Mischa Barton is a surprised ghost

July 19th, 2006 // 65 Comments




  1. ashley86


  2. ashley86

    and she looks like shit.. i just dont get her appeal

  3. PapaHotNuts

    I saw we we finger ashley86′s wheelchair- bound grandmother in the cunt for posting “first!!”

  4. hisforalways

    She is pretty…in the face. Her body needs some work. She needs to eat for one, two I think the way she holds herself has a lot to do with the way she looks.

    BTW..I am SO over the Dorothy shoes. Wear heels for God’s sake.

  5. pinky_nip

    I’ve seen sexier knees on a camel.

  6. garbagepailkid

    Who cares.

    She looks like a starving albino ethiopian, and she is always wearing clothes that appear as if they were ripped off a homeless person.

  7. scarlett138

    Ehhhhh she’s alright looking. Whatever.
    The only thing that looks atrocious on her is that dress. Or maybe it’s her body? Well whatever it is, it looks bad.

  8. jrzmommy

    Would you look at those knees? Jesus Christ. I don’t know who would be attracted to this chick. Maybe there are men out there who like to get boinked in the butt by boney knee caps?? I don’t know.

  9. Bambella

    Well at least this time her nipples aren’t hanging out, or maybe that was later in the night. Oh my do these girls ever need a night out with someone feeding them something besides a snow pea, a crouton and a lax for dessert. this pasty, boney, pale, sickly look is so very sad. Do they really think this looks good?

  10. Susana

    and what about the dress? well at least this one cover her nipples… I think either she learns to get dressed to go out or hire someone to help her out! asap

  11. Italian Stallion

    Everytime I look at this chick I get tears in my eyes. She reminds me of E.T. when he was dieing on the river bend and was all white and shit. That part was really sad, poor Elliot, shit, poor Mischa.

  12. PapaHotNuts

    I heard a deer comment to another deer the other day, “Man, when you saw that bear, you had a Mischa in the headlights look.”

  13. nc72

    It’s her latest look–unpopular…


  14. There’s gotta be much hotter stars out there to talk about! Let’s broaden our minds!

    What’s going on in Brazil? Plenty of hot ladies there…


  15. SpecialAgentWind

    #7 She might look like an albino Ethopian, but at least she doesn’t have those nasty flies around her when you fuck her – unlike the Ethhopians. Those flies are sucha pain to deal with.

  16. hotintempe


  17. blowdart

    And yet still, somehow, I think she’d look better whiter, covered in my special “suncream” to keep her alabaster skin safe in the UK’s current heat wave.

    Of course what else can you do to someone who dates some idiot named after a router?

  18. Errrika

    She looks like that cuz she’s tweeking. That’s what it reminds me of anyway. What else could account for her Calista Flockhart fatness? Yup, yummy, yummy cocaine.

  19. jane's eyre

    I wonder if you pick her up and tip her backward, do her eyelids close? I used to have a doll that did that. I think she might have had the same face as Mischa.

  20. She’s starting to look like Nancy Reagan.

  21. mommyd_23

    uh..hellllooO! It’s called a FLASH. This photographer obviously had too bright a flash for the lighting where this picture was taken.

  22. somehow lindsay lohan is responsible for this. i know it’s so chic that you can look like a 6 year old who was playing dress up and then ran all over the playground.

    and being photographed alone is definitely LiLo’s bag. Mischa baby where are your friends? or your cousin spongebob squareface?

  23. DancingQueen

    “Oh I’m so surprised no one recognizes me, blah, blah, blah…” Who the hell cares? What an egotistical bitch. And get some freaking self-tanner for Christ’s sake.

  24. This is a Rock 'n Roll Takeover

    That’s horrifying! She keeps that same expression but is only able to move her eyes. At least she looks better than Paris Hilton though…

  25. francesfarmer

    yeah, good one.

  26. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Nancy Reagan is a foxy bitch and anyone that says otherwise is abviously a terrorist with no penis. If they are a woman who says otherwise then they are a terrorist with five penises, or penii, as it were.

  27. bigponie

    nice hip manuver baldy, there’s better moves then that when you’re tryin to cop a feel like suddenly sticking your finger in her ass and saying I notice you had hiccups and i thought i’d scare you.

  28. RichPort

    I.. just… don’t… see it… sorry… still thinking about Pamela Anderson Lee Rock.

  29. She just got offered a contract to be the new spokesperson for Jenny Craig. Fat cow.

  30. pop

    it reminds me of michael jackson’s mug shot….except i’d fake cancer just to do him before i’d touch her….


  31. IFuckingHateYou

    That look was my fault.
    I told her she had to swallow my cum, but not until she got home, so she had to keep her mouth shut for the entire trip.
    That’s how I get my women to shut the fuck up, can’t stand that constant yapping.
    Sorry all of you had to see the pictures, next time I’ll let her swallow right away, especially since that’s all the protien she’ll have for the day.

  32. Big deal, if you had a camera in your face 24/7 i’m sure you wouldn’t look all that great either. Leave the poor girl alone…

  33. andrewthezeppo

    What a stupid post, there is no story, no punchline and just some lame comment about kittens.

    I’m not a huge Mischa fan (hell I only ever watched the 1st epp of the OC) but she looks fine in those pics.

  34. francesfarmer

    @34 I agree, she’s a bad actress and all but seriously…the news isn’t that slow today. Eddie Murphy just announced he’s marrying Scary Spice, now that’s fucking scary

  35. jFp

    Look at the chubb on those legs…

    she needs knee-liposuction.

  36. diviine

    mary kate olsen always looks like a surprised ghost…

  37. diviine

    mary kate olsen always looks like a surprised ghost…

  38. mkultrass

    Don’t you remember The Sixth Sense? Of course she’s a surprised ghost!

  39. wawawetards

    uhhh hey dumbass at thesuperficial.com the photographer was obviously using a flash that was too strong and uhmm that’s what happens when you do that to anybody. especially with a low light shot. god i miss when the superficial was good.

  40. cavanaugh

    She looks horrible and what is she wearing!

  41. C.B.

    she looks terrible….that stylist of hers what is he really paied for????some people just throws money away…come on….that is the worst dress i have seen latelly….

  42. spatz

    wow. stupidest thread ever. i cant believe superfish guy hasnt mentioned the engagment of scary spice and eddie murphy. all we get are some crap paparazzi photos of mischa barton?

    every day that passes i swear the fish has been taken over by tween girls. mischa barton?

  43. C.B.

    she looks terrible….that stylist of hers what is he really paied for????some people just throws money away…come on….that is the worst dress i have seen lately….

  44. jrzmommy

    In the first picture it looks like someone just told her Naomi Campbell found out Mischa stole her jeans.

  45. JimboDango

    I think you’re being a little hard on her this time. She doesn’t look so bad.

  46. francesfarmer

    it’s not even that the posts lately have been stupid, it’s that they’re not entertaining at all. I would expect stupid pictures at a superficial site, but not pointless ones. Like random pictures of celebrities doing random things, or Christina Aguilera walking. It would take more time to surf the net and find a stupid photo then actually read the entertainment headlines. If a celebrity was asked what the square root of 12,526 is, their look would be more like this: http://www.thevi.be/wp-content/britney_spears_ugly_face_lol.highlight797504.jpg

  47. I’m just relieved she managed to keep her breasts covered this time.


  48. Tha-Flash

    She’s hot.

    People seem to conform to the site admins opinions too much.

  49. Swordman

    what breasts? Plus I hear she is a first class cunt

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