Mischa Barton really has it together

February 16th, 2010 // 53 Comments

Here’s Mischa Barton clearly smoking a roach while driving in LA yesterday. And in case you were wondering, this in fact the same Mischa Barton who got a DUI for driving high as shit a few years back and managed to make Lindsay Lohan even consider the concept of a “drug problem.” So basically the most talented woman in Hollywood.

NOTE: RadarOnline has video of Mischa driving and blazing.


  1. here we go

    The car is great :-)

    Smoke and relax!

  2. 420!

    YES! I like her even more now!!
    Nothing hotter than a stoner chick driving a bad ass old ride.
    Mischa, Will you marry me? Or at least smoke me out.

  3. big fat bob

    with my shit, then blaze up another spliff

  4. big fat bob

    with my shit, then blaze up another spliff
    smoke this sweety.

  5. jamie

    it doesnt look like she is driving to me. It appears she is just sitting in her car in a parking lot.

  6. james

    it doesnt look like she is driving to me. It appears she is just sitting in her car in a parking lot.

  7. BOBBO

    Joints? WTF Richie RIch, Get some paraphernalia.

  8. Danklin

    Chick has a weird way of holding a roach.

  9. Candy

    SEND HER TO INTERVENTION… This is the only show that she fill all the requirements to be in…

  10. Snookie's Tampon

    Maybe she rolls her own cigs?

  11. uhh

    At least go behind some buildings like everyone else does.

  12. zuerte

    She gained A LOT of weight. Got-dayumm.

  13. Doctor Detroit

    #13 – anti psychotic drugs often cause weight gain. that’s my guess – she on some heavy duty anti-crazy pills.

  14. Sledman

    Well in her defense shes not really driving as much as parked. I almost thought it wasn’t her, she got fat. And its not flattering on her at all. Sure 5 maybe 10lbs tops would have looked good, but her face and those thighs, gross. I thought she was one of those “I can eat anything and not gain a pound” types…… i guess not.

  15. chuck

    looks like a cig to me or she is real good at rolling them
    I’d fuck her, maybe is she was high enough she wouldn’t notice what a fat ass i am

  16. Wrong

    Nope–she’s not at all “driving in L.A.” in these pictures; though that sort of embellishment certainly ups the sensationalism quotient.

    So the first line should read “Here’s Mischa Barton clearly smoking a roach while sitting in a car yesterday.”

    See? If you report it accurately, it’s too boring to bother reporting.

  17. Yo Daddy

    this has to be one of the coolest girls in hollywood. i’d marry her too! they say the crazy one’s are the best in the sack anyway ;)

  18. Rough on ice

    Oh! thats way better than leaked porn. Bad, bad, bad Mischa…

  19. herbiefrog

    cant you do that over there either… ?

    we should all meet in holland

    [its a tunnel ? duh ?

  20. pimp

    sweet ride…she deserves an ass eating for that…

  21. maudina

    Oh please. The car is parked! No big deal.

  22. Jack Butt

    wow, as much as I think she is an a$$hole for smoking weed while driving. I am digging that she drives a cool ass Old school convertable Caddy like that!

    Didn’t know she had such a unique taste in cars.. I dig it!

  23. MainMan

    Smoking weed and driving is NOT dangerous. ive been doing so for almost every single day of the last 30 years as a commerical and heavy goods driver. ive had NO accidents in over 25 years. once your a longterm smoker, cannabis doesnt get you as high and out of it like a newbie can feel. also when somebodys got a lighter in their hands while they smoke, its a real good sign they are smoking cannabis.. we need to relight the jay sometimes and its just a typical weed smoker habit.

  24. elle

    Its not what she is doing that upsets me its the rings on her fingers. They look like they are from Walgreens??!!!

  25. crissy


  26. el ces

    an i get high high high an i get high high high everyday i get

    Mischa FTW, def

  27. Eric

    If she has a medical marijuana card it’s legal.

  28. Frank

    Um…honest officer, its my perfume – uh, do you have any peanut butter and crackers???

  29. franklinfrankensteen

    Stoner chicks are fun to bone. You can stick them in the butt before their reaction time kicks in.

