Mischa Barton really learned her lesson

It’s pretty much a given that Mischa Barton’s excessive partying led to her mental breakdown a few weeks back. So it’s comforting to see her out drinking again and basically going batshit. Page Six reports:

Saturday night, Barton was spotted “having a disastrous dinner” with a group of girls at Sant Ambroeus in the West Village. “She was upset and talking frantically into her phone about having a stalker,” said our spy. “Her friends were trying to console her, but she went outside and chain-smoked cigarettes.” Sunday night, she wore an unflattering tight black dress to the Cooper Square Hotel for the Carrera Summer Escape party, where someone spilled a drink on her.

And by someone they, of course, mean Mischa. Although in her defense, only gin will get Gremlins out of your dress.

Photos: Splash News