Mischa Barton hospitalized


Mischa Barton was rushed to the hospital last night after suffering an adverse reaction to medication while at a friend’s Memorial Day BBQ. She began feeling sick after downing some cocktails which reacted with antibiotics she had been taking to treat bronchitis. TMZ reports:

The 21-year-old celeb was rushed to an undisclosed medical facility in Los Angeles, where we are told she is “resting comfortably” … the starlet is with family and “feeling much better.”

I learned not to mix alcohol with medication in the second grade. Although to be fair to Mischa, I also designed a car that runs entirely on water when I was in kindergarten, and graduated from Harvard when I was twelve.

And here’s Mischa Barton and Nicole Richie loading up on groceries right before that fateful Memorial Day BBQ. Judging by the events of the BBQ (and my x-ray glasses) the bags are filled with vodka, cigarettes, and maybe some coloring books. You know, for mental stimulation.

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