    By the time they realise what’s going on, their outrage is overwhelmed by teh power of teh penis and they start loving it.

  30. Jemmi

    Oh noes! Someone with a medical marijuana card using marijuana. Oh noes.

    Why is this always left out, that it is legal. Maybe not to drive and smoke, but the photos don’t show the car moving.

    too funny !

  31. FishBone


  32. truth doctor

    stoners = fags

  33. Jared

    dream woman.

  34. KELLY

    MISCHA is f**king disgusting…. I’ve never liked her, I watched her in some recent D-Grade crap DVD she spun out and her acting is f**king shocking. She’s fat, she’s a druggie, she’s foul- seriously, she shouldn’t even BE famous.

    Medical marijuana card??!! Legal if she has one?? WHO GIVES A SHIT!! She should be at HOME using, not out on the street if that’s the case!

    For f**k sake.

  35. Juancho

    She is Awesome for buying a caddy and not be like those other stuck up rich yuppies that buy mercedes and porches and shit, she was just breaking in her new car with a nice smoke wether it be sum good green or sum rolled up tobaccy, i just love chicks like this! women should b more like this…

  36. Frowsey McFunky

    Sad to think she peaked with the Sixth Sense.

  37. I dont know what she was smoking, but the guy in the passenger seat looks like he was smoking crack!

  38. Perfect Double Tapered

    As my dad used to say a beer ain’t drinking and as I’ll say to my children smoking weed ain’t doing drugs.

  39. sdfsdfds

    If she’s on antipsychotics… she shouldn’t be smokin weed. It triggers mental disorders, especially schizophrenia. What a fuckin idiot.

  40. Dick Face

    Damn, no wonder she has gained all that weight, her fat ass has got a serious case of the “Munchies” and only she would be stupid enough to smoke in front of the paparazzi’s and maybe even the coppers.

  41. cheryl

    there’s nothing wrong with a little choke & toke.

  42. Mischa show your naked beauty please

  43. Rasputins Liver


    Nice. Miss the chicks like that and the days of being mellow way back in the day.

    The last couple decades has seen the unfortunate surge of people wanting to be all aggressive and cranked up on shit like crank, cocaine, meth, caffein, “energy” drinks, alcohol, whatever.

    People should be smokin’ the tumbleweed and mellowing out instead. Maybe had Dubya and The Dick-head and their war-mongering, greedy neo-con cohorts been smokin’ herb we’d not be in any unwarranted wars and occupations nor be in the fiscal situation this nation’s in now.

    Smoke da ganja, folks. Stay way from all the rest.


  44. Rasputins Liver


    40. sdfsdfds – February 17, 2010 1:21 AM

    If she’s on antipsychotics… she shouldn’t be smokin weed. It triggers mental disorders, especially schizophrenia. What a fuckin idiot.


    Ah bullshit.


  45. Denise

    There’s nothing wrong with smokin’ the herb when you’ve arrived at your location. I like her even MORE now that she smokes pot, she probably has a laid back personality. Pot is GOOD and if you’re a regular smoker, the weed does not affect you as much as some people would think.

  46. Your Beadazzler (tm)

    No, Officer, it’s just a cigarette, really…I tear off the filters so I can get more nicotine, you know what I mean? I just like to pretend I’m smokin’ weed, it makes me look cooler to my peers. Really- you know what I mean? Honest.
    Hey, do you have any fresh green pepper on you?
    Know what I mean?

  47. i used to love this girl!

    What happened to this girl? She was so hot in the OC

    I think some of the crazy-depressive-self destructiveness in the character Marissa she was playing rubbed off on her. I really don’t get it, she’s gone straight downhill since the OC

  48. ba

    Some of the paps who have been covering Mischa know this, others don’t, but she’s been in several car accidents in the past. She bumped Nicole Richie’s car (and there’s video and pictures to prove it). She also bumped her mom’s car – she hit the car of a university professor, and that professor’s son blogged about it. And then of course there’s her DUI. What’s worse is Mischa didn’t even have a valid license when she got into all these accidents and when she got her DUI. She gave the silly excuse that she’s from New York and New Yorkers don’t drive. Do research and you’ll find out this information is true. The paps and the police need to keep an eye out on Mischa.

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