Mischa Barton is a dirty hippie

September 19th, 2006 // 78 Comments

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I’m all for retro, but Mischa Barton’s dress makes her look like a time traveler from the 70′s. Only not nearly as cool as that sounds, because if it was there’d probably be a dinosaur in the background having a fist fight with Abraham Lincoln. And you’d put your money on the dinosaur, but old Abe has a mean uppercut.

More of Mischa looking like she’s given up showering after the jump.


  1. JammyDodger


  2. Wampoon.com

    Looks like my sofa cover.


  3. piratekuhnbeard

    and there probably wouldn’t be a nice mercedes (?) chillin’ there. yeah. that.

  4. dstroyer

    Moonbeam Barton?

  5. Rimmer

    Like that inmate yelling at Jodie Foster … I Can Smell Your Pussy …

  6. frenchtoaststix

    It’s Squeaky Fromme.

  7. BigJim

    I betcha she’s got a really hairy pussy. Like one of those chicks in a 70s porn film.


  8. LilRach

    WTF. She looks like she’s travelled back in time to the 60′s.
    And what is with her top in the 2nd to last picture – well what is with her whole outfit? She needs a shower pronto!

  9. commissioner

    Yup, BigJim, she looks like a granola gal.

  10. Grobpilot

    She kinds looks like my babysitter who let me feel her up when I was twelve years old. She wasn’t incredibly attractive but, hey, my first grope! Ahh, the memories……

  11. Grobpilot

    “kinda”. Shit, I still spell like a twelve year old.

  12. Russell_Reyes

    eww… what happened to her?

  13. thesarahficial


  14. RichPort

    Four words: Russian mail order bride.

  15. clamofdeath

    not showering is the only way she’ll put on weight

  16. Nothing pairs better with BoHo (Ho for Homeless) chic than a classic Chanel purse and a Mercedes Benz.

  17. tits_on_snack

    I can’t exactly remember what prompted healthy, fit and bronzed, big-breasted, luscious lipped, toned and tight-bunned babes to be out; and haggard, frail old 75-pound senior citizens in flat shoes, giant old lady glasses, and cancer patient hollows under their eyes to become all the rage. But I think it starts with ‘Ashley and Mary Kate’ and ends with ‘Olsen’.

  18. reflight

    It’s always nice to see celebs without all the makeup and glam clothes…

    Well, maybe not.

  19. reflight

    And Fish, could you get another home page ad besides Whitford making eyes at Hughley’s nappy-ass hair?

  20. Tracie

    What happened to her? Two words: Cisco Adler. I mean, how long could she possibly go on seeing him without his stank finallyt rubbing off on her? I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Mischa, bring back Brandon Davis! He may be a sweaty pig, but at least he’s a more fashionable sweaty pig.

  21. Superevil

    WTF? Can someone explain to me why she is famous?

  22. Tracie

    *finally …Type too fast and mistakes happen…

  23. krisdylee

    70′s porn and hairy pussies make me giggle.

  24. BarbadoSlim

    Yuck, my state of the art Logitech gaming keyboard suddenly started reeking of old-woman smell.

    Somebody take this witch and burn her at the stake PLEASE!!

  25. Tracy

    Maybe I could understand it if the outfit at least looked comfortable, but that drapey dress with the fussy sleeves and strings hanging off the back looks like a pain in the ass. I think a cute sweatsuit and a pair of keds would have given her more bang for her buck.

  26. Tracy

    …or maybe now that she’s unemployed she’s taken a job as a wench at the Renaissance fair. “Fetch me some fries and a diet coke!”

  27. Italian Stallion

    LOL @ 14……..

    *Ring Ring*

    Janis Joplin called, she wants her shit back…….

  28. Wait a good goddamn minute. That is the same Mischa Barton as this: http://pub.tv2.no/multimedia/na/archive/00233/Mischa_Barton_233048g.jpg ?????

    What in holy hell happened? Did she get beat in the head with an ugly stick? Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick, what is one homely skank.

    Would I hit? Sure, but I wouldn’t tell any of you about it afterwards…

  29. Star Maker Machinery

    Nice shawl haha … is that blue thing a tunic? She’s bringing the medieval look back.

  30. Amy3000

    I wonder if she forgoes shaving her legs and armpits too?…ick

  31. I think she may have washed my car windows with newspaper.


  32. DiabetesExplosion

    Bitch’s muff is NASTY.

  33. I’m gonna go out on a limb here folks, and suggest that most famous people are somehwat normal(and sometimes fugly) folk under their air-brushed, manicured, cosmetically-altered exteriors. I mean, I am so fucking hot as it is, I couldn’t IMAGINE how fucking unbelievable I’d be if a little Hollywood magic was bestowed upon me.

    The world would likely implode.

  34. RichPort

    Since she was auditioning for the remake of one our first favorite jerk-off movies, Heidi, where the FUCK are the wooden clogs???

  35. RichPort

    Did I say jerk-off movies…? Shit… um, I of course meant stupidhead poopy movies… I swear I didn’t wack off when I was kid… not that much…

  36. xx.deathcab.xx

    She’s one mental breakdown away from making a sextape, releasing it at newstands, setting up a press conference explaining how she never intended to promote ‘Oh In Ohio’ with the homevideo and then she’ll continue to plug the movies concept. All the more, I die a little inside.

  37. How does the Superfish know how Abe Lincoln punches??

    I’ll bet* Mr Fish throws like a girl??

  38. BarbadoSlim

    Wait a minute here, wasn’t this smelly cunt over in London learning the fuck how to “act.”

    what the fuck was that all about?

  39. camabron

    Well, that black Mercedes late model E Class is no hippie car I tell you what.

  40. hav-a-tampa

    First ! ya man ya. woooooooo…

  41. Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss and Mischa Barton : what’s up with the Brits ?

  42. DiabetesExplosion

    Didn’t you hear? England had to export some skanks since they imported Madonna to gain a surplus in the balance of trade and prevent a trade deficit in cunts.

  43. suzy

    you think she slept in mary kate’s closet?

  44. PrincessMuMu

    Are you retarded? What the hell do you THINK celebrities look like when they’re not on the red carpet?

  45. She looks like a Golden Girl’s stunt double.


  46. assfacecocknocker

    that dress is fucking terrible. it makes her look like she smells like pee-pee. i should know, im a professional pee-pee sniffer.

  47. stonefoxhippie

    what is she hiding under that tent?

  48. Niara

    I think she’s a bad lay.

  49. jrzmommy

    She looks like Gwenyth Paltrow and Mary Kate Olsen had a baby that breaks into cars. Damn girl, there ain’t no more Dead shows…get your ass in the shower!

    Old Abe may have a mean uppercut, but he can’t take a head shot to save his ass.

  50. Doodlebug

    Um…I still think she looks fine actually. But yeah, I’m sure everyone commenting looks a hell of a lot hotter than Ms. Barton..bunch of fat losers shoving chips into their mouths by the glow of the computer screen as they hate on successful, hardworking and rich young women.

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