Mischa Barton compensates for botched nipple slip by making out with chick

January 26th, 2009 // 82 Comments

Mischa Barton attended the Christian Dior show in Paris yesterday which also happened to be her birthday. After almost showing some nip, she bailed to get shit-faced at a party where she made out with a female friend in front of the paparazzi. Or in other words, Mischa Barton spent her day living according to The Bible.

NOTE: Top pic links to enlarged version which is LSFW – if your boss is Superman.


  1. She looks like a 6 year old being forced to kiss his grandmother.

  2. Me 2

    AHHHH she looks AWFUL. You know I’ve never liked her but, looking at these pics, I truly feel bad for her. I mean she really looks SCARY.

  3. Randal

    I am not Randal. I Just wanted to feel the power for a sec’. And Mischa looks wonderful, absolutely, absolutely. C’est tre, tre bien ma cherie.

    P.S you guys on here are sooo witty, I love reading the comments and trying to decipher the different lingo’s – DUH!

  4. Pathetic Worm

    Sooo… she’s some dude’s dream girl for sure. Bless her.

  5. Eugene

    Mischa is starting to look a little ragged. Is that a nicotine stain on her front tooth in that first photo?

  6. chewgees

    She’s so gross I wouldn’t fuck her with Samantha Ronson’s cock……

  7. Kiki

    A scrawny backwoods hillbilly and a lizard had sex and, voila, Mischa Barton!

  8. Baccus

    This chick is in no way attractive. She functions under the guise that if you starve yourself, and act like a slut people will mistake you for hot. And it works, but not nearly well enough. Theres SO MUCH MORE TO SUDO HOTTNESS! Big breasts, pretty eyes, a sexy voice… and some other stuff like personality and a brain that stuff is totally secondary tho.

    It looks like 90% of the posts are along the same lines as mine. She was obviously a fabrication, hitting those magazine covers and t.v shows. It was forced nobody liked her at any point. she jsut blew the right people.

    You can’t make a rock fly… but you can throw it real hard and it will look airborn. Misha is that air born rock! Goodbye and good riddens.

  9. Erin

    cocaine much?

  10. goddamn, her eyes are dialated as fuck!

  11. Mary Poppins

    She has lipstick on her teeth! What an ugly slag.

  12. carrie

    that’s irina lazareanu she’s celebrating with!

  13. Ummm...yeah...

    WTF…who’s the fucking nasty looking twig?

  14. flavio

    that does not qualify as “making out”.

  15. el ces

    God, she is beautiful.
    If she put on a little muscle tone, she’d be irresistable. I’d fly to L.A.

  16. uuKi8

    Good ol’ Squinty-eyes, Leatherface, and Gender McBender

  17. saras

    WE LOVE irina lazareanu …ok they look like fuckin cokehead but we love them non ?!

  18. Kia

    Wow, she looks extremely thin. Sad. :(

  19. Here is “CHICKEN LOVE”, folks!!

  20. keisha

    hey, that’s irina lazareanu!

    anyway, she looks like she lost a TON of weight. but maybe a bit too much.

  21. The Munger

    Botched nipple? I thought that was just peperoni pizza she was sharing with Tara Reid and it slipped down and landed on the lip of her dress.

  22. mems

    she’s really hot!!!!!

  23. Jenn

    Yea, she got tired of the pressure of people bashing her for cellulite on her legs… so she’s doing the hollywood diet called cocaine, and starving yourself!

  24. friendlyfires

    I’m Superman … and I approve these pictures … all of them … Whoa …. Superboner …. Excuse me for a Superminute … oh yeah!, oh yeah!, OH YEAH! Whoops! … Maybe no one WILL NOTICE… er,ah, um…feh … it’s only Iceland.!

  25. Valerie

    She looks good in that yellow dress–but yeah, must have lost a lot of weight recently.

  26. me

    she looks like Brit Brit dresses her now

  27. sara

    ????? ???? ??????, ???? ??????? ??????? ?? ??? ?? ?????

  28. phoebe

    mischas a heroine addicted look at her blogs on her page, shes always on drugs, hear her speaking she sounds like ozzie ozbourne… i just dont know why none of the tabloids have picked the fact that she’s on DRUGS not pot gosh, either heroine, crack or something else that makes you look gaunt and like a junkie.

  29. phoebe

    also irina lazareanu dated pete doughty and loves coke you should see a interview with her where she is fluttering her eyes like made and her pupils are huge right before a fashion show its funny..
    i just dont get why the tabloids are so stupid like they call lindsay a crack infested downhill junkie but look at mischa? look at her speaking look at her blogs look at her eyes look at her weight loss look who she spends time with…and then like put it all together…bam.

  30. el ces

    Well Happy Birthday, Misha Barton.

  31. AK


  32. That is a closed mouth kiss. She kisses his mother on. None lesbo see here – move along, move along.

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