomach is completely visible with the shirt she’s wearing! It’s not just that she has obviously gained weight, she looks a complete mess!

  15. Mike Nike

    You would all suck on her bum hole if you were drunk and you know it. I don’t need alcohol. I will suck her bum hole straight.

  16. Mikisix

    She should co-host the price of beauty with Chestica SImpleton!!! They can go inappropriate-for-their-figures outfit shopping together around the globe!

  17. You're nobody till somebody Rough you...

    I have one question. What has love chunks done with Cisco?

  18. Sarah

    For God’s sake, the least she could have done is wear a thong.

  19. yo man

    yo man, would totally motorboat that and wear her ass for a hat

  20. yo man

    yo man, would totally motorboat that and wear her ass for a hat

  21. gigi

    holy crap…. is she researching for a part she’s up for or something? and the pumps! …and her hair…… just, wow…..

  22. Damn it. Has she been eating food again? I told her to stick with water and laxatives. [picks up phone]

  23. jon

    what is this i don’t even…

  24. Sardonic

    No more ‘new car smell’ in that Nissan Rogue.

  25. its spilling from your pipes

    looks like everyone is all choked up about it

    because they are so sweet

    like garbage on a hot day

  26. Jack

    Seriously, I LOVE the visible panty line. LOVE LOVE LOVE the VPL.

  27. backup

    wow what a year can do. she looked crazy back then, too, but she goes from one extreme to the other.


  28. watch out for the hook

    you spelled it wrong. its “Xtreme”.. gotta be cool and thats the cool way to spell it

    like all those honest to goodness “NO FEAR!!” stickers on the back of a frat boys jeep

    so keep sucking that tailpipe of your dreams, fag boy

  29. why

    anyone else seeing the direct correlation between chunky women and fancy starbucks drinks?? it’s pretty clear. Might as well be a bladder buster cup of sweet tea from Hardees. You know, the sweet tea that’s like hummingbird feeder water.

  30. Fas(c)hionista

    Why is she wearing a jock strap under those pants?

  31. Irene Barcelo

    OMG, did she not look in the mirror before she stepped out?

  32. morn

    oh c’mon! she’s not even bad. i like her curves but wtf those pants.

  33. i'd hit that!


  34. joe blow

    Oh my… that is most unfortunate.

  35. Jake_Ryan

    I’d pound that like free beer.

  36. bri

    the weight gain is cute but the outfit is not doing so much for her new figure.

  37. turd da third

    she is obviously a hipster dufus

  38. turd da third

    If she blows an elastic in her panties , I think those pants are an instant “goner”, there is no way that they will be able to contain such a landslide of flab…

  39. lori

    She is very pretty. She should hire a stylist, or ask a friend to help her.

  40. She is officially out of my jerk bank, and that says a lot because I can jerk off to almost anything.



  41. dude

    well i’d hit it (hey i’m a man after all) but dayym girl…the word harpoon’s startin to come to mind..

  42. Wow…what does this chick eat…she looks like she’s 35.

  43. ThunderCat

    Thunder Thighs… HOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

  44. haters...

    talk to the current, above

  45. Nameless

    Still ain’t got tits to save her life.

  46. AnnaDraconida

    Monstrous. Her hands look so tiny in the last couple of pictures.

  47. Katie

    Holy saddlebags! In her defense though I don’t think even Victoria Beckham could pull off pastel yellow, high waisted, tapered jeans…

  48. Nick

    She is a hippy gal. The pants are not flattering. Bright yellow just draws attention to it. I really don’t think she gives a shit who thinks what of her. If she likes to wear bright yellow pants.. more power to her.

  49. Megan

    Not gonna lie, she has gained some weight, but its not the weight so much as the outfits she wears, ugh. She is the type of girl that is supposed to be very very model thin, so when she gains weight, it looks horrible, and then she has no idea how to dress because she isnt used to it.

  50. canonman

    shes shaped like barney

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