Mischa Barton spotted spotting

January 9th, 2006 // 80 Comments

Mischa Barton must have missed the memo about not wearing white on extra leaky days, because I doubt she wanted to show up in public with her period juice all over the place. Or maybe she’s really proud of her period. I mean blood leaking out of the vagina. That’s pretty awesome, right?

Thanks to the foxy Candice for the pictures.


  1. Binky

    Ummmm…. I could have done without this pic…newsworthy as it is…I was having dinner and everything…

  2. celebritywhore

    At least No one can say it was HER pregnancy test.

  3. Captain Awesome


  4. Juliette

    Every girl knows not to wear white when you are near your period or on it. Ick.

  5. hafaball

    maybe it’s just ketchup O.o

  6. No joke this time, that is basically the grossest thing I’ve seen since that picture of the asian chick shooting shit into her own mouth.

  7. Jeremy1Esq

    These taken out of context pictures are not cool. If the bitch cant open her popsicle and suck on it without it dripping all over the place, then I dont want to see the picture because i then imagine how bad she must be at trying to give a BJ to Crisco or whatever his name is…back to fantasizing about Pink.

  8. Anna

    I dunno, I once saw a video of an asain chick shoot a WHOLE FISH out of her ass. That was pretty gross…

  9. Oh My God… I don’t even know what to say.

  10. Jonboy in SF

    Must be a slow gossip day to resort to showing this piece of photographic finery…

  11. LoneWolf

    If that’s what it is, then that’s hot. Sorry, but it is.

    On the other hand, don’t you have to have a certain percentage of body fat to menstruate? Mishy looks like she’s too thin to be able to give it up.

  12. Miette

    ick ick ick how embarrassing!

  13. violence in movies and sex on tv

    Oh, oh man. Man. There’s… there’s nothing right about that. Nothing.

  14. *mean flashbacks of 7th grade*
    that sucks

    btw i love the 2 ad things that come up for this post. a pregnancy ad and a fishy vagina ad, nice.

  15. Cuore56

    Damn, now she can’t wear those luxurious stretchy lycra-esque pants again unless she invests in a red Crayola marker and turns them into crazy polka dotted clown pants & starts a rockin’ trend.

  16. amma

    …Nooooooooo! No way!
    I’m gonna have to say she must have spilled something or cut her hand or something…There is no way!

  17. Ususally when you bleed through into your pants, it’s way further back, like you can see it from the back, not the front. Yes this is from personal experience, sometimes it’s just a heavy flow day

  18. aura

    Whether it’s blood or not, Mischa Barton is gross. She’s glow-worm-white skin on bones. She has a dirty boyfriend and she enjoys picking her nose and wearing dirty white pants in public. Is there anybody who finds this girl attractive at all?

  19. Videomaster

    “A chick bleeding out her vagina is no miracle. Chicks bleed out their vaginas all the time.”
    Pope Benedict XVI

  20. qube68

    Man, she must be bleeding all over ’cause it sure looks like it’s under her collar too

  21. She does look huffed from life. Maybe she got spanked pretty good before her Gym work out. Rip and Tear just doesn’t mean your muscles and tendons.

    She probally over worked it in the Gym and started her flow a little early. I am going to be thinking of this while I am playing counter strike now. Dam it.

  22. Binky

    I’m not a plumber but I do think there is also a leak under her chin…

  23. Lorgifer27

    Oh come on people…yeah, she shouldn’t have worn white pants but leaks happen and it’s a shame she has to be publically humiliated for a normal, bodily thing.

  24. ZoomBoy

    Gone… Too… Far.

  25. sage

    Is this really news? Who cares… next story..

  26. GAH. A week ago I knew jack shit about Mischa Barton. Now I know entirely too much about her. Leaky broad.

  27. jules

    She’s going to be embarrassed as hell when she sees that picture.

    My only question is: What’s that in her right hand? Looks light a spray can or something- it’s got red on it too though *shrugs*

  28. Brittany

    Nose Bleed!

  29. RedJenny

    Its not a leak under her chin its a lit match picture. You can see the photos better here (scroll way down).


  30. breakitdown

    who actually cares what it is, there are way more important things happening in the world then mischa experiencing something that is normal. i think ne1 who is really grossed out by this really has to grow up. are you 12??

  31. HollyJ

    I wonder if she knows yet that her womanly bloodclot has made the e-news.

  32. HughJorganthethird

    I thought people with really bad eating disorders stopped mensturating. Seriously. Obviously this chunky needs to go on a diet stat.

