Mischa Barton almost revived her career

July 17th, 2009 // 36 Comments

Since she’s currently on 5150 hold after a mental breakdown this week, Mischa Barton missed the premiere of her new movie Homecoming Thursday night which did not sit well with producer Bingo Gubelmann. You just read that name. Us Magazine reports:

“It’s frustrating. And it’s not ideal,” Bingo Gubelmann told Usmagazine.com at the Thursday premiere. “It’s frustrating, but I’m not going to sit here and trash her because we’re young as a company and we’ve got to live and learn…I don’t want to be known as the producer that will turn on any actress at the drop of that hat.”
While rolling his eyes, Gubelmann continued that “it’s hard to remember” why he chose Barton to star in his indie flick, “because, you know, she’s not here right now.
“Now, I haven’t spoken to her yet because she’s totally unreachable, so I don’t know exactly what happened. I mean, I’m not as good at taking the high road as some people and yes, it would obviously be nice if she was here. Even just to hang out,” he went on.

Wow. Mischa’s career is fuuuucked. I mean, once you piss off the executive producer of My Biodegradable Heart, you might as well pack your bags and leave town. Not that there’s any shame in dinner theater provided you don’t tweak out while folks are eating their prime rib. What? Someone had to tell her.

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  1. Loobs


  2. uiji

    its all the headbands fault.

  3. Her whole look just screams mail order bride…

  4. This is so Awesome! Take note kids, this is what Meth & Alcohol do to ya

  5. The Jerk

    I would rather stare at Bruno with my lazy eye than have to look at Mischa without wanting to do the pain olympics on my genitals.

  6. Dave ain't here, man

    Bingo was his name-o?

  7. cavy

    That’s really too bad – she’s a gorgeous girl that has talent….down the drain.
    A Robert Downey Jr style comeback is one in a million, but one can only hope. If I were her, I’d get the Hell out of the public eye – it’s not worth it.

  8. mikeock

    Lollypop head

  9. Andrew

    Her heads so big, she looks like a bobble head!

  10. Harry

    This guy sounds like a complete dick. Typical wannabe Hollywood mogul.

  11. Tiny Tim

    He face to body proportions in the first picture look way off. She’s almost scary-looking

  12. No more douches please

    RichPort’s– I agree and I ‘m wanting a refund.
    #8- Funny! Looks kinda like a paper mache head from Mardi Gras

  13. Yoda

    A two-dollar whore in a two-dollar movie. Bingo Bugglegum needs to go fuck himself with an orange road cone.

  14. Jeff

    Regardless of how much of a trainwreck she is, this guy sounds like an insensitive douchebag, and I hope his words come back to bite him.

  15. Salamander

    #9 – haha! I was just about to say she looks like a bobble head…something is seriously wrong with that photo…

  16. Toolboy

    why does this Olsen twin look so tall?
    And tell Bing-oye vey to shut the fuck up, if she hadn’t gone crazy (yeah right, Dennis Rodman Marketing 101) no one would be asking him about her or his shit project.

  17. John

    That first image looks photshopped. Her head doesnt fit her body at all.

    love the leather pants though.

  18. The funny thing is, I thought weed made you eat…

  19. Dread not

    This movie is supposed to be a friggen joke! No wonder Mischa’s flipped her wig. Hey, Mischa! If you’re tryin’ to avoid anything to do with this movie, and/or garner sympathy as an out… let’s put it this way; I had some extra razors left in my old Wilkinson blade pack. They’re in the mail. Try to spell my name on the wall in your blood. Make sure you tape it, though. It’s D-r-e-a-d [space] n-o-t. Go out with style, girl!

  20. Beer Baron

    Wait, his real name is Bingo?!? What the fuck kind of retarded gyspy family is he from? “My name is Bingo, this is my sister Plinko, and my brother Crisco.”

  21. richard simmonz

    Is that damn headband cutting off circulation to the left side of her face? Her eye looks like it’s sunken (like Paris’s) and she might look better after having been hit with a shovel.

  22. The loony bin! how is she suppose to win another argument?

  23. Aja

    Hey how about some COMPASSION?

  24. anon

    What an ass. I’m sure his comments will do him more harm than they will to Mischa’s career.

  25. Feed Her

    A Crazy Woman, I tell you a Crazy Woman!

  26. dude

    i’d love to bang this chick. a little crazy is kinda hot. scratch that. WAY HOT!!! <3

  27. Gwen

    No.s 14 and 24: exactly.

    I hate to get preachy, but mental disease is still a DISEASE. It’s like being pissed at someone for getting cancer and having to bail on work for chemotherapy.

  28. ark00n

    ur still pathetic, all of you.

  29. jason331/3

    and so i say again :)
    here’s the thing though. before the O.C., mischa was a very respected child actress. ever see Lawn Dogs starring her and Samuel Rockwell? it’s a beautiful indie film about ppl that don’t seem to fit in with the world around them. she really had a rather promising career. if you go to IMDB and other sites, check out her early filmography…it’s really quite sad that things have gotten to this point. she could be a very respected actress right now, if only she made the right decisions. i think it goes back to the O.C. and our celebrity culture…this girl has been chewed up and spit out. sad. but hey, everybody loves a comeback kid! i personally hope she turns this shite around.

  30. lillybear

    Most of you are complete losers who have no clue what it is like to be in Hollyweird. It is so easy to cast judgement for you. Yet, you are most probably fat and lazy working menialjobs and just blog to feelbetter about your pathetic selves.
    That gal ain’tperfect…but who the hell is?
    In days past,the paps didn’t raid people’s personal lives like they do now.
    51/50′s are that bad…I had a gorgeous and close friend placed on one when her family intervened in her abusive relationship. she was self-harming,as she blamed herself for everything: Something he he controlled her to think.
    She is great now and a fashion model with an interior design company in NYC. It saved her life..and she lost the total loser who made her crazy and self-abusive to begin with…She is one of the most intelligent and beautiful people I know.
    I wish those that are so cruel receive the appropriate karma.

  31. Rhialto

    Her insanity probably kicked in around the time these pics were shot.

  32. Galtacticus

    You gotta be a bit crazy to survive in this business.Did she cross the line?

  33. tarts n' cream

    Bingo Gubelmann, or whatever the fuck your name is, are you retarded? The chick just got your little indie flick some big mainstream attention through the timely usage of the Hollywood “mental breakdown” technique. And you’re complaining. I don’t get it.

    And Number 2, feathered headbands are in right now and they look awesome.

  34. I guess that guy really does have a bio degradable heart. In fact it’s already rotten. He makes Simon Cowell seem like Mother Theresa in comparison!

  35. Rachelanne

    OK Mr. Dingo Glubeldouche — that’s the most arrogant, insensitive “statement” i’ve heard in, well, forever. I hope you personally get to go through the living hell that is mental illness someday. As you so aptly put it, “it’s not ideal.”

  36. Is that really so bad – he’s a very beautiful girl that talent …. Drain is below.
    Robert Downey Jr.-style retreat is one in a million, but one can hope. If I were him, hell I want to get out of the public eye – it’s not worth it.

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