Mischa Barton claims cellulite photos were ‘doctored’

May 9th, 2008 // 142 Comments

Mischa Barton was recently photographed looking like her ass had the consistency of the Pillsbury Dough-Boy. Her rep is claiming the pics, which ran in The Daily Mail, were edited because Mischa got into a spat with the photographer, according to NY Daily News:

“Those photos are doctored,” Barton’s rep, Lisa Perkins, tells us. “I’m not saying she’s perfect, nobody is. But they’ve given a 22-year-old woman the legs and bottom of an 80-year-old.”
Barton’s publicist contends that Aussie photographer Jamie Fawcett – whom she calls a “parasite” – is out to make the former “O.C.” star look bad because “she called him out for taking the topless shots.”

The Daily Mail is sticking by the photos and says Mischa’s nicotine addiction is the one at fault:

Britain’s Daily Mail, which bought the shots, suggested that Barton’s smoking was to blame for the cottage cheese on her bottom.
“The nasty habit is one of the reasons [for] the premature emergence of her cellulite,” the paper asserted.

Personally, I dunno who’s telling the truth, but all I know is, I’m suddenly hungry for pancakes. Flabby, uncooked pancakes – served by a hot 80-year-old woman. I just read somewhere they have sweet asses. Can’t remember where, but I’m sure it was the most accurate and awesome journalistic outlet on the planet. (Read: Anywhere but this site.)

Photos: Barcroft Media, Daily Mail

  1. I’m FRIST!!!

  2. May I have fruit with that cottage cheese please^_^

  3. Noah

    That’s a talented graphic designer if they are indeed doctored…

    Which I highly doubt.

  4. fygu

    These pics are for all you assholes who are always requesting that Fish only post women in their teens and early 20′s. Doesn’t she just look so hot??? SO much better than anyone in their 30′s, right?????

  5. Those pictures are probably real. I saw this girl back in high school who was also in high school running around playing volleyball in her bikini, and all I could see was the cellulite ass n thighs, and she was skinny. So, it can happen. Irregardless, it’s fucking gross ..

  6. restingonlaurels

    can nicotine really do that? seems unlikely. nonetheless, gross!

  7. Randal

    Is she an American?

    She sure looks like it from those leg shots.


  8. Yo Momma!


  9. Ok…fine…so the truth is, that girl was me. Thank god we had this one black guy who was bussed into our school, or I would never have been asked to the prom.

  10. Shut it #9, everybody knows I’m far too vain to be seen in my bikini unless I look perfect..

  11. veggi

    Frist so you’ve never been seen in your bikini???

  12. Chupacabra

    Oh wow! I thought I was bad. No way… no WAY! Can’t she afford to get that lasered and sucked out?

    I would… instead of buying stupid ugly expensive clothes, I’d be sucking and trimming, and toning, and flexing that ass til you could bounce a quarter off of it, and serve tea on it.

    I had a roommate in college, bless her heart, who had this body. Flat boobs, cankles, and thighs JUST like that. She got on that Phen-Phen diet drug and lost some of the weight, but never got rid of the cellulite. then later, she decided to join the women’s rugby team, and came out of the closet, but I digress…

    hell, even super models get it, but they get like, 1 dimple, and have it massaged out. This lady needs surgury.


  13. Pat

    There are more pics in this series and her legs look different in them. Still with cellulite, because everybody knows she has it, but nothing like these pics. It’d be much more interesting if Fish posted ‘em all, do we could [Coffee Talk] Discuss! …or at least tawk amongst ourselves…

  14. Randal

    Well, I’ve done a few more searches on this young lady and must say, the other backside leg shots FISH has posted have looked nothing like the ones above.

    So, I’ve concluded that these are in fact, fake. Smoking herb would not do that to skin, if indeed they want to stick to the “smoking did this” story.

    Her legs are in fact, very nice and swingable, like branches on a tree.

    Me Tarzan. You Mischa.


  15. surlywench

    Totally doctored pics.

    She has always looked flabby, but there’s no way her lower body would look that different from the upper. Sure skinny girls have cellulite, but not that much.

    I’m ready for more Amy Winehouse pics. She’s the most entertaining thing on this site.

  16. Hey Randal

    Hey Randal please post the links so we can all see the pics for ourselves.


  17. I’d still fuck her before I would Paris Hilton.

  18. BunnyButt

    Excuse me, but the Pillsbury Dough-Boy is smooth. Plump, certainly, but no cellulite, no lumps, no bumps, no wrinkles, he’s sa-mooooth. Please don’t insult the Doughster by comparing him to Ms. Barton.

  19. Deva

    Ok, I don’t give a shit about her beautiful, fat ass. She’s still gorgeous and would hit her all night long. Please call me Micha….

  20. Randal

    Here’s a direct link to beach body shots of Mischa Barton, posted on the FISH itself, so you know it’s not me trying to pull the wool over your beautiful eyes.



  21. Stretch

    I have never been overweight and I am so glad I have stretch marks on my hips and no cellulite. It would be difficult to photoshop this pic because of the railing.

  22. dew

    There were a lot of cankle photos posted before these, so I don’t believe they’re photoshopped. I’ve seen a few thinner girls get cottage cheese cellulite; they don’t exercise and eat crappy food, but still manage to stay somewhat thin. But they’re usually the icky kind of soft too. She needs to eat healthier, quit the booze, and train.

