Mischa Barton gets drunk, slips a nip

September 18th, 2008 // 56 Comments

Mischa Barton had a wardrobe malfunction last night after getting drunk at the Fashion for Relief show in London. Granted, it’s only a partial nip, but I edited 12 photos of Justin Gaston in his underwear this morning, so this is practically like Christmas for me. Or at least that’s what I’m telling people to explain why I’ll be dressed like Santa Claus and drinking on a park bench later. (The beard makes me feel fancy.)

NOTE: Pic links to NSFW version depending on your employer’s areola allowance.


  1. dude

    i see her nipples are just as nice as her ass *HORF*

    oh, and people that type “first” are verifiable douchebags. Even their mothers think so.

  2. Veenus Envy

    First & Nice.

  3. ka

    Who cares about this bitch? I love her small tits though.

  4. Freddo


    She looks hot in that dress though.

  5. Freddo

    Hey #2…not only are you a douchbag like #1 said, but you’re a douchbag who can’t even get it right. Your mother mst be so proud.

  6. OnlyGayEskimo

    Her boobs look SO much better when she is leaning over and they are falling out of her shirt – standing up and braless, she might as well have fried eggs on a hook they hang so low.

    Yuck – your high waist, 80′s belt should NOT be touching your tits. I do have to insert, though, that she looks so much better with a little meat on her arm bones.

  7. hmm

    That’s not really a nipple slip, it’s more like… half of a nipple slip or a shadow of a nipple slip. But at least they’re REAL boobs

  8. I see red, people


    She’s so obviously a total addict. She just screams I’m on the drugs diet; drugs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Just like the hideous Olsen twins. The signs of the drug diet are a horrible fashion sense, a wilted, flacid, zombie-whore appearance, and a vacant retard gaze that says I’m a few fucking croutons short of a ceasar salad.

    What a useless twat.

  10. Guest

    She is sooo hot. I’m a completely straight girl, but Mischa is like my one weakness. I’m sorry if that sounds weird, but she is gorgeous & I love her style – even if her acting isnt worth shit. <3 this pic.

  11. bored

    who gives a crap about this gutter tramp.

  12. HitIt

    Wow. She is perfect. I love these pics & love her tiny boobs. They are so hot. She looks frail & weak but that is so attractive. I agree with #10 she’s my female crush…. && #9, her fashion sense is not horrible, I’d like to see what you wear, then see who looks better. I LOVE the way she dresses && her body is completely perfect. I’d sell my brother for that body.

  13. Piss and shit on dude

    @ #1, dude: People like you, who don’t take the opportunity to flaunt their #1 status, deserve to pissed and shat upon, you rank fetid rancid putrid stinking turd. You are the destroyer of all the fun in the world, you fucking killjoy.

    You should have your balls crushed in a vice.

  14. Her nipple was probably just out looking for food.

  15. gio

    She is beautiful.

    She should stop drinking. It will wreck her looks, and most likely her motor vehicles.

  16. i read my moms playboy

    @ #9 i LOVE the “a vacant retard gaze that says I’m a few fucking croutons short of a ceasar salad” its amazing im going to start saying that now

  17. AirMail

    She really is a pretty girl. I wish she took better care of herself.

  18. Slut

    Mischa…Bozo the clown called…he wants his dress back

  19. Borrrrrriiinnnggggg. Mischa has absolutely nothing to offer. Has she even worked since getting killed off that TV show?

  20. Kate

    Nothing says “I’m a serious actress” as being publically drunk with your tits following out of your clothes….but then again, it’s not like she’s been getting a lot of jobs ether.

  21. dude_on

    As a whole, attractive drunk women rarely disappoint as a subject for artistic expression, through the lens of a camera.

  22. Ted from LA

    Clap, clap, clap, clap. Nicely played.

  23. elle

    who??? has she done anything since the OC?

  24. SHE LOOKS HORNY !!!!!!!!!!! yummy nipple 2 …


  25. jugg mcgrew


  26. disgustingskankhater

    They wanted me to go to rehab…I said NO NO NO.

  27. (=???=)

    She is just another snobby pile of jiggly shit.

  28. ho my god ! half of a nip !

  29. g

    how are those photos of justin gaston edited?

  30. g

    how are those photos of justin gaston edited?

  31. MJ

    Mischa Barton and fashion in one sentence?!?!

  32. She has rank hair, insipid skin, fat legs and ugly clothes. Hard to believe there was a time that this was a hot model for Calvin Klein, guess she found pot and munched her way into mediocrity.

  33. tc

    Who dis bitch is ?

    You send it round my hood, I rape ‘da white ho’.

  34. Moi

    Poor Mischa Barton….such a sad life she leads. That’s what you get for following your dreams of wanting to become a celebrity. BOO FARKING HOO.

  35. norton

    I have to admit she’s right up my alley for physical attractiveness.

    But I just can’t get over the fact that she dated Brandon “Greasy Bear” Davis and Cicso Adler. Horf…….

  36. This is the “CHEAP AMERICAN” version of seeking for attention!!
    (thisone is already copied for a few thousend times, folks.)

  37. Randal


    I’m curious because it’s certainly not working as it should be. “Miley Cyrus’ boyfriend in his underwear” has more hits and more comments than this news post, YET, this Mischa Barton article is the #1 on the So Freaking Hot list.

    It shouldn’t be. The numbers don’t add up here.

    Your site is broken. Miley Cyrus’ boyfriend in his underwear should be #1 on the So Freaking Hot list.


  38. friendlyfires

    Please let me mouth that before she’s forty five.

    Oh, that and win the lotto fourteen times in a row. What can I say, I like winning boatloads of money while sitting on my ass watching Vegas on the Tivo – James Caan rules, oh yeah.

  39. HorribleJudgment

    *YAWN* Here’s how I see it. No one’s talking about her anymore, no one cares about her anymore, she’s old news, she’s over, she needs to go away, she’s not famous, NO ONE LIKES HER ANYMORE, OC IS OVER! So she did this on purpose to get attention. Only, how dare she?! Because STILL no one cares about her half nip slip, or any other part of her disgusting, bony, mosquito, cricket-like body. You have failed Mischa. Go get drunk some more.

  40. NOT SURE

    Some of you are hateful and judgmental and have no right to be. Criticizing that she looks like vile or ugly…Well, she’s had her share of success on television, so I’m sure somebody thinks she’s attractive and/or talented. And if she smokes crack, snorts coke, smokes bud, drinks heavily, so what?! Quit sh!t-talking other people–that’s for miserable hypocrites. And by the way, yes, I would totally rock that chassis.

  41. HorribleJudgment

    #42…is that you, Mischa?!

  42. I agree with #42

    I totally agree. There are too many hateful and judgemental people on this site. Just because a pretty young slut like Mischa smokes crack, shoots heroin, drinks heavily, stars in donkey porn videos, and pulls trains in a dumpster charging 25 cents per trick, does that make her a whore???

  43. Doesn’t she have cellulite? That might explain the dress. She looks pretty cuddly to me.

  44. HorribleJudgment

    Yes Narcissist, she does have cellulite. It’s on her ass and legs like cottage cheese, and even 80 year olds don’t have it that bad. You won’t think she’s so cuddly when that cottage cheese starts smothering you to death!

  45. reality check

    I just say “Photoshop amateur work”

  46. reality check

    I just say “Photoshop amateur work”

  47. Ann

    photoshopped. you can see where the handy blur tool spread red on her boob.

  48. Gena Girl

    Love the slip, hate the star.

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