Mischa Barton isn’t anorexic…or is she?


Mischa Barton says she knows her friend Nicole Richie has an eating disorder, but that her own body is due to having a fast metabolism. She says:

“I am a normal weight. I understand the responsibility that comes with a role in a TV show that is watched by millions of teenagers … but the thing is that I am naturally this shape. I have a very fast metabolism and it is sometimes annoying when you are compared to people who are clearly not naturally that way. I am sensitive to people like Nicole (Richie) who have body issues, but I am always pretty much the same weight.”

To be fair, I’ve never accused Mischa Barton of being anorexic, only of dressing like she’s lost her mind. Unless wearing adult diapers at the ripe old age of 21 isn’t a sign of insanity, in which case I take everything back. Silly me, all this time I’ve just been holding my own pee in like a fool.

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