Mischa Barton says Paris Hilton is insecure

Mischa Barton has come out and said that Paris Hilton’s cruel remarks about her are due to her insecurity and hunger for publicity. Mischa fell out of Paris’s circle of friends when she began dating Kimberly Stewart’s ex-fiance, Cisco Adler, and recently said:

“I met her one or two times and she’s making out there’s this big rivalry between us and there so isn’t. She seems to hate everyone around her age who is more successful.”

Barton also attacked Hilton’s appearance at the Brit Awards last week’s, saying, “I tuned into the Brits because I like to know what’s going on in British music and I saw her and I was like, ‘What?’ She was coming out with all this ridiculous stuff, like, ‘I love London because… whatever.’ Please.”

Paris does seem the insecure type, like one of those people you could walk by and say something like, “You’re looking a little fat today.” And then it would ruin their life. She’d call you a stupid lying fuck face and then pretend she was okay, but then she’d secretly develop one or two eating disorders because she’s scared of the way people view her. Then she’d over compensate and pretend to be secure by having her clothes fall off in public and making sex tape after sex tape. Which I’m totally fine with, by the way, so feel free to call her fat as often as you’d like.