Mischa Barton is greedy

Mischa_Greedy.jpgPage Six is reporting that Mischa Barton is demanding that her per-episode salary on The O.C. hit six figures, after her new boyfriend turned out to be a productive member of society instead of the spoiled billion-dollar heir her old one was.

“Mischa’s the biggest star on the show, and she feels her salary should reflect that,” a source told Inside TV. Besides a lofty $30,000 monthly mortgage payment for her $7 million house, the blonde now dates musician Cisco Adler instead of billion-heir Brandon Davis. “Mischa winds up paying for a lot of their dates,” the source added.

Barton must be in some kick-ass mannequin union if she can demand that much money for basically standing on screen, looking pretty, and emoting with the help of a Sears display manager named Pearl. I swear, the only way that girl deserves six figures is if she’s being paid pi dollars. And that’s only if the producers round down.