Mischa Barton is skinny now. But shut up about it.

February 24th, 2009 // 71 Comments

Apparently Mischa Barton lost some weight and now thinks she’s a lightning rod of media scrutiny. I must’ve missed that memo – along with the rest of the media. Though in our defense we have a wicked beer pong tourney going on. (Wolf Blitzer, it’s on!) Anyway, Mischa spoke out to Celebuzz about her new figure:

In an exclusive statement to Celebuzz, Barton laments the celeb-media industry, equating it to the “mean girls in high school.”
“One minute, I’m too fat, the next I’m too skinny,” Barton says in the statement. “(The press) is always looking to start rumors and create drama.”
The fact that the stories have only escalated forced her to take a stand. “Honestly I think this whole situation is ridiculous,” she writes to Celebuzz. “But there comes a time when you have to address these things.”

So, what, did Mischa Barton wake up and think she’s Jessica Simpson all of sudden? Because that happens to me all the time. Which is why I wore nothing but a Cowboys jersey to work today. What’s up, boss?

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  1. Thats an accomplisment? if she didnt work that ass physically, ill bet its still cottage cheese city on the back of her legs…

  2. The Real anthonyOA

    you’re too ugly mischa.

  3. Deacon Jones

    “Honestly, I think the whole situation is ridiculous”

    That’s why I lost 20 pounds, I’ll show them!

  4. She went to high school?

  5. KK

    There is a ladder in her tights! :D

  6. elisha

    i think its funny how she is trying so hard to stay in the lime light ….like hello no one cares about you since the oc go and die already haha like in the oc

  7. cavy

    I can’t blame her at all and I totally understand what she’s talking about. When I was overweight, I got all kinds of grief….then I lose the weight in a VERY healthy way with healthy foods, no junk food and daily exercise and then everyone calls me anorexic. I’m sorry, but 14000 calories a day is far from anorexic – I love food!

    I’ve seen gossip sites rip her apart for 1 ounce of fat on her legs – I mean, WORSE than Jessica Simpson, then she gets ultra fit and Hollywood perfect and the too skinny name calling begins.

    The general public totally sucks and the media is sending very confusing signals to young girls. I don’t blame Mishca one bit. And btw, I think she’s gorgeous and I love her style!

  8. luna

    haha omg there is a ladder in her stockings haha good spotting number 5

  9. lol

    cavy is a fatty cavy is a fatty haha :p

  10. grobpilot

    “Everybody pay attention to me!” She has become so irrelevant, she needs to create her own news. My advice would be to give up on Hollywood and go get a real job somewhere. For you, preferably McDonald’s, you’ll live longer.

  11. lol

    cavy is a fatty cavy is a fatty

  12. Her next challenge: attacking being too ugly.

  13. Jrz

    Bitch, please…..you’re estatic someone is still writing about your ugly ass.

  14. Smart Shopper

    What an ego, she really is the Queen of Denial. All she need to do is go to the 99 cents store, and buy a mirror to know that she is a walking stick.

  15. peter

    Omg. She looks so hot. I love her very much. I just saw her pretty ad with sexy photos on “millionaire friends. com”. It is said she is dating a great guy there.

  16. grobpilot

    Pic #4: Looks like a little drip of spuzz running down her leg (or maybe a yeast infection).

  17. Teef

    Go on, show us a picture of the back of her legs without those tights …

  18. cavy

    #9 and 11 Ok, I guess at 114 lbs, I’m a fatty. Me thinks you are smoking a fatty.

  19. lizzy

    she looks good! everyone bitched about her size and now she looks great, leave her alone.

    i love her dress!

  20. Deacon Jones


    You lost weight by cutting back to 14,000 calories a day?
    Wow, what did you have before that, an IV of butter hooked up to you?

  21. cuttie

    She is still so beautiful, but I don`t like her any more because she likes dating with a few different Billionaires on ^^C e l e b m i n g l e. C 0 M^^ these days. It is already reported by New York daily.

