Mischa Barton nipple slip at Boujis

May 18th, 2007 // 105 Comments

Mischa Barton was spotted leaving Boujis nightclub with her breast completely hanging out. I mean really just completely out there. She probably could’ve made a better fitting top out of toilet paper and some tape. Which, ironically, is what I used to make this suit I’m wearing. The fellows at this afternoon’s important business meeting are going to be impressed today!

The first few are NSFW so click with caution.

mischa-barton-boujis-nipple-slip-01-thumb.jpg mischa-barton-boujis-nipple-slip-02-thumb.jpg mischa-barton-boujis-nipple-slip-03-thumb.jpg mischa-barton-boujis-nipple-slip-04-thumb.jpg mischa-barton-boujis-nipple-slip-05-thumb.jpg mischa-barton-boujis-nipple-slip-06-thumb.jpg mischa-barton-boujis-nipple-slip-07-thumb.jpg mischa-barton-boujis-nipple-slip-08-thumb.jpg mischa-barton-boujis-nipple-slip-09-thumb.jpg mischa-barton-boujis-nipple-slip-10-thumb.jpg mischa-barton-boujis-nipple-slip-11-thumb.jpg mischa-barton-boujis-nipple-slip-12-thumb.jpg


  1. FIRST I am sorry. Can you appeal?

  2. FRIST!!!

    Yes, I’m going to. That was totally unfair. It’s ok though, I have a part time gig starting monday. Street corner hooker…may turn into full time, may get promoted to call girl, never know!!!
    Aw, fristdoesneedahug!!!

  3. K

    Yeah, my son is 5 and has known how BUTTONS work for 2 years now. They are not just there to look pretty, maybe someone should tell her that too.

  4. angryinch

    I can relate. Just the other day, someone told me I had a dead snake kissing my loafers. Yep, I’m pretty hung. A blessing and a curse.

    Guess that’s what I get for going commando wearing man-culottes that the salesgay at Barney’s told me all the cool fellas were wearing these days. Damn you, salesgay, damn you to hell.

  5. mmmmmmmmmm

    those are nice

  6. The Cynic Critic

    What do people see in some of these celebs. Honestly, she looks like Geppetto put a wig on Pinocchio. She’s not even a butter face, which should instantly revoke her ability to be seen by the public. Next time post some pictures of a piece of driftwood – which is the same thing but hotter.

  7. melinda

    Didnt she beak upp wth cisco for exposing HImself?

  8. shallowguy

    finally tits i dont care whose they are i just like tits

  9. Hydro

    Why isn’t this hotter? Oh yeah, because it’s Misha Barton. When was this girl ever attractive? She’s like a giraffe with a bad tit job.

    Actually, the concept of “giraffe with a bad tit job” might provide whacking material in a pinch. Unlike these pics.

  10. btreese

    Nice little rack on her…too bad her ass is such a mess.

  11. frenchie

    eeeeeeewww…marshmallow nipple!

  12. Cypress

    She should have kept this ick secret.. like FOREVER! Remember Cisco..? Ho ho now you got to suffer nasty-malformed girl.

  13. #59 Do you seriously think she had a tit job??!!??

  14. Escapee

    I never realized how pretty she is.

    But then, I have been a fan of big nipples for many years.

  15. Bugman4045

    beautiful creamy white skin.

  16. funny how all theze
    bitchez r alwayz
    showing their titz,
    anything for attention….

  17. Michael

    #24 Jimbo, you took the words right out of my mouth.

  18. Michael

    Isn’t there 2 sided tape that women can use to tape their tops to their nipples to avoid this kind of nip slip?

  19. her face always looks like she’s completely souless and empty.

  20. Nikky Raney

    how lame. type key you suck.

  21. What kind of country allows people to publish photo’s of unsuspecting young ladies with their delicate parts bursting forth?

    I’ll tell you what kind of country. The greatest country on the entire fucking planet, that’s what kind.

    God bless America, and perky boobies, and high-res camera’s.

    Love me some o’ dem boobies.


  22. She obviously doesn’t care….ho hum

  23. Cecilia

    big wow, her tits aren’t even all that…i’ve seen nicer.

  24. Is it just me or does she look like a cross between the Olsen twins and Cameron Diaz?

  25. Typekey does not suck, leave it alone.

  26. MassGrrl

    Her tit looks as nasty as her ex-boy’s sac.

  27. Sheva

    Well based on her wardrobe, we know she’s an idiot.
    But here she’s just fucking ripped. That’s why she has no clue even when the dude is elbowing her nipple.

    Fucking moron bitch.

  28. Horny Asshole

    Nice… nice…


  29. Alex

    Mischa has 70s boobies.

  30. Damn, her hair
    lookz green,WTF,
    fix your hair, bitch
    before u go out in public.

  31. why don’t she and everyone else that likes to show their boobs just take their shirt off and show them, letting them slip out of their shirt has so been overplayed.

  32. NicknacksPaddywhacks

    This girl has been caught way too many times flashing her itty bitty titties. We get it Mischa. You’re not only a customer, but the president and founder of the itty bitty titty committiee! Congrats girl!

  33. ThatIsGay

    What the fuck happened to her?

    She and Lohan CAN be pretty, but they choose to be ugly. And well, ugly people suck.

    Why is Barton’s face so broken out?

  34. sharpeidude

    Oh man! Those pics gave me an incredible soft-on.

  35. HotDogger

    Nasty bitch is she,
    Has hairy little nipples,
    Needs to go away.

  36. TheExpatriot

    I like ‘em small.

    Keep going, Mischa!!1!

  37. tsktsk

    It’s a decent nipple. Just a normal, small boob with normal small nipple. Whatever… Must we revisit the Tara Reid incident…now *that* was a horror show. Or Paris’ nipples (Paris’ anything really)…yuck!

  38. tsktsk

    PS: I agree with the other posts in the sense that Mischa can’t dress for sh*t…

  39. #71- Mr AFJones, those pics were taken in London. South Kensington to be specific.

  40. Dave C

    Are all you guys gay or something? She’s smokin’ hot.

  41. Weezy

    You guys are either complaint whores or gay. She’s cute and she’s got the same pair of nipples you’d find on the average white chick with a pair of B’s. What we should be makin fun of is how little trouble she’d be in if she’d just buttoned the damn shirt.

  42. I think Mischa is absolutely gorgeous!

  43. Hayleee

    how could she wear that top and not expect that her boob is going to pop out!?

  44. Donatello

    “TEN Year old boys are so hot right now.”

  45. jus'stupid

    At least she is natural, and has a nice nip.

  46. maria

    i suppose she never leaqrned how to button shirts…

  47. Jay

    Those are some saggy old lady jugs.

  48. boss

    seriously u guys r fags! she looks real nice and fresh. i would grab that tittie nice when im hittin it from the back!! then id blow all over em!!!! unfortunatley thats when i wake up and i realize ive just wet myself!!!! lol

  49. boss

    seriously u guys r fags! she looks real nice and fresh. i would grab that tittie nice when im hittin it from the back!! then id blow all over em!!!! unfortunatley thats when i wake up and i realize ive just wet myself!!!! lol

  50. M@RiVeLLe


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