Mischa Barton is an ungrateful child

Mischa_Blame.jpgI’m pretty sure that Mischa Barton, who plays a mumbling wooden plank on “The OC,” has been suffering from glaucoma for the past several years. I don’t think there’s any other way to justify showing up to publicity events wearing the potato sacks and shin guards she wears. But apparently she’s gotten herself fixed, come to her senses, and started pointing fingers.

THE OC star MISCHA BARTON credits her “cool” mother with turning her into a style icon, because she instinctively knows what will flatter her daughter.

You’re making your mother take the fall for this? Your own mother, Mischa? Real life isn’t like “The OC,” you know. You can’t selfishly put your family members in mortal danger and expect them to be saved in a contrived, last-minute sweeps stunt that somehow involves Modest Mouse. The Getty Images people are seriously going to come to her house with pitchforks and torches and demand she compensate them for three years worth of wasted space. And not even Modest Mouse and their indie cred will be able to save her from their wrath.