  22. yes, she looks so beautiful now. I always liked her. Maybe now even more.

  23. cavy

    # 20, Deacon Jones, the average person eats approximately 3770 to 4000 calories per day. I lost weight on 1400….that’s my mistake in the first post. LOL…you’re right…that would have been really bad! :0) I went from about 1800 to 1400 – that’s what I meant to say. heehee

  24. Hooper

    You should become famous some how cavy. What with all your attention-whoring you and mischa could become fast friends and chase the paparazzi together. “Look how skinny I am! Now look how fat I am! Stop taking pictures of me!”

  25. Where's Darkwing Duck?

    Mischa Barton is another talentless fucktard. What has she done besides the O.C? She got fat, but she has no talent. Although I’m glad we got the obligatory “This is how much I weigh,” post. I’ve missed you attention whores.

  26. Photoshop Police

    Did I miss something?
    When has Mischa Barton ever been anything but quasi-anorexic?

    Mischa, when you start looking like those Kirstie Alley photos (you know the ones I mean), then get back to me about you ever being fat.

    I have two words for you: PERSONAL TRAINER!
    and two more words: EAT HEALTHY!

    and take a break and have a frickin cheeseburger once in a while!

  27. StEvec

    she’s still soft, pasty and shapeless…..needs to gain some firmness to her physique

  28. cavy

    #24, Hooper, where did I say I wanted to be famous? I made a mistake with my calorie calculation…it was pointed out and I laughed about it.

    Wow, since when does making a mistake and correcting it constitute being called an attention whore? Sounds to me like you want to be famous based on being an asshole (much like Octo Mom is famous for).

  29. Where's Darkwing Duck?

    You are not being called an attention whore for correcting your typo, everyone makes those mistakes. You are being called an attention whore (and now also a retard) because for some reason (retarded I’m sure) you felt the need to broadcast your weight on a gossip site. Are you famous? Then no one fucking cares (alright I enjoy being mean, post on fat girls).

  30. Hooper

    Wow, I’m already in the same leaque as Octomom? Excuse me while I take my bow.

  31. cavy

    #29, I posted my weight because another poster was being silly and called me a “fatty”…I posted back SARCASTICALLY with my weight…you know…it’s called ironic humor?!

    Never thought I’d get into a war over Mischa Barton, but what the hell.

  32. Where's Darkwing Duck?

    So, you felt the need to sarcastically (Are you sure you’re using that word in the right context?) post your weight because an internet stranger called you fat? You’re not 114 lbs? Hmmmm, my original thought of you holds true: retarded attention whore.

  33. ItsFullOfPoop

    #7-14,000 calories a day?

    What diet were you on,the Hog A Day Plan?

  34. Superevil

    Did anyone mention how ugly she is?

  35. cavy

    That’s the best you could come up with ‘Where’s Darkwing Duck?”?! Nice try. Who’s the attention whore now?

    and #33..I already posted that 14000 was a mistake – I meant to say 1400. Your joke would be funny if I hadn’t already laughed about the mistake before you pointed it out.

  36. Ridiculous

    Who the fuck cares about this cunt? Have you seen the things she wears? Honestly? She should join the cast of The Hills, now those people know how to be douchebags.

  37. rachel

    For more pics of newly skinny mischa, check the pop fix.

  38. PunkA

    Mischa sucks. She was fat with cottage cheese on ler legs, now she is skinny from meth and heroine. Seriously, the problem people have with her is how unhealthy she looks. Girl needs to exercise, get some tone and then her look is improved and healthier. Heroine chic skinny sucks just as bad a cottage cheese fat. But she is too lazy and self absorbed to ever get it. Which makes her a cow.

