Mischa Barton is ready for the Christmas pageant

October 2nd, 2006 // 79 Comments





  1. happy_bunny

    Good god. She should be forbidden from dressing herself. That skirt’s just nasty. In a not-good way.

  2. Devil Is Chrome

    If that skirt were a one piece it may be tolerable…but those slouch boots and t-shirt? WHY WON’T THE 80′s JUST DIE ALREADY?

  3. Equalparts

    Oh Wow.
    I guess looking fucking psychotic is the same as looking fashionable these days.

  4. combustion8

    even her dog is ugly… I’d still hit it though.

    mischa too.

  5. Doesn’t that dress belong to Mickey Mouse?

  6. shell

    It looks like it’s made out of that cheap, cheesy felt shit that school play costumes are made out of.

  7. BEAM

    Who the hell is this person and when did she become a celebrity?

  8. note the wrap on her left arm.. i’ll betcha the pooch gnawed her wrist in two when it realized she was taking him for a walk in that fugged up pile of rags…

  9. estelparis

    I might have weird taste but I actually like what she’s wearing for once. The top should be all black and the boots a bit higher but I love the skirt ! But I do agree that the dog is pretty ugly.

  10. pinky_nip

    Funny… cuz the shirt I’m wearing today says: “Drop Mischa on her fucking head, not bombs”

  11. jrzmommy

    Mickey Mouse has some massive wood right now.

  12. Italian Stallion

    Just when you think she is normal again, she pulls this shit……

    @10 It’s teabag time

    Drop balls, not bombs…………

  13. apparently i have no idea what is fashionable today, god bless celebs!

    cartoon undies –> http://funderpants.com

  14. guest1234567

    @14 No, I’m pretty sure Mickey wears dresses.

    old joke:

    Divorse court judge: You can’t divorse Minnie for being crazy!

    Mickey: I didn’t say she was crazy, I said she was fucking Goofy!

  15. guest1234567

    And I can’t spell divorce.

  16. commissioner

    She ALWAYS looks like a thirteen year-old Ukranian prostitute to me.

  17. RichPort

    The whole “Moscow Smack Whore Chic” look really suits her.

  18. Mischa is making a political statement… Let me repeat that…. MISCHA IS MAKING A POLITICAL STATEMENT?!@$%!@%?


  19. Good grief! I’m suprised the Abominable Snowman or Yukon Cornelius isn’t waddling behind her.

    It’s pretty funny, all that money she has still can’t buy her a lick of sense.


  20. Is the bandage to hide the track marks.


  21. Drug Addicts often start dressing weird.

  22. Drug Addicts often start dressing weird.

  23. jrzmommy

    she looks like something that crawled out of Cisco Adler’s ass

  24. biatcho

    That is the dumbest fucking slogan t-shirt I have EVER seen. “Drop knowledge, not bombs” – this coming from a 20 year old assclown who’s main concern is going shopping, taking acting classes because she wants to be a film star and getting mochachinos with a boyfriend that resmble David Arquette on heroine.

  25. biatcho

    damn it, “whose”… i loathe grammatical errors.

  26. Wow. I guess when Marissa died, Mischa’s fashion sense did, too!


  27. justme

    She really thinks she’s making a statement with that retarded shirt.. Why do actors think they are so important? ALl they do is pretend to be someone else.. whoopty doo..

  28. skeptical

    #23, you are so right. When I saw her in Santa Monica last January, she seemed to be coked out of her mind, talking a mile a minute, walking back and forth on the street.

    She was dressed cute when I saw her, no makeup and looked healthy and beautiful.

    And speaking of drug addicts, at that same moment I saw Mischa, I was sitting next to Robert Downey Jr and he looked HOT. I’d hit THAT in a second!

  29. Wampoon.com

    Don’t know about you guys but I wouldn’t mind undressing her. I love buttons!


  30. monkeymari

    She looks like a F@#@% retard!!!

  31. Hmm, looks like somebody needs a keeper…


  32. LL

    This photographic evidence to the contrary, Mischa Barton can look pretty. But it’s clear that what she can’t do is dress herself. I guess when The OC wardrobe people are no longer around to guide you, you just grab the first 2 or 3 things in the closet you can reach, put them on and call it a style. Mischa and Lindsay are in a two-way race for the worst-dressed 20-something. And that is some stiff competition. At least her legs look good above those awful boots.

  33. endometriorama

    drop ACID, not bombs, dammit. it’s better than heroin.

  34. cole007

    First of all, this speaks volumes about her British citizenship – she really WAS raised there by the looks of her fashion sense. Second of all, who the *HELL* is Mischa Barton?

  35. jrzmommy

    She looks like Ren of Ren and Stimpy in that first picture. Just fucking like him. WOW! Now there’s a sexy look.

  36. Andrea

    Mischa, Mickey wants his pants back.

  37. thebor

    #2 you are more right than you know.

    Message to young hollywood, and morons all over the country. You are too young to remember but THE CLOTHES, STYLE, AND MUSIC IN THE 80′S SUCKED WANG. I used to laugh my ass off at my older sister when she would get dressed in the morning AND SHE THOUGHT SHE LOOKED GOOD! Rolling up her jeans and whatnot. The 80′s style even ended before the 80′s did. Once everyone got off the blow, and realized how dumb they looked (see Madonna Like a Virgin Cover). While I am at it, If a see a one more GUY wearing oversized sunglassed, I am going Waco. Girls, the glasses make you look stupid as well. BRING BACK JEANS AND SWEATERS!


  38. thebor

    I’d still hit it though.

  39. jrzmommy

    Back in the 80′s, I loved wearing my leg warmers over my Sergio Valente pinstriped jeans. And I had Gloria Vanderbilt cords in every color there was.

  40. Compared to that wacky, hippy shit she was wearing a few days ago, this is a goddamn Armani Suit!

  41. @26…If you loathe grammar errors, how do you feel about spelling mistakes? You were going for “heroin”, not “heroine”.

    Nice try, though. They do sound alike. Damn! English is so hard!!

  42. theblemish.com

    The only difference between her and an elf is elves are smarter.


  43. jrzmommy

    42–English is hard….so is a Louisville Slugger against your skull. Why don’t you tell us which is harder.

  44. commissioner


    I loathe “grammatical” errors. And chronic correctors.

  45. mk

    I wish I had the confidence to be able to wear something like that. Oh and 43, the only difference between Mischa and an elf is that elves are short and usually fat, Mischa is tall and slender. And devastatingly beautiful.

  46. Nikk The Templar

    The boots aren’t that bad.

  47. This is a Rock 'n Roll Takeover

    I’m not even sure that’s supposed to be a bottom.

  48. @45

    How do you feel about sentence fragments?

  49. LukeWarmwater

    The bandage on her wrist is from the carpal-tunnel syndrome she got from jacking me off.

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