Mischa Barton nipple slip at Boujis

May 18th, 2007 // 105 Comments

Mischa Barton was spotted leaving Boujis nightclub with her breast completely hanging out. I mean really just completely out there. She probably could’ve made a better fitting top out of toilet paper and some tape. Which, ironically, is what I used to make this suit I’m wearing. The fellows at this afternoon’s important business meeting are going to be impressed today!

The first few are NSFW so click with caution.

mischa-barton-boujis-nipple-slip-01-thumb.jpg mischa-barton-boujis-nipple-slip-02-thumb.jpg mischa-barton-boujis-nipple-slip-03-thumb.jpg mischa-barton-boujis-nipple-slip-04-thumb.jpg mischa-barton-boujis-nipple-slip-05-thumb.jpg mischa-barton-boujis-nipple-slip-06-thumb.jpg mischa-barton-boujis-nipple-slip-07-thumb.jpg mischa-barton-boujis-nipple-slip-08-thumb.jpg mischa-barton-boujis-nipple-slip-09-thumb.jpg mischa-barton-boujis-nipple-slip-10-thumb.jpg mischa-barton-boujis-nipple-slip-11-thumb.jpg mischa-barton-boujis-nipple-slip-12-thumb.jpg


  1. first


  2. yeah

    wat a bitch

  3. Excuse me sir, I believe that’s my seat?

    To check that sucker out in HQ try,


  4. Superevil

    I just puked all over my keyboard, great start to my day.

  5. @dd

    will someone tell me why it is soo important to all of you people to be “first”??

  6. RichPort

    Nope… still don’t think boys dressed as girls are hot.

  7. BarbadoSlim

    If I wanna see a smelly scrawny hipster pothead I’ll take a stroll down my local college campus…community college.

    if you get all hot about this little boy, just remember this: the smell of cisco adler’s ball sack is probably still on her chin.

  8. RAMistheMAN

    One year to the day that Mischa Barton’s character on The O.C., Marissa Cooper, dies, she gives us a nice nipple slip. Yay!

    P.S. – The O.C. is/was the best show ever!

  9. Binky

    I have an idea that a guy designed that ‘shirt’

  10. mischasbackbeaver

    Well the first time a womens nipple has ever turned me off. nice work kid.

  11. captain obvious

    Are you serious???!!! How can you not feel your nipple flappin in the breeze?!! Its practically saying “Hey, look at me, free at last!!!”

  12. Oh, is she still famous? I forgot.

  13. Carpediem

    Her nipple is almost as white as her skin

  14. captain obvious

    All that being said, I think she’s got an absolutely beautiful face that makes me cringe w/ envy, but a body and awful fashion sense. What a waste.

  15. captain obvious

    …ooops, meant to say “but a strange body”…yeh, whatever

  16. YouRang

    God Damn! Now that’s a nipple slip. I don’t know much about Mischa, but I’m pretty open minded about naked titties hanging out.

  17. BloggerFormerlyKnownAsP0nk

    These things are bound to happen when you wear a wet roll of toilet paper as a blouse.

  18. Nice small perky tits. All you need is a mouth full, yo.

  19. way nicer boobs than lohan

  20. Kim

    That shirt has buttons on it! Why didn’t she at least do one to hold that thing on. It’s not like she’s pam anderson. THAT woman could drape toilet paper and tape over her chest and have it stay in place!

  21. whoneedsenemies

    Why is she still famous?? Her 15 mins were up 2 years ago…
    Time to buy some nip covers girl. Even HoHan knows that.

  22. Jimbo ?

    They look good enought to suck to me

  23. so embarrassing… omg.

  24. Jimbo ?

    How do you not know you boob is hanging out? I know when my zipper is down and Mr Happy is hanging in front of my jeans? Don’t you girls notice the cool air blowing across your nipple?

  25. Rob

    Nice NIP.

  26. LookAtThatTaTa

    Me likey… Pretty Titty…

  27. LookAtThatTaTa

    Face looks a little to much like a Olsen twin for me though… She is a one bagger…

  28. techclerk

    FIRST… To ask why it is so important to be first.

    Awww, dang it!

  29. biatcho

    Them’s is some saggy flapjacks.

  30. Opera Man

    Nipola, nipola, nipola, nipola!

    Opera Man Grande Stiffo!

    Bye Bye!

  31. BB

    Who is this bitch again?

  32. bungoone

    what is up with this chick? you should at least look good with you boob hanging out. she can’t even accomplish that!

    and check out her tree stump for legs in the last picture. she should try to build some muscle. that might make her somewhat attractive.

  33. Jimbo ?

    @31 she is the bitch with her tit hanging out!!! I don’t care if she is famous or working the corner at Sunset and Vine. Tits are always nice to see. There should be more of them exposed! I think we should have a national show your tits day.

  34. yrmomlovesme

    oh, wasted mischa….

    there IS one person i know of with a flatter chest than hers: ninjadude.com has a nipslip from ashley ohlson, and if she’s not the poster child for bird chest, i don’t know who is…

  35. FRIST!!!

    Mother FUCK!!! Why don’t I just tie a hanky around my neck, skip the shirt and bra altogether. Yeah, shirts are overrated anyway

  36. Chauncey Gardner

    Who cares about nipples? I’d be more shocked if this bitch had clean hair.

  37. TexasTranny

    Buttery nipples, Yummy.
    Ok, sure we’d let you FRIST, anytime.

  38. sweetnsnooty

    When did bras go out of style?

  39. Luke

    If you would pay close attention, you can see that the guy holding her hand actually was the one who pushed her top over by accident when he took her arm, his elbow brushed against her breast and she didn’t think about incedental touching by someones arm, but as soon as she was told she corrected it right away, so stop dogging the girl.

  40. bungoone

    39, what did you do, print out the pictures & make a flip book out of them?

  41. DancingQueen

    Dear God # 8, get a F-N life!!!

  42. jenster

    thank you #40

  43. I remember when I really used to want to see that boob … actually, I almost don’t … think it was 2004.

  44. Amy

    Now THAT was funny! Best one in a long time. Thank you! LOL!

    Haha #36, I noticed that but then I just saw a product at the store that makes your hair “like you haven’t washed it for two days” so :/

  45. LeeLee

    oh well, I’m sure she’s proud of this moment. It’s like the most productive thing she’s done all year.

  46. FRIST – Why are you so pissed off today!

  47. Jimbo ?

    @43 Bern – Why did you put that big boobed tranny back on your web site? I am starting to enjoy your boob pictures

  48. td

    Nothing like seeing a forbidden nipple at work.

  49. DolefulPineapple

    WHY Do people have to act like they ain’t never seen breasts before? Girl is ugly! Let’s talk about that! Bitch weighs 2lbs soaking wet. My tig ol’ bitties somethin’ to look at. So is my big ol’ black ass. Skinny bitch gets so much unwarranted attention.

  50. FRIST!!!

    Jimbo, My unemployment hearing didn’t go well. Apparently it’s perfectly ok for your boss to pay you late and bounce your paychecks. Fuckers.

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