Mischa Barton continues to win at life

For anyone who cares, Mischa Barton is still out there like a poor man’s Lindsay Lohan, according to Page Six:

A spy reports that the “O.C.” actress, who alternates between being on and off the wagon, rolled into Bar Marmont on Saturday alone and looking “totally out of it.”
Says our witness, “A few minutes after she comes in, she runs outside and vomits everywhere. And then she went back inside and hung out for the rest of the night.”

Two things amaze me about this story:

1. Someone actually recognized Mischa Barton. (Sorcery?)
2. Whoever was working the door looked at the face above and thought bringing alcohol into the equation would be a good idea. Seriously, does Mischa Barton ever not look like she just huffed glue in a parked car? I rest my case.