Mischa Barton understands fashion

April 5th, 2010 // 244 Comments

Here’s Mischa Barton defying the laws of physics with her pastel yellow pants yesterday because somehow her ass is literally four feet long. To put things in perspective, if I saw her legs hanging in a meat locker while Rocky punched them, I’d think I’m having that dream where I’m Burgess Meredith again. True story.

NOTE: I’m 90% positive Mischa Barton’s navel is the secret, doughy entrance to Narnia, so you might not want to stare into it unless you’ve got some time to kill.

Photos: INFdaily

  1. bar room hero


    • Wiser

      Idiots. Yes, absorb that marketing propoganda that makes you think this girl is fat.. Yes, better to be an anorexic getting ready to have a heart attack because your heart is starved. Yes … women should have bodies like boys void of estrogen. She will not die early from having a body like this. I can’t say the same for alcohol or drugs. However, no one seems near as concerned about drugs or alcohol as much just as long as you look “good”.

  2. michelle

    i cant even….

  3. first


  4. PunkA

    I have not seen that much cottage cheese under wraps since I visited a freaking dairy as a kid. Oh mean, wow! Her body shape is just so ugly. How was she ever considered hot again? Looks like complete trailer trash.

  5. Sway

    Not a great look…..

  6. papahotnuts

    I think her jeans have stretch marks.

  7. Jon O

    Narnia is appropriate because this bitch has the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe down fucking pat.

  8. Ashwii

    Is this The Superficial or http://www.peopleofwalmart.com?

    What the hell happened to her!?

  9. Candy Apple

    Oh my. She’s not taking care of herself at all. And she’s probably having serious mental issues to not realize how bad this looks. It’s like crazy Britney all over again. Oh honey, get off the booze and drugs, eat some veggies, and make friends with a therapist and stairmaster.

  10. chupacabra

    I am by no means perfect, but jesus christ, how did she get to be so…. assey? So, Saddle-bag assy?

    And for christsake, what the fuck was she thinking putting THAT particular outfit on.

    Did she raid my grandma’s closet because those shoes are circa Merle Norman 1988…

  11. Clean Kantine

    She was pretty hot on the OC tv show, it even got cancelled when she didn’t want to renew her contract. Her downfall was pretty quick, unlike Lohan.

  12. DogBoy

    Just a TV personality who morphed into a real human female when the bright lights dimmed.
    If you did run into her at WalMart, most people would think she was hot,
    and looking for action in those “tight” pants.

  13. Peter Griffin says...

    And to think she accused the paps of altering the photos that showed her flabby, cellulite-loaded thighs. Puhleeze!

  14. Randal

    Despite the poor matching of her outfit, Mischa is a very well rounded individual who does have a lot of talent. What’s great about these pictures is that Mischa is comfortable with her own career that she doesn’t need to look all dolled up all the time when a camera is around.


  15. Mr. Nice Guy

    I know Women will hate the way she looks, but there is something very SEXYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY about this look that makes me want her.

  16. pimp

    i’d eat it and fuck it…

  17. JJ Daddy-O

    That could be the least flattering garment, ever….

  18. Crusty

    Two words: gym membership.

  19. pants are horrible but she is still hot

  20. Dick Tree


  21. HackSaw

    I’d hit it.

  22. terry

    I’d hit it because she is Mischa Barton. However she better get to the gym and firm up.

  23. Carl Baggodoccio

    Kill it with fire!!!!!!!

  24. yeshua

    In picture #15 does she have a babyhand?

  25. masmi

    This is so weird. WTF

  26. ashleyrose

    LOL people of Walmart!

  27. abby

    she must have really lost it

  28. Sardonic

    This is actually Kirstie Alley after she jumped into the Hot Tub Time Machine.

  29. JimmyCrackedCorn

    My eyes! My eyes! Make the burning stop!

  30. Brutus

    She’s got hips and an ass. I approve.

  31. PooPooCachoo

    Holy Shit! Drugs are better for you!!!

  32. Lovely

    What in the hell happened to her!?

  33. rose

    okay, while i agree that this outfit doesn’t do her any favors, i think that the general public is too hard on celebrities in general. why do they have to be perfect just because they’re in movies? they’re people too, believe it or not.

  34. Nasty FAT Thighs

    DAMN! This chick has actual saddlebags for thighs; she’s the perfect candidate for liposuction. Absolutely disgusting…

  35. Drundel

    Wow, look at her flabby thighs. WTF happened to her?!?!?!?

  36. Sabalon

    Wow…is she on the Kirstey Alley diet or something?

  37. Deacon Jones


    I have to admit, I’m strangely turned on by these pics…

    Maybe because she’s a total mess. There’s something about women that are total messes giving up the balloon knot..(strokes chin) hmmm, deep….

  38. Sport

    But a fucking MIRROR, honey.

  39. xylus

    Wasn’t she considered fashion savvy at some point? Seems more fashion saddly now….

  40. Alex

    I would destroy that.

  41. Um

    Maybe she’s doing that, “Fall really far into the pit if fat/crazy so your comeback is even more awesome” trick that Britney did.

  42. ano nomous

    even her jeans have cellulite.

  43. European

    Showing panties to the whole world … Americans still haven’t heard for thongs?

  44. pet peeve

    I’m guessing her acting career has gone down the tubes, so she’s fishing for a Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem endorsement.

  45. Peter Griffin says...

    Between this fat freak show and flabby-ass Shitney Spears, the Starbucks PR machine is working harder than Tiger Woods’ !!

    “We have to show there is no correlation between drinking our Venti iced caramel machiattos and becoming a fatass before the age of 30! Anyone??? Hello??”

  46. eatme

    notice how all these formerly hot starlets all have starbucks venti frappucinos? maybe the meth addiction wasn’t as bad as her frappucino addiction.

  47. Savalas

    Holy saddlebags, Fatman!

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