  33. BadGoat

    Yeah, she should be more careful, pretty sloppy. I’m sure she’s very embarrassed, but some of you make it sound like her period is contagious or something.

    I suppose that in your perfect, orderly world, women should be sequestered into solitary confinement for 5-days out of each month, as to not contaminate the rest of the population. Get over it and let’s hope she’s more careful next month.

  34. artmonkey3000

    Skeletons can menstrate?

  35. PhDiva

    1)I don’t think it’s blood because why is it on her shirt. There’s no flow that heavy. 2)I agree that accidents do happen and that women should not be ashamed of or humiliated by natural bodily functions 3)However, this chick is so conceited and mean-spirited, a little shame (no matter how sexist and problematic) will probably do her good. I’m a feminist, and I still laughed my ass off.

  36. Cuore56

    Hey PhDiva,

    I thought the red on her shirt looked funny as well, but I think it’s part of the shirt’s design. It looks like a match kind of on fire or something. Who knows though?

  37. sarakai

    this is to ‘breakitdown’. If there are more important things going on in the world then mischa juicing on her pants then why are you on this website… and more to the point why would you bother reading the comments, signing and making a comment of your own. If mischas stupid enough to wear white pants on her period then thats what happens

  38. candicec

    Dudes!!! I am foxy candice!!! This is such a proud moment for me! Thank you superficial.com for crediting me! You’ve made my day! Luv you guys!


  39. Pesky Humans

    I remember vividly being in the 6th grade and some poor girl had her first in the lunch line. White jeans. Much more severe than this. Seems to me that by Mischa’s age she should have the whole process dialed in though.

    /God, thank you for my Y chromosome.

  40. Kalu

    Ok, the red on her shirt is just… a red colour on her shirt. It’s just the match or what-not. And as much as it doesn’t look like she’s menstruated through her pants, there seems to be no other logical explanation, so let’s throw rocks at her!
    EEWWW what a gross creature! What sort of animal is she?!?!

  41. slinkhard

    Wow. The internet has accomplished what I thought impossible, and has made me feel sympathy for Mischa Barton.

  42. aims_25

    I know not to wear white pants during certain times of the month and hopefully she now knows that too. But what sort of person would take a photo of that? It’s kind of taking things a bit too far in my opinion.

  43. Genius

    ok yeh its really gross but throw rocks at her??? thats abit much…yeh its gross but so what she made a mistake i doubt she ment for some1 to take a photo of her, an yeh i agree with the fact its taking things abit too far to take a picture of that!!!

  44. Edie

    I’m with you Slinkhard.

    I’m no fan of Barton, but there’s a fine line between catching celebrities in the act of being nincompoop — which deserves as much ridicule as we can possibly dish out — and just being cruel.

    I think this photo steps deeply into the mean-spirited catagory.

    Ladies, we’ve all been there. And I for one am thanking my lucky stars right now that no one would care to photo my embarassing female moments. There’s not enough money in this world for me as a tradeoff for moments like this to be posted and re-posted to the internet.

    And yes, my opinon is this is a mini-pad leakage. There’s a distinct outline of the pad. And contrary to aforementioned comments, yes, it can go “out the front” if you’re sitting down with your knees together tightly and if you have slumpy posture.

    If you’re going to make fun of something, make fun of those god-awful pants she’s wearing. Fashion is one thing, but if *she* can’t make them look good, why in the hell did anyone ever design them!

  45. AmberDextrose

    I agree with the RZA – that spot is at the front when it would be further back if it was the real McCoy. I think she’s spilt her blueberry smoothie.

    I’m more interested (in a car-crash-fascination way) about the “asian chick shooting shit”. Where please?


    regardless of the nasty period stain ms barton is still a skanky bitch who needs a cheesburger…

  47. horsecow

    as for the “asian girl shooting shit into her own mouth”…i bring you:



  48. J-Bo

    Mean spirited my ass..this chick pops out into public with some leaky drawers on, she needs a good hosing. Be careful tho…she seems capable of shooting back.

  49. brideoffrank

    I did not need to see this so early in the morning.

  50. sammygirl

    Every woman has experienced something like this at some point in her menstrating life. Granted, the white pants were a poor choice, but we really shouldn’t be looking at this. I feel very voyeuristic. This feels like celebrity stalking gone awry. Let’s make fun of someone else, like Tom Cruise for acting crazy. Or Star Jones for being an arrogant, self-absorbed pig woman.

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