Mischa Barton hospitalized

May 29th, 2007 // 64 Comments

Mischa Barton was rushed to the hospital last night after suffering an adverse reaction to medication while at a friend’s Memorial Day BBQ. She began feeling sick after downing some cocktails which reacted with antibiotics she had been taking to treat bronchitis. TMZ reports:

The 21-year-old celeb was rushed to an undisclosed medical facility in Los Angeles, where we are told she is “resting comfortably” … the starlet is with family and “feeling much better.”

I learned not to mix alcohol with medication in the second grade. Although to be fair to Mischa, I also designed a car that runs entirely on water when I was in kindergarten, and graduated from Harvard when I was twelve.

And here’s Mischa Barton and Nicole Richie loading up on groceries right before that fateful Memorial Day BBQ. Judging by the events of the BBQ (and my x-ray glasses) the bags are filled with vodka, cigarettes, and maybe some coloring books. You know, for mental stimulation.

mischa_barton_nicole_richie_shop_01-thumb.jpg mischa_barton_nicole_richie_shop_02-thumb.jpg mischa_barton_nicole_richie_shop_03-thumb.jpg mischa_barton_nicole_richie_shop_04-thumb.jpg mischa_barton_nicole_richie_shop_05-thumb.jpg mischa_barton_nicole_richie_shop_06-thumb.jpg mischa_barton_nicole_richie_shop_07-thumb.jpg mischa_barton_nicole_richie_shop_08-thumb.jpg


  1. jakebarnes

    After seeing her tit, I’d just rather not hear any more about her.

  2. mee


  3. Picture Detective

    Is it me or does the third picture seem to capture Nicole and not one but two Mischa Bartons? Is that her sister in red and white? I’m so confused!

  4. why did she have a british accent in the oc? why why why

  5. jakebarnes

    Ever classy, Nicole Richie also seems to be barefoot.

  6. gooniesneversaydie

    A Mischa Barton/Nicole Richie BBQ?

    That has to be the most inexpensive meal of all time!

    “Mischa! Nicole! I’ve cooked 1 baby back rib…who wants it?”

    “No, thanks. We’re full.”

  7. Jethro

    How come in this post he says he graduated Harvard at age 12 and in one a couple previous he claimed he beat up his principal and teachers.
    I’m starting to doubt the truthiness of some of these statements!

  8. Stoned Bored


    Pic #1, left the car door open.

  9. I’m late for my biannual testicular exam.

  10. jus'stupid

    Mischa does have some getaway sticks on her though.

  11. jus'stupid

    And who is the little boy in the orange dress?

  12. Griff Mills

    even pic #6 screams “First”

  13. Bugman4045

    Nicole!! Barefoot in the fuckin parking lot?!? And she looks Karne Carpenter healthy.

  14. BOOHOO

    Lol, i love your posts, full of sarcasm. Keep them coming :D

    Anyway, its hilarious looking at the photos, they look like they’re dying in the sun.

  15. Superevil

    So she’s still alive? …fuck

  16. TrippyGoogler

    I love how Mischa is Nicole’s cart-pushing, bag-carrying bitch.

  17. captain obvious

    I think Mischa is just gorgeous. And yes, thats her sister in the pic w/ her. And Mishca’s cellulite seems to have disappeared in these pics. Nicole looks like a troll next to her. And what happened to Nicole anyways? She was starting to look healthy…looks like she’s quit that whole pesky “eating” thing. Must be because she got dumped by her boyfriend.

  18. polypam

    Wow, Nicole really is un-cute without all that make-up, isn’t she?

  19. NCProsecutor

    Why is Nicole Ritchie in her bare feet? Did they let her in the Ralph’s like that?

  20. the story before this was way funnier.

  21. qico

    picture #3
    I diddnt know misha had a clone..
    It’s multiplying!!

  22. At the hospital, an ER doc was overhead saying “How the fuck does she have so much cellulite???”

  23. That’s not her sister, it’s her wax statue from Madame Toussaud’s. They put it on roller skates and cart it around so that any smart people they run into have someone to talk to. Duh.

  24. bungoone

    good LORD nicole got beat with the ugly stick! the last picture is horrifying.

  25. AFJ

    I like to get some BBQ sauce and make a “Skinny Bitch Sandwich” our of the two of them. There wouldn’t be much meat on it, and I would probably end up putting Paris on there for some cheese.

    You know…frumunda cheese.

    Hey, fuck these chicks. Charles Nelson Reilly died on Friday. THAT is real celebrity news.


  26. She confused the cocaine with the meth.

  27. OK, looking at the photo’s one last time, and this has to be said:


    It is right there in that big building you just walked out of! Did you not notice that on each side of the liquor aisle there were other aisles, and in those other aisles there are tons and tons of food? You don’t even have to know how to cook or anything, just walk in and say the words “I want to eat some food” and open your wallet.

