Mischa Barton is a bad girlfriend

During her boyfriend’s concert at the Roxy in L.A., Mischa Barton allegedly spent the entire time chatting with friends, playing with her Sidekick and barely watching the show.

“Every time Cisco would look over at her, she was not even paying attention,” says an observer. “It was hard to tell if she was just trying to play it cool or if she was bored out of her skull.” The O.C. star did give her beau one sign of acknowledgement, however. When Adler gave her a shout-out from the stage, saying, “Hey baby doll,” she responded with a sheepish wave.

I guess if my fiance looked like this, I’d try to avoid looking at him as much as possible too. As well as smelling, touching, or even being remotely near him. In fact, I’d probably just lock myself in the closet for fear of ever actually having to come in contact with the dirty looking hobo-man.

Mischa: No Rock Star [People]