  39. Marissa Cooper

    who cares about cavy… that attention seeking whore… she wrote a whole 1 page post about herself… we’re supposed to be making fun of mischa

  40. Julliam Michaels

    #23, the average person eating those calories is a fatty. Americans are getting fat, plain and simple. The average person should only eat 2100 calories or so per day, not 3700. So of course you lost weight on 1400. But did you exercise too, or just get thin with no real shapeliness? This is not necessarily healthy. people do not get it. Too damn lazy i guess.

  41. Way to go

    Now you mentioned her name, she’s going to come back and post about how everyone else is an attention whore & she was just posting her weight to make a point. I think that point is she’s a fatass.

  42. Valerie

    @ #1 That’s kinda what I wad thinking. I hate being catty like that, but yeah. A girl can be relatively thin, even skinny, but genetics determines cellulite and there is no cure. My BMI is 22, so I’m not “skinny” but I was whacked with the lucky stick and I don’t have much cellulite at all. I don’t think Mischa was ever fat in my opinion, but if those photos of her weren’t photoshopped…..then yeah sucks for her.

    @25 Hahahaha! Made ME laugh.

    @36 I agree totally. Even nasty ass Courtney Love has better fashion sense, dare I say.

    @38 HAHAHAHA! I don’t agree, but yous a funny MoFo : )

    In my own opinion, Fish is right: this bitch just wants attention. Who the fuck is telling her she’s too skinny right now? I haven’t seen ONE tabloid stating that recently, but then again, I don’t stay on top of the tabloids.

    AND @ 7 “The general public totally sucks and the media is sending very confusing signals to young girls. I don’t blame Mishca one bit” I say BOO FUCKING HOO, THAT’S WHY THEY CALL IT “SELF” ESTEEM–Katt Williams said it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZ25o7iYZ50&feature=related

  43. GOD

    Mischa Barton is hot!

  44. mink

    I didn’t think cavy was being an attention whore, she was just relateing her experiences to the article. I didn’t think she was trying to say ‘look at how skinny I am’ or anything.

  45. mink


  46. cavy

    Thank you mink #44, that was what I was trying to say…at least one person on here ‘gets it’. <3

    And to #40 Julliam Michaels if you read my previous post @ #7 I explain that yes, I did it with daily exercise. You are right, most people eat way above the daily recommended amount. It’s important to be healthy to stay healthy for a lifetime.

  47. Where's Darkwing Duck?

    Cavy’s Posts: A Breakdown

    “I lose the weight in a VERY healthy way with healthy foods, no junk food and daily exercise and then everyone calls me anorexic.” – Attention Whore

    “I think she’s gorgeous and I love her style!” – A Retard

    “Ok, I guess at 114 lbs” – Attention Whore

    “another poster was being silly and called me a “fatty”…” – Attention Whore

    Creating an alter-ego (Mink) to agree with her – A Retard

    “That’s the best you could come up with ‘Where’s Darkwing Duck?”?! Nice try.
    Who’s the attention whore now?” – What? Girl you’re not making any sense there.

    As you can see Ladies & Gentlemen, we are dealing with a Retarded Attention Whore or RAW as I now will refer to all of these girls who feel the need to broadcast their weight on a website that makes fun of famous & semi-famous people (border-line pornstars).

    Oh wait I almost forgot
    “oops….one more – I will always be a fan of Pammy – she’s for animal rights and will always be beautiful inside and out.”

  48. langdon

    apparently it’s possible to be a skinny fat person. she is still incredibly out of shape, regardless of how much she weighs.

  49. cavy

    You suck Where’s Darkwing Duck. You need to grow up. I’m thin but I can see why people have anxiety about being thin when there are people like you out there.

  50. cavy

    #49….this is not me, but I’m flattered that you’d want to “play me” on here. And I’m glad I’ve given you all some entertainment for a short while.

    Darkwing Duck, you are WAY too obsessed with what I think and it’s a bit creepy that you’re quoting me from another post (this says way more about you than it does me)….I’m starting to think you might be in love with me. ROFL!

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