Mischa Barton is skinny now. But shut up about it.

Apparently Mischa Barton lost some weight and now thinks she’s a lightning rod of media scrutiny. I must’ve missed that memo – along with the rest of the media. Though in our defense we have a wicked beer pong tourney going on. (Wolf Blitzer, it’s on!) Anyway, Mischa spoke out to Celebuzz about her new figure:

In an exclusive statement to Celebuzz, Barton laments the celeb-media industry, equating it to the “mean girls in high school.”
“One minute, I’m too fat, the next I’m too skinny,” Barton says in the statement. “(The press) is always looking to start rumors and create drama.”
The fact that the stories have only escalated forced her to take a stand. “Honestly I think this whole situation is ridiculous,” she writes to Celebuzz. “But there comes a time when you have to address these things.”

So, what, did Mischa Barton wake up and think she’s Jessica Simpson all of sudden? Because that happens to me all the time. Which is why I wore nothing but a Cowboys jersey to work today. What’s up, boss?

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