Mischa Barton isn’t anorexic…or is she?

April 25th, 2007 // 106 Comments

Mischa Barton says she knows her friend Nicole Richie has an eating disorder, but that her own body is due to having a fast metabolism. She says:

“I am a normal weight. I understand the responsibility that comes with a role in a TV show that is watched by millions of teenagers … but the thing is that I am naturally this shape. I have a very fast metabolism and it is sometimes annoying when you are compared to people who are clearly not naturally that way. I am sensitive to people like Nicole (Richie) who have body issues, but I am always pretty much the same weight.”

To be fair, I’ve never accused Mischa Barton of being anorexic, only of dressing like she’s lost her mind. Unless wearing adult diapers at the ripe old age of 21 isn’t a sign of insanity, in which case I take everything back. Silly me, all this time I’ve just been holding my own pee in like a fool.

mischa-barton-london-diaper-02-thumb.jpg mischa-barton-london-diaper-03-thumb.jpg mischa-barton-london-diaper-04-thumb.jpg mischa-barton-london-diaper-05-thumb.jpg mischa-barton-london-diaper-06-thumb.jpg mischa-barton-london-diaper-07-thumb.jpg mischa-barton-london-diaper-08-thumb.jpg mischa-barton-london-diaper-09-thumb.jpg



  1. Donkey

    Why is she famous?

  2. amaritimer

    you’d think that with as much money she has, she could hire someone to put some decent fucking clothes on that body.

  3. chaunceygardner

    She looks like that goddamn spider-crab alien from the end of Close Encounters Of The Third Kind.

  4. She is a classic, natural beauty

  5. Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.

  6. One Day at a Time was an awesome show, but dressing like Mackenzie Phillips? Come on.

  7. FRIST!!!

    I am so OVER her!!! I hate people who can’t dress themselves properly. I also hate when my boss doesn’t leave when he usually does and so I can’t try on garbage sacks in the office and crank up the internet porn :(

    Go home already, you bastard!!!!!

  8. chaunceygardner


    She has a beautiful face, but that is marred by a nasty attitude and a scary-ass marionette special effect body.

  9. FRIST!!!

    And what is with the Fleetwood Mac shirt??!?? She wasn’t even BORN then!!!!!

  10. Shanipie

    It irritates me that this has-been who never was is really thin, could wear awesome expensive clothes if she wanted, but goes around dressing like she needs pants big enough to hold her adult diapers.

    Maybe thats it, maybe she is too good to use the bathroom (thats so for non-famous people

  11. Shanipie

    Frist Back me up here…

    4 and 8 whats the FUCK!!! She is busted! her face is hideous. Holy shit has the worl gone mad? She is ugly!

  12. volatile dissonance

    i don’t know…she looks kinda fat to me! check out ol thunderthighs!! hawhaw!!

  13. isitin

    I think she is a horrible looking woman. And if you think she is good looking, you’ve got your taste up your ass.

  14. FRIST!!!

    11…you KNOW I got your back on that one!!!

    And I couldn’t STAND her on the O.C., whiny little drama queen…bet she’s like that in real life, which is why she has to date Monster Balls Adler…

    Hey my boss finally left! Yayyyyy!!!!

  15. chaunceygardner

    Gimme a break. If her face was superimposed onto the body of an actual human being, you’d at least hate-fuck her to death.

  16. Jimbo ?

    Who is this Bitch?

  17. strong

    Her and jessica Simpson must both shop at JCPenneys for those Mom Jeans.

    #9 are people not allowed to like music that came out before they were born ?

  18. Jimbo ?

    Hey FRIST – Did you notice my troll is gone and look who else is gone? I wonder if they are the same person

  19. FRIST!!!

    #17 No!!! Wait…um…yes, er leave me alone, I’m trying to watch porn!!!

    Jimbo…I don’t really get the trolling deally, course I’ve never been trolled, but you must have decided Schack is your troll?

    I don’t get it, it’s funny, but still. If I ever get a troll, I hope they are funnier than I.

  20. kris10

    hey Mischa 1982 called and wants it’s “mom jeans” back!

  21. julyper

    I don’t think she’s anorexic either, just ugly.

  22. Jimbo ?

    I don’t get it either. I am not sure what the point is. Other strange things have happened to. It is not that I have decided it is schack, it is very clearly schack. There are very few people in here that talk like her or use the same vocabulary

  23. Jimbo ?

    @20 she wants her shoes back too. What is with that gimp foot?

