Mischa Barton is tempting

February 20th, 2006 // 38 Comments

mischa-barton-nipple.jpgHere’s a pic of Mischa Barton showing a bit of the ol’ nipplage. She doesn’t appear to be wearing a bra, but since she’s about eight feet tall she can probably just rest her boobs on her boyfriend’s head. Or, better yet, she can rest them in my hands, as long as she doesn’t mind me giggling like Beavis and making honking noises when I squeeze them.


  1. PKClover

    She should show us the money shot in something other than that dress. If you undo the bow I wonder if the bottom half drops to the floor. Hmmm …

  2. Aimtrue

    That dress looks like an apron- The kind of apron you wanted your friend’s mom to wear while baking cookies on a snowy, wintery day. Yes Mrs. Weston I can help you wipe the flour off you apron. Oh Mrs. Weston, now you have spilled some on my pants. What will we do?

  3. chryssy11

    You’d think a celebrity of all people could afford a bra. My gawd, if you are going to show off the ole nipples…at least be wearing something sexy…….

  4. Sassy

    I don’t see the attraction in Barton at all. I think she looks like a gammy, simpering, plain Jane bag o’bones.

  5. butterflynans


    are those real?

    can we say boobies on herE?


  6. I can’t believe this girl is famous. She’s the Paris Hilton of network television. Except instead of blowing everybody, she just plain blows.

    Cute, though.

  7. billabong021

    I always thought she looked kinda crazy. I mean look at her face, she has that hollywood crazy look, like shes got hereditory psychological issues that are compounded by alcohol and too much sex. Kinda like the that bird that played lois lane in the original superman movies..

  8. debs


    Don’t you remember the Paris Hilton MONEY SHOT? Are you still in therapy for having seen that??? Half the people who post here are still traumatized by Paris Va-JJ. Please don’t encourage the other talentless ho’s of hollywood to show that!

  9. Sunlight

    Once again, I can’t see a picture of her and not think about that heavy flow day while all dressed in white. It makes me not want to ever eat a taco again….

  10. prideofchucky

    Nice (uniform) outfit! If you didn’t tell me this was Mischa Barton I woulda sworn it’s the girl who waited our table last night at Applebee’s.

  11. gsprescueguy

    So….was she thinking, “That’s the ugliest dress in the world, but at least my tits will show through.”

  12. lysistrata11

    Why polka dots?…Of all things, why polka dots?! No! 1980′s! You get back in the basement where you belong!

  13. MKOh8sMischka

    Mischka Barton is the most annoying person ever. Even showing nipples is annoying from her. Everyone else, it just makes them a whore; but ole Mischka she’s just a genuine shit-bomb.

    Maybe if she ate once in a while she wouldn’t look like one of the Anorexic Twins.

  14. BrianMolko

    Am I the only one who thinks that dress is really flattering on her and makes her curvalicious? And that all you people are probably far more unattractive?

  15. billabong021

    yea BrianMolko, you are

  16. ESQ

    Peek-a-boo, I would like to see the rest of you.*

    * Provided you are not menstruating.

    BTW the dress is fugs, but she certainly made up for it by not wearing a bra.

  17. ElFurbe

    Just can’t get in on the bashing here. I mean, to hell with The OC, but I think she’s gorgeous, and even in the normally unalluring polka dots, I’m impressed. I probably wouldn’t have put that dress on her, but I’m sure I’d enjoy taking it off her.
    ::wink wink nudge nudge::

  18. Alissi

    old story really. pretty girl, great figure (if a little bony) and a damn ugly dress.
    as for the nips, well i hate them but when you’re nearly flat they sex it up a bit.

    or thats the idea. she looks like a hollywood version of some sort of skanky whorelike smalltown pancake shop waitress

  19. Honk, honk! I like the hips, too.

  20. Craig & "em"

    Where is all the “hateration” coming from? I think she’s sexy and has a nice body. PLUS…since when is it not OK for a girl with nice BOOBS to wear a see thru? No Really…Since When?

  21. jugsgirl

    on to something cooler—

    her mr. superficial,

    who is the hot blonde chick with only a mouth and a nose on the top of every page?

    my friend has a huge crush on her dsls.

    do you have her number for him?


  22. jugsgirl

    I meant “hey mr. superficial” not “her mr. superficial”

    I promise to start proofreading before i post. I will really try this tyme!

  23. Jayne

    she’s a poor mans Avril

  24. Tania

    Mischa is not a dog, she’s just not THAT hot. (Nice boobs though.)

    I can’t figure out why Mischa is the one getting all the attention. Rachel Bilson (her costar on the OC) is way way hotter.

    But Rachel doesn’t go out and whore around in see-through clothing with hairy trolls that she passes off as boyfriends. That must be it.


  25. MystressJade

    I’d hit it….with my eyes closed, though.

  26. gogoboots

    nipples shnipples, she’s a ho…let’s move on! I think she’s competing with Paris Hilton for the most tacky clothes to be worn by a rich person ever…

  27. gogoboots

    speaking of dumb wraiths, check out nicole doing the unthinkable…


  28. Sheva

    Rachel, yes indeed. Lovely.

  29. jugsgirl

    I’ve had it – gogoboots is nicole richie

  30. HughJorganthethird

    nice tits.

    Glad to see she stopped bleeding.

    Anyone know where I can find some pics of Nicole Ritchie eating and shit?

  31. Ah yes!!! This is great! Useless Things has a great version of this!


  32. hotintempe

    They’re fake!!!!

  33. LaydeeBug

    #11 and 12…spot on.

    Otherwise *yawn*

  34. LaydeeBug

    #24 TAnia, LOL “hairy troll. “

  35. hermanita

    Tania, you’re absolutely right! Rachel is at least a 100 times hotter. There is no comparison. So, I really don’t get why everyone talks about this ugly-duckling.

    #32, they don’t look fake maybe a little pushed-up, but all celebs do that.

  36. Atamze

    i don’t think mischa is anorexic, she’s normal.

  37. peaches

    i think your all really rude an probably just jealous your not that famous, or elegant..everyone has bad days and clearly this is one of hers. If you were constantly in the spotlight i’m sure some pretty bad photos of you would appear on sites and magazines like this..so next time you get out of bed and look like a trainwreck etc think how bad you’d feel if the paparazzi got a shot of you. And instead of bagging out celebrities maybe you should go and fix up your own flaws becuase im sure none of you are perfect.

  38. they do look good, so tasty…

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