Mischa Barton dates Kimberly Stewart’s ex

September 26th, 2005 // 30 Comments

Barton_Stewart.jpgAccording to Radar Online, Mischa Barton has sparked Kimberly Stewart’s syphilitic fury by dating Stewart’s ex-fianc


  1. mutterhals

    ET Phooooonnnnee Hoooommmeee

  2. Proteon

    I have no idea who this chick is but she looks like a soap star from the 80′s – photo looks to be taken from 1986.

  3. Juliette

    This whole clan of sluts is rather amusing…Kim, Lindsay, Paris, Mischa, Nicole, Hilary…they should all sleep with each other’s boyfriends and just get it over with.

  4. Ms. Dilligaff

    All three of these people make me a little ill when I look at them, so I try not to do it very much.

  5. DevastatorX

    Why do people find this chick attractive? The hottest thing she ever did was throw up in “The 6th sense” And even that wasn’t too cool.

  6. DevastatorX

    Also reminds me of this click of Ho’s I used to go to school with that had to all take turns dating the same dudes.
    At the 10th reunion some had passed away and some had obvious signs of facial herpes.

  7. Darby

    What is with these super skinny chicks? I mean they both look like they’ve been run over by a steam roller…no curves. When did that become sexy? I think guys want something to hold onto and a wonamly body not a bony ass. Am I right??

  8. reigne

    Her cheekbone forms a shadow on her face. That’s just wrong.

  9. stinkypinky

    I’m glad they are keeping their STD’s within the same social circle.

  10. seminole

    mischa barton definitely has hips and an ass, although it contrasts rather sharply with the rest of her skinny body.

    some may find it weird, I find it hot.

  11. jon

    I’d love to make love to a giant triangle, which is probably why i whack off to Mr Men.



    God I hate everyone involved in this article. Mischa, Paris II aka Kimberly, and their dirty hippie loverboyman

  13. ImRichBitch!

    I never liked Mischa from the day she was on that stupid show, and ppl actually started to care for a second. I dont trust her because she sounds like a man… and looks like a man…In an ugly dress… mishca is a man! No wonder I didnt trust her…

  14. daria405

    So what is a Cisco, and why does everybody seem to want one?

  15. Grey

    she looks like she should be the 3rd olsen. gross.

  16. Martin92

    Why the hell does anybody care about these publicity hungry skanks? We need real controversy. Like Oprah Winfrey sexually assualting Dr.Phil.

  17. Ragin_Pope_Angus

    All of these 20something skags need to jump into a meat grinder and make a full woman out of them. Oh well, the talentless ones will wither and vanish anyway.

    The Pope likes real women with real shape. I dated a skinny woman once when I lived in England. Ugh. It felt like wrestling a skeleton.

    Here in Texas, we got real women with meat shakin’ on their bones.

    And brethren, we all know that meat holds heat.

    Here endeth the lesson.

  18. andrewthezeppo

    While I’ve never found Mischa attractive, I thought she at least had more class than Paris and Kimberly and that lot….I guess I was wrong

  19. Queen LaQueefah

    It’s pretty apparent this guy is not after the substance, and by substance I don’t mean drugs, cause he’s obviously into that. Have you peeped this dude? He looks like he fell out of a hot-boxed VW van and into the giant highschool of young celebrity. He also seems to have a penchant for girls who look Juuuuuuust like melted candles with spaghetti for hair.

  20. IvoryFingers

    Once I thought Mischa was attractive. It was before she turned around.

  21. Rach-tastic

    <3 Gepetto!

  22. Xibalba

    I think it’s a travesty that nobody is worried about Cisco? I mean, yeah, he might have herpes, crabs, and all other manner of nasty sex tool ailments, but has anyone thought to inform him that Mischa has Aids? That or she is only 13 and hasn’t hit puberty… And then Cisco should really watch himself, sleeping with a 13yo in the US is a no no…

  23. tg8

    Perhaps I’m naive, but the most shocking thing I find in all of this is that no one is aghast at comparing Kimberly to Mischa. I mean at least Mischa has some boobs.

    I mean one of the main reasons Paris Motel hangs with the Kimberly and/or the Nicole is because she looks so good (and by “good” I mean “half-way attractive”) next to these rakes with no boobs.

    I’m no OC fan, but I just got to defend decent boobage when it needs defending.

  24. him_lover

    the nicole looks better than motel paris now, that’s why she’s all over nasty kim stewert. i can’t fathom why all these nasty bitches are famous! at least mischa is on a show, and sort of? doing something for her money and fame. kimberly? she’s rod’s nasty daughter that looks just like him. they’re some big ugly androgonous family. neither he nor his daughter look good as a man or woman

  25. That Girl

    It looks like someone lopped off the tip of her nose.

  26. pixie_d2be

    I think shes one of the most beautiful women on the planet but hey, each to their own.

  27. IvoryFingers

    that is if the planet you are talking about is Pluto.

  28. Ms. Dilligaff

    No kidding Ivory. Seriously, look at that photo again. Keep in mind that’s *after* hair and makeup…and it was chosen as a “keeper.” Good Lord I hope I never see the throw-aways. Looks like she’s having facial spasms(not that there’s anything wrong with that).

  29. elle26

    Mischaaaa isss the best….total cliche…but its true…dont be a hater coz she looks thin…bet ur some petty fat ass. FYI..there are alwez pix of Mischa pigging out…she’s jz one of those ppl tht can eat truckloads and nvr get fat.so if any of you hav problems…do us all a favour and shed tht fat.

  30. When he gets to be sexy? I think the guys want something to keep body and not a bone wonamly donkey.

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