Mischa Barton is a bad girlfriend

January 2nd, 2006 // 18 Comments

During her boyfriend’s concert at the Roxy in L.A., Mischa Barton allegedly spent the entire time chatting with friends, playing with her Sidekick and barely watching the show.

“Every time Cisco would look over at her, she was not even paying attention,” says an observer. “It was hard to tell if she was just trying to play it cool or if she was bored out of her skull.” The O.C. star did give her beau one sign of acknowledgement, however. When Adler gave her a shout-out from the stage, saying, “Hey baby doll,” she responded with a sheepish wave.

I guess if my fiance looked like this, I’d try to avoid looking at him as much as possible too. As well as smelling, touching, or even being remotely near him. In fact, I’d probably just lock myself in the closet for fear of ever actually having to come in contact with the dirty looking hobo-man.

Mischa: No Rock Star [People]


  1. Iscariot

    Maybe finally she’s woken up and realised her boyfriend is ugly and talentless. I can only pray.

  2. Lynette Carrington

    Maybe Cisco’s manager is paying Mischa to make appearances with him to further his career with his band? What other explanation could there possibly be?

  3. I love K-fed's Corn Rolls

    Kimberly Stewarts left over are WAY BETTER than a freakin billionaire Mischa… YOU ARE SO STUPID

  4. turtlecock

    Q: What’s smellier than an anchovy’s vagina?
    A: Cisco Adler

  5. ebayfan414

    lmao @ number 4

  6. slinkhard

    Mischa Barton is also a bad actress.

  7. aims_25

    If his music is anywhere near as bad as he looks– and presumably smells– I don’t blame Mischa one bit.

  8. IvoryFingers

    Finally Mischa shows some taste!

  9. hermanita

    I don’t understand what the buzz around this girl is. She’s not beautiful. She’s just a normal girl I wouldn’t even notice her on the street. Now Rachel Bilson, she’s HOT!!!

  10. cutebabydoll

    I liked her better with Brandon Davis. He was a billionaire bad boy and seemed perfect for her.

  11. i wish that someone would go up to mischa barton and kidnap her and take her to an eye doctor because she has to be blind. how can any human being date that man he makes hobos hanging out at the dock taking baths in fish guts while make swwet sweet love to my grandma look hot. i just hope this is some very elaborte punked on him cause if it isnt mischa barton is clinically braindead and needs to be commited.

  12. Kg

    Sheepish wave…?

  13. Jgirl

    Well I was i little suprised when i saw this california beauty go for the homeless lookin’ dude..but the way girls tend to get in hollywood i WAS NOT shocked at all. Look at paris she’s had ugly boyfreinds..not to say she is gorgeous..look at cathrine zeta jones her husband looks like a prune..maybe they see something on the inside that we haven’t seen. But from my point of veiw the guy needs to get some type of haircut take a shower and does he go hatlees! I AM SUSPICIOUS OF A BOZO BALD SPOT THAT MISCHA MAY HAVE JUST DISCOVERD AND NOW SHE THINKS HE’S GROSS! About time she came to her senses.

  14. Bran

    Yeah…Mischa can do so much better than that. She is engaged to him? Maybe she found someone else more O.C. style.

  15. yeah, well who can blame her…looking at him makes monkeys cry http://hollywoodsnark.com

  16. BisexualChick

    I know one thing That dude is ugly! Here’s a tip NEVER look at him naked! Lets just say..His balls are more saggy than my grandpa’s breasts!
    —Getting on another topic I think Mischa really is not all that into him at all. She dumped him already so what does that say? I think she should go for girls, she’s good at falling for them on tv. I think she uses the excuse just to be with girls. I personaly know many bisexual girls, myself included, and I get the vibe that she is.

  17. For number 44, People from Spain are NOT Spanish, they are Spaniards. Spanish is a language not classification. For everyone else, is horrible that people still attack Marc and Jennifer on their nationality, if you are going to attack it should be done based on their character, instead of discriminating.
    Him grabbing his crotch was wrong, but it has nothing to do with Puerto Ricans, besides he was born and raised here.
    Have more respect for other human beings, you are lucky to be born in this great nation, but is only luck, for all you know you could’ve been born in a Third World Country.

  18. jeffrey

    sorry wrong page to post my comment

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