  23. sad sad sad



    before you judge someone else.. go look at yourself in the mirror first.. chances are you’re not perfect. and if you are.. guess what? you’ll be old one day and ‘ugly’. haha.

  24. Mischa Barton

    Yes they are real. Somebody shoot me, please!

  25. dude

    I’m with Bunnybutt. Hey, is that Bunny from Paso Robles, CA?

  26. restingonlaurels

    good call, randal. the photog could have been more successful without going so overboard. those are photos are just overkill.

  27. Wake Up

    People have poor body image because of the way they were raised and it also depends on who they are associating with. There are fat chicks all over America wearing tight clothes and showing their flab and they like their bodies.

  28. Auntie Kryst

    @18 BB, you forgot to mention his best asset. Doughboy is the guy you want on your side in a bar fight. If you hit him in the gut he just giggles..

    Fuck that was lame. Is it bar time yet??

  29. Tal

    From a month ago:


    btw, I think she has an unattractive body, but the current pics are ‘shopped.

  30. Neil


    Those pics were taken a year ago. A lot can happen in a year. I’ve seen pics of her and she was sporting saddle bags. These pics are real. Too bad she ate too much and got fat and cellulite.

  31. Randal


    Perhaps, a lot can happen in a hear but the link that Tal posted just above you, are dated from April 10, 2008. Are we going to say a lot can happen in a month too?

    The pics of her fat legs in this psot are not real.


  32. BunnyButt

    25, not even close. 28, Auntie, I’ve already started.

  33. RENEE

    Oh, I’m totally not buying that these are real. Yeh, from past pics we all know Mischa does have cellulite, but its not THAT bad; come on already. This looks the same as the time they made posh spice look all cellulite-y and it was a fake.

  34. RENEE

    Either way, Mischa still has a beautiful face.

  35. TheRanchTooth

    While you idiots were looking at the hideous fake cottage cheese…


  36. Harry

    The idiot who doctored these pics got greedy. Everything from that railing on down looks completely different from what’s above, a dead giveaway that its fixed. And that’s too much cellulite for a girl that young and thin. Maybe a few lines, but not the entire cottage cheese industry. Again, you got greedy.

  37. restingonlaurels

    HA. cellulite on posh spice would starve to death. she’s not healthy enough to cultivate a colony of dimples.

  38. That is what happens when Cisco Adler’s poisonous 12 inch dangling nutsack touches your skin.

    Enjoy the proof here, if you dare:


  39. Chuck


    We are seeing pics from a distance and not the back of her legs. A woman can gain a lot of weight in a month and obviously she has a bad case of cellulite. She gains all her weight on the bottom half.

  40. Zane

    Cheez! I mean, jeez! Sure, she’s cottage cheesy, we all know that, but it’s not exactly difficult to overlay a textured surface in Photoshop. You might say it’s almost as if the program is specifically designed to do that sort of thing. Your porn machines can do some fancy stuff when the blood flow crosses the equator for a few minutes…

  41. jj


    are you on crack? those pictures are not real. so what if those pictures were taken a year ago, how much can really change when you haven’t gained any weight since that year? anyone who believes those are real is an idiot. she has other pictures taken not long ago where her legs didn’t look like that. fucking retard, but who cares…it’s not like she’s hot.

  42. 35. TheRanchTooth

    What about it? nothing impressive, who hasn’t seen her flash her tatas

  43. PimpMammaM

    Cellulite is from smoking???? Aw great, so on top of my chocolate addiction, along with the pills, the cigs are to blame also!
    Is nothing sacred anymore!!!!!!!!
    But luckily, my butt & thighs ain’t lookin that bad. Makes me wonder what Kardashian is looking like there……

  44. Ms. Grammar

    #5. I hate to pick on people’s grammar, but I fucking HATE when people say “Irregardless”. That’s not a word moron! The correct word would be just plain “regardless”. Thank you, that is all.

    And I’m a master at photoshop, I don’t think those pics were doctored. Unless the photog has a better program to work with.

  45. Bethany

    Enlarge picture 2, look at the two craters on her right leg, one on her buttcheek and one on the back of her leg above the knee. Those are caused by photoshop getting confused by abrupt light/dark boundaries and interpolating dark pixels, which looks like a deep indentations. Happens all the time in photoshop, but obviously not in the original pictures.

  46. #44 – You forgot about being a royal world class asshole too.

    Hey if you’re gonna list your accomplishments, make sure you’re thorough. Because whenever some starts a sentence with “I hate to” or “No offense”, they really “love to” and mean “with offense”. Maroon.


  47. She is wearing loose baggy pants in this pic because she gained weight and got saddlebags.


  48. abdo

    With the magic of photoshop , anything is possible

  49. wagstaff

    Check the bikini candids from April 08. There’d no evidence of that kind of cellulite. Tabloids are scum, let’s not forget that.

  50. Jax

    One way to prove it…go on Oprah in a bikini and show everyone the back of your legs…if they are so fake, show everyone…I’ve seen her out and about in LA, and it ain’t so far fetched that her legs look like that..she is very bottom heavy…

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