    It is that simple, you emaciated little piece of transparent foreskin! Good Christ it actually pains me to look at you. It’s like you are an Ethiopian with bad fashion sense that somehow caught a boat to the US.

    And why would you have out with Mischa? She only magnifies the fact that you are an anorexic little troll. Next to you she looks like Rosie O’Donnell.

    Someone had to say this to you, and I hope we can still be friends. Now go get a Whopper with cheese, and bulk up.

    Beef cake. BEEEF CAKE!!!!!


  28. ThatIsGay

    I love these chicks. They entertain me. I just wish that Nicole wasnt so fucked up. Shes hilarious.

  29. she must be one hellofa
    alcoholic to mix it with
    anibioticz…can’t wait to
    see her face when she getz
    40 from all that alcohol.

  30. me0w

    I would like to know if Paris was at this BBQ.
    I bet she wasn’t even invited. Ha Ha.

  31. Chauncey Gardner

    Oh, it was because of antibiotics and booze? I would have guessed that Spider-Crab-Alien Bitch had had a simple allergic reaction to eating food.

  32. Allyson

    I actually have been hearing that it wasn’t an adverse reaction to antibiotics — that was just used as a cover-up. Supposedly she actually took shrooms and flipped out and thought she was dying and had to go to the ER.

  33. Brian

    Why don’t we face the real facts here. Allergic reaction? Get Real! Mischa ate a crouton and it exploded her stomach!

  34. I’d throw a cracker between the two of them and watch ‘em scrap for it.

    Skeleton fight!

  35. nagger please

    she mixed her diet pills with semen.

  36. iamsosmrt

    How are any of these celebs still living when they are this stupid? I swear to fucking god these women are lethally stupid. I don’t know how they manage to have a shower without drowning.

    How did they possibly have a BBQ? You can’t BBQ diet coke or sugar free gum or celery or whatever else qualifies in their;
    100 calories a day diet.

    Stupid, never exercised a day in their lives, saggy skinned, cellulite covered ho bags. What a waste.

  37. I have a hard time believing they need so many groceries between the two of them.

  38. AliciaLovesEric

    Ya know I heard the other version of the story, being she did too much shrooms and mixed some coke! Dumbass! Hahaha.

  39. wedgeone

    #27 – “emaciated little piece of transparent foreskin!”
    Damn good to see you back around AFJ! That’s some funny shit right there. ROTFLMFAO!

    She should have known better. NEVER take advice from Nicole Ritchie on ANYTHING. I doubt if was antibiotic related as much as it was gagging on Cisco’s monstrous ballsack.

    Although, my brother mixed penicillin and beer long, long ago and puked four or five times in an hour. It was like turning a faucet on and off. No wretching or heaving – just opened his mouth and out the puke came.

  40. schack

    sure sure, wedgie. you talked your dad into unzippering in your brother’s bedroom instead of yours. what happened afterwards had nothing to do with beer or penicillin (although i expect both of you are quite familiar with penicillin).

  41. Darth Hater

    Most likely an allergic reaction to food, as in she never had any before.

    Why does this Barton chick even rate the title “celebrity”?. How long do you have to not work in showbiz before losing that?

  42. Dr Jones

    Actually it’s fine to drink with antibiotics, we just don’t tell you.

  43. dr. schack

    apparently it’s fine to drink with antibiotics, unless your brother is a flaming homosexual with a nostril-sized micropene.

  44. leelee

    I think it’s hilarious that they were so concerned about people looking at what they bought (booze and diet pills) that they covered it all up with extra bags… even though they’re both 21. Losers.

  45. DuDe

    yeah right, drinking on meds doesn’t hurt you THAT much. all it does is make you get fucked up a little quicker because there’s too much for your liver to handle. ive seen a bunch of people drink on antibiotics and ive never seen a single one of them get THAT bad. they just get fucked up
    i actually read from dif sources that some people at the party were saying she was apparently way fucked up on shrooms and having a freak out because she thought she was dying.
    who knows if its true but i wouldnt be surprised. they’re all crazy bitches

  46. kirstendunst

    ok we all know that like just a few years ago nicole cut all her hair off, and shes half black, so obviously she wears extensions. which can get rattier than your own hair. but fuck….being a celebrity i wouldnt go out with my hair like that. so many split ends…sick


  48. christine

    bahahaha alcohol and meds? oh please these peoples’ stories keep getting lamer and lamer. fucking cracked out whores, how are they able to show their faces after incidents like these? that one’s almost as bad as puala abdul “tripping over her chihuahua and breaking her nose. reach out your fucking hands and break the fall. only a retard paraplegic would have a difficulty doing that. or someone who was drunk, which she totally was.

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