  24. FRIST!!!

    #23 She hurt it kicking Cisco in the balls

  25. High-waisted pants need to go away and never, ever come back.

  26. woodhorse

    Ok Ok But she has Great Hair! Shiny, natural silky hair which puts her several steps above Paris Hilton and her Fraggle Rock hair (and now apparently several steps above ScarJo as well)

  27. StudsyMcSex

    If by “anorexic” you mean cock-wiltingly unattractive, then yes, Mischa Barton is startlingly anorexic.

  28. Jimbo ?

    Please don’t ever kick me in the balls

    Enjoy your porn. I will keep that mental image of you at your desk watching porn and doing other things as I go to sleep tonight. Should make for some good dreams. The other ones were good.

    See you tomorrow!!!

  29. Libraesque

    I don’t know if she’s anorexic, but I do know she has a criminal fashion sense and voice that sounds like a cartoon charactor.

    Actually, I’ve seen pics of her in a bathing suit, she could be named cottage cheese queen

  30. no1justminda

    i didn’t know such a beautiful girl could make herself so damn fugly! a total waste of pretty face.

  31. BloodCountess77

    The girl is gorgeous.

  32. redsonja1313

    “High-waisted pants need to go away and never, ever come back.”-Posted by HerpesHilton


  33. lambman

    “Mischa Barton says she knows her friend Nicole Richie has an eating disorder”

    Based on the quote that’s actually from Mischa I wouldn’t say that Nicle Richie is her friend. In fact I remember Mischa saying not that long ago that has only met Nicole Richie once or twice, but the media always says they’re friends.

  34. pookiedoo

    Is she hiding Cisco’s balls in her pants?

  35. iamsosmrt

    Here’s the thing she IS naturally thin and it is due to her metabolism. You can tell that a girl is naturally thin if her weight doesn’t fluctuate a lot.

    HOWEVER this idiot does NOT exercise and she has a yucky skinny fat body. Guess what happens to lazy naturally slim girls who never learn to exercise when they age and their metabolism slows down… they get flabby and fat. A body needs muscle, I am not talking Britney Spears muscle because she overdid it a bit in the past (and it looked butch), but healthy lean muscle.

    So if you are naturally thin don’t sit on your ass, go EXERCISE or you will be a cellulite city skinny fat hag like Mischa Barton.

    No matter what weight you are go exercise. You can loose weight but you can’t loose cancer and if lazy fatties weren’t clogging up the medical system many more lives could be saved… the lives of people who are sick through no fault of their own.

    In conclusion if you don’t exercise it means you hate kids with cancer and you want them to die. The End.

  36. jax2

    my angry 1980s mom called, she wants her jeans back mischa!

    what is up with her giney? it has more fat than the rest of her entire body put together!

  37. bungoone

    not sure who told Mischa that she looked anorexic because she’s far from it. yes she’s thin, but she doesn’t look good. girl needs to run a few miles and do some push ups. there’s all sorts of loose skin going on there.

  38. heysailor

    Those jeans accent her front butt. Not cool.

  39. Tracy

    Oh the horror that is those pants! I think Carly Simon wore those in the 70′s, but even she abandoned them 30 years ago. What a nightmare!

  40. magickal

    Hehe…”front butt”…a/k/a “gunt”.

  41. islandgirl

    this chick got balls.

  42. 1-Ton

    Aren’t those Mom Jeans?

  43. anotheruselesscomment

    yeah, she’s gorgeous….all you detractors are jealous because you don’t look like her, aren’t screwing her, or don’t have her money…keep bitching and hoping you win a lottery so you can improve your ugly selves

  44. 1-Ton


    Sorry, the hyperlink in the previous post didn’t work!

  45. sumnersgal

    Mom Jeans!

  46. Is it just me or is she raising a family of marsupials in the front of her jeans?

    Seriously did her intestines get confused and accidently drop the load off at the entrance instead of the exit?


  47. FRIST!!!

    #43 You’re right, that WAS useless

  48. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    Nice package Mischa :|

  49. Mischa is packing some heat damn girl!

  50. squidtits

    Those are probably the jeans she wears when she’s on her monthly Mischa menses as they are the comfiest, most sensible, secure attire when wearing her bulky, maximum absorbency sanitary protection. Coupled with a monster 70′s style bush, i think that is what’s causing that horrid, frumpy looking cunt bulge.

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